The Author Jumps Worlds (MLP)

BY : Haunter_Rayne
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Disclaimer: **I do not own MLP or any named characters/creatures/settings. All story is for parody entertainment purposes only, not for profit**

**Author's note/introduction** Hello everyone and welcome to my full length MLP story. As with all of my stories the main purpose is the smut, however this will be a full length story with chapters and a main plot, sub plots, etc. I really got inspired with this one so I am choosing to run with it. Because of this some chapters will have sexiness and others won't. Every chapter though will build to the story even if it isn't apparent how at first. There will be a variety of different sexual themes that will run through this story. I will leave tags as appropriate. 

A little setup for the world... It takes place after season 7 and the movie with the Storm King but before any of the events of season 8, except for maybe the first episode. I had written up to chapter 19 before any of season 8 was aired. I will try to hold true to the new storyline as much as possible but of something conflicts then I am going to stick to my own storyline as an AU world. Also, the story is based upon the show and not the comics because I haven't read them but I am starting to so there might be some bonus content added in later. 

But for now, enjoy my story. ^_^

- - - - 

The Author Jumps Worlds (MLP)

by Haunter Rayne

Chapter 1 - Crossing Universes


“It'd be lovely but it could never happen. Real life doesn't let things from fantasy stories exist, that's what makes them a fantasy.” A disgruntled mind thought longingly to itself behind middle-aged eyes that resisted waking for the morning. Rolling over onto his side, Rayne found it strangely awkward to move his body. However still being mostly asleep he let it slide from his mind in place of dreams he wished to hold onto. Memories of the night before; laying beside his wife watching Netflix and having conversations about their shared fantasies becoming reality.


- - -


(Music)“My little pony, I used to wonder what friendship could be…”(Music)


Thin but toned arms wrapped around a pale skinned woman. She in return cuddled her shapely body back into him. As they waited for the previous episode to transition on into the next, he leaned down planting a gentle kiss to the top of her head. She hummed to herself in delight before turning upwards to face him. “What do you think your cutie mark would be?” She asked softly, not afraid to talk over the show they both had already rewatched many times.


An eyebrow raised as the husband made no attempt to restrain his sarcastic humor. “Oh, you mean like if we magically got transported somehow into Equestria? Just like if we got magically transported to the DragonAge world, or Skyrim, or any of the other games and shows we watch?” He chuckled until she reached for a throw pillow to bop him with. It was a response which he was quick to subdue having expected it from living together for several years already.


“Come on!” She whined while struggling for the pillow in his grasp. “You know that I always think of these things and that I can't help it!”


“I know, I didn't say that I minded. I was just teasing you.” He responded calmly.


“Well?” She asked him, finally snatching the pillow to herself and holding it tightly. “My pillow!” She giggled.


Rolling his eyes he let her have her way and thought to himself. “I suppose it would depend on what I would do in that world.” But then his attention became divided by the following episode starting on the screen. She looked up at him seeing his excitement build as the ending of the fourth season began to play.


Knowing this was one of his favorite episodes she smiled at him and said, “You would definitely have Tirek’s power. I can totally see that being you in their world.”


This brought a grin to Rayne’s face which he made no attempt to hide. It made him happy that his wife really understood him so well and that he didn't have to cover anything about his true natures from her. “Yeah… I would. Or at least I would know how to get it.”


Interrupting the obvious daydream which was now running through his imagination she asked, “Would you want to be a Pegasus, a Unicorn or an Earth Pony?”


Without delay he blurted out, “Oh a Unicorn of course! I would HATE to be an Earth Pony. To live in a world with magic and not have any would be like being a Squib or whatever it's called in the Harry Potter universe! I'd be miserable!”


She laughed and gave him a shove, “It wouldn't be that bad to be an Earth Pony!” He gave her a look that told her this was not something she was going to convince him of. Letting it go she then asked, “So why not a Pegasus?”


“Oh that's simple.” He replied matter of factly. “I’m afraid of heights.”


She looked up at him as if she had so many responses which all flooded her brain at the same time but instead just laughed and brushed it off. “You're so silly!”


“What?!” He laughed back, tickling her.


- - -


Their conversation had continued further into the evening resulting in him dreaming of different cutie mark options. However on this particular morning Rayne’s dreams suddenly jumped back to an older memory of them conversing together.


- - -


“I wouldn't want you to come back.” She huffed to herself a little out of breath. Rayne lay next to his wife. He tenderly stroked her exposed body in the afterglow of their love making. Brushing her hair away from her brow he kissed her temple lightly as he waited for her to explain what she meant by this unexpected comment.


Turning in bed to look up at him she said softly, “If you ever did find your way to a fantasy world, then I would want you to be able to stay there. I mean for you, I wouldn't want you to lose that opportunity.” She said with concern heavy in her voice. The light of the tv dimmed from one of Rayne’s video games going into sleep mode as it had been paused for their spontaneous sexual embrace.


“I would want you to be there with me of course.” He said dutifully. His fingers continued toying with her body still feeling aroused by the sight of his wife.


“I know that.” She said, pushing herself upwards to look at him more seriously. “But I mean, if I wasn't with you… and you did find a way into one of our favorite fantasy worlds… and a way back home presented itself…” she paused to look into Rayne’s eyes. “I would only want you to come back if you could come and go as you please. Definitely come and get me to bring me back with you if you could! But if you were there… and you could never return if you left… then I wouldn't want you to give that up for me.”


Her voice was cracking a little bit as tears formed in her emotional eyes. Rayne sat up to comfort his wife and ask where all this had been coming from. Anticipating her partners response she put her hands up and blurted out, “Because it's not fair what you have to deal with in this life!” He stopped, now knowing exactly what she was crying over. “You have had such a hard life! You have so many medical issues! You are allergic to the sun, you can't drink water, both your ankles are broken, you have that heartburn issue you will probably need surgery for one day, how people have treated you because of how you look… and I think it's all just BULLSHIT! And things are only getting worse for you as you are getting older! You deserve so much better than this because you are such a good person and this world has failed you so hard. I love you but I want better for you then what you have here, than what you can possibly have in this life!”


- - -


Eventually the memory faded off into ambiguous thought as dreams often do. His mind spiraled back and forth between cutie mark options and different characters of the MLP world. Eventually though he began to stir as his slumber came to an end. Disgruntled by the frustration of conscious returning, Rayne stretched as he felt an uncomfortable warmth upon his body.


“Mmrrmrllllmmm…. Baby, close the curtains. I think the sun is seeping through a crack.” He mumbled to himself. Reaching out he did not feel a curvy, ample breasted woman lying naked beside him. Nor did he feel bedsheets or pillows to support his fragile neck. Grumbling he forced his eyes open and was startled by light stinging his eyes. He had been expecting to wake in a darkened room sealed by blackout curtains; pinned tightly closed. Instead he was filled with a surge of adrenaline at finding himself laying outside on what looked like a grassy hillside next to a large tree. A sense of dread made him scream as he looked at the sunlight all around him.


“Oh no! How long have I been in sunlight for?!” His panicked mind raced. His eyes instinctively darted to the shade of the tree as he scrambled to claw his way across the grass to its darkened safety. “Has it been longer than a few seconds?! Am I going to have internal bleeding? Are my muscles burnt yet? Are my lungs going to collapse again? Can I still think ok? Has my brain fried yet? Am I going to die?!” Fear brought his heart up to his throat as his mind recalled his previous medical experiences one after the other. He began to take a register of his body which he expected to find in excruciating burning pain. Although that is when he began to make a startling discovery about himself. “Wait a minute… where are my fingers?”


Rayne sat there now in a state of calm confusion. He struggled to analyze the flat, black, masses at the end of his arms where his hands should be. Being somewhat dazed from only just coming out of rem sleep to having a sudden rush of adrenaline crash his system, it took him time to process his situation. Thinking there was something wrong with his eyes from the sunlight, he attempted to rub them but found himself softly hurting his face from his ‘hands’ feeling like stone.


“Okay, hold on a minute here. What the fuck is… mmm.” Still not registering what these hard discs were supposed to be he looked over the rest of himself. Rayne was shocked seeing a coat of black fur over an animalistic body. Excitement rushed over him from the first thing his mind jumped to. “Oh my God, I'm a furry! Did I turn into a furry?! Am I my fursona? DID I TURN INTO A PANTHER?!” He shouted as his body reacted with a sudden leap for joy. What he hadn't expected was the tremendous amount of leg power he now possessed which sent him up into the air and then crashing back down to the ground.


In his new turned over position he saw his hind end with a straight mane like tail instead of a long slender feline tail. “Awww. I'm an animal but I'm not a panther. Damn!” He sighed with displeasure but was shocked to hear a very equine snort come from himself. “Okay wait, what the hell happened to me? Did I turn into Shadowmere from Elder Scrolls or something?” Then suddenly putting his sarcastic sense of humor aside, realization finally hit him. “Oh these are hooves! I AM some kind of horse or something! Well that's kind of cool I guess. Wait, do I look like Shadowmere? Hmm, how the heck, hmm moving is kinda weird, how do I, hmm I can kinda see myself a little bit…” He mumbled trying to stand and turn himself about.


“Okay, so I do appear to be all black. I have a nice straight haired tail but the mane from my head does seem to be a bit wavy. Hmm, I guess I look handsome enough for a horse. Like, oh what was that vampire movie with that guy who had the dark, wavy, shoulder length hair framing his face? Oh well, can't remember but I guess I kinda seem like a horse version of that. I wish I could see my face though. Don't know if I have cool looking red eyes or not. And there doesn't seem to be any mirrors around here.” Rayne said to himself while looking around. All he saw were grassy hills and a few scattered trees. No buildings or people or other animals in sight. “Where am I? How did I get here and why am I a horse?”


Then suddenly his mind returned to his earlier sense of panic. “Oh wait! The sun! Am I still deathly allergic to sunlight as a horse?! Heh, then I suppose I really would be a vampire horse hehe.” He chuckled, his smartassness overpowering his fear for self preservation. Looking himself over he didn't seem to be in any current pain from having been in the sunlight before. Nervously he took a few steps into the light to test himself. “Hmm let's see. Walking with four legs, you can do this. The basic concept can't be as hard as Sunset Shimmer made it look when she came back from what was supposed to be our world. I refuse to be as derpy starting out.” He said confidently, practicing moving his legs forward in time with one another.


Walking into the light he braced himself with tight clenched teeth while looking around. “Okay so one thing at a time. First of all, the light isn't hurting my eyes like it used to. That's a good sign. Okay, I've been out here for a few seconds and my skin doesn't immediately feel like it's peeling off in a microwave. That's good.” Feeling a bit braver, Rayne ventured further from the tree. “Huh, it seems I'm not allergic to the sun like this. Hmmm, I'm not allergic to the sun anymore.” Suddenly a grin spread across his face. “I'm not allergic to the sun anymore!” He screamed and took off into a galloping run over the field. “WHOOO HOOOO!!! I CAN BE IN THE SUN AND IT FEELS GREAT!!!!”


Stampeding across the countryside he soon came across a stream flowing briskly. Feeling how parched his oversized body was he stopped and thrust his snout into the water. “Hmm, right. I have horse lips. Eating and drinking is going to be weird for a while but-... Mmmmm this is so refreshing!” He trotted in place excitedly splashing himself in the process. “I am drinking water and it actually tastes good! Mmmmm it doesn't taste like bloody pennies!” He stopped for a moment feeling his excitement overwhelm him. He looked at the water, then up at the sun, then down to his horse feet and shouted, “I can drink water, I can be in the sun, and my ankles aren't broken! That means I am a talking horse and I can…. RUUUUUN!!! WHOO HOOOOO!” He shouted again taking off across the countryside.

**Author's Ending Note** Alright everyone, that's it for chapter one. Maybe not the most exciting but dont worry, the story picks up fast in chapter two. Expect to see lots of familiar faces. As for this chapter, the inspiration came from what it would be like for ME personally to come into this world. I'm 19 chapters into this now but I never expected this to be a full story at first. Also, as far as the medical issues mentioned it's because I do have these problems. I suffer from "sun poisoning" which you can Google if you've never heard of it. My doctor hasn't figured out while water makes my stomach bleed yet. I know I didn't have to write these personal effects into a story I am publishing but I'm not ashamed of my ailments and I might tie it back into the story later. 

Anyways, comments and critiques are always welcome. If you find typos then let me know and I will fix them. Thank you for reading!

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