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The first time had been an accident. Chat Noir had been out on a solo patrol, a year after he first received his Miraculous, and had stopped to catch his breath on Marinette's balcony. It hadn't been the first time he paused there, to take in the view while his heart rate slowed. He enjoyed it up there, the peace and lingering smells from the bakery was a balm for his overworked senses.

A gasp from below had caught his attention. Chat Noir had turned to see Marinette's roof access hatch was open, allowing the heat of the day to escape while letting in the cool night air. That was new.

There was another gasp. Fearing Marinette was having a nightmare, Chat Noir crept, on all fours, to the rim of the hatch and peered in.

Marinette lay on her bed, panting and whimpering, her head tilted back, eyes closed and face flushed. She had one hand under her shirt, kneading a breast, while the other worked frantically under the waistband of her cotton shorts.

Chat Noir's eyes bulged and his cheeks turned crimson. Propelling himself backward, Chat Noir almost slammed into Marinette's table. He had caught himself, afraid of making a noise, but he could still hear Marinette's laboured breathing.

Startled by the warmth spreading through his belly and crotch, Chat Noir rose and left as quickly and as quietly as he could. He only turned back once, when he was atop the school, to make sure he hadn't disturbed her. When Marinette didn't emerge screaming and red-faced, Chat Noir assumed he was safe.

He fled home, hoping he wouldn't feel awkward around her at school the following day.



The subsequent times had not been by accident. Whenever he had a solo night patrol, Chat Noir would find himself on Marinette's balcony, listening to her breathing. He knew it was weird and creepy, immoral and perverted. However, despite himself, he was unable to stay away; the sounds Marinette made were intoxicating. To add to his shame, he would sometimes peek inside to see her, head thrown back and mouth agape, bosom heaving as she pleasured herself. Then, having to race home to take care of the ache in his groin was become a more frequent occurrence as well.

Adrien was conflicted. He loved Ladybug, even after all those months of being rejected. Spying on Marinette felt like he was being disloyal, on top of all the other things that was. The guilt and shame often overcame him, and would leave him sobbing wretchedly on his bathroom floor.

Furthermore, his relationship with Marinette was at an impasse. After the first time he'd seen her masturbating, he was awkward and nervous in her company. She had always been a little weird around him, and he suddenly found himself wondering if she thought of him in that situation. The thought was ludicrous, so he tried to dismiss it, but it remained in the back of his head. They both became uncomfortable in the other's presence, preventing any further developments they might have had.

The next time Chat Noir espied Marinette pleasing herself, he imagined her thinking of him.

Over the following years, Chat Noir secretly visited Marinette a few nights every week. Sometimes she was masturbating, sometimes she was asleep. Either way, Chat Noir would sit back and listen to her breathe, absently rubbing his crotch when he heard her climax. Then he would race home, gratify himself in the shower, and lament his deviant nature.



'I can't believe it's almost over,' Alya commented, downcast.

Nino wrapped an arm around her shoulders. 'We still have this year, Babe. We'll make it the best one yet, I'm sure.'

Marinette and Adrien nodded.

They had just started their Terminale year of lycée and many of the students were feeling morose and nostalgic. Only a few were eager to leave.

'I know,' Nino continued. 'We should have a party. You know, celebrate our coming of age and all that crap.'

Adrien smirked knowingly. 'A party you'll be DJ-ing?'

Nino snorted. 'Of course. Who else would you trust to do it?'

Alya stepped out of Nino's hold to look him in the eyes. 'Where and when do you propose we have this party?' she asked with a raised brow.

Nino raised his brows and grinned, but his eyes were sharp. 'Whenever we want and wherever we want,' he replied.

'That's not an answer,' grumbled Alya.

The first bell of the day rang. The students let out a collective sigh and trudged inside, dragging their bags behind them.

Adrien fell into step behind Marinette on the stairs. When he looked up, he got a perfect view of her arse. She had filled out over the last few years, her curves the subject of many boys' fantasies. Over time, he had learnt not to let his awkwardness show, but when conversations turned to wet dreams and actual, physical relationships, Adrien's mind wandered back to Marinette as she pleasured herself. He would blush and his voice would pitch alarmingly, earning a round of teasing from the other boys, but when he was in Marinette's presence, he could look her in the eyes without flinching.

She had grown into a real beauty, too. Long legs that lead up to a curvaceous arse, a flat belly, and breasts that would fit perfectly in his hands. Her face had lost some of its roundness, hinting at the mature good looks yet to come.

A sharp jab in his side yanked Adrien from his thoughts. He scowled up at Kim as he waggled his eyebrows suggestively back. Adrien shoved his elbow into Kim, a vindictive grin stretching across his face as Kim gasped and staggered. Straitening, Kim pouted and rubbed his side, but declined further action, instead choosing to enter the building in silence.

Adrien huffed in amusement. He had also grown taller and filled out over the years. Almost as tall as Gabriel, but broader in the shoulder, Adrien was one of the tallest people at school. His regular escapades as Chat Noir had also helped fill out and define his physique, without becoming bulky. Conversely, Marinette hadn't grown much taller at all, barely reaching his shoulder. 

Class that morning was long and tedious, since only a couple of acquaintances shared his subjects. After many arguments, Gabriel now permitted him to spend his lunch break with his friends, a liberty he took advantage of outrageously. He could often be found in the arcade with Nino, Alya, and Marinette, stuffing his face with pizza and soda as they laughed at each other.

Then, they went back to school to sit through a few more hours of mind-numbing boredom.



There had been no new akumas for days, and it was making Ladybug anxious. Chat Noir could see her fidgeting and restlessness even before he reached her for their joint night patrol.

'Got ants in your pants, dearest Ladybug?' Chat Noir said, by way of greeting, as he swept into a formal bow.

Ladybug snorted. 'I'm just concerned by this lack of action. It makes me think he's planning something big.'

Chat Noir watched her with a sombre expression as she turned to look out over the city, arms crossed and face set. His eyes travelled down her body, taking in her taut muscles and soft curves. Despite her time as a super hero, Ladybug hadn't become as muscular as he. She was svelte, but still retained her feminine lines. This worked in her favour, as many villains underestimated her strength, for, under the soft curves lay wiry muscle. She devastated all her opponents with grace and surety. Chat Noir wasn't surprised he was still desperately in love with her.

Ladybug turned back, to see him staring at her legs. She cocked a brow. 'Are you going to keep staring, or are we doing patrol?'

His head snapped up, a light blush covering his cheeks. 'Right. Sorry, let's go.'

They fell into their usual routine of Ladybug taking point, while he brought up the rear. As they traversed the rooftops, Chat Noir admired her from a distance. Ladybug had not lost any of her youthful vigour or optimism. She was as alert and eager as she had always been. She was also still kind, brave, and clever. Now, though, she had a woman's body and a growing  emotional maturity.

Those nights when he wasn't fantasising about Marinette, Chat Noir dreamed about Ladybug. He lost track of the amount of times he dreamt of grabbing her arse and pulling her toward him.  Or spinning her around until her backside pressed against his cock while he groped her breasts. He wanted her breath in his ear, and her hands in his hair.

He felt a familiar heat moving down his stomach to settle in his groin. Chat Noir grimaced, anticipating the discomfort that was sure to follow. He hoped nothing would show until after Ladybug had left for the night.

After only thirty minutes, Ladybug called a halt. 'Sorry, Kitty, but I'm wiped.' She smothered a yawn. 'Do you mind if we leave it here for tonight?'

Chat Noir smiled softly. 'Whatever you need, Milady. Rest well.'

'Thanks, Chaton. You too.' She gave him a last wave and took off.

Chat Noir kept his back to her, waiting ten minutes until he was sure she'd be out of sight. He turned around and sighed, before deciding to finish patrol alone.

Out of habit, he found himself on Marinette's balcony. Her hatch was open, as had become her habit, and breathy moans drifted out.

Chat Noir swallowed before creeping toward the hatch. He peered inside. Marinette lay face down on her bed, arse up in the air, and completely naked. Heat flared instantly in Chat Noir's groin. Marinette's bare arse looked ethereal, framed in the moonlight coming through the hatch.

Until now, Marinette had kept her clothes on while she masturbated. Chat Noir didn't know why, but it had preserved some of her modesty from his prying eyes.

Her arse bounced and shuddered as Marinette moaned into her pillow. Chat Noir pulled back quickly, the hardness in his groin quickly becoming uncomfortable. He leaned against the brick wall, sweat trickling down his neck, as he cupped himself. He began stroking the rigid line as Marinette's moans became desperate, rubbing firmly and working himself up as she peaked.

Marinette came with a smothered cry, Chat Noir immediately after, shoving his wrist in his mouth to stifle any noise.

He could hear Marinette panting as she tried to catch her breath. Leaning his head against the wall, Chat Noir inhaled slowly through his mouth, and carefully controlled his exhale through his nose. When he felt steady enough, he got up and staggered home, landing in his bathroom. Detransforming, he turned on the shower and shed his clothes.

'You know,' Plagg drawled, 'it's disgusting when you do that.'

Adrien braced his hands against the wall, and leaned forward, letting his head drop. 'Sorry, Plagg. I shouldn't have done that,' he apologised. He let the hot water rinse away the evidence of his perversity before reaching for the soap.

Plagg heaved a sigh. 'Now that you're at that age, there's something you need to know.'

Adrien groaned. 'You're not going to give me the sex talk, are you?'

Plagg gagged. 'No, I'd hope you know all about that by now. I'm referring to certain aspects of your suit.'

Adrien looked up at him. 'My suit?'

Plagg nodded. 'Now that you're sexually mature, your suit can alter to accommodate your new, uh, appetites.'

Adrien winced. 'You make it sound dirty.'

'Isn't it?'


Plagg shrugged. 'Sure seemed dirty from where I was.'

Adrien levelled him a flat stare. 'Did you have a point here, or what?'

'Right, the point. Now that you're old enough, your suit can now adjust to your needs. Say you're out peeping at Pigtails and you get a hard on.'

Adrien winced again and blushed as he looked away.

'Like an actual cat, your penis will emerge from a slit in the fabric. That way, if you jerk off, you wont make a mess in the suit.'

'I'll just make a mess on her balcony,' Adrien grumbled, his face growing hotter.

'Exactly,' Plagg agreed. 'There is also another function, should you decide to actually get laid.'

Adrien looked back at Plagg, washcloth gripped tight. 'What is it?'

'You can call for a Partial Detransformation.'

Adrien tilted his head as his face scrunched up.

Plagg sighed. 'A Partial Detransformation removes all irrelevant parts of your suit. Basically, it'll leave you naked except for your mask and ring, which I'll still be in, by the way.'

Adrien's eyes widened and he stood up straight. 'Do all Miraculous costumes work like that?'

Plagg narrowed his eyes and folded his arms. 'If you're asking if Ladybug can do all that, then the answer is yes. Technically, her suit can do all those things too. She just wont want to, because you're yuck.'

Adrien shook his head and continued to lather up the washcloth. 'She may not want to, but I wonder if she knows she can.'

Plagg merely hummed an I don't know noise before flying into the bedroom to eat his dinner. Adrien finished his shower in peace.



For the first time, Adrien dreamt he had a threesome with Ladybug and Marinette. He was sprawled out on Marinette's bed while Ladybug rode him, and Marinette sat on his face. He ate her out while the women kissed passionately above him, and fondled each other's breasts.

He awoke with a start when Nathalie called through his door, demanding he wake and prepare for school. Never had he cursed her name so strongly. His cock was fully erect and throbbing, pre-cum already dribbling out. He groaned in complaint and shuffled to the shower, taking his relief as water streamed over him.

A threesome wasn't something that had occurred to him before, and now, he couldn't think why. It was the perfect fantasy. He shoved a clean washcloth in his mouth to smother his grunts as he imagined Ladybug sucking him off while Marinette kissed him sweetly.

He came fast and hard that morning, startling himself so much he dropped to the floor and sat for a moment, shuddering and gasping. He found his new favourite fantasy.

At school, he discovered he couldn't look Marinette in the eyes. Imagining her straddling his face, while making out with Ladybug, and knowing what her bare arse looked like was too much. He looked at her hair when she greeted him.

'Good morning, Adrien,' she said, peering curiously up at him.

'Good morning, Marinette,' he replied. Even he realised how stilted he sounded.

Marinette frowned. 'Are you feeing all right?'

Adrien nodded, 'I'm good. Just a rough night.'

Marinette hummed dubiously and reached up to place the back of her hand against his forehead. Adrien felt sweat running down his back. She was wearing perfume, something feminine and flowery. It made his stomach clench. He felt as though the blood were slowly draining from his face to head straight South.

'You don't seem to have a fever, but you do feel a little clammy. Take it easy today, ok?'

Adrien nodded, eyes wide and unblinking. It was typical of Marinette to set aside her usual awkwardness when she thought he needed help. He just wished her moment of casual acceptance had come at any other time.

Nino and Alya appeared then, soon followed by Max and Kim. He silently thanked them for the distraction and avoided looking at Marinette as much as possible.

It was not a good day. He spent most of it fantasising about Marinette, the vision of her bare backside seared onto the back of his eyelids. He was called out by three teachers, tormented by six classmates for his uncharacteristic behaviour, and once again cornered by Marinette at the end of the day.

'Are you avoiding me?' she asked, without preamble.

Adrien stared helplessly at her. She had difficulty meeting his eyes, wringing her hands so hard he worried she would twist her fingers out of their joints. He opened his mouth, but no sound came forth.

'If I've said something, done something, could you tell me? I can't apologise if I don't know what I've done,' she pleaded, her eyes beginning to well.

Adrien's hands shot out and grabbed her shoulders. 'No, it's not you. You haven't done anything wrong. I promise.'

Marinette looked up at him. 'But there is something wrong?'

Adrien sighed, looking away as he pushed an impatient hand through his hair. 'Yeah, but it's not on you. It's nothing you've said or done.'

Marinette clasped her hands. 'Is there anything I can do to help?'

As he looked down at her, Adrien suddenly imagined Marinette on her knees, naked, face flushed and lips puckered.

Adrien staggered back a step. 'Nope. There's nothing. Just some things I have to work through. Bye.' Then, he was fleeing the school, leaving a bewildered Marinette behind.



Ladybug was quiet. There had been an akuma attack after school, so Chat Noir couldn't figure out why she was still so withdrawn. If that was what Papillon had been planning, it was a massive failure.

They were perched on a beam near the top of the Eiffel Tower, staring out across Paris. It wasn't a patrol night, but sometimes the urge to get out and run was overwhelming. Chat Noir moved to sit beside Ladybug.

'Something bothering you, Ladybug?'

She shook her head. 'Nothing much. Just distracted.'

Chat Noir nudged her with his elbow. 'You know you can talk to me if you need to, right?'

Ladybug gave a small smile. 'I know. But I think I'll just head home and get an early night. I've been tired lately.'

'Dreaming of greatness, Bug?' Chat Noir gently teased.

She winked in return. 'You know it.' She stood up and unhitched her yoyo. 'See you soon, Chaton.'

'Sweet dreams, Buginette.'

Chat Noir turned to watch her leave, wistful and wanting. He heaved a sigh and admired the view for a little while longer, letting all thoughts seep away. When he came back to himself, he shook his head and stood. He decided to run a cursory patrol.

Invariably, he arrived on Marinette's balcony. He crouched low and crept toward the hatch and looked inside. He was greeted by the sight of Marinette's bare arse up in the air, bouncing as she got herself off. She panted into her pillows, smothering her moans. Sweat trickled down her back and plastered her hair to her skin. Chat Noir was taken by the urge to slip inside and lick it off. He pulled back when he realised he was leaning a little too far forward, but he didn't look away. For the first time, he stayed where he was, watching closely as Marinette worked herself up. Her moans became helpless whimpers, and his cock stiffened, straining against his costume.

Chat Noir sat back as far as he could while keeping Marinette in sight.

Just as Plagg had promised, his dick appeared from an unnoticeable split in the crotch, his balls emerging shortly after. He sighed as the cool breeze caressed his skin. He wrapped one hand around his shaft and began stroking, imagining what it might feel like if it were Marinette's hand around him.

Marinette was losing her rhythm, her whimpering louder. As her hips listed to one side, Chat Noir saw she was wearing leather gloves, slick and glistening with moisture. Chat Noir bit down hard on his free wrist, smothering the wanton groan as he noticed her gloves were damp right up to the knuckle.

She pumped her fingers steadily, humming with each stroke, gripping her beast with her other hand as she turned her head to suck in a lungful of air. Chat Noir matched his declining rhythm to hers, letting out shuddering breaths when she groaned. Her fingers made wet, squelching noises as they moved deep inside her, something Chat Noir found arousing and dirty, and provided the perfect cover for his own obscene noises.

Marinette came with a shout, smothered by her pillow. Chat Noir had just enough time to see her withdraw her hand, followed by a rush of her juices, before he had to turn away. He came over the side of the balcony, shooting cum between the bars of the railing, then leaning heavily against them. Spent and boneless, Chat Noir tried to calm down as quickly as possible. His cock turned flaccid, but had yet to retreat back into the suit. Feeling he had gambled enough already, he got up and retrieved his baton. Carefully, with his dick still exposed, Chat Noir made his way home and into a cold shower.



He dreamt of a threesome again. This time, Marinette was laying atop Ladybug, in missionary position, as they kissed and caressed each other. Adrien knelt between their legs, alternating between penetrating each of them. This dream felt more real than the last, not simply because he knew what Marinette's arse looked like, but also because he could now imagine the wet, squishing noises they would make.

He was roused from his dream by a foul stench. Adrien sneezed and sat up, his cock throbbing painfully against the sheets. Plagg flew away, cackling madly, clutching a wedge of cheese.

'God damn it, Plagg,' Adrien growled.

Scowling after him, Adrien got up and headed into the shower, yet again. He jerked off to the thought of rubbing his dick between Marinette's arse cheeks as she writhed and panted under him, begging him to fuck her properly.

He used to feel like an abhorrent pervert for thinking about her like that. Marinette was sweet and pure, she probably didn't even know what a man looked like naked. As they both got older, Adrien realised that so long as he didn't act on those thoughts, it wasn't as bad. He still observed her without her knowledge or consent, got off to watching her get off. That had been hard to accept about himself. He knew he was a disgusting voyeur, but was unable to stop. He justified it by assuring himself no one would ever know, that he would never force himself on her. However, his conscience began niggling at him. If not to admit his crimes, then to, at least, stop before Marinette saw him. If she were to catch him at it, she would never forgive him.

Adrien groaned pitifully as he rinsed the soap off and towelled himself dry.



He tried to act normally around Marinette that day. He looked her in the eyes, conversed with her, laughed at appropriate times. It was exhausting. By day's end, he was tense, his head hurt, and he wanted to be alone. Nino, however, had another idea.

'Dude, I need you to come with me,' Nino whispered in his ear.

Suppressing a weary sigh, Adrien turned to him, not bothering to hide how tired he felt. Nino either didn't notice, or was too wound up to care.

'Ok, what do you need?' Adrien asked.

Nino draped an arm across his shoulders and leaned in. 'I need you to come to a toy shop with me,' he muttered, conspiratorially.

Adrien raised an eyebrow. 'Why?'

Nino gave him a flat look. 'To buy toys, of course.'

'So, you need  me because?'

Nino threw his arms up. 'Moral support. Geez, Man, keep up.'

Adrien held up his own hands in a helpless, questioning gesture. 'Why do you need moral support for that?'

Nino hushed him. 'Keep you voice down. Just, come with me. You'll see soon enough.'

Grabbing Adrien by the collar, Nino dragged him down the street.

Nino led him all the way to Rue du Pont Neuf, and into a shop just a few blocks from the Pont des Arts Bridge and the Louvre. It was called Passage du Désir Paris Châtelet.

Adrien slammed to a stop. 'You brought me to a sex shop?'

Nino turned back to him. 'I said I wanted toys.'

'I didn't know you meant this. Are we even allowed in there?'

Nino shrugged. 'One way to find out.' He turned on his heel and boldly stepped inside. Adrien cringed, hunched his shoulders and followed.

The interior was well lit and tastefully decorated, for a porn store. The staff didn't throw them out, but were pleasant and helpful, offering expert opinions and advice on every item Nino pointed to. He came away with an array of toys for he and Alya to enjoy.

Then, the staff turned to Adrien. As they looked at him, expectantly, Adrien gave in to peer pressure. With a brilliant blush, he purchased a small handful of toys that he planned to hide in the back of his closet for the rest of eternity.

'If my father finds out about any of this, I'm blaming you,' Adrien muttered as they left.

Nino slapped him on the back with a grin. 'Worth it.'

That night, Adrien decided to stay home, for the first time in a long while. He was determined to quit his peeping tom habit, and tonight seemed like as good a night as any to start. He kicked his shoes off and settled in on his couch to watch some movies before going to bed.

As it neared midnight, and his eyelids were drooping, Adrien felt he had made a good first step in kicking his Marinette addiction. He stripped down to nothing and climbed into bed, Plagg's snoring from the other pillow just white noise.



His threesome dream took a wild turn. It began with him fucking Marinette doggy style while Ladybug watched, reclining against Marinette's pillows, and pumping a thick, black dildo between her damp folds, legs spread wide. Each time she pulled, it gave a small sucking noise, with each thrust, there was a wet squelch, a companion sound to his own efforts.

The sight of Ladybug spread out before him, her suit split open like his had done, and the feeling of Marinette's arse slapping against his hips was unlike anything he had dreamt before.

Suddenly, in that stilted and disjointed way dreams have, their positions changed. Marinette was now face-up under him, her arms around his neck as she arched into him. Ladybug was now behind him, her hands on his hips as she fucked him from behind with a strap-on.

Adrien awoke, confused and aroused. He had never considered he'd be into being buggered. He wasn't sure how he felt about that.



For a whole month Adrien avoided Marinette's balcony. He resumed his normal patrol routes, with and without Ladybug, but gave Marinette's house a wide berth. As a consequence, his dealings with Marinette improved. He still had wet dreams, but it became easier to shrug them off. Marinette also seemed to calm down around him. She now spoke in complete sentences without stammering or jumbling her words. Their friendship grew, and Adrien was ecstatic.

Ladybug also came out of whatever funk she had been in, but she still sometimes got a wistful look on her face. He figured she was mourning her changing lifestyle as she prepared to leave school and head into the real world.

'Hey, Chat?' Ladybug said from her place by a chimney stack. 'Have you ever been in love with more than one person?'

Chat Noir sat up straight, eyes wide and a blush beginning to form. He had been laying near Ladybug's feet as she sat by the chimney. 'Yeah,' he confessed. 'I have. Still am, actually.'

He couldn't look directly at her. As much as he loved her, he couldn't deny his feelings for Marinette. He wasn't certain if it was just lust, or if something deeper had evolved, but he thought as highly of Marinette as he did Ladybug.

'What do you do about it?' Ladybug asked, as she looked out over the city.

Chat Noir gave a humourless laugh. 'Dream of having both, but in reality, just watch as they both walk away.'

Ladybug turned to him. 'That's not like you. Since when did you start acting so wishy-washy and weak willed?'

Chat Noir lay back down. 'Since I know both girls don't see me like that. I'm just a friend.'

'They don't know what they're missing,' Ladybug replied. 'They're stupid not to see you like that.'

Chat Noir huffed a laugh. 'I assure you, neither of them are stupid.'

Ladybug watched him from the corner of her eye. 'Do you really dream of having them both? Like, at the same time?'

'Yeah,' he admitted.

'I suppose that would be the ideal outcome, wouldn't it?' she looked away once more.

'It's the perfect solution for an indecisive heart,' Chat Noir agreed.

Ladybug hummed in agreement and stood up. 'I have to go. I'll see you later, Kitty.'

Chat Noir lifted a hand in farewell. 'Take care, Milady.'

The sound of her yoyo fading into the distance announced her departure. Chat Noir lay where he was a little while longer, ruminating on what she had said. Clearly she was in love with two people. He wondered who they were, and if they knew how she felt. He wondered if he were one of them.

He released a gusty sigh and got to his feet. Feeling nostalgic, he passed Marinette's balcony. He frowned when he saw her hatch was open. He landed on her balcony and snuck up to the aperture, planning to close it in case some unsavoury character happened along. He and Ladybug weren't the only people who accessed the rooftop highway, after all.

Marinette was on her bed, laying on her back and completely naked. Her skin was luminous in the moonlight, pale and flawless. Sweat beaded on every inch, catching the moonlight and refracting it. She looked like a goddess made real, woven of dreams and fantasies from across the world.

Her eyes were closed, face flushed, and mouth open as she panted. Her nipples were hard, rising and falling hypnotically with her breath, her breasts bouncing when her hips jerked.

The movement drew Chat Noir's gaze lower. She was wearing the gloves again, the dark leather slick, and her moisture soaking into the sheets.

Chat Noir stifled a wanton groan.

Marinette gasped again, as she plunged two fingers inside, while rubbing her clit with the other hand. Chat Noir felt an erection begin to form, heat coursing through his belly and groin.

'Chat,' Marinette moaned, then bit her lip as a needy whine escaped her.

Chat Noir's eyes bulged. His cock slid out of his suit, already leaking pre-cum. He bit his own lip to stop from grunting as he took hold of his dick. Lubricating the shaft, he began to pump as he watched Marinette. She was writhing, her spine curving one way, then the other, as her hips alternated between rising to meet her hand, and falling away as she became oversensitive.

She repeated Chat Noir's name like a litany as she came, her voice rising in pitch until all she was doing was squealing through a clenched jaw.

Finally, her body relaxed and fell against her pillows. A stream of her juices rushed out after she removed her fingers, her abdominal muscles tensing and releasing. Chat Noir reached his own orgasm, spilling cum across the balcony floor. He shuddered as he lay there, hoping Marinette wasn't going to come up.

When he sat up, he stared at the incriminating puddle before him. He tucked his cock back into the suit, then it sealed up again, like the split had never existed. He then wondered if he should find some way to clean up his mess.

He looked up when something cold and wet struck his cheek. Rain clouds had begun to gather and were promising a downpour. Sneaking a quick look inside, he saw Marinette was fast asleep. Smiling at her, he eased the hatch door down as the rain began to fall. He then got up and headed home for a shower before bed.

He berated himself for slipping back into his old ways, but he couldn't bring himself to feel overly guilty. Marinette had called his name, and it was the most arousing thing he had ever heard. He wondered what it would take to get her to sound like that if he were with her.



Much to Plagg's disgust, Chat Noir resumed his perving ways. He lectured Adrien on all the ways this could backfire on him, from Marinette reporting him to the police, to Ladybug never wanting to see him again. However, Adrien only felt guilty when he thought about his invasion of Marinette's privacy.

His threesome dreams returned with a vengeance, too. Over the last three weeks they had petered down to only a couple, but now they occurred every night. His latest one involved himself fucking Ladybug, doggy style, while she ate Marinette's arse. Now Adrien's morning routine involved jerking off in the shower with shocking regularity. Adrien wished he knew what Ladybug sounded like when she orgasmed. He imagined it sounded just as lovely as Marinette did.

It was a pleasant discovery when he realised his nightly adventures didn't affect his interactions with Marinette anymore. He could speak to her properly, look her in the eyes, and not want to curl up and die. Instead, he found himself admiring her figure when she wasn't looking, and laughing inwardly at the other boys when they speculated on what she looked like naked, or what she sounded like when she came. The popular opinion was that she was a screamer. While Adrien knew she kept her lustful moans quiet to avoid disturbing her parents, he also couldn't see her working up to such a volume as the other boys suggested. She was a moaner, very probably one to grab on with her arms and legs, and drag her nails down her partner's back. Adrien sighed at the thought.

Ladybug hadn't brought up the subject of her two love interests again. Chat Noir assumed she was still struggling with it. She looked more pensive lately, as if she were constantly weighing her options. Chat Noir wanted to ask if she had made any progress, but was sure she would refuse to answer. So he kept quiet, waiting on her to speak of it when she was ready.

On patrol together one Tuesday night, Chat Noir decided to ask something pertaining to his own issues. 'Hey, can I ask a really important, but extremely inappropriate question?'

Ladybug cocked an eyebrow as she regarded him. 'How inappropriate are we talking?'

'Girls' sexual fantasies.'

Ladybug's eyes widened. 'Oh boy. I can't wait to hear this one,' she said, crossing her arms as she turned to face him. 'Go on.'

Chat Noir drew in a deep breath and fidgeted with his fingers. 'Ok, so, girls masturbate just as much as boys do, right?'

Ladybug pulled her lips into her mouth and nodded.

'Well, do you know if any girls ever fantasise about the guys they like?'

Ladybug snorted. 'Who else would they fantasise about?'

Chat Noir hung his head. 'Ok, good point. Well, then, it's natural to assume that they would say their love interest's name while they got off, right?'

Ladybug nodded. 'Yes,' she drawled. 'Some girls would do that.'

Chat Noir was beginning to turn red. 'So, what would happen if the object of their desire were to walk in on them while they were getting off?'

'Walk in on them while they're masturbating to thoughts of them, you mean?'

Chat Noir nodded.

Ladybug looked thoughtful for a moment, tapping a finger against her lips. 'Well, it depends on the individual. I'd say most girls would scream, or try to cover up what they had been doing.'

Chat Noir met her eyes and asked, 'what would you do?'

Ladybug coughed as she choked on her own spit. 'Me?'

Chat Noir raised one shoulder, then let it drop in a half shrug.

Ladybug coughed delicately into her hand, and refused to meet his eyes. 'Well, to be honest, I'd probably jump him.'

Chat Noir stared at her, hope burning painfully in his chest. He knew he would never catch Ladybug pleasuring herself, but maybe Marinette was the type of girl to pull him in with her.

Ladybug narrowed her eyes at him. 'Why are you even asking, Chaton? Have you been a peeping tom?'

Chat Noir's blush returned and he scratched the back of his head with a sheepish grin. Without replying, he turned around and ran, ignoring Ladybug's command for him to return and explain himself.

He went straight home that night, wondering if his imagination would give him a new fantasy by morning.



The setting had changed. Always before, he had dreamt of his threesomes taking place in Marinette's bedroom. Tonight, however, they were in his room, on his bed, sweating their scent into his sheets. Adrien stood at the foot of the bed, Ladybug on her back before him, her legs draped over his arms as he thrust into her. Marinette straddled Ladybug's face, moaning loudly as she was eaten out. Even in his dream Adrien reached his climax.

Peeling back his sheets, Adrien curled his lip at the mess he made. Mercifully, the household staff were discreet, and many were parents of overly hormonal adolescent sons already. Something like this ought to be nothing new for them. Still, Adrien cringed. He would hate to have to clean up someone else's bodily fluids, even if it were his job. Sending a silent apology to whomever cleaned his room, Adrien got in the shower and began his day.

'Dude, you remember a couple months ago how we were talking about throwing a party?' Nino greeted him.

Adrien paused at the bottom of the stairs and turned to him. 'Yeah.'

'The guys and I were thinking of doing that soon.'

Adrien lifted an eyebrow. 'How soon is "soon?"'

Nino shrugged. 'A couple weeks. A month at most. Just gotta find a venue, really. You interested, or what?'

Adrien took his time, pretending to think on it, while Nino fidgeted, hopping impatiently from foot to foot.

'Yeah, ok, I'll go,' he finally answered.

Nino's face lit up. 'Really? Awesome. That makes everyone. I am so pumped.' He pumped both fists for emphasis.

Adrien laughed. 'So, who's everyone?'

Nino turned to him with a sly grin. 'Oh, you know, everyone from collège will be there. Kim, Nath, Alix,' he paused. 'Marinette,' he finished.

Adrien's cheeks turned pink. Nino pointed and laughed uproariously. 'I knew it. I knew you liked her. Finally, after all these years, he finally cracks. The gods have blessed me on this day.'

Adrien huffed and crossed his arms. 'You're overreacting.'

Nino leaned in, eyeing Adrien closely with one eye. 'Am I? After all that hopeless pining after Ladybug, you finally see what's been in front of you this whole time. If anything, I'm under-reacting.'

'That's not a word.'

'It is now. I just invented it. Gonna have it added to the dictionary this afternoon.'

Adrien laughed, despite himself. 'All right, you got me. I like Marinette. She's a sweetheart and a total babe. But, I still have a crush on Ladybug. I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do about that.'

Nino was looking at him like he'd just admitted to a felony. 'Dude.'

Adrien hung his head. 'I know, trust me, I know. But you don't have to worry. I'm not going to act on anything until I'm one-hundred percent focussed on only one girl.'

Nino shook his head and sighed. 'You're a lost cause, my guy,' he told him, draping an arm across his shoulders.

The bell rang, and as they headed to class, Adrien wondered if he would ever be able to focus on just one of his loves.

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