Opening the gates to Arendelle

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A/N Hello everyone, Merlin here. This is a request from reader who goes under anonamous. This is just the prolouge, to test the waters so to speak. Though we have everything planned at maybe ten chapters at most, me and the requester have brain stormed it out. And ive written a chunk of it already so i dont expect it'll be long before more updates come your way. 

Anyhow, hope you enjoy, i also have no Beta so mistakes are my own...



Opening the 'gates' to Arendelle



Arendelle castle.....

The moment he had laid eyes on her standing in front of the crowd. He was awestruck, a man of his age feeling a lust he hadn’t for some time.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle was a picture, tied up braided golden hair, big blue eyes and while it was covered by her cloak, he could tell, for some reason he just knew her body underneath would be something else. She was dressed down, nothing flashy and yet so elegant and beautiful.

The sixty-five-year-old duke couldn’t believe it, after all these years he was love struck. Through his time, he had many women, but at his age he had long given up with them. His libido lowered as he aged, but his mind showed him taking this woman, claiming her, fucking her into oblivion.

The trumpet’s played, music filling the air as he watched her in a lust filled haze, standing next to her sister. Most men wouldn’t even imagine having a chance with her, let alone someone as old and past it as the duke. But he thought different, what most people didn’t realise, was the Duke of Weselton was one of the most influential men in all the kingdom’s. This fact inflated his ego, the old man wasn’t used to being told no, and Queen Elsa, well she was something he wanted more than anything in his many year’s.

He would woo her, bed her, pleasure her, make her his before marrying her. Or at least that was what the old man’s ego told him.

The short duke took in a breath, stroking his thick grey moustache with his glove’s hand’s, he then corrected his large rounded spectacle’s, before setting his medal’s straight. Walking through the crowd, he pushed his way closer and closer to the front, his body guards behind him.

Speaking to Arundel’s royal announcer, he got introduced to the blonde beauty who was giggling with her sister at the front. The short, wrinkled, pointed nosed duke had to admit, even her sister was beautiful. But it was the blonde who had caught the old man’s heart.

“Your majesty, the duke of Weaseltown..”

The old man sputtered, the announcer starting the first meeting wrong, it wasn’t what he wanted when meeting his new wife.

“It’s Weselton, Weselton!!”

Knowing he needed to impress her, he spoke to her of his importance in the trade to her kingdom, before offering to be the first dance for the queen, after all they were close partner’s now. When he offered, the old man then began to dance, pulling off his best move’s, moves that impressed many women when he was younger.

Finishing in a bow, he was dismayed to hear giggle’s coming from the two sisters, including his fascination Elsa.

“Oh I’m sorry, I don’t dance… but my sister does..”

He could tell it was already a brush off, but looking at her sister Anna, he decided to jump at the chance of dancing with her. After all, Elsa would be watching, if the old man could make Anna swoon all over him, maybe Elsa would to.

Taking her sister into the middle, he did his best move’s once more, surprisingly agile for an elderly man. Making sure to twirl the younger sister, before bending her over backwards, not being able to stop himself from pushing his bulge towards the younger woman’s core as he looked towards the standing queen behind them.

She barely flinched, merely smiling at her sister, this aggravating the old man dearly as he let go of Anna and headed off to sulk, somehow, he would impress the beautiful women, somehow he would have her.

Days later, when the ice has been lifted…

He knew he had done wrong sending his guards to kill Elsa, but he had heard of sorcery destroying cities and it had been a knee jerk reaction. His duty succeeded his lust, but not by much, his mind going back and forth on if he was right. Elsa had plagued his thought’s the moment he laid eyes on her, it was when he heard her sister was supposedly dead, that he was resigned to Han’s order… after all he was now in charge of Arendelle.

But when the ice curse had broken, when the sister had been revived and Elsa had retaken the throne. He had tried to apologize, not something he was used to doing, but he had been taken in by Han’s evil behaviour. But seeing Elsa, seeing her again in that sparkling blue dress, he knew he had made a mistake.

When he had been deported though, when he had been escorted to the boat, it was the most embarrassing thing to of happened to the old man, but when the advisor of the queen had read out the scroll saying trade would be cut off. Something in the old man snapped…

He had been on his boat on the way back to his kingdom, sitting alone in his quarters his mind plagued, his mind dark. Everyone deserve’s a second chance he continued to growl to himself, anger at being shown up, anger at not having the queen. He knew his revenge, after all, his word held more sway then anyone in nearly all the kingdom’s, it was something Elsa or her advisors hadn’t realised.

But when it was night, when he lay on his bed he thought of something different all together. His thoughts at first when seeing Elsa had been of the perverted nature, but it was sweeter, the sex was more mutual. But as his hand found his throbbing, large cock, he began pumping it to something different. His lustful thought’s changing from a more loving scene, to one of him dominating, one of him owning Elsa, the stunning blonde ice queen his sexual fuck slave. He thought of her worshipping him, being there for his need’s, the confident look she had gained in her eye gone, replaced by one of hope, hope that her action’s where pleasing her master.

As he cum in his hand, his old body shaking, he knew it was a pipe dream…. Little did he know; his revenge would eventually bring about everything he wanted.

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