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The sound of soft hot pants and skin connecting against skin resonated from Odd and Sam’s living room as Odd reclined back on his cock, his eyes glued to Brynja’s bouncing breasts as the Nordic woman rode him with everything she had “ah…ah yes…Odd I’ve missed your cock!” the blonde slut cried out as she threw her head back in yet another orgasm, her toes curling with delight as her body thrummed and shook with pleasure

Grunting as her cunt got even tighter around his shaft Odd moved his hands to her full bubble ass spanking it hard before squeezing it as he started to thrust up into her, making her scream out with ecstasy as her hands moved to fondle her bouncing breasts

As Brynja’s screams of ecstasy got steadily louder and wilder neither she or Odd heard the front door open or the footsteps approaching them until a sharp gasp made them freeze “what’re you doing?!”

Turning towards the living room doorway Odd’s eyes widened at the sight of Jasmine standing with a furious glare in her eyes making him realise that one she had never met Brynja before, two they had never mentioned her before and three she had no idea that Brynja was technically part of the pact they had going on “it’s not what it looks like”

“Odd Della Robia! Are you honestly cheating on my little girl?!” Jasmine all but screeched making Odd and Brynja jump in shock

“No! No Sam knows about this I swear! Brynja’s a friend!” Odd tried to explain and calm his mother in law down “just ask Sam, she’ll tell you the same!”

Glaring at her son in law Jasmine pointed an accusing finger “you stay right there, if either of you move I’ll make you regret it” the milf stated with a tone of authority Odd had never heard from her, the older woman normally too laid back to uphold any true authority in the house trusting him and Sam to be able to run their lives on their own

As Jasmine stormed off into the kitchen to get her phone Brynja slowly loosened up having him scared rigid throughout the entire event “she is your mother in law?” the Nordic woman asked, neither Odd or Sam having ever mentioned her but she could still recognize the resemblance to Sam in the older woman

“Yeah she’s Sam’s mom” Odd  explained taking hold of Brynja’s hips as the blonde relaxed more and began to roll her hips again

“She is…very pretty” Brynja borderline moaned biting her lip as she looked back at the living room entrance as if hoping for her to come back sooner “so hot…”

(In the kitchen)

Pacing up and down as her phone dialled Jasmine chewed her thumbnail as she waited for her daughter to pick up the phone, what if Odd was telling the truth and she was blowing a minor thing completely out of proportion? She knew that both Odd and Sam slept around, hell she even encouraged it but that was only within their friend group of which she knew each of them personally and intimately but the blonde that was currently riding her son in laws dick was not one of them making her fear that he was in fact cheating on Sam “come on baby girl pick up”

Thankfully after another few seconds Sam finally picked up, a tired breathless tone to her voice as she spoke over the sounds of Yumi moaning and screaming in the background “hey mom what’s up?”

Biting her lip as it became obvious that Sam was at Ulrich and Yumi’s and she had disturbed her daughter in the middle of a hot threesome Jasmine resisted the urge to switch the call to video chat “do you know a girl called Brynja?” she asked wanting to get straight to the point before her libido distracted her too much

“Yeah, she’s staying with us for a few days, I was going to tell you but I must have forgot” Sam explained “why? You didn’t walk in on her showering did you?”

“No, it’s worse than that”

“Oh my god you caught her masturbating didn’t you?! She has the cutest little pussy doesn’t she?”

“I caught her and Odd having sex”

A small pause came from Sam’s end of the line making Jasmine worry about her daughters reaction, not even the continuing sounds of Yumi’s moaning and the bed creaking in the background making her feel any easier before Sam finally answered “and?”

Shocked by her daughter’s response Jasmine blinked a few times before responding “and you’re ok with this?”

“Odd fucks you so I don’t see the big difference, Brynja’s a friend mom, I’ve fucked her a few times myself” Sam explained to which Jasmine sighed “why? What did you do?”

“I yelled at them both” the milf admitted “you never told me about Brynja and I feared the worst”

“Oh mom! Ok it’s my bad for not telling you about her but you honestly thought Odd was cheating on me? Go apologise now!” Sam instructed with a stern tone showing her mother that she was completely serious “I gotta get going, it’s my turn on Ulrich’s dick, talk to you later mom” she added before quickly hanging up

Letting out another sigh Jasmine knew her daughter was right, she had jumped to conclusions and accused Odd of something he would never do, now she had to make it right so that things wouldn’t be awkward between them

Setting her phone down on the table Jasmine then proceeded to strip naked, leaving her clothes on the floor as she then headed back towards the living room where she found Odd and Brynja in the same position she had left them in “hey, I talked to Sam and…”

“We heard, you’re cool” Odd cut her off knowing full well that his wife would have explained everything

“Yeah but still I yelled at you for no reason, it’s only right that I make up for it” Jasmine insisted as she sauntered up to them and proceeded to kneel down behind Brynja, making the Nordic girl gasp as she reached around to cup her large heavy breasts “you were kind enough to wait for me to return so now I insist that you finish what you were doing” she then breathed squeezing Brynja’s breasts making her shudder and moan before starting to roll her hips harder, the blonde so close to her orgasm she could practically taste it

“Oh yes…” Brynja panted as she started to ride Odd’s cock again, her ass clapping against his thighs as his hands joined Jasmine’s on her breasts, the blonde barely lasting ten more seconds before seizing up in orgasm, her jaw falling slack as Jasmine latched her mouth onto her neck, sucking a hickey out of her pristine pale skin whilst her cunt clenched like a vice around Odd’s pulsating dick

As her body shook with pleasure Brynja slid off of Odd’s cock falling to her knees next to Jasmine as she leaned against the milf for support as she got her breath back “poor thing, it’s a little hard to take until you get used to him isn’t it?” Jasmine cooed rubbing Brynja’s back “but you can’t keep him waiting, you got to cum but he hasn’t, that’s not fair now is it?” she then teased leaning in to take Odd’s throbbing cock in her mouth, moaning at the sweet taste of Brynja’s cunt on it

Biting her lip as she watched Jasmine bob her head along Odd’s cock Brynja leaned in to lavish attention on his balls, feeling them tighten against her tongue before Odd came with a shuddering groan filling Jasmine’s mouth with his hot seed, the milf moaning as she let his cum fill her mouth to the brim before leisurely letting it slide down her throat like syrup

“I wanted some” Brynja pouted pulling away as Jasmine moved to straddle Odd’s lap reverse cowgirl style giving the blonde a perfect view of her mature cunt taking her son in law’s cock down to the hilt, her complaint quickly forgotten as she became mesmerised by the sight of the milf starting to bounce hard on Odd’s manhood

“Come on girl, let’s see what you can do with that mouth of yours” Jasmine panted spreading her legs wider as she pumped her hips to which Brynja eagerly crawled in-between them, the blonde woman pressing her tongue to where Odd and Jasmine were connected making them both shudder with pleasure

“Ah fuck” Odd groaned as Brynja lapped hungrily at his cock and balls, Jasmine’s cunt squeezing tight around him as he reached up to grope her breasts, his hips bucking as he thrust up into her fucking the milf back making her cry out with ecstasy

As Jasmine rode Odd harder Brynja moved her attention onto the older woman’s clit, licking it whenever she could as she fondled Odd’s balls, Odd’s cock and Brynja’s skilled tongue soon bringing the milf to her own orgasm, her toes curling into the carpet as she slammed herself down harder on Odd’s dick, her pussy squeezing even tighter as she moaned and panted through her climax

As Jasmine was preoccupied with her orgasm Brynja took the chance to steal Odd’s cock back, pulling it from the milf’s spasming cunt and clamping her lips around it, frantically sucking and stroking him until he gave her the mouthful of cum that she craved, swallowing his warm load in several loud gulps

“Damn girl, I wanted that” Jasmine fake pouted teasing Brynja’s previous words as the blonde pulled her mouth off of Odd’s cock, the milf sliding off of her son in laws dick to lock lips with Brynja, pushing her tongue into her mouth to root out any remaining cum that might of escaped being swallowed, their tongues wrestling before she finally pulled back “why didn’t you introduce me to this fine young lady sooner? I’m honestly offended” she teased in mock offense, not even letting Odd answer as she took Brynja’s hand “to make up for it I’m taking her for a girls only day, I hope you don’t mind, I’ll give her back in one piece” she purred as she stood pulling Brynja to her feet and dragging the Nordic woman towards the stairs to which she had no complaints

Smirking as he watched Brynja getting dragged away Odd jumped slightly as his phone suddenly rang, answering it to see it was Sam on the other end “hey babe, is everything ok with mom?” Sam asked with a somewhat weary tone showing that Ulrich had done a number on her

“Yeah, she came and apologized really well” Odd responded making Sam giggle “she’s currently upstairs with Brynja getting to know her better”

“Oh dear, looks like we’re getting a new roommate for a while”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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