Returning customer discount

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Returning customer discount

“Ringing up all of your items the charge will be $350.75 Miss Membrane, will that be cash or credit?”

Gaz cursed under her breath as the game store cashier made it obvious that her purchases had put her way passed the limit of her purse, the Goth girl having only come into the store with $100 dollars of her own money and an extra $50 that she managed to sneak out of Dib’s wallet when he wasn’t looking, if he ever found out and bitched about it she’d just blow him until he forgot about it

She had intended to just buy a couple of games when she had entered the game store but upon browsing the selection available she found herself unable to resist grabbing as many of the newest titles that her arms could carry setting her way over her budget

“Shit, how much do I have in store credit here?” she asked only to find to her dismay that she had spent all of her store credit on her previous visit “shit!”

Glancing at the games Gaz pondered for a moment which ones she should put back and just buy another day when a different more devious idea came to her mind, a subtle smirk gracing her hips as she proceeded to then lean forward against the counter to pronounce her bust more, pushing herself up on her toes as her tight t-shirt strained even more around her massive tits “is there any way I could lower the price?” she purred with a smirk as the cashier promptly started to blush obviously trying not to stare at her bust “I’m more than willing to work for it” she added as she took hold of the bottom of her top and pulled it up to reveal the bottom half of her huge heavy JJ cup tits

Gulping as Gaz borderline flashed him the cashier glanced around, he was the only one left in the store as it was just about closing time, the manager having trusted him with locking the place up so that he could leave early, plus since Gaz a weekly customer at the very least he got to know her somewhat and knew she wouldn’t pull a fast one on him and just genuinely rob the place

“So what do you say…Mike?” the Goth slut asked glancing at the cashier’s name tag as she pulled her top up even more until her massive bust bounced free full on flashing him, biting her lip as she glanced down and found his pants nicely tented “think we can come to a deal?”

Glancing around the store to find that he and Gaz were the only ones in at that time Mike swallowed thickly again before reaching for his keys “give me a moment to lock up” he told her making the Gothic slut grin wickedly, the purple haired girl already starting to strip down showing the cashier exactly what he had agreed to

After few minutes later when all the doors were locked up and the window shutters were pulled down to block anyone from looking in Mike stood back at the counter with his heart hammering in his chest as he prepared for what was most likely going to be the wildest night of his life, he had always fantasized about having sex at work but shrugged the idea of as some cheesy porno fantasy but now his best customer was now sat naked on the counter in front of him with her legs spread wide looking more than eager for him to fuck her

“Come on, get it out, I know you’ve always wanted to use me to get yourself off you fucking pervert” Gaz smirked before purring as Mike pulled his aching erection from his pants, a very healthy eleven inches long and as thick as a soda can making Gaz’s cunt drip with need near instantaneously “oh fuck yeah, get that dick in me!” she demanded as the cashier lined himself up pressing his cock head to her weeping slit

With a slow smooth push Mike gasped as he found the Goth to be incredibly tight but also wet and soft enough for his cock to slide in with total ease right down to the base, his cock head pressing hard on her cervix making her roll her head back with a moan “mmm fuck yeah that’s a good dick” she breathed squeezing tight around him before looking him dead in the eye with a devilish smirk “do whatever you fucking want to me, we both know I can take it, you just better let me leave with those games when your balls run dry”

Feeling his cock twitch at her heated lust filled words Mike could have cum then and there but he held back, one of his hands grabbing at one of her huge tits a little overly eager making her tit before the other one grabbed her throat making her gasp and grin wider with lust as he lightly choked her, one of her hands grabbing his wrist encouraging him to squeeze harder as he started pounding into her with everything he had

“Oh god you’re so tight” Mike panted heavily as his cock felt like it was getting crushed inside of Gaz’s soaking cunt, each thrust making her hole squeeze tight as if trying to make sure he couldn’t pull back

“If you give me free games every time I come here you can have this cunt whenever you want” the Goth slut promised between lustful pants, half for the free games which she was willing to fuck practically anyone for but also half for the fact that Mike wasn’t half bad at fucking her despite being smaller than her dream cock size, especially since he seemed to be a lot more eager than most guys she let fuck her which she found endearing

Panting harder as his hips worked harder Mike soon blew his first load, Gaz letting out a long moan of satisfaction as she felt his warm seed filled her wet hole “damn that’s nice” Gaz purred looking down to watch her cunt start to overflow with his seed

Expecting the cashier to be done with her Gaz prepared to hop off of the counter when he took her by surprise, grabbing her hips and flipping her over making her fat ass jiggle and clap as she gasped with surprise, her gasp immediately followed by a scream of pleasure as he grabbed her ass and started pounding harder and deeper into her cunt making her toes curl “oh shit fuck! Rape that fucking cunt!”

Squeezing the sluts fat ass Mike spanked her hard making her yelp and moan as she desperately tried to hold onto the counter, her heavy tits hanging over the edge allowing them with bounce and sway in tandem to his thrusts as she felt her orgasm building up “you like that don’t you whore?” he grunted feeling himself getting bolder, his attempt at dirty talk making her squeeze tighter momentarily at least

“Fuck yeah I like it, beat my fucking ass harder! Pull my hair you bastard!” Gaz demanded as her amber eyes suddenly widened making her look crazed as she screamed out in orgasm, her head snapping back as Mike obeyed her demand grabbing her hair and pulling it as hard as he could without pulling it out, the cashier gritting his teeth as her cunt squeezed him even tighter as if threatening to snap his cock straight off of his groin

Slowing his thrusts so that he could enjoy the feeling of her orgasming around him Mike then grunted in surprise when Gaz suddenly shoved him away from her, making him stumble and fall back onto the old computer chair behind him that he used to sit during slow hours at work when he had everything done

Landing hard Mike didn’t have the chance to react as Gaz hopped off of the counter and slunk to her knees between his legs, her head diving down to swallow his cock all the way to the base making him roll his head back with pleasure “holy fuck” he moaned grabbing hold of Gaz’s head as she sucked harder than he thought humanly possible “gonna cum again!”

Gaz just tittered around his shaft at his exclamation sucking even harder as she pressed her nose to his groin and seconds later his cock exploded, flooding her throat with his thick salty jizz which she eagerly swallowed, never losing her stride as she then started to briskly bob her head along his cock sucking hard and swallowing throughout his climax making him cum harder and longer than he had ever done before

Eventually when Mike stopped cumming Gaz pulled her mouth off of his cock giving it a hot lustful lick from balls to tip before kissing the head “so we got a deal? I can take those games free of charge?” she grinned letting his cock rest against her face

“I am so gonna get fired” Mike panted although he didn’t sound too upset about it by his tone, he did get to fuck the girl he had been fantasising about every time she came in after all

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll talk to your boss tomorrow, hell if you’d like a raise I’ll even let him fuck me in the ass” the Goth girl smirked wickedly before taking his cock back into her mouth starting to suck on him again

And front that day on Gaz never had to pay a single penny for video games

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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