The Official Fanfiction University of POM

BY : pronker
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Disclaimer: I make no profit from this fanfiction using DreamWorks' franchise of Penguins of Madagascar and I do not own the franchise.

Title:  The Official Fanfiction University of POM

Author:  pronker

Era:  Three Madagascar movies welded together, TV's Manfredi and Johnson still live, so ... AU?

Characters:  Canon cast, some OCs.

Summary:  The Official Fanfiction University of POM is currently accepting applications for the Spring Quarter.  With the proper credentials, you, too, may write well in a Small Fandom.  E-mail applications to penguinsofmadagascar at the usual addy, you know the one that starts with z.

A/N:  Blanket permission given by the originator to expand on the Fanfiction University premise.


"You can't handle the truth."  Skipper's aquamarine gaze glinted as stony as the real gem.  "You are a mediocre writer."

Why did figments persist so?  Was it the one hundred degree heat?  "I make part of my living writing, so I'm ignoring you." 

"What, copywriting?  Break out thesaurususses and it's easy as pie cooling on a windowsill to sprinkle adjectives, baby."

"Pie!" Rico drooled with a look generally reserved for fish.

pronker gathered her strength for a comeback as she stood in line for a popular Disneyland ride.  The folks in front and back of her stood absorbed in grooving on the atmosphere or quieting children.  Disney didn't even own DreamWorks, so why were four penguins from their franchise encircling her like she was a campfire and they were the vacationers roasting a marshmallow or two?  Come to think of it, she did feel a little roasted.  "You're just jealous because I'm real and you're surreal."

Private remained the kind one as always.  "Skippa, give her another chance."

"Sweet, naive Private, you play on my heartstrings every time.  Okayokay, leave her the application paperwork and we'll bug out."

Kowalski observed as astutely as always.  "We're fading, sir.  Our FastPass+ to Disneyland is expiring!"

pronker spotted the garish Fleischer facsimile features of The Great Goofini's Barnstormer right through the penguins.  One paper airplane floated to her palm from a translucent Private before he beat a retreat to join his team.  "Phil printed this for you do wot you want with it but I quite like your stories that Phil reads to us from the Zoovenir gift shop compuuuuuuu--- " 

Rico upchucked an ephemeral smoke bomb and the four vanished.  She was left holding a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch printout crinkled into a paper airplane.  The font was Calibri 11, her own favorite.  How had they known that, and how had they found her?  Did the mystical and mythical Fanlink exist after all?  The thought broke her into a sweat heavier than the one she was already in and she mopped her brow.  How good it was going to feel to swoosh through the cooler air forty feet above the ground.  Off-white short shorts, blue flip flops and a yellow halter top just didn't cut it in triple digit temps.  Eh, she'd read the thing when fun was done.

She shuffled through the line and when she boarded the junior rollercoaster with its smaller-than-usual cars, she sat on the paper to secure it during the thrill ride.  She went through the motions: raising her hands at the ride's peak, screaming on the downward swoop and grinning broadly at ride's end.  She tucked the airplane into her halter top to concentrate on enjoying herself.  It was likely another online course advertisement.

The rest of the day passed pleasantly with all fond dreams from previous visits intact.  She still wanted to live in New Orleans Square's Royal Suite and ride each attraction daily even in winter.  On the monorail whizzing back to Disneyland Hotel, she unfolded the silly airplane. 

The Official Fanfiction University for POM welcomes you. You’re high-achieving, and so are we.  Our top rankings are a product of our numerous acclaimed programs across three colleges. Meet your academic match and excel away. You got this. 

Labs required in all courses to the exacting grade standards of Kowalski.  A tantalizing taste of our programs:

Underwater Biology majors must pre-qualify with Rescue Breathing For Dummies 86, Fish Tickling and Riding Dolphins Safely.  Private shepherds all n00bs into Uni life with his characteristic tenderheartedness.

Demolition C-4 classes for the Kaboom minded offer exciting field trips guided by Rico to the latest implosions of Las Vegas defunct hotels.

For graduate students only:  Advanced Spy Ops 007 course conducted by Skipper.  Area 51 tour included.  Atlantis tour optional.

All students requi
saljjg;a; dm[-23;;k398120401k

pronker squinted.  My, Anaheim's super humidity meant that she had sweated onto the creases of the paper when she'd sat upon it.  Eco-friendly ink, of course DreamWorks was green as any other mega corporation, and the ink smeared right when she wanted to know what all students were required to do.  Meh.  She'd likely not be accepted anyway.  She stood up when the monorail stopped.  A lovely shower awaited in Room 2813.


She turned to the sunhatted matronly person sitting with her patronly spouse in the seat behind hers.  "Hello, what --- "

The lady pointed.  "You've sat in something, now don't be embarrassed --- "

Erk.  The ink.  And she'd been trammeling all over Disneyland with a black bottom.  pronker had not blushed in years but she did today.  "Oh for corn's sake, it's ink, um, now what?"  She'd taken no purse because of the MagicBand on her wrist, which allowed payments and access everywhere with a silly salute.  She straightened the paper airplane as far as possible and applied the application to the proper place.  "Does this help?"

The gentleman handed her his souvenir sombrero.  "Take this."  He smiled in such a friendly way that pronker grinned back.  "Return it to Room 5231 when you can.  We don't leave until Thursday."

"You're a lifesaver!"  The pair reminded her of Mr. and Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island, genial aristocrats both.  She waved to them and plastered the sombrero to her posterior.  She looked neither to left nor right until she gained the safety of Room 2813.


pronker finished writing with a #2 pencil and proofread her application.  Why not, she asked herself, why, indeed, not?  Attending school would be fun, promote fandom community spirit and she'd think of a third thing later. She'd meet other students online, writers like herself but with differing takes on the whole POM-verse!  Plus fan artists, there must be artists, else why would anyone attend?  There might be gamers, cosplayers, well okay, not her thing but she could chat up anyone in the fandom.  She prided herself on it.

Uh-oh, there was a blankety-blank misspelling!  She paused her self-talk.  Blankety-blank?  Why say blankety-blank?  Because you want to remain user friendly re the TOS, my lamb, whispered a small voice, and because you know how to cuss and how not to.  Implied cussing is ever so sophisticated-like and less crass.  She corrected the application before jogging in her Zulily ensemble to the Business Center to scan it into her laptop before emailing.


Name/nickname:  pronker

Your FF penname: pronker

Age:  Old enough to know better and old enough not to care.

Nationality: US

Physical description: Dyed hair, brown eyes, 5'6", size 8 1/2 shoes and barely tanned skin.   A Danish heritage has its drawbacks.

Personality description:  Friendly enough.

Special quirks/habits/characteristics:  Overuses italics.

Is Hans a frenemy or outright enemy?   Enemy.

Did Hans shoot first in the raided weapons lab episode?   Yes.

Top Madagascar franchise hotties:  No one, for Peter's sake.  They're animals.

Do you have experience with maintaining Barbie-type pink beach buggies, biplanes, submarines or one-bird helicopters crafted from cake mixer beaters?   That would be a no.

What are your thoughts on zoos?  They make money after a fashion and foster interest in environmental causes.

How do you feel about shipping?  If it moves, I ship it.

Indicate your preferences:

[X] Aliens and strange animals, including tentacles.

[X] Animal lore and knowledge.

[X] Mad swimming skillz.

[X ] Subterranean river navigation/exploration.

[ ] Military service.

[X] Ability to synthesize both movie-verse POM and TV series POM with no sense of irony.

[ ] Mathematics and physics.

[X] History.

[X ] Healing/medical knowledge.

Finally … did Doris and Kowalski live happily ever after when the TV series ended?  How about Alex and Gia post-Madagascar 3?   Chantel Dubois and her scooter?  pronker attached an Excel spreadsheet, flow chart, six jpegs and a timeline.

DISCLAIMER: I comprehend that I do not have control over how pronker writes my character. I understand that my fanfiction may be critiqued, and if that critique isn't rosy posey, I will be expected to tug on my frilly big girl panties with the double gusset and deal with it.


pronker e-signed her name defiantly without capitalizing, as usual.  There would be questions during the registrar's interview; in that, she had no doubt. hit Send, saw the application bounce and corrected the email addy on her end.


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