Ben 10: Ben and Gwen's Wet Summer Vacation

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“There I was balls deep in my cousin on the verge of exploding inside of her, but then…”


Ben said to the shrink who was sitting on the other side of the room in a chair.


“Yeah we must have been fucking since we were about 10 years old. Yeah it was crazy back then. I remember when I and Gwen would wait for grandpa to fall asleep or go outside for a while because then Gwen and I would be able to fuck.”


The Shirk just wrote on his notepad and continued to listen to the gruesome story.


“I remember like it was yesterday, the first time me and Gwen had sex.”


Back in the day the two cousins weren’t always so in love. They actually hated each other. When Ben and Gwen were forced to go on a road trip with their grandpa, they had no idea the amount of fun they were going to be having. Ben was sitting on the chair in the kitchen to the RV, and Gwen was in the bathroom. They had been on the road for a little over 3 hours and the kids were starting to get hungry. Their grandpa, Max Tennyson, was driving and pulled into a little diner to get some food. Ben rushed out of the RV because he was very hungry. Gwen and Max soon followed and they all entered the diner. They sat at a booth and a woman came over and asks them their orders.


“Can I get chicken fingers and fries and a big double cheeseburger with a huge chocolate milkshake with a piece of cake on the side with that and…” Ben yelled out, until Gwen hit him in the arm and said.

“Ben! Shut up! Just get one thing so we can eat and go. Besides do you really expect that grandpa is going to pay for all of that?”


Ben agreed and only got a cheeseburger. Gwen and Max then ordered, and Max told them to use the restroom and wash up before they eat.

Ben walked into the “boy’s restroom” and Gwen walked into the “girl’s restroom.” Ben, who was already trying to do stuff to his cousin to make her mad, was about to get her good. He snuck into the “girl’s restroom” and looked underneath the stalls to find Gwen. Once he found her he grabbed the trash can and dumped in all over her in the stall.



“BEN!” Gwen yelled and she wiped the trash off of her and kicked the stall door open.

“BEN YOU ARE SO FUCKING DEAD!” Gwen yelled when she saw Ben standing at the door about to escape.


Ben went to pull the door open, but it was too late and Gwen grabbed a hold of him and threw him down to the floor. She climbed on top of him and proceeded to start throwing punches. Ben blocked them to the best of his abilities, but he was no match for his cousin. When she was done she got off of Ben and wiped the blood from her knuckles off in the sink. Ben then got up, spit the blood out of his mouth and walked toward Gwen. He grabbed her from behind and whispered in her ear.


“Hey, can I show you a little trick I learned from watching videos online?”

Gwen turned around and said.

“What kind of videos are you talking about?”


Ben then proceeded to unzip his pants and pull them down. Gwen was confused, but also curious at the same time. She watched him until his pants and underwear dropped to the floor. The massive eight inch slugger Ben had on him was making Gwen drip by the second. Ben then leaned back and whispered in her ear.


“Tonight when grandpa is asleep, you think me and you can have some fun?”


Gwen just bit her lower lip, moaned, and rubbed her thighs together. The answer was simply enough for Ben. He knew that by showing his cousin his bat that maybe she would want to take it for a test drive. Ben pulled up his pants and walked out of the bathroom. Gwen, still in shock from the sheer size of the sausage Ben has on his, was trying not to concentrate on Ben and focus on leaving the bathroom. She managed to leave the bathroom and get back to the table. She was still in shock, but she played the part really well that no one even noticed except for Ben of course. They had eaten, and were on the road again. Gwen was back in the bathroom still thinking of how her own cousin has that big forearm in his pants. She was soaked by just the mere thought of touching it, or even seeing it again. Gwen knew that she was going to have to take that monster inside of her, so she decided to plan ahead. She walked out of the bathroom and sneakily grabbed a cucumber to practice with. She rushed back to her room and closed the door. She lied down on the bed and removed her pants. She then took her shirt off and unhooked her bra. Then Gwen slowly pulled down her flower-spotted panties and tossed those on the floor. She spread her legs open and proceeded to use the cucumber has Ben. She shoved the tip in and was greeted by an immediate rush of excitement and pleasure. Then she continued to push the cucumber further and further into her until she was almost at a full orgasm state where she was cumming no-stop. The thought of Ben being the cucumber was giving Gwen such a rush she almost couldn’t handle it. The bed sheets were soaked and she was exhausted. What she didn’t know was that Ben was watching her the whole time. As soon as Gwen went into her room, Ben followed. Ben also heard the moans coming from Gwen and how she wished it was him instead of that cucumber. Ben was rock hard, but he didn’t want to startle her. As soon as Gwen got up to put her clothes back on and faced away from the door, Ben walked right in. He quickly put his hand over her mouth and said.


“It’s okay Gwen it’s just me. I saw that little show you just did and I was wondering if I could be of some assistance?”


Gwen just rubbed her thighs together again and bit her lower lip. She was soaked and Ben was ready to make her feel good again. She turned around and kissed Ben. Ben surprised by the action, backed up then went in for a kiss of his own. Gwen agreed and leaned in too. The loving cousins shared their first kiss, but that was just the beginning. Gwen grabbed Ben by his shirt and threw him on the bed. She got naked again and mounted him. The loving cousins were making out to make Gwen just that much more excited for what was about to happen. Ben unzipped Ben’s pants and slid them off along with his underwear. She then saw the enormous shaft that Ben had and reached out and grabbed it. Her fingers were just a little too small to grasp the whole thing, but she made it work. She stroked it up and down for a while until Ben put his hand on the back of her head and forced her down. She opened her mouth and the tip of the monster was in her moist mouth.



“Oh fuck yes!” Ben moaned to Gwen.

“Yeah that’s it, keep sucking my dick! Holy fuck that feels good. Damn Gwen if you keep this up I might explode!”


Gwen continued to indulge on the feast while Ben was concentrating on not unloading down his cousin’s throat. Gwen has had plenty of practice with all the fruits and vegetables she’s used in the past. She started to stroke and suck Ben at the same time for double pleasure. Ben was on the verge of exploding, but Gwen was going to enjoy this for a while. She had to stop sucking and just started to stroke it really slowly. Ben understood why she was doing this, he just hated it. When Ben was ready to go again Gwen would start up and continue to do what she was doing. Ben then held her head in place and pushed forward and backwards for her until he dumped a massive load in Gwen’s mouth.


“Oh fuck yes!” Ben moaned out loud as he was still going, filling Gwen’s mouth and throat full of his white hot seed.


Ben pulled his meat out of Gwen’s mouth and asked if she could show him her swallowing all of that. She nodded her head and opened up. The amount that was in Gwen’s mouth was big enough that you couldn’t see the bottom half of her mouth. She looked right into Ben’s eyes and swallowed all of it. Ben’s jaw dropped and he was getting harder by the second. He now demanded that she get on top of him so he can test drive the pony. Gwen climbed on top of Ben and grabbed his elephant and was ready to finally become a real woman.


“They kids? Come here I need to show you something really cool!” Grandpa Max yelled.


The two lovers grunted and decided to go. They both got dressed and headed outside to meet with their grandpa. They got outside and saw their grandpa standing on the edge of a cliff. They both walked over and said.


“Hey grandpa, what are you doing?”

“Oh kids this is what I wanted to show you, come here!”

“Grandpa I really don’t know if that’s safe.”

“Come here and I’ll show you its fine.”


The cousins walked over to the ledge and stood next to their grandpa. They looked straight ahead and saw the beautiful Grand Canyon. The site was unbelievable; the cousins couldn’t believe how deep it actually went down. They stayed for a while and looked around and took some pictures. They then got back in the RV and were on the road again. Ben was listening to music and Gwen was in the passenger’s seat talking to her grandpa. Ben was trying to think of a way to get Gwen into her room again, but every idea he thinks of keeps failing. He might just have to wait until tomorrow. Gwen then got up and told her grandpa that she was going to use the restroom. She walked by Ben and winked at him. She walked right past the bathroom and into her room. Ben soon followed. The two lovers were again naked and on top of one another. Gwen had a hold of Ben again and was ready to insert in into her. She felt the tip go in and she was on the verge of another orgasm already.


“Fuck yes Ben!” Gwen said while she was still slowly taking every inch if Ben inside of her.

“Oh my god Ben you are so fucking big! God I was thinking about this all day and now it’s finally happening. Oh shit, I need to ride this cock right now!”

“Fuck yeah Gwen!” Ben replied.

“Yeah take my cock right up your tiny little wet tight pussy! I want to feel me stretching you out like there is no fucking tomorrow!”


Gwen proceeded to start riding Ben and with every thrust, Ben was closer and closer to unloading. Gwen was going to make sure this time he doesn’t end the fun so soon. She started riding a little faster and Ben started slapping her ass. With each thrust from Gwen, Ben gave her a hard slap back.


“Yeah you have been a dirty little slut haven’t you?” Ben asked as he slapped her ass and then pulled her hair.

“Oh my fucking god Ben I think I’m going to cum!” Gwen said.

“Yeah baby, I want you to cum for me! Gwen I cum all over my cock"

“Fuck Ben you are so fucking big! I don’t know how much more I can take! This is so fucking hot though, I don’t want this to stop!”

“Gwen your pussy is so fucking tight! I can barley even fuck you! Oh fuck yes I think I am going to cum!”

“Yes! Fuck yes! I want you to cum for me! I need you to cum for me! PUMP ME FULL OF YOUR CUM!”


Ben then yanked Gwen’s hair hard and sent a massive load straight up into Gwen. Gwen was having orgasm after orgasm while she was still sitting on top of Ben. The two lovers were exhausted, and by what they left on the bed, they also had fun. Gwen rolled over and pulled the covers over her. Ben put his clothes back on and left the bedroom. He walked into the bathroom to avoid talking to his grandpa, especially after what he and Gwen just did. The thoughts that were going through Ben’s head were unraveling. He just thought about he just had sex, also the fact that he just had sex with his cousin. The things people were going to say if they found out, it would destroy Gwen.


“So tell me Mr. Tennyson, what did you feel after the first time having lain with a family member?” The shrink said to Ben.

Ben replied “Honestly, I had no fucking idea what I just did. I just kept thinking of the things people would say if they found out. How Gwen would react if they found out. How my family would react if they found out. I was scared for my life, and I think on some level Gwen was too. She was this innocent little girl, and my actions turned her into some sort of sexual freak. I can’t deny the fact that we were just kids, but that was so long ago and I just want to put this whole ugly thing behind me. Honestly if it were not for you, I might not be here today. I might be in a grave and burning in hell for the things that I did.”


“Hey Ben can you come here for a second” Grandpa Max said.

“Yeah give me a second” Ben replied.


Ben then walked out of the bathroom and outside of the RV where Max was standing by the grass.


“Ben listen, I know this is a difficult time for you. This whole going through puberty thing is tricky and I want to let you know that if you have any questions, I’m here for you. I love you son.”

“I know grandpa; this is just weird being on the other side of the country with you and Gwen. I honestly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else then right here with you guys.”


Max then leaned over and gave Ben a hug and they walked back inside. They closed up the RV for the night and got some sleep. The next morning they were on the road again, seeing all sorts of neat and exciting things. What Max didn’t know was Ben and Gwen’s dirty little secret.


“Hey Ben, do you want to do something really naughty?” Gwen said to Ben.

“Sure, what is it?” Ben replied.


Gwen then proceeded to climb underneath the table her and Ben were sitting at, unzip his pants and started giving him a special treat.


“Gwen, you need to stop!” Ben said to Gwen.

“Oh Ben you never want to do anything that might get us in trouble.” Gwen replied.

“Grandpa Max might see and if he caught us.”


Ben stopped mid-sentence when Gwen decided to put his huge pole inside her mouth. She slowly took every inch and she enjoyed every second of it. Gwen was bobbing up and down on Ben, while their grandpa was just sitting up front driving. She went a little faster and could feel the sensation of Ben about to unload.


“Oh fuck Gwen I think I might cum again” Ben said to Gwen.

“Come on! I want you to cum all over my pretty little face.” Gwen replied.

“Fuck yes Gwen I’m about to blow my load all over your fucking face!”

“Yeah baby cum for me! Cum all over my fucking face! Shoot it all over your little cousin”


And with that, Ben unleashed his load all over Gwen’s face. The amount of seed that Gwen had dripping off of her was almost too much for her to handle. She stroked him a couple more times to make sure that she got every last drop out. Then she wiped all of the warm white goo off her face and put it into a pile in her hand. Gwen then slid all the warm slime into her mouth and down her throat. Ben still in shock, from the amazing act Gwen just gave him, was unable to speak. Gwen giggled and shoved him in the arm, but he was in a daze. Max decided to stop by a nearby park he saw on a sign so the kids can get some fresh air and explore the woods. They parked the RV and all three of them proceeded to start wandering the woods. Gwen went with Ben and Max went alone. The kids walked around the woods for a while. They did a lot of sight seeing, and just enjoying nature. They saw many animals on their walk, and the scenery was just amazing. The river, the life and just the freedom of being alone was what Gwen wanted to live in in real life. She wanted her and Ben to spend the rest of their days living her with just the two of them. 


“Hey Ben, what do you think of living here forever?” Gwen asked.

“Yeah that would be pretty cool! All alone just me and you here. Living by ourselves, nobody to worry about except us” Ben replied.

“No I’m serious Ben, why can’t we live here?”

“Because Gwen, what would people think of us? They would see us as two disgusting incestual cousins that ran off to the woods to live together!” 

“Well it was just an idea Ben, you don't have to be such a dick! I just wanted to be with you forever”

“Gwen I will love you forever and I know you know that, but this thing between us will not last forever.”

What are you talking about? Of course it will last forever. You and me might be married with kids some day, but you and me can still get a little freaky every now and then can’t we?”


Ben just smiled and continued to walk on the path. Gwen was trying to talk to Ben, but he was in his own world thinking of his future. Like Gwen said one day they'll be married and have kids, they will be living their own lives with their own families. Ben just wished that Gwen would realize that her and Ben are not going to last forever. They might have fun for now, but as they get older they are going to drift apart. Gwen couldn't see that, all she saw was the time her and Ben were spending together. All she wanted was to spend every living second with Ben. Every second around him, by his side and of course him inside her. They walked by a nearby pond and Gwen had a great idea to do with Ben.


“Hey doofus? Come here for a second.” Gwen yelled to Ben.

“Fuck you Gwen, I'm coming in a second.” Ben yelled back.

“What is it Gwen? What was so important that you needed to have me come back”


Ben was interrupted by the view he was given. Gwen was completely naked and ankle deep in the pond. She then bent down to “pick something up”, but her and Ben both knew that she was doing it to get Ben’s attention. The way the sunlight was hitting Gwen’s smooth and young body was glistening like an angel coming down from heaven. The more she walked in the water the more and more Ben wanted to go and join her, but he knew if they got caught they would never be able to see each other again. The risk Ben wanted to take was almost to much, but for the love of his cousin he got undressed and slowly walked to the pond. As he approached the edge of the water, he saw Gwen stand up and he almost fainted by the sight. Gwen’s body was the body of a goddess, as he watched the water slowly dripped off her body he was in shock. How her nipples were hard, her breasts not too big, but still big and firm were soaked from the pond water. He saw her curves to her body form into something like out of this world. He short orange hair was wet, and watching the excess water flow out of her hair and down her back down to her magnificent ass. Not to perky, but enough cushion to grab ahold of and do something with. Ben was getting harder by the second, and then Gwen yelled to him.


“Ben get you ass over here and enjoy the water!”

“Give... Give me a second... I’ll be... I’ll be there in a... second.” Ben replied, but stuttered by the sight of a goddess just in front of him.

“Ben come on, please come and join me!”

Ben then walked into the water, not even minding that the water was a little colder than he expected, and rushed toward Gwen. When he got to her, he grabbed her and pulled her toward himself and gave her a kiss. Not just any kind of kiss, the kind of kiss that symbolizes that the person you are kissing is your soulmate. Like the moment they are sharing was like time was standing still and it was just the two of them. Everything just seemed to fade away, like everyone and everything on earth was just gone and they were the last two on earth. Gwen slowly leaned into Ben as she reached down and grabbed his massive barrel. Ben returned the favor by sticking two of his finger inside of Gwen. The two just stood and kissed as they both were helping one another out.


“Ben, can I ask you something very serious?” The shrink leaned in and asked Ben.

“Yeah sure, what is it?” Ben replied.

“Ben I think what you are telling me is that you literally fell in love with your cousin. If this is true, what happened that you still aren’t telling me?”

“You want the truth? You honestly want the truth? Okay here’s the truth. I came here to find some fucking closure, not be harassed by a shrink because what I did in my past somehow makes me a fucking bad guy? Some kind of incestual freak? I loved my cousin more than anything, and I still do, but if you are going to sit here and hassle me instead of helping me then maybe I should go.” Ben then got off the bed and walked toward the door.

“Ben wait! Listen I know what you are feeling is confusing and I know that you just want some help, but the only way for me to help you is if you give me the entire truth.

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