Down in front

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Down in front

Aelita loved the movies

During her time trapped in Lyoko Jeremie had told her about how people would act out scenarios for people to record via large cameras before every scene was put together in a sequence to make a long visual story for people to enjoy, a concept that fascinated her to no end and after she was free she made it a routine to try and watch as many movies as she could every week continuing into her young adulthood

“Hmmm, what to watch this time?” the pink haired girl pondered as she looked at the listings, she had already seen half of the movies showing that month and now it was time to filter through the dregs “I’m not really in the mood for rom-com today so maybe…”

“How about the new Slasher flick?” she then heard a voice behind her turning to find Josh stood behind her reading the listings over her head

“Hey, didn’t know you were here, at least I’m not watching a movie alone this time, Jeremie’s at work and everyone else is busy” Aelita explained as she and Josh eventually agreed on the aforementioned Slasher horror movie, it looked cheaply made and cheesy as hell but that didn’t mean it would be any less entertaining

After paying for the slightly overpriced tickets and finding the right screen Aelita and Josh were pleased to find that the screen was relatively empty allowing them to pick their seats at their leisure, the pair opting for the middle row so that they could get the best view without having to crane their necks up from being too close

As the lights dimmed and the movie rolled Aelita quickly found that picking this movie was most likely a mistake, she normally enjoyed cheesy movies but good cheesy movies were simply B-rated with genuine effort put into them, this movie however seemed like the director or actors didn’t give a shit, obvious missed cues littered the first half hour along with bland flat lined deliveries soon had her far more interested in her popcorn than the movie itself

When the popcorn was gone however Aelita found herself with nothing to distract herself with, the movie was far too terrible to watch but she wasn’t going to waste her money and leave early as the cinema didn’t give refunds

Glancing over at Josh Aelita found him just as bored as he as he seemed to be checking his texts not bothering to even look at the screen as another horrifically cheesy forced scream came from it, the actress sounding more like a mother acting scared when her young child shouted boo at her so that she didn’t hurt their feelings than an actually scared murder victim to be

Letting out a bored sigh Aelita glanced around, the other audience members either putting up with the movie or doing their own things as well, the fact that no one was paying attention bringing a dirty idea to her mind as she remembered one of the places she had mentally listed that she had always wanted to have sex in and now was the perfect time to tick it off of the list

Chewing her bottom lip as she felt her bare cunt dampen under her mini skirt at the thought of getting fucked in the movie theatre Aelita didn’t even ask if Josh wanted to do it, the pink haired girl simply lifting her hips to completely shimmy her mini skirt down her legs leaving both of her tight fuck holes completely bare before moving over, climbing over her arm rest to straddle Josh’s waist drawing his attention from his phone

“Well hello!” he exclaimed before Aelita hushed him with a hand on his mouth, using the other to silently undo his pants freeing his cock before stroking it to full erection, keeping her lust filled eyes locked with his as she then eased her needy cunt all the way down his cock biting her lip to suppress her moan of ecstasy as her too tight cunt stretched to accommodate him

Groaning against Aelita’s hand as she gyrated her hips Josh uncaringly dropped his phone to grab hold of her full firm ass, making her moan as she rolled her hips down on him, her pussy squeezing tighter as her hands then went to her top pulling it up to bare her tits to Josh

As Josh’s cock reached her sweet spot deep inside of her core Aelita found herself unable to keep quiet letting out a sharp cry of pleasure, luckily as she did so another overly done poorly acted scream echoed from the screen masking her own scream of pleasure making her realise that if she timed her moans and cries right she could be as loud as she wanted turning her on even more, even going so far as to turn around to face the screen with her tits still out, the risk of someone turning around to see her in such a way nearly making her orgasm then and there

Rocking her hips harder Aelita gasped as Josh reached up to grab hold of her breasts, squeezing them firmly to which she cried out at the same time of the shitty actor on screen, her toes curling in her shoes as her groin started to tighten, she was going to cum and cum hard, all she needed was another scream from the movie and she could let loose

Thankfully it didn’t take long for the actress on screen to oversell her character again filling the theatre with another piercing overdone scream allowing Aelita to let loose with her ecstasy, throwing her head back against Josh’s shoulder as her climax dragged him over the edge as well, his cum flooding her needy hole only acting to lengthen her orgasm

Panting heavily as her post orgasm afterglow warmed her body Aelita reluctantly pulled herself off of her friend’s cock knowing that if she lingered too long it only made it easier for them to get caught, the pink haired girl sliding back onto her seat before pulling her skirt back up “ah damn I kicked over my soda” she pouted noticing her drink spilled all over the floor “I’m gonna get another one, this movie sucks”

“Go get me one too, you got mine as well” Josh told her as he did up his pants before handing her his wallet which she eagerly took since she was running low on funds after buying her ticket

Opening the wallet to check how much money Josh had as she headed out towards the lobby Aelita stopped when she noticed something square and colourful in the wallet “what’s this? A condom?” she muttered as she picked the thing up wondering why the hell he would have one, yes it was smart to be prepared but he knew that she and the rest of the girls were on the pill as each of them greatly preferred the feeling of raw sex compared to that with a condom “I’m gonna have to have a word with him about this”

Buying the drinks Aelita hurried back to her seat tossing Josh’s wallet onto his lap to get his attention before holding the condom in front of his face “why do you have this? You know we all hate rubbers” she stated in a teasing authoritarian tone

“Oh right, that, well it was only going to be so long before you found out anyway” Josh sighed as he lifted his hips to pull out a photograph from his back pocket “I’ve kinda been seeing someone, she knows about what we get up to and she approves of it, I’ve just been thinking of the best time to introduce you guys” he explained as Aelita used her phone as a light to inspect the photograph “her name is Abbey and…”

“Oh my god she’s adorable!” Aelita gasped at the sight of Josh’s secret girlfriend “you are bringing her around to my apartment tomorrow and that’s an order!”

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