Hard on a gamer

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Hard on a gamer

Gaz grinned to herself as she watched the donation numbers of her stream steadily rise as she delivered another devastation combo on her opponent, the Goth slut having set up a multiplayer stream challenging her fans to try to best her at Mortal Kombat and after six hours of play time there was yet to be anyone to even bring her down to remotely half health

“Come on guys, you can do better than that” she teased as she once again effortlessly destroyed another challenger before delivering a brutal fatality drawing another flood of comments and small but still appreciated donations, the Goth having accumulated an easy $300 since she had started earlier that day

As she set up another match Gaz caught a more interesting comment in the feed, offering her $500 to strip naked and stay naked for the rest of the stream bringing a grin to her lips, she had gotten donation requests like that several times but it was always a quick flash of tits or ass for $10 a piece so a serious donation like that wasn’t something she was going to decline “finally someone who knows what he wants” she smirked as she pushed her chair back and stood up, the chat flooding with comments of praise of her thick curvy body as she started to shed off her clothing

Quickly stripping naked and giving her tits a quick shake for the camera Gaz smiled as she saw that the money had been deposited into her account “straight into the new Game Slave fund” she grinned sitting back down and picking up her controller again

As she sat down however one of the newest comments in the chat feed caught her attention “who was that? Who’re you guys talking about?” she asked to which her viewers explained that they had seen someone walk by her open door dressed in just a towel, someone tall, lean and dark haired “oh that’s just Dib, he’s kinda my brother, no blood relation, it’s kinda complicated” she explained preparing to get back into her game when another donation offer caught her eye

I’ll give you $1000 to let him fuck you on camera, he looks hot

Now that definitely had her attention, a good ride on Dib’s horse dick and a grand in the bank, what did she have to lose? Apart from the fact that Dib would never agree to it as he was never one for exhibitionism

“Well what he doesn’t know gets me dick” the Goth slut thought to herself as she devised a plan, telling her viewers that she was going to turn her monitor and speakers off whilst keeping her webcam on so that they could continue watching and donating whilst Dib would be none the wiser, grinning as her viewers agreed allowing her to turn off the monitor and quickly cover the light on her webcam with a nearby sock

Making sure everything was properly covered Gaz pushed her computer seat back to give her webcam a good full view of her tits and bare cunt making calling out “hey dumbass! Come here a minute!”

“What?!” Dib shouted back before coming into her room still clad in just his towel, Gaz already imagining what her female followers were commenting about him “you couldn’t wait two minutes to let me put some pants on?”

“You know full well I don’t like you wearing pants” the Goth slut smirked back as she grabbed his towel and whisked it off letting his fat heavy flaccid ten incher fall free, Gaz’s amber eyes dilating for a moment as a jolt of arousal went straight to her cunt at the sight of his meaty dick before she swiftly went to work

Wrapping her hands around him she resisted the urge to look at the webcam as she stroked Dib to his full sixteen inch glory, weighing his heavy cock in her small but skilled hands before starting to lace it with heated licks and kisses making it glisten with her saliva

“I need this fat dick in me now!” she stated as an almost demand as she ducked forward to take his entire length down her gullet, her throat bulging out obscenely to show off his almost unnatural girth as she throated him with great skill and ease showing that she had sucked Dib’s cock at least several dozen times before

Giving his cock a few more good deep sucks Gaz then pulled back letting her tongue hang out so that her drool ran down onto her heaving tits, making them glisten as she then stood up from her computer chair and turned to her side showing off her strangely flexible she was as she lifted her right leg high into the air giving Dib complete access to her fuck holes whilst showing off the front of her body to her fans “come on ‘big brother’, don’t you wanna rape me?” she purred as she guided his cock to her dripping slit

“Someone’s eager today” Dib commented as he took hold of Gaz’s leg helping support her position as the Gothic slut balanced on her toes, Gaz simply tittering up at him before letting out a sharp gasp of pleasure as his cock head pushed into her tight wet cunt, spreading it wide open making the slut pant with need in seconds

Placing one hand on her computer desk to steady herself Gaz let out a loud slutty moan of satisfaction as Dib buried his entire cock into her cunt and womb making both her groin and stomach bulge out around his girth, her toes curling in the air as her free hand went down to cup the bulge in her groin sending shivers up her spine

She could only imagine what her fans were thinking and commenting at that moment, wanting to just reach over and turn on the monitor so that she could see their comments but she knew if she did Dib would stop and at that moment having his dick rearranging her insides was far more important than knowing how many guys were jerking off to her “come on, is that the best you’ve got?” she panted as her body bucked and jerked in tandem to his hard deep thrusts “you’re getting fucking soft on me! You’re such a fucking pussy!”

Grunting with annoyance Dib suddenly pulled out of Gaz making her gasp and scowl at him, opening her mouth to bit another insult Gaz gasped as she was suddenly grabbed and bent over with enough force that her head slammed against her computer desk shaking the monitor and even dazing her a little

Normally if someone did anything to remotely try to hurt her Gaz would have put them in the hospital before they had the chance to blink but since it was Dib doing something that remotely looked like rough sex it just made the Gothic girl even wetter, letting out a soft moan of arousal she shook her hips jiggling her fat ass back at him praying that her webcam had a good angle of it as Dib slammed back into her dripping hole “who’s a pussy now?” he grunted as he drove his cock  balls deep straight into her womb making her eyes cross

“Gghhh…you…are…” she gurgled looking back over her shoulder at him with a small smirk “and you always…will be until…you break mine!” she goaded before gasping out with pleasure as Dib spanked her ass hard before grabbing her arms pulling them back, forcing her to balance on her toes as he hammered into her from behind giving the webcam the perfect view of her face and bouncing tits

Everything was going so perfectly, Dib was finally letting loose on her and he didn’t even know that he had an audience of what was possibly several hundred watchers admiring his work, not that many would be looking at him however as she tried to give the webcam her best ‘fucked stupid’ expression as her orgasm struck her like a freight train, her cunt gushing all over Dib’s cock as she clenched tight around him, her moans becoming unintelligible garbles echoing alongside the sounds of her fat ass clapping against his groin as her body continued to buck and jerk around to his thrusts

Gritting his teeth as Gaz clenched like a vice around him Dib reached forward to grab her throat, squeezing it just enough for her to feel it as he pulled her back so that her back was against his chest “tighter you…bitch…you call this choking?” the Goth slut wheezed as her eyes rolled back, her heart pounding in her chest as she somehow got even wetter, her thick thighs glistening as Dib squeezed her throat even tighter making her gasp for air, the slut soon orgasming yet again stronger than ever before as her face steadily reddened from lack of air and sheer perverted pleasure

With a few more thrusts Dib reached his climax making Gaz gag and gasp as she felt him erupt inside of her, his grip on her wrist and throat tightening even more nearly making her pass out before he finally let go making the purple haired girl slump forward crashing down onto her computer chair as he pulled out of her “damn…you finally grew some balls…I’m good now, you can fuck off” she moaned as she rested her head and arm on her chair to which Dib just rolled his eyes before leaving to go back to whatever he was doing before she had called him in

Making sure that Dib was completely out of the room Gaz stretched her leg out to kick her door closed before climbing back onto the seat to turn her monitor back on happy to see that her stream was still going and recording everything “so what did you guys think?” she grinned noticing that her donations had grown several thousand dollars stronger since she had turned the monitor off “oh fuck me I should be a pornstar” she chuckled before realising something

That wasn’t such a bad idea, if streaming got her this much money how hard would it be to just film herself getting fucked and selling it online? With her tits and ass she could make an easy million in just a couple of months

Grinning wider she sat up straight jiggling her tits for her watchers “so how much would you guys pay to see this more often?”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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