Mall hopping

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Mall hopping

“Aelita’s rubbing off too much on you”

Yumi smirked at Ryan’s words as she sat firmly on his lap, both of them sitting on a bench in a fairly crowded mall, the image of them looking fairly innocent if not a little romantic to the naked eye with the most risqué part of the act being Yumi’s short skirt

What the crowd around them didn’t know was that Yumi’s short skirt wasn’t just to help with the early summer heat but to hide the fact that she had gone commando and Ryan’s cock was currently buried deep in her snug cunt “I don’t see you…complaining…” she grinned back at him biting her lip as another jolt of ecstasy ran up her spine, normally when she was getting fucked she was either getting her brains pounded out of her or she was riding like her life depended on it so to just sit motionless on a cock was an almost new sensation for her

Biting her lip harder as she felt her groin clench and tighten Yumi reached back to take hold of Ryan’s hands placing them on her lap “you feel so big inside me” she breathed squeezing tighter around him making him shudder and groan “I really want to move…” she then shivered, most of her couldn’t care less about the audience but neither she or Ryan needed the criminal record that would come with outright public sex

Checking that no one was looking at them Ryan gently slid his fingers into the hem of Yumi’s skirt, his fingertips grazing her clit ever so slightly making her jump and seize up on his lap, her breathing becoming sharp and shallow as she was brought to the brink of orgasming in milliseconds making her toes curl in her boots “I’m…I’m gonna cum…” she whined a little too loud than she had intended, thankfully the noise of the crowd around them made it so that only Ryan could hear her

“Me too” Ryan groaned back, the constant vice tight squeezing of her pussy dragging him closer to the edge with every passing second and as he felt their joint climaxes coming to the brink he quickly cupped her face, pulling her back to him to claim her mouth in a rough kiss, muffling Yumi’s cry of pleasure as she orgasmed hard on his cock, the rhythmic squeezing and clenching of her wet cunt dragging Ryan over the edge with her flooding her insides with his seed

Luckily to everyone around them they appeared to just be a young couple enjoying each other’s company a little too much only drawing a couple of weird glances and scoffs from the more conservative shoppers that walked by as they broke their kiss, both of them panting heavily as they came down from their climax highs

“I need more” Yumi mewled clenching her cunt tighter “I need it harder” she continued as she gently lifted herself up off of Ryan’s cock, reaching under herself to put his dick back in his pants before she fully stood up taking his wrist to pull him to his feet so that she could lead him somewhere a little more private

Luckily for Yumi she was able to find an empty utility closet and within moments they were both inside, the Goth girl having blocked the door with a couple of mops to prevent it from being opened allowing Ryan to take her as hard and rough as she needed “oh fuck yes! Harder! Deeper!” Yumi pleaded as she stood bent over whilst Ryan took her from behind, her skirt bunched up around her waist and her top pulled up to let her breasts bounce freely “your dick feels so fucking good!”

With how much Yumi was panting and moaning in enjoyment of being fucked technically still in public Ryan wondered just how much Aelita had rubbed off on her, he didn’t have long to think on it though as he quickly found himself cumming again, making Yumi scream with pleasure as his cum flooded her insides dragging her over the edge with him into her second orgasm, not as hard as her first but it lasted long enough to be just as satisfying

Panting heavily for breath Ryan kept his cock inside of Yumi as he pulled her back to him, his hands palming her breasts making her moan and bite her lip “we are so doing this again” she stated more as an instruction than a suggestion “we’ll have to get Aelita to come too” she added with a purr bringing a single thought to Ryan’s mind

“I am so gonna get arrested”

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