The Sexcapade of Mike and Zoey

BY : Floresfire
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It was windy January evening at TIFF Bell Lightbox theater as Michael Smith and his wife, Zoey Smith, went to the world premiere show of Mike's first ever film, The Battle for Control. Many movie viewers went to see the film and absolutely loved every single moment of it; the drama between the main character and his wife, the action between the main character and his own alter that wanted nothing but full control over the mind, and the heart touching climax of the film.

After the film was over, people exit out the theater room, enjoying the film and thinking about viewing it another time. Soon enough, Mike and Zoey exit out the room, smiling about how amazing and spectacular it. Mike wore a dashing tuxedo suit, white shirt that was behind the suit, black pants and shoes that made The Great Gatsby look like a homeless man; while Zoey wore a beautiful red velvet dress that covered her legs, red high heels, and had her ruby red hair down to her shoulders.

"So, Zoey... what did you think of the movie?" Mike asked his beautiful wife who smile sweetly at her movie star husband and said 'Oh it was just absolutely incredible! The drama, the action between you and your counter part, even the climax of the film was fantastic and so heart warming.' Zoey meant every single word while wiping a tear from her eye, loving the climax of the film even more. Mike show a proud and thankful smile towards Zoey and said, "Thanks, Zoey. That means a lot to me, it was my first film." Mike kissed his wife's hand, making her blush slightly as she said

"You're welcome, Mike. I'm even more glad to be married to an amazing movie star... like yourself." Zoey smiled at her husband like a woman who wanted to be pleasured while winking at Mike, who blushed like a strawberry and only laugh a bit. 'Hehehehehehe!' The two were about to head back home, until Zoey had an idea... that her husband will love so very much. "Mike, I have a very romantic idea..."

"What is it?" Zoey soon pulled Mike close to her as she whispered into his ear 'Why don't we go somewhere a little more private for this idea... okay?' Zoey kissed Mike's cheek, making him blush deeply that it was noticeable. "S-Sure... I know the perfect place!" Mike said with a jittery yet excited tone as the two headed into a party area that is used for opening films, the place was completely empty, filled with a few tables, a radio and some sofas. "Okay, let's hear it, Zoey. What's your idea?" Zoey soon enough pushed Mike onto one of the sofas, making him look surprised by the sudden action. "Huh?" Zoey soon leaned closed to her husband, grasping her hands around his legs as she soon spoke in a soft yet seductive tone.

"Mike, your movie was one of the best I have ever since... but this will be even better." Zoey soon walked towards the door and locked it, making sure nobody would intervene, she then started to play some romantic music as she started to strip off of her dress. 'Ooooooh!' Mike grinned, getting more comfortable as Zoey undid her red dress and slowly removed it, revealing her beautiful hot body; her 23B cupped breasts being held by a dark red lacy bra, a pair of red panties, red high heels and fishnet stocking. Mike's jaw opened wide, his face blushed like a volcano as his lower reign started to grow with excitement. 'WOW! You look so hot!' Zoey laughed and said "Why thank you, Mr. Smith."

"You're very welcome, Mrs. Smith." Mike smirked as Zoey sexy walked her way towards Mike as they soon started locking lips. Their kiss was a hot passionate kiss that soon flipped into a sexy French make out session as Zoey started to strip off of his clothes. She undid and removed his suit and tie, unbuckled his pants and pulled them down along with his shoes; exposing his hot strong body that was still covered by a tight white tank shirt and his dark blue boxers that covered a great erection. Zoey stopped their kiss and grinning sexually.

"WOW! Looks like the Movie star has a very big friend." Mike smirk and said 'Yeah... and it's all yours.' Zoey looked excited as she replied "Heheheheheh, good! But I like to play around with my husband first." The two resumed their hot French kissing while Zoey's sat on top of Mike's waist, feeling his hard bulge against her panties. "Mmmmmm!" The two moaned in pleasure, feeling each other lower reign against their undergarment. Mike soon stopped and said with a grin 'You're getting quite hot for me, Zoe-Zoe.' Zoey smiled and said with a smirk "Hehehehe, why thank you Mike.' Mike soon noticed Zoey's neck was exposed as he took the opportunity and started kissing and licking his wife's soft neck.

"Oh! Hehehehehehe! Mmmmmm! Oh Mike!" Zoey moaned and giggled softly, loving Mike's mouth against her soft neck, making her wet down below as Mike kept licking and sucking her softly, taking his time to enjoy his hot wife's lovely neck. 'Mmmmmm! You have such a hot and soft neck, il mio amore.' Mike soon enough started sucking her even harder, acting like he was a sexy vampire, draining the blood off of his victim, making her his loving slave. "Mmmmmmmmm!" The two moaned simultaneously but Zoey's moan were more lourder as her hand started digging into Mike's back, soon ripping his tank top off, exposing his hot tone tan chest and rock hard solid 8 pack abs.

"Oh Mikey! You're sucking and kissing my neck like a sexy Italian Vampire!" Zoey bit her lips softly, loving every second of Mike sucking on her neck as he stopped, leaving her a dark hickey on neck as he grinned and said 'Grazie Mille.' Zoey looked surprised as she said "Italian?" Mike nodded while saying 'Si' Zoey blushed even more and said "That's so hot! It makes me want to suck your hard Italian meat!" Mike soon grinned while moving Zoey gently away as he soon pulled his boxer down, revealing his hard, vein, 10 inched long, 3 inched wide Italian sausage that Zoey was drooling for.

"Go ahead... it's all yours il mio amore." Mike said with a wink as Zoey smiled excitedly as she kneel down and started stroking Mike's hard cock, making her lover grunt in pleasure as she soon teased him by licking her long hot tongue around his cock, twirling around his tip, releasing it in a kiss as she soon started sucking him slowly yet in a sexy way, taking half of her husband's hard meat 'Mmmmmmm...!' Zoey moaned lovingly, enjoying Mike's sausage as he hiss and groan like a hungry beast. "Mmmmmm! Oh Zoey!" Mike rubbed his hands through Zoey's soft ruby red hair, making her moan gently, even smiling while she continue her soft sucking. "You're so good at sucking my Italian meat! Zoey soon stopped but kept stroking him so he wouldn't stop feeling her pleasure.

"Hehehehe, thank you Mikey, but you're going to love this even more." Zoey soon removed her dark red bra, showing her 23B-Cupped breasts, as she starting titty fucking Mike's cock hard while resumed her soft sucking. "Mmmm!" Zoey moaned against Mike's erect while Mike hissed like a King Cobra, 'OH SHIT!' Mike hiss and grunted against his teeth, his hands clawed on the sofa as Zoey kept going.

"Mmmmmmm!" They both moaned in pleasure as Zoey increased her pace, sucking and titty fucking Mike's hard cock hard, making she deepthroat and deepdrool his cock badly. Mike bit his lower lip hard, nearly causing him to bleed as he soon grabbed Zoey's face and started fucking her hard. "Mmmm!?" Zoey moaned in surprised but was enjoying it even more. 'Ohhhhhh! Fucking yes! Succhia la mia dura carne italiana, Zoey!' Mike spoke in Italian, saying 'Suck my hard Italian meat harder, Zoey!' as Zoey moaned pleasingly and sucked Mike harder and harder. "Mmmmmmm!" Zoey sucked him harder and harder as Mike was getting closer to climax. 'Shit! Zoey, I'm gonna cum! Can't... hold it any longer!' Zoey soon enough took back control and bop her head faster, sucking Mike's erect harder than ever as it was time.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!" Mike climaxed all over Zoey's face, mouth and even chest. "OH FUCK YES!" Mike soon stroke his cock, letting out more of his man made milk over Zoey's face. Zoey swallowed it, licked her lips and said 'Mmmmm! That was yummy, yummier than chardonnay.' Mike smiled and said "Thanks... now it's my turn!" Mike got up and placed Zoey onto the sofa as he soon removed her panties in a flash, revealing her soaked tight pussy with a little pubic hair above it. "Hehehehe, you're gonna enjoy this." Mike soon moved her legs apart, as he started to lick and suck Zoey's pussy slowly. "Mmmmm!" Mike grunted, loving the taste of his wife's cherry and Strawberry fusion slit as Zoey started to scream and moaned like a banshee.

"Ohhh, oh shit! This feels so good!" Zoey rubbed one of her hands on Mike's hairs, scratching his scalp, making him groan and grunt in pleasure while her other hand started groping and pinching her breasts hard, needed to be pleasured. "Mmmmm! Oh my god, yes!" Zoey soon licked her left breasts slowly as Mike soon spoke 'Mmmm! Sweet like cherry pie!' Mike soon started to finger Zoey's pussy hard, taking two of his right finger and moving them hard inside her while he began sucking on her clit, making her scream in even more pleasure. "Ohhh! Harder! Lick me harder, Mike!" Zoey beg and demanded Mike to go harder as he did what she wanted, "You got it Zoey!" Mike started licking and sucking his wife harder, swilling his tongue against her inner walls, while his finger fucked her harder and harder as Zoey was now close to explode.

"Ohhhhh! Mikey! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna explode!" Mike grinned and said 'Mmmm! Do it then! I want your sweet tasty cum all over my face!' Mike resumed his hard pussy licking and finger fucking as it was time. "MIKE, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Without warning, Zoey climaxed al over Mike's face, spreading her wet liquid over his mouth to his chin. Zoey panted like an exhausted dog while saying "Mmmmm! Oh, so good!" Mike moaned while licking his lips. 'Mmmm! I agree!' Mike soon licked and sucked Zoey's pussy dry, drinking her sweet fruity flavored cum, while she moaned and sighed pleasingly. 'Mmmm! Sweet like a strawberry cake fused with a cheery cream pie.' Mike winked while Zoey started blushing and said "Aww! Stop that!"

Mike soon pulled Zoey up, sat back down on the sofa and placed her on his lap, making their lower reign touch. "Oh!" They both moaned a bit but looked at each other with lovely eyes as Mike soon spoke "Now comes the final part of this sexy movie..." Zoey grinned like a sexy kitty as she wrapped her arms around Mike's neck and said 'Oooooh! Give it to me, Mike!' Mike only said "Okay!" as he grabbed his hard erect and pushed it into Zoey's wet slit hard. "Ohhh!" They both moaned in pleasure, feeling each other hard and tight as Mike began pounding his wife's pussy. 'Ohhh! Yes, yes, yes! Mike, fuck me harder!' Mike lean his face close to Zoey's and said "No problem, il mio amore." Mike increased his pace, pounding her like a fighter jet as he started licking and sucking on Zoey's breasts. "Mmmmm! So soft!" Zoey moaned and scream passionately

"Thank you, Mike!" Zoey's moan gotten even harder and lourder as Mike kept pounding her hard. "Ohhhh! I'm so fucking turned on!" Mike replied back, 'Me too!' The two lovers soon locked lips one again, kissing each other hard as Mike pound her harder and harder, hitting her deep ends. 'Mmmmm! I love you so much, Zoey Smith.' Zoey replied in the same tone "I love you too, Michael Smith!" Zoey kissed him again as Mike went even harder, meaning he was close to explode. The two soon felt a shaking feeling inside their bodies.

"Zoey, I'm about to explode! I'm cumming again!" Zoey said back 'Me too!' The two kissed once again as Mike pound her pussy harder and harder, going as fast as the speed of light. Soon enough, it was time. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The two climazed hard against each other, Mike came inside of Zoey while she explode all over his waist. "Ohhhh! Yes!" The two kissed once again until Mike pulled out and carried Zoey towards a table, placing her on all fours. 'Huh?' Zoey looked concerns until Mike said "I'm not done yet... do you want more, Mrs. Smith?' Mike rubbed her marshmallow ass slowly, making her moan and blush a bit 'Of course!' Zoey shaked her ass, jiggling it as Mike got hard once more and began pounding her ass hard. "Ohhh... shit! This feels great! But, oh god! You're so tight!" Mike soon started pounding her ass hard like she likes it. "Ohhh! Fucking yes!" Mike smacked her ass, making her moan as she said

"Oh! Smack my ass again, but do it harder!" Mike only said 'Okay then!' as he smacked her ass harder while he kept pounding her even more, hitting her deep end. Zoey moaned and screamed in absolute pleasure as she screamed "Harder! Fuck me ass harder, Mikey!" Mike understood and fucked her ass harder, pounding her like a sledgehammer breaking a brick wall. "MMMMMMM! OH YES!" They kept going until it was time once again. 'Shit! I'm cumming again!' Zoey soon said "Ohhhh! Do it! Cum inside my ass then cum all over my body!" Mike grinned and said 'Alright then!' Mike soon fucked Zoey with every single amount of might and energy he had left. 'Ohhhhhh! Fucking yes! I love you, Zoey!'

"I love you too, Mike!" Mike soon pulled her close and kiss her hard. "Mmmmmmmm!" The two moaned against their kiss as Mike soon stopped and said 'SHIT! HERE IT COMES!' Mike pound into Zoey one final time as he came inside of Zoey's ass. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The two screamed in absolute pleasure while Mike pulled out of Zoey and came all over her body, covering her chest, legs, face and arms with his mad made cum. 'Ohhhhhh... yeah!' Mike stopped while panting like a exhausted lion while Zoey moaned and sighed. "Mmmmm!" Zoey licked some of the cum from her breasts and swallowed it. "Mmm! Sweet yet salty as always... I love it." Mike grinned and said 'Thanks.'

Soon, the two cleaned themselves up and got redress as they left the party room. "That was really nice and hot!" Mike said while sighing as Zoey smiled and held her husband close 'Yeah... it was even more hotter since I got fucked hard by a hot and sexy movie star.' She soon kissed Mike once again. 'Love you, Mike.' Mike laughed and said while holding her close. "I love you too, Mrs. Smith." The two shared one final kiss as they left the movie premiere and headed home to end their hot and amazing night.

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