From sheltered to sultry

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From sheltered to sultry

“I’m don’t know about this Josh” Abbey mumbled as her boyfriend led her through the apartment building, when Josh had offered to introduce her to his friends she had originally been eager but after he had shown her pictures of them she quickly started having second thoughts

Standing at a petite five foot tall Abbey felt tiny compared to the other girls despite Josh telling her that Aelita was practically the same height as her and shared roughly the same cup size of her of AA, her hair was cut into a pixie cut of extremely dark almost black brown and her eyes were a bright blue, her body a near perfect hourglass figure for her small size, her waist dipping in under her ribs before widening against at the hips helping support her round firm heart shaped ass

“You’re gonna be alright, they’re gonna love you” Josh assured her as they reached Aelita and Jeremie’s apartment door, feeling Abbey’s grip on his arm tighten Josh knocked on the door whilst taking hold of her girlfriend’s wrist in case her nerves got the better of her and she tried to run away

Within seconds the door opened and before Abbey could look away to avoid meeting Aelita’s gaze her breathe was taken away by what the pink haired girl was wearing, well mainly the lack of it as Aelita stood next to naked in the doorway, wearing only a thin see through robe that was hanging completely open baring her tits and cunt to them “it’s about time you two showed up” she smiled showing no shame in her naked form as her eyes lit up at the sight of Abbey “oh my god you’re even more adorable in person, come here!”

Before Abbey could say anything other than a surprised squeak Aelita took hold of her face pulling her into a warm deep kiss, the action making her freeze and tense up before quickly melting as Aelita forced her tongue into the brunette’s mouth, eliciting soft whimpers and moans from her mouth as Aelita easily dominated the kiss

Not breaking the kiss for a second Aelita stepped back pulling Abbey into the apartment to which Josh eagerly followed, Aelita shedding her robe as she went leaving herself naked as she led the couple to the bedroom where Jeremie was waiting on the bed clad in just his boxers “now let’s get these clothes off of you” Aelita husked breaking the kiss as her hands went to the petite girls clothes

Lightheaded from the kiss Abbey put up no resistance as Aelita proceeded to strip her unveiling her svelte little body, her perky breasts jiggling ever so slightly as her bra was pulled off and her ass bounced as Aelita pulled down her pants and panties revealing her pristine little pussy along with it

Realising that she was now naked Abbey blushed bright red immediately self-conscious as she attempted to cover herself with her hands, seeing this Aelita immediately grabbed her wrists pulling her hands away “don’t hide yourself, you’re beautiful” she breathed making Abbey shudder as Jeremie and Josh joined them, their hands joining Aelita’s on Abbey’s body quickly devolving her brain to mush, her nerves ablaze and her heart hammering to the point that a single touch on her clit had her keening into her first orgasm of the day

Tittering as Abbey began to shake Aelita instructed the guys to carry her to the bed which they did with ease, the brunette shaking in their grasp as they laid her out on the mattress allowing Aelita to slowly slide down the front of her body trailing her tongue along her soft sweet skin until it met with her dripping cunt

As Aelita’s tongue met her pussy Abbey let out a shriek of pleasure, her hands shooting down to bury themselves in Aelita’s hair whilst Josh’s and Jeremie’s hands worked their magic on her body, running along her arms and massaging her breasts as Aelita’s tongue worked her sweet little core

With Aelita’s tongue working every inch of her sweet cunt it wasn’t long before Abbey was orgasming again, tears streaming down her face as her body ached with pleasure, her heart hammering in her chest as she heard Aelita say something sounding like an instruction for the guys to fuck her brains out

Before she could speak however Josh spoke for her “she doesn’t do bareback remember” he pointed out as he fished out his wallet from his pants pulling out two condoms “I hope you don’t mind man, I know you’re used to doing it naturally” he said to Jeremie who just nodded in acknowledgement having no intention of trying to change his or Abbey’s mind, both men stripping down and donning the condoms as Abbey writhed on the bed eager for more, any thoughts of self-consciousness having left the moment Aelita’s tongue had touched her cunt

Still limp from her orgasm Abbey put up no resistance as Josh and Jeremie took hold of her, Aelita having suggested that they fuck her at the same time making her heart hammer both from nerves and excitement, having only ever slept with Josh before she had never experienced a double penetration before so the concept both scared and excited her

Going first Josh picked Abbey up to slide his cock deep into her eager cunt whilst holding her against him, the brunette moaning with bliss against his chest as her pussy was filled before squeaking as she felt Jeremie slowly push into her from behind, her tightest hole stretching to accommodate him and now she felt so full that she feared that she might actually burst, her toes curling as her eyes streamed more

“It’s ok, just take deep breaths” Aelita soothed her as Abbey shook hard between the men, the pink haired girl taking one of her hands and holding it tight as Josh and Jeremie started to slowly thrust into her, each movement eliciting an almost pained moan from her

“So big…so…so full…” Abbey whined as her abdomen bulged slightly with every thrust from both men, each movement setting off a tiny explosion inside of her head and it felt like she was going to pass out but despite the sensory overload she didn’t want it to stop, another orgasm building up inside of her as she raked her nails along Josh’s back

As Abbey shook between them and squeezed both holes tight around them both Josh and Jeremie panted with pleasure as they steadily picked up their pace, their cocks throbbing inside of her sending little twitches of pleasure through her body as she then seized up on orgasm yet again, her cunt and ass becoming soft velvety vices around the guys’ cocks dragging them over the edge with her, the brunette biting her lip as she felt the condoms swell slightly inside of her further stretching her holes

As the guys finished cumming Aelita eagerly took her turn to be fucked, not sharing Abbey’s choice of condoms the pink haired girl was quick to rid the men of them before jumping Jeremie, pinning him to the bed and impaling her snug little cunt on him whilst presenting her tight ass to Josh which he eagerly claimed drawing out a blissful gasp from Aelita

Laying on her side panting to get her breath back Abbey had the perfect view of Aelita getting fucked and was immediately in awe of the look of sheer ecstasy on her face as Jeremie and Josh thrust into her much harder than they had done with her, her perky tits bouncing in tandem to their hard deep thrusts whilst she panted and mewled with pleasure “ah fuck…that’s it…harder!” she begged as she supported herself with one hand on Jeremie’s shoulder whilst reaching back to hold Josh’s arm with the other

“Wow…she’s really taking it…” Abbey gasped internally as she watched her boyfriend ram into Aelita’s ass with seemingly no care for her comfort, Josh had never treated her so roughly and honestly she had no idea that she wanted it, it was the kind of fucking that she would only dream about once a month or so and what would up with a heavy sweat and a hammering heart along with an aching arousal that wouldn’t die down for hours afterwards

Forcing his cock deeper into Aelita’s ass Josh make her cry out louder with a good solid spank, her supple rump shaking and bouncing from the hit as she worked her hips harder, her tight holes working Jeremie’s and Josh’s cocks showing her desperation to feel their cum inside of her

Watching as Aelita was fucked rougher and harder by the second Abbey felt her fingers creep down to her aching core, beginning to wonder and crave the feeling of unprotected sex, the feeling of pure skin on skin as she pushed two fingers inside of herself, the craving growing stronger by the second as Aelita then wailed in ecstasy as her own orgasm hit her

“Oh fuck yes! Harder! Fucking break me!” she screamed out reaching down to spank herself repeatedly as Josh reached his second limit, making Aelita’s eyes dilate and roll back as he flooded her ass with cum followed shortly by her husband cumming deep in her needy pussy, making the pink haired slut shake and pant like a bitch in heat as her body was steadily filled with hot addictive cum

Biting her lip Abbey finger fucked herself faster as she watched Aelita continue to work her hips moving her holes faster along both cocks, the look of sheer lust and worship for both men in her eyes borderline inspiring Abbey as she then watched as Aelita let the men pull out before grabbing hold of their cocks starting to stroke them as she coaxed them to stand up over her

Noticing that Abbey was staring at her Aelita just winked at her as she stroked Jeremie and Josh faster, her hands gliding along their cocks as she then proceeded to suck and lick them both clean, working her hot little mouth and supple lips around them before surprising Abbey by stuffing both cocks into her mouth at once, the slut letting out a heated moan as her cheeks bulged out around both cocks

With both cocks completely sucked clean Aelita then turned her full attention to Abbey crawling over to her “you’re turn again” she purred leaning in to kiss the brunette as she coaxed her to sit up “how about we do it a little differently this time? I have some pills you can take if you want to try it bareback this time, you don’t have to if you don’t want to but it feels so much better” she breathed before Abbey cut her off

“I want it raw…” Abbey stated a little surprised that she had done so, her words bringing a smile to Aelita’s lips as she leaned in to share a kiss again, this time Abbey eagerly kissing back before the pink haired girl pulled away to head back to Jeremie

Watching as Aelita then proceeded to mount her husband reverse cowgirl style taking his still hard cock deep up her ass Abbey then turned her attention to Josh, her heart rate quickening as she then spread her legs for him in invitation “are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her wanting to make sure that she didn’t feel like she was being forced as he took his place between her legs

“I want it” she assured him taking hold of his shoulders as he lined himself up, despite the fact that they had had sex a good couple dozen times before it had always been with a condom so the fact that he was going in raw now made it feel like it was her first time all over again, her nerves nearly overcoming her before he finally thrust in and in that moment her nerves and any doubts in her mind were washed away by a wave of sheer pleasure, pleasure that protected sex just couldn’t bring

Within moments the bed was creaking and shaking as Josh and Aelita put their all into pleasing their lovers, Aelita’s pupils dilating and practically becoming hearts as she worked her ass faster along her husband’s cock letting her perky tits bounce and jiggle wildly in tandem whilst Josh claimed Abbey’s bare cunt, her screams of ecstasy coming out wild and unrestrained as yet another orgasm struck her from nowhere feeling like a blissful punch to her brain and at that moment she knew she could never go back to making Josh use a condom again

The next hour passed like a blissful blur for both girls and when Jeremie and Josh finally ran dry none of them could remotely move anymore, the four laying splayed out on the bed panting heavily covered in sweat whilst the girls had an extra sheen of cum upon their thighs “so, you happy I introduced you?” Josh smiled as Abbey laid out on his chest too blissed out to move

“Mhmmm, when I can move I’m burning your condoms and getting some morning after pills” she stated already addicted to the feeling of his cum in her pussy “and tomorrow you’re going to show me this pact that you told me about, I want in”

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