The Ballad of Lincoln the Lewd

BY : Mr-Dusk
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“Wake up, sir, we’ve arrived”


Lincoln Loud, knight of the kingdom of Onivas, roused from his slumber in the rundown wagon.


Lifting himself up from the bench, he looked to see he had arrived in his first post, the rural village of Elem.


“Well, here I am, the quaint hamlet of Elem… ugh, what a backwater.”


Located in the middle of nowhere, Elem was a nondescript agricultural community founded only last year – a small town, with few luxuries, and fewer amenities.


With nothing of interest to catch his attention, Lincoln walked towards the largest building in the town, resting above a small hill towards the center.


His attention was soon drawn towards what appeared to be a damsel in need. A short woman, shorter than him at least, was trying to drag a heavy sack of grain to her shop. She had long, brown hair and a freckled face but it wasn’t her dainty looks or the heavy load she was trying to pull into her shop that drew his attention. No, it was the large sacks of milk and erotic flesh dangling from her chest, swaying like laundry hanging on a clothesline.


Shaking himself out of his daze, he walked towards her, putting on his best friendly face.


“Hello, milady, are you in need of assistance?”


The woman looked up to see a dashing man with snow white hair move towards her, she smiled shyly at his approach, “Oh, um… if it isn’t too much trouble for you, sir.”


Lincoln bent down, picked up the sack, and hefted it inside the building, which he soon learned was a bakery.


Placing it aside where the lady instructed, he bowed courteously to her, like a real knight would.


“There you are, milady, did you need any more assistance?”


She shook her head, “Oh no, that was all I needed to do; thank you… um, I didn’t catch your name?”


He put on his best confident smile, before replying, “I’m Lincoln, Lincoln Loud, I’m a knight from the Onivas Knightly Academy who’s been assigned to this village.”


The lady looked surprised, “Oh, really? That’s good news, nothing bad happens around here in Elem, but all the same, it would feel a lot safer having you around, Sir Loud.”


“Well, if trouble ever comes rearing its head, you can count on me to keep you safe, madam…?”


“Ginger Keebler, I’m the village’s baker and pastry chef, but most of the folks ‘round here call me Cookie, it’s what I’m famous for.” She picked up a platter with a small assortment of the flat, little delights, “Would you like some, Sir Loud, it’s the least I can do for helping me.”


Lincoln plucked two of them and bit into his first pick, “My, that is good, and quite delightful seeing as I haven’t eaten yet.”


Ginger’s eyes looked puzzled, “Oh, then would you like me to get you something to eat? It’s the least I can do.”


Lincoln shook his head, “N-No, that’s fine, I wouldn’t want to burden you with my troubles, besides…” he said looking out the window towards the large manor on the hill, “I need to speak with the mayor about my arrival.”


“I see, well, thank you again, for your help, Sir knight, I hope you enjoy your stay here in Elem.”


Though Lincoln would rather not leave the company of the comely Cookie and her… “flour sacks” if you will, but duty calls.


After getting through the burly man standing guard in front of the door, Lincoln was accompanied to the office of the mayor, a rotund man clad in expensive furs and a gilded fineries, the kind of man who’d spend all day signing documents with a stylus by day and eat to his heart’s content by dusk.


“So… Master Loud, was it?” he said, picking up a small cup with a hot brew of tea, “How do you like Elem so far, Sir knight? I do apologize for any inadequacies regarding the town’s offerings of comforts, but rest assured we’ll do what we can to keep you satisfied with your stay.”


“Thank you sir, I’ll try not to be too much of a bother around here in town.”


The mayor shook his head, “Nonsense, nonsense! In fact, I’m sure with you around here, the local miscreants will probably think twice before they start any trouble.” He took another sip, before pulling out a letter from his pocket, “I’ve made arrangements for you to stay at the Orange Iguana inn, this note will let the proprietor know that I’ve paid for your lodgings, and any other necessities you feel will be needed.”


Lincoln smiled in awe as he took the letter, “Wow, thanks mayor, this is really very kind of you.”


After excusing himself, and setting out for the inn, the mayor motioned to a hooded man by the corner, “Is everything ready?”


The hooded person nodded, “Yes, everything has been prepared for next month’s shipment.”


“Very good, have some men take double shifts watching the cargo; we need to squeeze all that we can from this before the start of the next season.”


“What about that knight? Do you think he’ll be an issue?”


The mayor laughed, “Ha! Not at all, why do you think I asked for one of their least useful knights? I’ve heard he just barely managed to pass the exam at the Academy. If anything, he will be a useful scapegoat in case anyone decides to snoop around.”


He took another sip of his tea, “Besides, I don’t think he’ll last long if she gets her claws on him.”


Lincoln paced down the main throughway of the town, looking for the inn the mayor spoke of, he didn’t look too hard for so long, as he soon found a large, two story building with a sign with an orange reptile on it, “I guess this is the place.”


Going inside, he could see only a few patrons enjoying themselves, perhaps there would be more visitors later tonight, once everything was dark. Lincoln approached the bar, placing a silver piece on the counter and ordering some beer. Upon receiving his pint, he looked at the swirling liquid and let his mind briefly wander.



About a month ago, Lincoln was in his personal quarters at the Academy barracks, he was practicing on the hay-stuffed dummy for him to pass the time.




He swung hard, point blank, but missed. Lincoln nearly tripped on his own legs before he got his bearings back. He looked around, wondering where the dummy was, before looking over his shoulder and realized the dummy was right behind him, having struck without really watching where he was aiming for.


Dang it!” he cursed.


His thoughts to himself were disturbed by a haughty, feminine laugh. His head darted over to his doorway, where he saw his one-sided rival: Ronalda Anita Santiago.


Lincoln sighed; he really wasn’t in the mood to deal with her right now, which was usually all the time.


It’s a miracle you’ve managed to last this long, Lame-O. I gave you three days at most before you dropped out, I’m actually modestly impressed you’ve lasted this long.”


If you’ve nothing better to do with your time than spare me your shallow praises, could you please leave me alone?”


But watching you mess up is practically more fun than sparring.” She replied snidely.


Lincoln gritted his teeth, trying his best not to lash out at her, “Shouldn’t you be in the archive right now, brushing it up with the scribes?”


They can wait. I like to have a little entertainment before I do my studies, and nothing’s more fun than watching a limp-legged rabbit like you play knight.”


That was a bit more than uncalled for. Lincoln grit his teeth, trying not to lose his cool.


She smiled with eyes full of petty spite, “Feeling a little flustered, Linky? Why don’t I get you a nice boiled carrot? It’s good for little boys, but I think bunny rabbits would like it too.”


That did it.


I’ll show you who’s a limp-legged rabbit!” He screamed, wooden sword raised and ready to swing at the female.


Ronalda yawned, mentally remarking to herself that he was as predictable as always. Once Lincoln was within arm’s length of her, she deftly dodged his downward strike, circling around and positioned herself behind him.


Wrapping her arms around his waist, she effortlessly lifted him over and plunged him into a suplex. The wind blew out of his lungs and left the poor boy stunned and dizzy. He could, however, still make out Ronalda’s smug face looking down on him.


Go back to your hole, Lame-O, we don’t need a snowflake like you to make us Knights look good.” She then left the room, laughing arrogantly all the way until Lincoln couldn’t hear it anymore.


Lifting himself up from the dusty ground, Lincoln stared out into the door where Ronalda departed, before he walked over to his wash basin to clean himself up. He looked at the mirror, still looking a touch disheveled.


One of these days, Ronnie Anne…” he muttered with resentment, hissing as he said Ronalda’s nickname, “One of these days, I will make you my bitch, and then we’ll see who has the last laugh!”



Back in the inn, the door suddenly burst open, and a raving madman was shouting gibberish and flailing his limbs loudly.


“Evil! The evil is here! I seen it!”


Two men accosted the rambling old man, “Come on, ease up, old man, take it easy!”


“She’s coming for you! Coming for you!” he continued to wail amidst his struggle.


“She’s going to get you!” He pointed at one random patron, “And… and you!” he shrieked while pointing out another, then, his eyes narrowed and sneered at Lincoln, a sweat trickling from his brow, “But… she will definitely get you, she wants the young one!”


After another few seconds of struggle, the two men were able to drag the screaming geezer away.


A little rattled by his piercing gaze and cryptic warning, he turned to the bartender, “What was that all about?”


Without turning away from a barrel as he poured another pint for a patron, he replied to Lincoln, “Oh pay him no heed, you know how every town’s got their rambling beggars. Ours is just a little louder than most.”


“I-I see,” After gulping down the last of his beer, he left the mug on the counter and asked for where the room where he would be staying, “Thanks for the drink sir. I have this letter from the mayor, says I have lodgings in one of the rooms?”


“Oh yes, I heard it from the town crier we’d have us a knight ‘round these parts. Please follow me, sir.”


Lincoln followed him up the stairs and into a room by the far end of the inn’s west wing. The proprietor opened it up with his keys and gestured for Lincoln to go in, “It’s the best we can do, I know it’s nothing posh like in a castle or what have you now, but you’ll get a good night’s sleep out of it.”


“Thank you, and it’s no problem. Honestly, it’s a lot better than sleeping on a rough wagon for days on end.”


“Stay out of trouble, young man” he replied in monotone.


“Don’t worry about me, I’m not in the habit of causing trouble.”


As the doors closed behind Lincoln, the man sighed, “Maybe not, fella, but trouble’s about to find you.”


Poor Lincoln had no idea of the dangers that he was unwittingly summoned to.


No one around town had the heart to tell him about their recent… troubles. Had they done so, they were sure to have their whole village burned to the ground and everyone hanged or crucified; because of this, they had chosen to maintain a grim silence over the matter.


Lincoln was unaware that the otherwise peaceful village of Elem was visited by an insidious force.



Three months ago, one of the carpenters had become drunk and wandered into the dark pathway between town and the woodcutters’ camp.


In scarlet town *hic* where I was born… There was a fair maid *hic* maid d-dwellin’… M-Made every youth c-c-cry for a day… *hic* her name was… Barbara… Ellen-len…”


Dawdling about in the darkness, he just barely heard the sound of giggling – feminine giggling.


Turning towards the noise in his stupor, he could vaguely make out the sensuous shape of a shapely woman in the shrubs, beckoning to him.


Lonely, mister? Come on over and I’ll give you a treat.”


Blushing profusely, whether from the ale or the seductions of the strange woman, he clumsily rushed into the underbrush, eager to let loose his night’s intake of hard drink. It would be the last thing he’d ever taste.


A loud scream, loud enough to rouse the dead from their peaceful slumber, echoed from out of the woods, and the town’s watchman gather his compatriots and rushed to the source of the sound. What they saw chilled the blood in their veins.


The poor sod was reduced into a withered husk, like dried meat, but beneath him, crawling up from the pole jutting from between his legs, was some kind of hideous thing, hard to tell in the darkness. It turned towards them with her mouth bared, teeth gleaming like cold, steel daggers formed inside her evil smile, and her eyes glowed with an eerie, yellow glow like a viper.


She hissed at the approaching mob, some of whom shied away from her, some of them stumbling back and quaking in fear. Gazing upon the terror in their faces, the sinister being laughed menacingly, and then she leaped further into the shadowed woods, disappearing into the hedges and boughs. Elem had become the haunt of a succubus.


Since then, several more men have fallen to the demon over time; the people began taking steps to try and stop her, but to no avail. The village tried erecting holy images to ward her away, but the morning after, the effigies were broken and defaced. The local holy man tried to exorcise her, but he too had his life sucked like a spider’s prey. During one meeting the panicked townspeople vouched for calling some help from the outside to put an end to the creature. Unfortunately, it would not be as easy as they wished it to be.


If news of the succubus were to go beyond the town, they would surely attract the unwanted attention of the brutal and overzealous Inquisition, who would sooner put their entire village to the torch than conduct a more… surgical and meticulous method of removing the fiend.


It was eventually agreed, albeit begrudgingly, that they would keep this as their dark secret. No one wanted to die, or see their loved ones executed, but they couldn’t just live in fear forever, so a few of the townsfolk left, but not before swearing to secrecy about the succubus. Since then, the town has stagnated and never became as prosperous as it could have been because of her.



And now, Lincoln it seems was to be her next victim, and it wouldn’t end well…


Lincoln set aside his equipment by the foot of the bed, and then he pulled the blanket back, preparing to take a little nap.


“Hey there, handsome.”


Lincoln whirled around; surprised by the voice in what Lincoln had earlier thought was an empty room. Looking up, he saw a voluptuous, blonde-haired woman stand in the corner of his room. She was dressed in an elegant and threadbare negligee made of violet-dyed silk, draped across her feminine form and hardly containing them either.


“Who are you?”


“The name’s Carol, Carol Pingrey…” she said in a low, sultry voice. Her presence tingled a sensation in Lincoln’s psyche, he shook it off as he put up a tough front.


“Well, uh… what are you doing here, Miss Pingrey?”


“Isn’t it obvious?” She said while sauntering towards him, her hips and breasts swaying with each movement, “I’m here for you, Sir Knight.”


“O-oh…” Lincoln blushed as realization dawned on him, “So, what can I do for you, if you pardon my asking?”


She moved in close and traced a finger along his shoulder, then up his neck, and then on his chin.


“I think you know exactly what you can do for me, Sir Knight,” without warning, she reached down and gently stroke the middle of his pants, and Lincoln felt himself tighten as the red on his face grew deeper, “I am a woman with a particular appetite, and you are just the kind of person who can sate it.”


“So, you are a… soiled dove?” For a virgin like Lincoln, the sound of him saying that to himself boiled his blood.


She leaned in close and whispered into his ear; “In a manner of speaking…” she placed both of her hands on Lincoln’s shoulders, and gently had him sit down on the bed.


She sat down on his lap, letting her warm flesh rest against him, “Does my figure please you, my lord?”


Lincoln smiled like a giddy child on his birthday when she called him that, “It pleases me a lot, Miss Pingrey.”


“Oh come now,” she began caressing his hair, “Just Carol will be fine; tonight is your night, good sir, savor it.”


She moved in and pressed her lips against Lincoln’s, holding his face so that he wouldn’t think to back away. Not that he didn’t want to.


He placed his hands around her waist, snaking up from under her negligee to feel Carol’s soft, womanly flesh.


“Mmm, you are a naughty little thing, aren’t you?”


“I’m sorry, I-I have never done anything like this before.” He responded shyly.


“Aww, you’re a virgin? Well, don’t worry, Lincoln, I’ll make this truly memorable for you.” said Carol, sliding off his lap and working to undo his pants.


“T-Thank you, this is…” Lincoln was suddenly taken back with realization, “…wait, how do you know my name?”


Suddenly, everything turned dark as the room was blanketed in some sort of impenetrable darkness, “W-what’s going on… Carol?”


Lincoln looked down to Carol, only to see her negligee dissolve and her skin turn into a bloody shade of red, and her eyes shimmered with an ominous yellow glow. Lincoln yelped and backed away, “What… what in the Hell are you!?”


“I already told you…” she said as a long tongue, like that of a toad, slithered out of her lips, licking in anticipation, “…I am a woman with a particular appetite, and you are just the kind of person who can sate it.”


Lincoln backed away until his back pressed against what he presumed to be the wall, but he couldn’t tell because of the inky black.


“There’s no use calling for help, if that’s what you’re wondering, my spell has locked out this whole room from the outside world, it’s just you and me, Lincoln.”


Paralyzed with fear, Lincoln could only watch as she approached on all fours, and with a gesture of her hand, Lincoln’s trousers were done away, leaving Lincoln’s excited member out in the open.


Carol couldn’t help but be fascinated, “My oh my, the length of your sword is impressive, Lincoln, I’m almost kind of disappointed that I’ll suck you dry…” her tongue flicked forward and licked the underside of his tip, drawing a soft moan out of Lincoln.


A mix of fear and arousal stewed inside Lincoln, it was all so confusing and it only agitated him further.


“If it makes you feel any better, I’ll make sure that your first time will be… fantastic.”


Carol started with a few gentle pecks on Lincoln’s manhood, with her fingers caressing the sides of and under his balls.


Lincoln moaned in ecstasy, seemingly resigned to his unfortunate fate.


Seeing him relaxed, Carol upped the ante, “Now then, time to give it my magic touch.” She dipped down and engulfed the head of his shaft inside her mouth, drawing more noise from the poor knight.


“Uh… Ah…”


Her tongue swirled around like a spiral around the head, taking particular attention to the underside. Lincoln couldn’t help but smile, she may be a demon, but by the Heavens, she knew how to pleasure a man. Only a few minutes in, and Lincoln released some pre cum that he’d been holding in, which Carol greedily lapped up. She hummed in approval.


“I think that’s enough appetizers…” she said, releasing his manhood, “Time for the main course.”


Placing her hands on top of her breasts, they suddenly grew to significant proportions, like soft, fleshy melons, the sight made Lincoln stay erect for a bit longer. Carol knelt down and sandwiched the massive demon teats between his shaft. Lincoln groaned out loud, whimpering some seconds after.


“Don’t fight it big boy, just let it all come out, it’ll make your death completely worth it.”


Carol once more sucked upon Lincoln, this time attacking him in three different directions: her tongue stroking the nerves in his tip, her lips caressing his shaft, and her breasts massaging on his balls and all the parts she couldn’t fit.


“Oh… my… oh crap…” Lincoln’s breathing got heavy, he could feel a load building up in his manhood, ready to burst, “…By all the gods, I can’t…! Oh!!”


Carol started the quicken her pace, sparks flew off in Lincoln’s head as he gave in to the growing arousal, “By all that’s holy! By all that’s holy! AAAHH!!”


Lincoln’s tip burst forth in white, warm fluids, and Carol immediately began drinking his essence, while Lincoln blacked out and fell back to bed. Once she had her fill, she finally let go, adjusting her hair.


“Mm… the lifeforce of a young man is so sweet, so full of vitality. I wonder if I’ll ever have the chance to sup on someone like this again.” Pondering over the taste, inwardly giggling to herself, she was taken aback when she heard a noise behind her.


To her surprise, it was Lincoln, struggling to get up, looking tired, but definitely alive. This perplexed Carol.


“What the-? It’s not possible…”


Carol walked back to him, pushing him down with her heel.


“You seem like you could use another go, and I’m more than happy to oblige.”


This time, she decided on a reverse cowgirl positon, sitting on top of Lincoln with her ass faced in his direction, “Let’s change things up a bit, how about we do anal?”


Carol opened her bottom cheeks and Lincoln was given front row seat to a tiny little hole in the center, and his heart skipped a beat.


“Gotcha!” Carol began grinding her butt against Lincoln, who once more had his pole in the upright position.


“Oh! Oh my…!” Lincoln gasped as he felt Carol’s butt seemingly squeeze around his member, it was indescribable.


“That’s right, don’t resist and I can make your wildest fantasy come true.”


Once she could feel that he was ready, Carol filled her hole with Lincoln’s manhood. “Oh, oh… superb!” Carol couldn’t help but admit that she was actually starting to enjoy her prey. Inexperienced as he was, she felt something different about him, she felt like she could ride him for an eternity.


Lincoln felt himself weaken, as though his sperm was not the only thing being drawn from him.


“S-Stop, please… I can’t, I can’t hold it…!”


“Go on, my love, do not resist!” Carol pleaded, playing with Lincoln’s libido, “Release in me, you know you want to; it is your heart’s desire!”


“Fuck!” Lincoln screamed, and once again, he shot a load into Carol’s anus.


Carol gasped several times as she felt the knight’s fluids pour into her hole; she bit her lower lip, smiling in bliss. She detached from Lincoln, who fell into the bed yet again.


“I… I’ve never felt so satisfied… with a virgin, before…” Carol gasped, her face twisted like she had woken from a breathtakingly amazing dream…


As she lifted herself up, getting ready to leave, her elation turned into shock, and then aggravation, when she saw Lincoln twitch and gasp, awake once again, tired but alive and breathing… and no worse for wear either.


Carol was beginning to lose her patience.


“What the fuck? Just how many times do I have to make you jizz so you can die already!”


She jumped on top of Lincoln, her expression equal parts desperation and irritation, “All right, you son of a bitch, I can see that this isn’t going to be easy. I didn’t want to do this, but if it means getting rid of you once and for all, well… it’ll be worth it.”


She grabbed Lincoln’s cock briskly, he gasped as it went from limp to lively almost instantaneously, “You ought to feel honored, for the last few minutes of your life, you get the feel the sheer rapture of a Succubus’ coffer.”


She proceeded to rub her clit under Lincoln’s penis, drawing slow gasps for air from the boy. Judging by his reaction, Carol suspected that he was finally at his end. With her anger dispersing, Carol decided to play upon his mind with her sweet nothings.


“You like that, don’t you? The feeling of my cunt dancing on your cock? I’ve enjoyed our little nighttime dance, but this is where the game ends.”


Sitting up and on top of Lincoln, her sex lips opened and devoured Lincoln.


“Ah! Gah!” he began exhaling rapidly. Carol took this as a sign that Lincoln was nearing his doom.


“Feed me, feed me with your desire, feed me!” small tendrils of flesh sprouted inside her snatch, tickling the nerves beneath the skin of Lincoln’s pride. He groaned, as though in pain.


“Yes! Yes… give in to me!” Carol shouted, feeling victory within her grasp.


And then, a miracle happened.




A flash of light suddenly exploded from Lincoln’s eyes and from a spot on the back of his neck. Something like rage burned through that caught Carol completely unawares.


Carol’s surprise soon turned to a growing dread as she suddenly realized that she had made a critical mistake. She tried to break free of his grasp, but…


“Ow! What the Hell-?”


Lincoln’s cock, it seemed, had suddenly grown in width, expanding beyond what Carol could hold. Try as she might, she could not break free.


“No, No! Let me go!”


Lincoln reached out with his right hand and grasped her hair firmly in his hands. With his other, he grabbed ahold of her right breast, and pushed it towards his mouth, sucking them like some milk-starved newborn.


For the first time in her long, infernal life, Carol was now the helpless and in pain. Tears began to stream from her eyes as she cried out.


“Help! Someone, help me! Please!!”


The spell she cast over the room meant that no one would come over to the commotion; the Knight would devour her here. Lincoln’s pace quickened, almost to an inhuman degree, as Carol felt her walls nearly tear apart from his thrusts deep into her cave.


Any pretense of defiance vanished, and Carol was now crying and squealing, partly in pleasure and partly in agony. Lincoln gave a howl like some mad beast.


His pushes forward became slower, but became stronger, as Carol felt Lincoln’s meat somehow grow even wider. Fear shot through her as he realized that Lincoln was now at his limit.


“No! No! I beg you, don’t do it! Please, don’t cum in me!”


“Hyah!” With a bellow that would shake the heavens, Lincoln dislodged his pent-up seed into Carol.


“Aaaagh!” Their screams echoed throughout the void of darkness, elation and agony rippling in its vibrations.


The darkness that surrounded the room began to melt away, and Lincoln, finally and completely exhausted, fell into the mattress, falling into a deep sleep.


Carol stayed up a bit longer, dazed and shocked, before falling on top of Lincoln, also exhausted. She turned towards Lincoln, and noticed a highly unusual birthmark on the back-right side of his neck.


“No… no way.” She muttered, before falling unconscious.


As it was said, it wouldn’t end well… for her, that is.


The following morning, Lincoln stirred awake, staring into the empty ceiling of his inn room.


“Oh, my word… what a crazy dream…”


He tried to sit up only to feel something holding down his arm. Looking down, he saw, lying beside him, the succubus from before.


“Gyah!” he rolled out of bed with a start, reaching for his weapon.


Carol rose from her slumber, rubbing the dust from her eyes, she looked towards Lincoln, with barely a sign of hostility in her eyes, “Good morning.”


Lincoln tried to pull the slightly bent excuse for a knight’s sword from the scabbard, but to no avail.


“Come on, you blasted thing!”


Without warning, Carol jumped into Lincoln, her breasts meeting his face.


“Ah! Please don’t kill me!”


“Now why would I do a thing like that?”


“Huh?” it was now Lincoln’s turn to be confused, “Wait, are you trying to trick me so you can suck out my life force again?”


“No, not anymore.” She replied playfully.


“Okay… um, why?”


“Because, why would I want to harm my new master?”


He was shocked to hear her utter the word “master” and had to press further, “Wait, what do you mean by ‘new master’?”



Carol regaled Lincoln with a tale long forgotten by man but remembered as an important part of history for demonkind.


In ancient times, the Queen of Demons attempted to seduce a wise and benevolent king to bring ruin to his kingdom.


Many nights she spent waiting in the boudoir of said king, who was unmarried and lonely

She thought she could tempt his mind with her evil schemes.


But instead, the wise king tamed her, and the once mighty demon queen became as a glorified bedchamber maid for him.

The experience humbled her, and the king, in his infinite wisdom and mercy, let her go, but not before he cursed her children (the Succubi) to similarly be bound to men with the same godlike vigor he shared with the Demon Queen in bed.



“Wow, that’s, uh… amazing.” Lincoln didn’t know what to say, but one thing was for sure – he thanked his lucky stars for being good in bed, to his own astonishment.


“It certainly is, and so are you, Master Lincoln.” Carol hugged him once again, squeezing him tight against her teats.


“Thank you, uh, Carol, you are too kind…”


“And you…” she dove in and coddled him in her mounds, “…are just the best, master!”



What followed afterwards over the later weeks was a period of relative peace in the village. Carol’s attacks against the populace and passersby to the town had come to an end. At first, the villagers were skeptical, but overtime, a sense of hope began to return. They could all feel it in the air, and soon the moody lot of the once grim hamlet gradually became more lively and merry.


For the first time, the patrons at the bar sang with joy in their hearts and sides aching from the ale, confident that nothing could sour their joy. Lincoln would not know it, but some folk began whispering that he had, against all odds, vanquished the demon. While not exactly true, Lincoln was pleased with the change going around; subsequently, the people started treating him with a bit more respect and courtesy befitting a hero that liberated them from their anguish.


One morning, while making his rounds, Lincoln passed by the bakery of Ginger Keebler, the busty baker of Elem, as she finished a batch of her cookies to cool on her window sill. She took notice of the knight loping down the street.


“Sir Lincoln! Over here!” she called out.


Answering her call, Lincoln approached, grinning ever so slightly to see her face… and those wonderful “bread loaves” of hers.


“What’s the matter, Miss Keebler?” he asked politely.


She chuckled softly, “Please sir, just ‘Cookie’ will be all right. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you would like me to bake anything for you?”


He raised a brow, “Oh, well, what’s the occasion?”


She smiled, “To thank you.”


He responded with a quizzical look, “What do you mean?”


She leaned in, looking about to make sure there would be no eavesdropping neighbors, “Well, the villagers don’t speak of it openly, but I’m pretty sure that they’ve been in high spirits because of you.”


Lincoln scratched the back of his head and smiled, “Well, uh, think nothing of it. Any brave warrior surely would have done the same. But, what exactly did I do?”


She giggled, “Please, Lincoln, you needn’t play ignorant with me, we of Elem have a gut feeling about this, and you should be honored, even in the slightest…”


She looked down at her patch of cookies, blushing, “And… I would also like to apologize, for myself and the villagers.”


“About what?” he asked.


She looked up again, with a remorseful look on her face, “We knew about the demon for some time now, we lived in fear of her, but ever since you arrived, she seems to have vanished. They haven’t spoken of it to me, but I think I can safely surmise that you overcame her, somehow.”


Lincoln didn’t have the heart to tell her what really happened. But if it made the villagers, and Cookie in particular, happy, then he was fine keeping it a secret.


“It is all right, Cookie; you and the others lived in fear, such a thing breeds distrust. I’m just glad I was able to make everyone’s lives a little bit better.”


She nodded, “And that’s why I want to give you something, a reward for your heroism, Lincoln.”


Lincoln scratched his head, feeling honored and flustered at once, “Well, I wouldn’t want to trouble you, Cookie, but I won’t stop you if wish. I will look forward to it.”


She clasped her hands and beamed her cheer towards him, “Thank you, Sir Lincoln.”


She went back to the bakery, but gasped in disappointment when she saw what wasn’t there.


“Oh bother, I’m all out of flour. I’m sorry, Lincoln, I’m afraid I’ll need to get some from the town storehouse later, would it be all right if I made you something tomorrow? I need to close early to finish some laundry.”


He waved it off, “Not a problem, Cookie, I got some other things I have to go finish today.”


“All right, first thing tomorrow, please come by my shop again, and I’ll have that batch whipped up lickety-split.”


As soon as he turned a corner and into a thin alley, with walls bearing no windows, Lincoln reached down into his pants to see a shrunken Carol having fun on his schlong, “Carol, can you not do this right now?”


“Sorry master, but I’m just so hungry right now!” she pouted playfully.


“This woman will be the death of me” Lincoln mentally muttered to himself.


Later that night, when almost everyone else had gone to sleep, Cookie put a shawl around herself and made her way to the storehouse where the flour was being kept.


The air was cold, but there was something about the environment that seemed more chilling than usual. Shrugging off the feeling, she quietly arrived at her destination.


“That’s strange,” she noted, “Tim isn’t on guard duty…”


Normally, there’d be at least one guard watching the storehouse, but it seemed unguarded at the moment, not to mention that the doors were open and unbarred.


Cautiously, she walked inside, looking for the flour pile. All was going well, until she heard hushed voices towards the rear, near a back door where transport carts and draft horses were tethered. The manner and tone of the conversation, especially at this late hour, seemed rather suspicious, and so she crept closer towards them…


“…And make sure this gets to our contact in Malach county, if all is right, we may even proceed with the uprising much sooner than expected.”


“You can count on me, Mayor. I can’t wait till we get started, we might even get to sack the royal treasury!”


Overthrow the king? Sacking the treasury? A conspiracy was afoot.


“I must tell Sir Lincoln about this.”


No sooner was she about to turn to try and warn him than a slim hand bearing a chloroformed napkin was pressed against her face, “You will be telling no one.”


Any attempt at a scream died in her throat as Cookie lost consciousness.


To be continued


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