The Darkness and the Light

BY : ColdGlassofCola
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“Come on, Stormy! Let’s get out of here!” Darcy snarled. The brunette was tired of Icy’s cruel and neglectful attitude towards her two coven sisters. It seemed all she cared about was Tritannus, and even told Darcy and Stormy to fuck off when they’d called her out on it. The last straw for Darcy had been in a fight against the Winx where Darcy had hit her head quite badly. She had woken from unconsciousness to find Stormy had stayed with her  and the happy couple had left. When they were eventually able to find their sister, Icy had only rebuked Darcy and Stormy for taking so long. Still, she knew Stormy still wanted to give her a chance, so they stayed . But after the verbal punch down Icy had just given them, berating them both for being “clingy idiots”, Darcy had had quite enough.


“But...” Stormy muttered. When Darcy turned, she saw Stormy had quite a torn and confused expression on her face, her normally closed off features softened. “Should we just leave her? Without saying goodbye?”

Darcy kind of knew what Stormy meant. She had once assumed the only way the Trix would be seperate would be when they perished in seperate balls of fire. Now she knew better. 


“I don’t know if she will even care,” Darcy muttered. “Are we even her friends anymore?”


”Oh, Tritannus, darling!” Icy squealed so loudly both girls heard it. It kind of hit Darcy that Icy had forgotten about them being there. 


Stormy came to the same realisation. 


“You know what, Darce? You’re right,” 


“Lets get out of here!” Darcy nodded and the two turned on their tails and swam off. As they escaped, Darcy swallowed a tang of sadness that Icy hadn’t even called them back.


“Sounds like a good plan!” Icy giggled. She turned to give the plan to her sisters but they weren’t there. 


“Darcy? Stormy? Get your asses over here!” she demanded. No reply. Icy had a sinking feeling in her chest.

“Darcy? Stormy?” she called again, but softly this time. She knew what had happened- their last fight had probably cheesed them both off so completely that they had just gone.


”I think they’ve bailed,” Icy pretended like there wasn’t a lump in her throat at not having Darcy and Stormy by her side like normal. Not having her friends to laugh with her about nothing or tease her or cause havoc with was all wrong. 


“Still,” Tritannus shrugged. “‘Least we got each other. Family abandones you and shit. I’d never abandon you, Icy.”


”I know, Tritannus, baby,” Icy cooed, leaning forwards to press a kiss to his face.


She still felt tears burn the backs of her eyelids.


“Darce, slow down!” Stormy puffed. For a second, Darcy seemed to be the evil but regal ruler Stormy always knew they could be. Then she turned and she was just Darcy, but not the manipulative and seductive Darcy everyone thought she was. No, Stormy was looking at her friend, Darcy, who’s wide gold eyes were red slightly and who’s shoulders shook with the effort it took to hold herself together. 

”I’m sorry, Stormy. I should have waited. I just had to get out of there,”


”Hey.” Stormy grabbed Darcy’s shoulders. “You’re okay.” The strong touch soothed Darcy and she exhaled slightly, visibly relaxing. It was in this moment of vulnerability that Stormy got an idea.

It was unlike any other plan they had. It would kill Icy when she realised it. Stormy grinned. It appealed to her already.


”Darcy, do you want to piss Tritannus and Icy off?”


”Always,” Darcy assured her, seeming a bit more herself.


”Let’s join forces with those pixies!” 


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