Just the Two of Us

BY : MistyxKisame
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"Will the two of you be alright?" Pearl asked her daughter. Her and her husband were going out together on a mission while Steven and Lapis were off on a 3-day trip with Greg and Rose. Garnet had decided to take off elsewhere without telling anyone where she was headed.

"We'll be fine, mom." said Jewel smiling. "You and dad go on. We'll be fine."

"You know how to send us a message if you need us." said Onyx. With that, the two gems got on the teleportation pad and teleported away.

Jewel popped in a movie and started relazing on the couch when Peridot came into the room. The green gem was wearing sexy lacy black bra with matching black panties and her normally triangle shaped hair in pigtails. Peridot smiled as her lover stared at her girlfriend's lingerie. "Like what I got? I found it online."

"It's sexy." grinned Jewel as Peridot sat on her lap and kissed her on the lips.

Peridot unhooked her black bra and panties and laid down on the couch. Jewel buried herself between her legs, thrusting her tongue inside of the older gem's body. Peridot whimpered as her girlfriend fingered her and thrusted her fingers deep inside of her while playing with and sucking on her clit. The green gem gasped and gripped the couch underneath her and ran her fingers through the gem's long blue hair. She felt like she was cloud nine as Jewel pleasured her girlfriend. The green gem swore loudly and came on her lover's face. Jewel licked up all of her juices and got on top of her girlfriend, letting her taste herself.

"Now it's my turn. This isn't the only thing I bought." she got up and pulled out a red strapon. "Let's try this out."

Jewel readjusted herself on the couch to where her bottom was in the air and Peridot was behind her. The older gem positioned the plastic cock to her lover's entrance and slowly pushed it inside of her girlfriend until it was all the way inside. After getting used to it, she asked her to fuck her.

Peridot slowly thrust inside of her, going slowly at first and then picking up the pace. Jewel moaned. "Oh yes! Right there, Peridot!"

"You like that don't you, sexy?" said Peridot slapping her ass. "You love this don't you? You love the way I'm pounding your nice ass? Man you have a nice big butt don't you, you fucking whore."

Peridot slapped her ass as she thrusting inside of the woman. Jewel maoned loudly as she came around the plastic cock. After she pulled out of her, the younger gem licked it clean, deepthroating the red cock. Peridot pulled her off of it and kissed her with passion. Peridot ran her fingers through her lover's blue hair and rubbed her nose against her nose.

"Damn you're so hot." said the green gem breathlessly.

"Wait, oh crap we had sex on the couch." said Jewel instantly getting up from the couch.

"So? It was still pretty hot." said Peridot smiling as she squeezed her lover's ass.

"Yes, but you do realize that the others will be able to tell we've been here." Jewel blushed.

"Let them." Peridot kissed her.

"Uh I don't think so." Jewel jumped up, slipped on her clothes, and went to grab some cleaning supplies while the other gem just rolled her eyes and shook her head in amusement.

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