Head, Heart, Loins

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1. Desire

Eduardo had been highly sexed from boyhood, and for many years he had masturbated on most days of the week, but not on every single one. Since meeting Kylie, he had taken to touching himself pretty much every morning (inevitably there were some exceptions). When he woke up, he looked forward to seeing her; by the time he was in the shower, his cock was hard and nagging him to touch it. It had all been fairly straightforward when he only knew she was gorgeous, but since he had got to know her, liking her as well as wanting her complicated things as far as his head and his heart were concerned. His loins didn't seem to worry about it too much, though, unless to make their needs felt more urgently when he dared to hope that she might want him too.

Head and heart had got themselves into a particularly fearsome tussle on the night that the Ghostbusters spent staking out the firehouse and Kylie showed a disturbing interest in Leonard Bates, the client who was with them. They had all been sleeping in the same room, and for Eduardo it had felt uncomfortably intimate, especially when he started to wonder if Kylie had actually wanted to make him at least as jealous as she was trying to make Bates' demon bride. If she'd looked sexy as hell in her night attire, which she had, Eduardo thought he'd looked pretty good too; maybe that was why she'd seemed to warm to him as the night wore on, and maybe it wasn't. The whole sequence of events had been emotionally draining for him, and he hadn't got much sleep at the firehouse when it was all over. By the time he was home and in his own shower, however, he was fixating on the memory of her in that nightshirt which showed off almost every curve and contour. And, he thought, wasn't she just fucking perfect?

Standing in the shower, Eduardo took the time to build as accurate a picture of Kylie's naked body as he thought he could manage. He thought first of her face, of which he knew every detail by this time, then worked downwards. His mind sculpted her slender neck and shoulders; her nipples perky and erect atop those perfect downward curves he had noticed on her breasts, hanging free behind that thin layer of fabric as they had been; the gentle slope of her thighs and buttocks; her arms and legs, which he had seen plenty of times before, and he knew almost as well as her face. Some details he still had to guess at; he coloured her nipples based on her skin tone and gave her a dark little bush that barely concealed a pink and glistening desire for him.

With the picture complete, he saw her slinking into the shower beside him, wrapping her arms around his waist and kissing him, first on the lips, then the chest, then moving downwards. At last, unable to hold back any longer, he took hold of his cock and began sliding the foreskin over the head again and again, sending delicious waves of pleasure through the shaft. He thought only of Kylie, Kylie, Kylie, naked, wet with desire, kissing him and touching him, as his balls began to feel warm and tight. It didn't take long. He felt his orgasm rising and pushing through him until the sensation overtook him, and everything – every last inch of the beautiful, imagined Kylie – fell out of his mind as the juices flowed from him in a burst of pulsing, blissful relief.

After he had spent himself, he leaned back against the shower tiles to catch his breath. Moments later, as his cock lost almost all interest in Kylie for a minute or two, he found himself confronted with an image of her wrapping her arms around his waist again, but this time nuzzling into his chest while he stroked her hair and kissed her forehead and said... what on earth would he say to her?

With his mind thinking clearly again, he turned off the water and got out of the shower, telling himself angrily that Kylie didn't want anything like that. He grabbed a towel and dried himself vigorously, not wanting to have the same argument with himself again. He could believe that she might want his body. Looking down at himself now, he could certainly believe that, and he was fairly sure of the hints she'd dropped. But her liking his body didn't mean she was definitely going to give in to it, not if she didn't like what was on the inside, and that was just what he didn't want to show her. She might like it, but then again she might not, and that would be the worst thing of all.

Such ideas came from his deepest, most secret heart, where he kept the things he was reluctant to admit even to himself. He smothered the voice with the memory of the fantasy he had just got off to, exactly as he had got off to the images of a thousand other naked women, be they in his mind or in front of his eyes. He told himself that anything between him and Kylie was purely physical, and this brought him back to the idea that, just perhaps, his lust was not unrequited. His cock suddenly woke up a little as he found himself imagining Kylie thinking about him, naked and uninhibited, with her finger on her clit.

Kylie was not actually touching herself in the exact moment that Eduardo pictured it, but little did he dream that such an event as he had imagined was never more than a week away. Since their meeting and working together she, too, found herself masturbating more often; it wasn't every day, by any means, but it was more than it used to be. For many weeks she indulged in hazy fantasies with a man too close to her to be clearly seen, and though he became more and more like Eduardo each time, she was able to convince herself afterwards that it hadn't been him at all. At best, she would sometimes admit to herself that Eduardo could be hot if he wasn't so full of shit so maybe, just maybe, her fantasy man had something of the same look about him.

Then suddenly there came a time when she had to admit that Eduardo was in fact at the very core of her masturbatory fantasies, because she could see him quite clearly, on one evening when she had switched off her mind and was letting her pussy do all the thinking. Lying naked above her covers, her skin sensitive after a hot bath, she was running her hands over her thighs, abdomen and breasts to start off with. For a minute or two, the only images in her mind were of the room around her, so accurate – from the standard arrangement of her furniture, to the wet towel left by the bathroom door that evening, to Pagan pointedly sleeping with his back to her on the window seat – that anybody she imagined walking into the space would surely seem very real indeed.

Then he did walk in, her fantasy man, opening and closing the door in absolute silence and crossing the room. Instead of joining her on the bed, he went to the window seat and turned Pagan off it. Kylie didn't think about Pagan again after that, but focused on the man settling himself on the seat; in the glow of the street lights that she knew so well, there could be no denying that he was Eduardo. She didn't let that worry her. It was only a fantasy, and it was already working well. She ran the fingers of her right hand down her body and began gently stroking her outer lips. She knew Eduardo would be going crazy over on the window seat, and she even shifted her position slightly to give him a better view. If he had really been there, he might not have bothered taking off his T-shirt, but he did it in her fantasy and the image of his bare torso sent a wave of lust shooting through her. She wet her finger with her juices and began slowly caressing her clit. She imagined Eduardo, wanting to touch her but contenting himself with looking; that gorgeous chest rising and falling rapidly, the skin and sinew rippling over his shoulders and collarbones, and just a little bit of perspiration pooling in the hollow between his throat and breastbone that, to her, was quite possibly the sexiest thing on him.

When his cock came out, it was of course based on what she knew: circumcised, and streaked with veins that bulged ever more prominently as it got bigger and harder. As she ran her finger over her clit, sighing with the calm and pleasant sensations of her build-up, he unrealistically kept pace with her, gently stroking the shaft of his cock without a hint of urgency as his eyes took in every last inch of her body, and particularly the most secret inches of all.

As her pleasure began to build, Kylie moaned softly, then longer and louder and sometimes with words. 'Oh, yes... yes... oh, Eduardo!' As she said his name, she imagined his cock sitting up straighter, his breaths coming shorter and faster, his hand moving up to the now glistening head and rubbing it ever more urgently. She did not imagine him walking towards her and touching her, no matter how much she wanted him to. The fantasy just as it was felt so real that she very nearly believed it; trying to pretend he was touching her when he wasn't would shatter the illusion. She dug her feet into the bedclothes and curled her toes as the waves of pleasure intensified, until finally she announced to the imaginary Eduardo, 'I'm gonna come!'

Come she did, crying out shrilly with each wave of pleasure that pulsed through her clitoris and intensified in her vagina, keeping Eduardo in her mind long enough to see him come with her, his chest heaving and panting and his eyes still trained on her as he emptied his balls onto his hand. But the fantasy didn't stop there. When the last, gentle shocks of her orgasm had died down, she rolled over onto her side and, with her back to the window seat, imagined him rising from it and coming to put his arms around her. She had so nearly made herself believe he was there, it was actually unnerving not to feel his touch in unison with the images in her mind. It was surprisingly easy to imagine him there behind her, warm and strong and tender, holding her and kissing her cheek and whispering sweet nothings.

But equally she could imagine him still on the window seat, unceremoniously tucking his dick back into his jeans, wiping his hand on one of her plush cushions and then walking out, perhaps even with some parting shot about how she compared to his favourite porn video or something. Both of those imaginary men had something in them of the Eduardo she knew, but he couldn't be both of them... even the most complex and confusing human being in the world couldn't really be both of them... so, she wondered, which one was real?

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