Better Friends than Family

BY : JoJo
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You aren’t actually my great-great-great-great-great-something grandma. Those words circled each other in Eclipsa’s mind for hours after the trial, and she didn’t know if she should be happy about that or not. Eclipsa had a done some things that would be considered evil, to which she regretted nothing, but her one shame was this. She had a taste for strong young women. Eclipsa wanted to blame this new found kink on being crystalized for centuries, but she knew that would be a lie it was always there, but her husband had always been able to hold it at bay.

God did she miss that man. Eclipsa sat in her room looking out of the tower window spotting Moon and her daughter Star sitting in the garden. She’d first felt this hunger when she laid eyes on Moon all those years ago. Her young face with those cute little diamonds on her cheeks and that slim graceful figure. Eclipsa had wanted her then, but though she may be considered evil she was not going to commit the sin of incest. She couldn’t do that to women she had thought to be her descendants, but now that restriction had been lifted it seemed. Sure it was too late for her to have Moon, but star was still ripe for the taking. Eclipsa continued to watch the mother daughter pair specifically the daughter.

She watched the wind waft through Stars golden locks blowing it this way and that. Eclipsa bit her lip as she imagined running her hand through that golden waterfall as she laid kiss after kiss upon Star’s slender neck. She turned slipped out of view as she saw Moon stand up retreating from her daughter leaving her to her solitude. “Now’s my chance.” She spoke swapping out her usual attire of her billowing dress for a more form fitting deep purple one. Eclipsa studied herself in the mirror her deep green hair flowing down her back as the neckline of the dress plunged dangerously low showing off her cleavage. She slipped on some casual flats and left her hat behind as she made her way down to the garden.

Star sat on the stone bench fiddling with her wand. “Wait no it’s not my wand. I should give this back to Ms. Heinous, uh I mean Meteora.” She said staring at the magical instrument. Not that she needed it any longer to perform magic anyway, but she couldn’t help, but feel like she would be tossing away a part of herself. As Star continued her inner struggle Eclipsa came up behind her sitting on the bench causing the young princess to jump into the air off the bench. “Eclipsa you scared me!” Star shouted to which Eclipsa gave a gentle smile. “So sorry dear, but I wanted to see how you were doing it. That was quite a revelation to be dropped in one’s lap.” She said patting the bench beside her.

Star settled besides her looking bashfully. “Yeah it was kind of a big deal. I was just thinking about giving this back to you.” Star said holding out the wand. Eclipsa looked at it and shook her head. “No dear that doesn’t belong to me. Although I don’t regret what I’ve done I did abandon my people. I’m not fit to rule, besides I didn’t come out here for that I came out her for you.” She said leaning closer to Star. Star couldn’t help, but notice Eclipsa’s rather low cut dress and as she leaned over she could practically see down it and blushed hotly. “What do you mean?” Star asked looking away. Eclipsa giggled at Star’s childish reaction. Oh my gosh she’s so adorable! Eclipsa thought to herself.

“Star we may not be family, but I do consider you a friend in fact my best friend at the moment. You believed in me when no one else did and even manage to convince your mother, and that’s no small feat. She’s not called Moon the Undaunted for a reason.” Eclipsa laughed having a hard time equating the Queen Moon of now to the girl who first woke her up asking for a dark spell. “What I’m trying to say is that not being family isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it’s the best thing.” She said placing her hand on Star’s cheek cupping the cute little heart there. Star didn’t understand what Eclipsa meant by that after all family was everything…right? Eclipsa could see the question in the young Butterfly’s eyes and nodded. “You know how there are things you can to friends that you can’t say to family?” She asked to which Star nodded. “And there are things you can do with friends that you can’t do with family.” Star nodded once again seeing her point, but wondering where it was going. Eclipsa took a deep breath. This was the make or break moment. She leaned forward placing her lips against Star’s it was a chaste kiss, but it left no question as to what Eclipsa wanted from her.

Star’s eyes shot open wide as dinner plates as she took in her situation. Eclipsa was…kissing her, but the shocking thing was she didn’t stop her. She always thought that kissing another woman would be gross, but the way Eclipsa’s lips cradled hers and the feel of her fingers in her hair it electrified her and set her core ablaze with feelings only Tom and at times Marco had given her. Eclipsa pulled back looking at the dazed look on Star’s face and smiled her eyes half lidded. “Now wouldn’t that have been weird if I was still your great-something grandma?” She asked stroking her cheek trailing down to her neck and then across her back before standing up.

“If you’d like to talk more dear I’m only a tower away.” She said walking slowly back to her tower, only to feel a hand clasp around hers. She smirked as they made their way to her room. Once inside Eclipsa locked the door looking at the embarrassed girl in front of her and giggled. “Oh dear no need to be bashful.” She said as she slipped out of her dress no longer seeing the need for it revealing her body to the young princess who blushed and looked away stroking her hair nervously. What am I doing here! I should leave this isn’t me! Star thought to herself and yet her body didn’t obey thoughts. Eclipsa stepped forward grasping Star’s face in her soft hands staring into her eyes. “It’s ok to be nervous. Believe it or not this is my first time doing this as well.” She whispered to star before nibbling her ear.

Star moaned gripping Eclipsa’s arm as she continued to kiss down her neck. Eclipsa pulled Star’s shirt up over her head revealing the pink bra cupping her small breasts. Star immediately covered her chest in embarrassment, but Eclipsa having expected that moved down to her pants undoing them and dropping them around her ankles revealing a matching pair of pink panties. Star was mortified at the situation she found herself in, but she also found it exciting being bared naked before an older powerful woman it sent a tingle through her. Star removed her hands from her chest around her back to undo her bra as Eclipsa drew her panties down around her ankles revealing her hairless princess pussy. Eclipsa panted her breaths coming out in steamy puffs against Star’s cunt as she kicked off her boots completely freeing herself from her clothes.

No longer willing to wait Eclipsa clamped her mouth over Star’s pussy licking at her slit causing Star to gasp grabbing hold of Eclipsa’s head to keep from collapsing from the pleasure. Eclipsa smiled against star’s cunt loving the sound of Star’s pleasured moans and feeling her hands in her hair only spurred the former queen on forcing her tongue deeper into Star licking at her moist cavern tasting her essence. Star quivered under Eclipsa’s oral assault moaning as she ground her pussy into Eclipsa’s mouth wanting her tongue as deep into her as possible.

Eclipsa made one last circuit of Star’s cunt before latching onto Star’s clit trapping the little button between her teeth as she lashed her tongue back and forth across it. Star clapped her hands over her mouth as she screamed into them drool spilling out between her fingers as she orgasmed her juices squirting out into Eclipsa’s mouth who greedily lapped them up drinking down Star’s entire climax. She fell against the bed panting her legs like jelly. Star lazily gazed up at Eclipsa who was wiping her mouth and smiling lustfully at Star. “That was fun wasn’t it?” Eclipsa asked to which Star dimly nodded before her eyes gazed down at Eclipsa snatch a dark green patch crowning her cunt. Eclipsa blushed seeing Star gazing at her in such a way. “Oh would you like to taste me?” Star could only respond by licking her lips.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Eclipsa said as she climbed onto the bed her pussy hovering inches above Star’s face as Eclipsa hovered over Star’s drenched cunt again. She spread Star’s pussy seeing her pink inner walls glistening with the remains of her orgasm. Eclipsa wasted no time before pushing two fingers into her pussy causing Star to jolt her head raising to push against Eclipsa’s nether in turn causing her to gasp.  Star wrapped her arms around Eclipsa’s hips pressing her mouth against her pussy licking and sucking at her.

Eclipsa bit her lip Star was… a novice at this, but she had passion and that made up for a lot as she haphazardly ran her tongue up and down Eclipsa’s cunt prodding here and there as Eclipsa inserted another finger into Star thrusting them in and out of the girl alternately squirming inside her cunt like snakes causing Star to convulse and redouble her amateurish efforts. Eclipsa bend her head to get a good look at the show watching star devour her cunt before delivering a slap against the older woman’s ass. Eclipsa moaned at that. “You are a naughty girl indeed.” Eclipsa said before thrusting a third finger into star and stirring her pussy up. Both women were careening towards orgasm coming upon that cliff and delightedly leaping from it. Eclipsa came hard her juices squirting out raining down upon Star soaking her face and hair as the princess did her best to capture as much of the love nectar as possible as her own orgasm racked her body electrocuting her with pleasure.

Star’s pussy nearly crushed Eclipsa digits as she came squeezing like a vice as her juices rand down her legs and into the bedsheets. Both Butterfly women collapsed Eclipsa rolled off of star to stare at the mess she’d made of the young girl. She reached out cradling her against her bosom. “Sometimes friends are better than family.” Eclipsa whispered kissing Star’s forehead as she stroked her hair. Star smiled feeling better than ever this event seemed cathartic in a way like her mind was cleared. “I guess you’re right.

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