Spread your wings

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Spread your wings

Teo hummed to himself as he steadily worked on Ty Lee’s jump suit, being the Earth Kingdom’s leading expert on aerodynamics he could make next to any vehicle take to the air and stay there but when the Fire Nation gymnast had come to him with the request to make one of her suits more aerodynamic so that she had the option of gliding during training, one of her shows or just when she was out and about he was a little surprised to take a project so small but he accepted it anyway

Taking a few days to work on the project alongside a couple other jobs he had taken from some well-paying clients Teo went through several designs for it, making several different kinds of suits before testing them on dummies to see which one glided the best, resulting in several crashes and returning back to the drawing board before finally the last dummy glided the furthest as even came to a soft landing and by his size Teo calculated it to be roughly Ty Lee’s weight to which he had her called to collect her suit

“This is amazing!” Ty Lee beamed as she held up her new suit, her eyes glistening brightly as she inspected every inch and seam of it, her face showing that she was loving every detail as she held up the arms of the suit allowing the gliding ‘wings’ to unfurl “now I can finally know how Aang feels when he flies with his Glider!” she grinned broadly with almost childish glee “I’ve got to try this on now!”

Unable to stop himself from smiling at the visible show of joy coming from the contortionist more than showing it was another job well done Teo expected her to simply thank him and then leave to try on the suit at home since she had paid in advance

What he didn’t expect however was for Ty Lee to proceed to strip down right in front of him showing off her truly shameless and care free nature, the brunette bending over as she pushed her pants down putting her tight bubble ass and even tighter shaven cunt on full display for him

Blushing profusely Teo tried to desperately turn his wheelchair around to face away from her thinking that she might have forgotten he was even there in her eagerness to try on the suit but in his haste one of the front wheels of his chair caught on a dropped wrench prompting the entire thing to tip over with a loud crash making Ty Lee jump

“By Agni are you ok?!” she exclaimed as she scrambled to help him up having to fully kick off her pants to prevent herself from tripping on them standing naked from the waist down as she lifted Teo’s wheelchair up “are you hurt?”

“No, no I’m fine” Teo replied with a slight groan as his head throbbed from the knock it took in the fall, his head now completely level with Ty Lee’s bare cunt as she righted his chair making his face flare up again as he quickly glanced away not wanting to offend her

This time Ty Lee seemed to take notice of his actions and instead of being offended like he had expected she was more flattered than anything “it’s ok, you can look, there’s nothing wrong with it” the brunette stated with a warm smile as she then went back to stripping down to try on her new suit, her perky CC cup tits jiggling free of her top making Teo’s throat go dry at the sight of them

Feeling Teo’s eyes upon her Ty Lee bit her lip unable to stop herself from wiggling her hips for him making her ass shake, this was why she performed and developed her free spirited exhibitionist streak, she adored being watched, the feeling of eyes upon her made her feel important and wanted, sharply contrasting the feeling of ‘being just another doll in the set’ at home with her several identical sisters

With her clothing now completely stripped off Ty Lee then moved on to try on her suit when her attention was pulled away from it deciding that she should thank him properly then and there rather than waiting until after she had tried on the suit, the gymnast twirling on her heels to face Teo making him jump slightly as she then sauntered up to him

“W-what are you doing?” the engineer stuttered shocked by Ty Lee’s sudden approach, his cheeks flushing again as Ty Lee leaned in to planet a soft warm kiss on his cheek resting her hands on one of his chairs arm rests for balance

As she did so however her hands slipped from the arm rest causing her to fumble, one hand grabbing at Teo’s shoulder whilst the other landed right on his groin

Both of them froze in shock as Ty Lee felt something very hard in Teo’s pants and as the engineer expected an offended look and a possible slap across the face he instead got a shocked gasp and a bright smile from her “hello, what do you have here?” she grinned as both hands went to his pants “is this for me?”

Too shocked to respond Teo could only watch as Ty Lee then eagerly undid his pants and freed his throbbing erection, her eyes widening at the sight of his length and girth and his heart honestly skipped a beat as he saw her lick her lips at the sight of his cock “wow, when people say that you’re paralysed from the waist down really should start saying legs down huh?” she tittered as she softly stroked him making him shudder

Biting her lip at the soft gasping moan he let out as she stroked him a little faster Ty Lee then leaned down opening her mouth to take him inside before suddenly stopping “wait” she suddenly gasped looking up at him “you’re single right?”

A little shocked by her question Teo just nodded “ok good, I thought someone as cute as you would have had a girlfriend, I bet you’ve had a good few clients riding this dick as prepayment for your work” she tittered only for Teo to shake his head “really? Oh come on someone must have wanted to fuck you!”

“Not many girls go for guys who can’t walk, it’s more pitiful looks and ‘I’m so sorry’ more than anything” he explained making Ty Lee scowl

“Well whenever you hear that I’m around here don’t be afraid to find me, this dick should be getting all the love and attention it deserves” the contortionist stated before eagerly swallowing his cock down to the base letting out a long lustful moan as she found herself immediately loving the taste of him

“Oh…oh shit…” Teo gasped as Ty Lee pressed her lips to the base of his cock, her throat feeling like a velvety vice around his cock head as his hands found their way onto her hand, one hand grasping her ponytail whilst the other wound into her hair making her hum and simper at the feeling of his grasp on her head, encouraging her to lean down further to throat him deeper

As she throated him Ty Lee moved her hands to grasp his arm rest and in a show of her gymnastic ability she suddenly performed a near perfect handstand upon it, holding his cock in her mouth as she held herself up for a few moments before easing herself down on top of Teo so that her moist little cunt was level with his mouth

Despite his lack of sexual experience Teo had heard enough in hearsay and overhearing men in the local tavern bragging about their conquests to know reasonable of what to do in that situation, his hands resting on her ass as he pressed his tongue to her slit sending a shiver of pleasure up Ty Lee’s spine making her moan louder around his cock

Pulling up to breathe Ty Lee moaned as Teo eagerly lapped at her sweet tangy cunt “mmmph, you sure you’ve never done this before?” she simpered wiggling her hips as Teo’s tongue worked her slit sending more blissful shivers through her body, her toes curling as his tongue met with her swollen clit making her squeak with surprised ecstasy

As Teo eagerly continued his tongue work Ty Lee went back to work in getting him off taking his cock back into her mouth with the same vigour, her lips and tongue working him as her hands moved lower to cup and caress his balls, feeling them tighten already further showing his inexperience

With a few more throbs of his cock in her mouth Ty Lee then tasted his precum, the thick warm saltiness of it making her simper and suck him harder, her efforts being rewarded quickly as Teo threw his head back with a pleasured gasp as his cock erupted in the contortionists mouth

Grasping his thighs Ty Lee pursed her lips tight around his cock, her eyes rolling back with perverted pleasure as she let her mouth fill to the brim with his hot, thick, salty load, her cunt getting even wetter as she relished the taste and texture of it “by Agni there’s so much! So thick and yummy!” she purred internally as she finally swallowed his cum, letting it slide down her throat like salty syrup all whilst still sucking his cock as hard as she could to keep him stimulated

When his load eventually ran dry Ty Lee then dutifully licked him clean drawing more moans and pants of pleasure from him especially as she moved lower to lick and suck on his balls, lavishing them with the same love and attention she had given his cock

Giving Teo’s balls a few more hungry licks the contortionist then slid down his back so that she was straddling his lap, her dripping cunt soaking his cock further as she rubbed against him loving how he shivered and groan at the feeling of it “you want to fuck me don’t you?” she breathed as she rocked her ass back against his stomach “you want to feel my tight little pussy on this fat yummy cock?”

Panting heavily as lust and need took his words Teo just nodded almost desperately making Ty Lee coo and bite her lip as she looked back over her shoulder at him, pressing her thighs around him she teased him for a little longer before her own lust drove her to dive into the main event, sliding up onto her knees to hover over his aching erection before slowly easing herself back down letting out a long high pitch sigh of almost relief as her tight wet little hole was stretched to the brim “oh Agni yes!”

“Oh fuck…ohfuckohfuckohfuck!” Teo cursed repeatedly as a shockwave of ecstasy struck him like a charging Moose Lion, his heart hammering in his chest as he sat up as much as he could wrapping his arms around Ty Lee and grabbing at her breasts making her gasp and moan, the contortionist placing her hands on his encouraging him to squeeze and grope as much as he pleased as she clenched tight around him

“Agni your cock feels so good” Ty Lee moaned resting her head back on Teo’s shoulder “cum as much as you want, I love it when guys cum inside me” she breathed rolling her hips feeling herself creeping to the brink of orgasm, Teo being the perfect length and thickness to fill her snugly

As Ty Lee began to move Teo felt like he had died and gone to paradise, with his condition he had always believed that a woman would never go for him so he had buried himself completely into his work, so many wasted years without the intimate touch of another leaving his body silently desperate for it, his skin feeling like it was on fire as Ty Lee moved her hips faster steadily pumping her tight wet cunt along his needy cock

Gasping as Teo pulled her closer against his front Ty Lee then let out a delighted cry as he bit down hard on her neck, the sudden jolt of pain sending a wave of arousal through her and setting off her orgasm, her body seizing up and shaking as her mind exploded with sheer pleasure

As Ty Lee pumped her hips harder her arm caught the lever that controlled the angle of Teo’s chair causing it to recline all the way back making Teo lie flat, the contortionist yelping as she fell back with him before raising both legs high, her hands cupping each thigh to hold them spread and high giving Teo’s cock full entrance to her tight wet fuck hole, the hard throbbing of it showing that he was going to cum soon “cum! Cum inside me! Use my fucking hole and cum!”

And cum he did, Teo’s balls practically exploding as years of pent up sexual frustration came out at once, flooding Ty Lee’s cunt to the point that it overflowed in seconds whilst she screamed in bliss, her eyes wide and manic as she came again from the feeling of her cunt and womb getting filled to the brim with his load, her screams echoing throughout the walls of his work room

Collapsing fully against his chair releasing his grip on the contortionist as his arms went limp, Ty Lee then deftly hopping off of his cock to kneel beside him eagerly taking his cock back into her mouth sucking and stroking him to coax out any last streams of cum humming and moaning as she did so

Sucking for another solid minute keeping Teo constantly overstimulated Ty Lee finally pulled away giggling to herself giddily as she nuzzled her face to his dick “mmmmm such a big yummy perfect cock, I wish I had met you before” she simpered lacing his girth with loving wet kisses “I’m definitely coming back here whenever I need new stuff making, you don’t mind if I pay like this do you? I’ll still bring gold, as much as you want as long as I get to taste this delicious cock” she continued before seemingly giving into temptation again eagerly deepthroating him again, her lips pursing tight as she started to give him another blowjob

What Ty Lee didn’t realise was that Teo was already mentally wiping his work slate clean to make sure that he was free whenever Ty Lee needed him

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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