A Loud to Love

BY : JoJo
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I let out a massive huff of exertion as I loaded the last of my college luggage into the back of my car. I leaned over the roof of the vehicle wiping sweat from my forehead. “Well that’s the last of it I can’t believe it’s been a year already, how come all my other years at school didn’t go this fast?” I asked slightly annoyed at time. “Well I better start heading back home the girls will send out a search party if I don’t get on the road now.” I dropped into the driver’s seat of my black Acura falling in love with it all over again. I looked up spotting my roommate Abraham making his way over to me. “Woah man I can’t even get a goodbye that’s cold.” He spoke as I climbed back out of my car embracing him in a brotherly hug. “Sorry man my sisters and all. If I don’t make it back as soon as possible I’m pretty sure my face will be on the news as a missing person.”

Abe laughed at this. “I understand man safe travels and hey we good to be roomies next year too?” He asked and I nodded happily. “I wouldn’t have it any other way good buddy.” After a final handshake Abe left to get his own packing done and I buckled in, but before I got could start her up my phone alerted me to a video call request. I tapped the accept button coming face to face with my eldest sister Lori, and secretly my girlfriend one of four I might add.

Lori graduated this year, but would be starting school next year at Royal Woods Community College taking this year to build up some income and life experience. “Hey Lincoln glad you picked up, are you on the road yet?” I rolled my eyes. “You know I don’t use my phone on the road. I haven’t the parking lot yet.” I informed her.

Lori pouted before smiling. “Well I suppose it’s a good thing you’re not on the road yet otherwise I wouldn’t be able to show you this.” She said setting the phone down giving me a complete view of her body. She was wearing her usual light blue robe, but she soon started to untie the strap that held the whole thing together. I was breathing pretty hard, it had been a year since I’ve touched or been touched by anyone so this little striptease was right up my alley. Right as Lori was about to unveil her breasts to me there was a slam causing Lori to jump snatching her robe clothes as someone ran in.

“Lori I need your help!” Said a topless Lynn as she walked into the frame holding two different bras. “Which do you think is better?” “Lynn how many times have I told you not to just barge in here like that and where is your shirt?!” Lori shouted. Lynn just snorted “Oh please dad’s at work and it’s not like Linc’s here anymore it’s just a girls, so why should I worry about a shir-!” At that moment Lynn turned around seeing my face on Lori’s tablet showing off her small breasts. Wanting to break the awkwardness I decided to tease her a little. “Well if you want a guy’s opinion I’d say white one, but there’s no way my little sister needs a bra anyway.” I said smirking at her. Lynn’s face exploded in red as she covered her chest.

“LINCOLN!” Lynn shouted before she ran from the room, but the mention of my name called a stampede to Lori’s room as all of my little sisters sans Lynn tried their best to get my attention all speaking over one another and crowding the frame. “Easy girls easy one at a time!” I shouted to calm the storm. “When are you coming home!?” They all shouted in unison. “Look girls I’ll be there by the end of the day I promise, but it’s not safe to drive while on the phone like this so I’m in the parking lot of the school.” I explained to them. “But Lori drives while on her phone all the time.” Lana stated eliciting a gasp from the gathered sisters. Lincoln frowned at this his eyes meeting Lori’s and even though they were hundreds of miles apart she felt a chill run down her spine.

Everyone knew that Lincoln was all about driving safety in fact his driving was one of the reason the price of insurance on Vanzilla was lowered much to their parent’s pride and shame knowing their son was a safer driver than them. “Lincoln it’s not like that I don’t do it all the-.” Lincoln cut her off coldly. “We’ll talk about this when I get home.” He said simply before hanging up. Luna, Leni, and Luan didn’t want to say anything in front of their older sister, but seeing and hearing Lincoln angry like that really made their hearts flutter. Lori looked at all her sisters with a fake smile tacked onto her face. “Would you girls kindly leave my room?” She asked clearing out the room in record time.  Lori fell onto her side and started bawling.

I took a deep breath it’s not like I was mad…ok I was mad, but mostly disappointed Lori is the oldest sibling in the house now she should be setting a better example for our youngers! I started up the car and pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street making my way home. If the GPS was right I should be home no later than 4:45 which is after my parents get home so I’ll have to talk to Lori in my room. “She should know better and what if something happened!? She could get herself killed, and not only her, but any of the others. Not to mention what that would do to mom and dad. I know our parents would blame themselves for whatever happened to their oldest daughter.” I said working me up and that was a big no-no. “Don’t drive angry Lincoln deep breaths.” I said letting it go slowly as I calmed down.

One of the good things about being on the road for hours was that it was calming just you, your car, and the road, so by the time I made it home I was more than level headed enough to have a calming conversation with my sister. I parked the car on the street outside my house and shut the door, and like the starting gun at the races that slam sent my entire family hurtling out of the door at me. I braced myself for it wondering who would be the first to reach me, and shockingly it was my mother. She rocketed into me kissing my forehead and cheeks. “Oh my baby boy it’s so good to see you!” She shouted squeezing me against her chest. “Yeah good to see you too mom.” I said as she crushed the breath from my lugs, which was only compounded by each of my sisters joining in the hug. “Ladies I think he’s had enough.” My father said clapping as he broke up the group hug.

“Good to see you son.” He said clapping me on the back as he went to the backseat of my car and proceeded to grab my luggage. “No dad I can do that.” I said only for him to wave his hand at me. “Lincoln you’ve worked hard all year it’s time for a break let your old man take care of this.” He said lifting one of my bags huffing heavily with each step. “Step aside rookie I got this.” Lynn Jr. spoke cracking her knuckles as she dove into my backseat and squirmed out wearing all my bags and jogging into the house. “Good ol’ Lynn.” I said following the rest of my family into the house after closing and locking the door of my car.

Lynn came in through the back door having deposited my belongings in the garage until I decided to unpack them. “Thanks sis.” I said ruffling her hair as she blushed. I looked around the house with fresh eyes she still looked familiar and yet different at the same time. How’d that song go? “Everything stays but it still changes ever so slightly.” It was true everything is changing, even if it still looks the same. I went and sat down on the couch immediately being surrounded by my sisters about my time at college.

I regaled them with stories of the things me and Abe got into showing off the pictures I’d taken with my phone of my year away. Time flies when you’re having fun before I knew it dad was serving dinner; his famous Lynnsagna. “Let’s all welcome Lincoln back from college everyone!” My dad said raising his glass to which everyone did the same. “Welcome back Lincoln!” I blushed I haven’t had this much attention on me in a long time, in a family of thirteen it’s just not possible. After eating I was ready to shut it down that drive took more out of me than I thought and having my dad’s dinner on my stomach was not helping me stay awake, but me and Lori still needed to have a chat. “Lori can you come with me for a minute?” I asked opening the front door as I headed out to the garage.

She followed me and once we were inside I took a moment to look around noticing my room hadn’t changed all that much besides Luna moving her excess musical equipment in here, and not a speck of dust was to be seen. “Lincoln I know you’re mad, but I promise I don’t text and drive all that much like every now and again.” I just shook my head. “That’s not good enough Lori you shouldn’t do it ever what kind of example are you setting as the oldest sister not to mention you could get yourself and the others killed! Do you know what that would do to me!?” I shouted unsuccessfully controlling my temper. “Lincoln I know, but-.” “NO buts!” I cut her off. “I don’t want to lose you!” I shouted grabbing her shoulders and shaking her.

Lori’s eyes began to water at her brother’s explosion of love for her. She leaned onto his shoulder holding him close. “Ok I promise no more texting and driving.” She said as she suddenly spun around and pulled onto Lincoln’s bad as he sat down with Lori atop his knees. “Well I do believe you, but I think you still need to be punished.” I said as I hooked my fingers into her shorts and panties pulling them down around her knees. “I’d say a spanking is in order for you to get the message.” I said smirking down at her as Lori blushed. “I-I have been a bad girl haven’t I?” She said before Lincoln delivered a slap to Lori’s rather large posterior followed quickly by several more causing Lori to moan and cry out in pleasure.

Outside the garage door the remaining sisters minus Lily who was being put to bed by her parents listened intently to Lori’s “punishment”. This garnered to distinct reactions. From Luna, Luan, Leni and surprisingly their faces were cherry red as they rubbed their thighs together one word running across their minds. “Lucky!”  From Lucy, Lana, Lola, and Lisa the sound of a spanking made the four young girls clasp their butts in terror.

Lori was right on the edge one more swat would do it, her ass was red and stung pleasantly she waited for that final slap with bated breath only for it to never come instead Lincoln redressed her and stood her up. “Lincoln what noooo you can’t stop now I haven’t learned my lesson!” I just sat there my legs crossed and smirked. “Oh I think my punishment was delivered well enough. Lori couldn’t believe it this was her punishment being on the edge for the rest of the night!? “You are evil.” I shrugged. “It wouldn’t be a punishment otherwise.” Lori scoffed before noticing the darkness outside. “Well could I sleep in here tonight?” She asked blushing in only for the door to crash in.

“No fair Lori I was going to sleep with Lincoln!” Lola shouted only to be rebuffed by Lisa. “Shorry to shay shister, but it ish I who will be sharing a nightly REM cycle with our elder brother.” Most of the room was confused at Lisa’s statement before she reiterated. “I’m sleeping here tonight.” “No way dudes it’s me and Linc tonight.” Luna said which sparked an all-out sister brawl before I brought it to a close with a whistle. “Alright guys look there’s enough room barely or all of us so just go and get ready for bed and I’ll be here.” I said watching them rush out each one wanting to be the first back to get the best sleeping spot next to Lincoln. While my sisters went and prepared for bed I did the same fetching my toothbrush from my bag along with my toothpaste and proceeded into the half bath that was constructed for me. Yeah it was only a sink and toilet covered by a curtain, but hey no lines for the bathroom anymore. I stepped out from behind the curtain in my boxers and climbed into bed.

“Hmm wonder who will be first?” I asked myself constructing a dead pool in my head. It’ll probably be Lana first since she doesn’t like to clean up at all followed by Lisa who has an efficient way of doing everything. From there it will be Lynn, Lucy, Luna, Luan, Lola, Lori and finally Leni. Lincoln waited and sure enough Lana was the first there rushing into his room in one of his old T-shirts engulfing her small frame as she crawled into bed with my snuggling against my side. Once again he was right as Lisa walked into his room in her green pajamas and nightcap. She proceeded to snuggle into my other side, but was thwarted by the appearance of Lucy who magically appeared clutching my side spooking all of us.

“Lucy how do you do that!?” I asked shocked. My only response was a small smile and shrug. Lisa grumbled instead taking her place next to Lucy. After that my winning streak was broken. Instead of Lynn coming Next it was Luna, Luan, Lola, Lori, and Leni which surprisingly left Lynn the last one to join us. Lori explained that in the past few months Lynn’s been acting more girly than usual taking better care of herself more asking questions about make-up and creams. No one really knew why, but everyone figured it had to do with a boy. I shrugged not really concerned. Lynn being the last one there was relegated to the farthest edge of the bed, but in traditional Lynn status she just climbed atop me lying on my chest. There was a chorus of groans, but I just wanted to sleep so I hushed everyone and called it night. After getting comfortable with Lynn atop me I soon found myself asleep.


No more than a few hours could have passed when my eyes snapped open. Someone was grabbing my dick. I figured it was Lori trying to make up for earlier or one of the other three trying to get their turn, but I was having none of it as I turned away from the hand facing the other way and starting to drift back to sleep when I was once again groped. I growled. This wasn’t funny our little sisters were in this bed too, once more I turned away wrenching my dick from their grasp, but this time I was determined to find out who it was.  Lying on my left side I was facing Lucy, Lisa, Luan, and Lori with Lana, Luna, Lola, and Leni to my back. I looked towards Luan and Lori as I waited for the hand to grip me which didn’t take long, but whoever it was took a firmer grasp not wanting to be rebuffed for a third time, but then took it up a notch stroking my cock slowly.

I looked at Lori and Luan, but both were either great actors, or dead asleep. That only left Luna and Leni to my back. I decided to focus on the hand gripping my steadily growing member. It was small which brought to mind Leni, but I could feel the roughness of it denoting calluses which would single out Luna. The stroking was becoming more intense throwing my train of thought off as I slightly thrust into the hand pleasuring me. I bit my lip hoping the pain would focus me. “Ok small hands with calluses. Come on it can’t be Leni, or Lori they take too good care of their hands for that. Luna does have small hands, but not this small. Luan maybe she does do a lot of gags that require working with her hands.” I was nearing my climax whoever this was knew their stuff they were stroking the head of my cock smearing it with y pre cum as they ran their hands up and down my turgid shaft.

I was panting trying my best not to thrust too hard for fear of waking someone, but this could go on all night without more stimulation. I know it’s wrong, but I needed this to be over with. I reached down gripping the hand with my own. They immediately stopped freezing their motion, but not withdrawing. I took control using their hand as if it were my own stroking myself feeling their small callused hand on my member it sped up wanting this to be over with so I could think and figure out who this was.

I groaned as I cupped their hand around the head of my cock and came into spurting my thick jizz into their palm. I lay there panting as my orgasm ran its course. I relinquished my grip on the intruding limb feeling it snake back to its owner taking my cream with it. As I lay there drifting back to sleep I couldn’t help, but think about who’s hand that was. “Small and callused, small and callused. Wait Lynn has small hands and …her hands…are…rough!” I thought as I slipped into slumber

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