Pumbaa's Farts

BY : Drfuckingsuess
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Disclaimer: I don't own the Lion King, or the characters from it. I am not making any money from this story

  It is dusk, and Pumbaa has been farting since dawn, making Timon horny as hell. Pumbaa is pretending to sleep, and Timon sees his chance, and so he goes over to a nearby tree, and starts jacking off. He is so into it he doesn't notice Pumbaa walking up to him until he has already cummed.

  "Can I help?" Pumbaa asks, startling Timon. Before he can say yes Pumbaa is on on the floor. "Put your face in my fat ass," he demands. Timon graciously complies, and as soon as he puts his face in there, Pumbaa starts farting non-stop. Timon still can't get enough. Pumbaa farts loudly, the noxious gas filling Timon's lungs. Timon is starting to get dizzy, but he doesn't care. He just wants to keep smelling Pumbaa's loud, vile farts. The sound rings through the air, which has been contaminated by the toxic gas erupting from Pumbaa's ass. "Now put your big cock in my ass," Pumbaa commands. Timon's cock is very big for a meerkat, about 8 inches hard. He thrusts his monster cock into Pumbaa's fat ass, the farts now vibrating his dick like crazy. At first he goes slow. The steady pace makes Pumbaa begging for more. Just as Pumbaa is about to shout more commands, Timon starts thrusting violently. "Go faster, Daddy!" Pumbaa moans. Timon listens, and the fast pace combined with the vibrations from the farts makes him cum immediately. Filling up with Timon's cum, he also orgasms. Pumbaa's muffled farts get louder as Timon pulls out. The farts were pushing out the cum, and so Timon started eating him out. He licked him clean while inhaling the toxic gas.

   "We shuld do this again sometime," Pumbaa says. Timon, too tired to respond, passes out.

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