Widdle Wouds: Wesolution

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Patches of ice crumbled and melted under Lisa’s fingertips as she opened the cooler. Lori didn’t want to believe it when Lisa told her that Lily’s arm had been stolen. She couldn’t accept that the sole visceral reminder of their baby sister’s existence was gone. But as she peered into the container, she saw a barren interior with only a frozen splotch of darkened blood acting as a reminder of the box’s previous contents. Small clouds of breath slipped past her mouth, chilled thanks to the vapors billowing from the empty box, and something within in her subconscious cringed at the sight. With yet another piece of evidence confirming the reality she once knew now taken from her, who could say how long it would be before her crumbling sanity soon followed? The unexpected crack of the ice box’s lid slamming shut disrupted these thoughts and caused Lori’s entire body to lurch backwards in surprise. Slightly shaken, she looked down at Lisa, who had been staring expectantly at her older sister for quite some time.

“Now that I have successfully captured your attention, dear sister,” Lisa said while her tiny fingers drummed atop the ice box’s lid, “shall we begin searching for our perpetrator?”

Lori scratched the back of her neck while she mulled over Lisa’s words. “How? I mean, it could literally be anyone, right? How do we narrow this down?”

“We can start by eliminating the glaringly improbable suspects. I highly doubt, for example, that Leni is the thief since she was fast asleep when I came to alert you.”

“That’s a relief,” Lori said, a tinge of nervous laughter in her voice. It was hard enough to deal with both Lincoln and Luna, but the possibility of Leni, the sister Lori had known the longest of all, becoming infected was not one she was willing to even consider.

“Now,” Lisa resumed, “let us commence in finding any leads to further our investigation. Perhaps the best place to start is by deducing how they were able to find it in the first place. I am certain I had taken all necessary precautions in keeping it hidden…”

Lori nodded, sharing her sister’s confusion. Ever since the first time Lisa had shown her the arm, Lisa had kept its existence entirely under wraps. In fact, Lori could count the number of instances when she actually saw it again after that on one hand. On those occasions, she had to practically beg Lisa to dredge up the cooler from the cluttered depths of her drawers just so she could see its morbid contents one more time. It made Lori felt a little guilty since Lisa always seemed extremely reluctant whenever she did so, but she couldn’t help herself. The arm was a wistful relic of happier, more stable times, and brought her solace whenever life in the house weighed down on her and made her feel like she was going to explode. Despite everyone’s belief of the contrary, it was proof that there once were eleven Loud children at some point. There was also a point where none of those children were god damned teen babies, Lori ruefully noted.

Staring at her contemplative sister, Lori often wondered if Lisa saw the arm the same way she did. While the two of them shared little common interests, the arm and knowledge surrounding it served as the foundation for a bond that was closer than any other in the entire household. It was forbidden knowledge the only the two of them were aware of. The edges of Lori’s mouth curled into a small frown as she rested on that fact, and realized that it wasn’t entirely true. Although the arm was in fact unknown to all, the container it was held in was not. The memory flashed before Lori instantly, of how she betrayed Lisa’s trust and nearly compromised their kindred secret in a moment of frustration and anger.

“It’s Lynn or Luan.” Lori’s statement came out in a stale, matter-of-fact tone that betrayed the deep-seated guilt that started to rise inside of her. “They’re the only ones who saw the ice box. There’s literally no way anyone else could have known.”

Lisa gasped. “But of course! It’s so obvious, that should have been my first conclusion! How is it that those meddlesome rats have become such a metaphorical thorn in my side!?” She then proceeded to stomp around the room all while muttering lengthy strings of verbose curses against Luan and Lynn. Lori smiled in spite of herself due to the sight of this tiny four-year-old’s body bursting with vitriol and excitement. It also helped that she appeared to be oblivious to the fact that it was ultimately Lori’s fault that the two of them found the cooler in the first place.

“Sooo…” Lori began, dragging the syllable out in hopes of distracting Lisa from her ranting, “should we go and search their rooms then?”
Lisa swiveled her head to face Lori and nodded excitedly, a menacing scowl carved across her face. “Indeed! Let us move now, and pray that the situation is not yet out of our control!”

The door hardly made a noise as it was painstakingly pushed open as slow as Lori could manage. The opening only ended up being just wide enough for both Lori and Lisa to slide their bodies through. They moved almost noiselessly down the hallway to Lynn and Lucy’s room, mostly thanks to the fact that neither of them were wearing shoes; Lori had neglected to put any on after getting out of bed and Lisa made a point to leave hers behind in the room. With her shoulder pressed against the wall, Lori reached over and pushed Lynn and Lucy’s door open. Even though both sisters struggled to see a thing amidst the darkness, they both clearly heard two pairs of loud, croaking gargles from within the depths of the bedroom. Lori immediately recognized it as the girls’ snoring, and Lisa took it as a signal to sneak inside the room undetected. Lori felt hot droplets of sweat bud against her forehead as the seconds that Lisa spent inside dragged on with no end in sight. It was only after Lisa exited the room that Lori could breathe easily, and she wasted no time in shutting the door behind her.

“I searched what I could in there,” Lisa said, holding her empty hands outwards. “I doubt that Lynn has the arm.”

Lori nodded in understanding and the two of them resumed slinking down the remaining length of the hallway to Luan’s room. Dull, orange light filtered from the underside of the door, which caused Lori to root herself in place. Lisa’s stride was unbroken, so Lori placed a hand on her shoulder to get her attention.

“Wait a second,” Lori whispered through her teeth. “You don’t think Luan might be awake in there, do you?”

“Let us hope so,” Lisa said as she shrugged Lori’s hand off her shoulder. “I for one relish in the possibility of a confrontation with that reprehensible coward.”

Lisa jumped up to grab the doorknob and pushed the door open. The room was entirely bathed in a dim, amber glow from several fake candles. The candles were arranged in a row in front of Luan, who sat in her high-back swivel chair that was faced towards the door. She grinned toothily at Lori and Lisa once they stepped inside, proudly showing off the fruits of the dental surgeons’ labors. The top row of teeth was completely free of braces and was almost perfectly parallel to the bottom row. Seeing Luan without that huge overbite that she wore for her whole childhood felt strangely off-putting to Lori, but she soon forgot about that once she noticed the object in Luan’s hands. Lori’s breath clumped in her throat as she watched Luan lift Lily’s arm into clear view, swaying flaccidly in her grip as she moved it side to side in an imitation of waving. The harsh lighting of the candles revealed the splotches of decayed skin that formed a mottled patchwork across the flesh, reaffirming that this was indeed the real arm rather than a plastic forgery.

“Hey guys,” Luan said, her grin widening as the arm swung limply in her grip. Speckles of lingering ice crystals flaked off of its flesh, glinting faintly in the candlelight. “Like what I just found? I don’t know what happened to this person, but it sure looks like it was pretty ‘armful! Hahahaha! Get it?”

“Thief!” Lisa spat. “Relinquish that appendage at once!”

“Uh oh, looks like you caught me red-handed! Don’t get close though, Lisa, I’m visibly armed!” Luan’s nasally laughter filled the room and nearly caused Lisa to lunge at her before Lori grabbed her by the shirt collar just in time. The situation was already bad enough without letting it escalate into violence.

“Enough with the jokes, Luan,” Lori said all while trying to keep Lisa’s thrashing body under control. “That belongs to Lisa, so just give it back to her and we can literally pretend none of this happened, okay?” A dismissive grunt came from the wriggling child in her hands, apparently in disagreement with this attempt at compromise.

Luan shook her head as she straightened out the hand’s index finger, keeping all the rest curled towards its palm. She then waved the arm again, making it seem as if it were wagging its finger admonishingly. “No can do, sis,” she said, “not until you tell me why you guys want to keep this a secret so badly.”

“That information is none of your concern!” Lisa shouted, still uselessly wrestling against Lori’s hold on her. Lori’s grip remained firm, but she couldn’t help but feel shamefully intrigued by Luan’s request. The idea that the arm should be shown to the rest of the family had been suggested by her several times, only for Lisa to consistently reject it. There was always an excuse, often under the vague promises of research, but it was never enough to satisfy Lori’s curiosity. Of all the secrets they were able to share with each other, Lisa insisted on keeping that bit of information firmly in the shadows.

Luan rolled her eyes. “Oh come on, Lisa. Humor a comedian, won’t you? There has to be a good reason why you don’t want me or anyone else to know about this.”

Before Lisa could cry out another indignant exclamation, Lori took the opportunity to speak up: “I mean, she has a point, Lisa.” The words made Lisa go limp in her hands. The younger girl turned around, confusion and apparent betrayal visible in her eyes. Lori spoke again, keeping her voice stern and level, “you can’t keep me in the dark about this forever.”

Lisa stared wide-eyed at Lori for a few moments before a drawn-out sigh slithered past her lips. “It wasn’t my intention to deceive you, Lori, but you must understand that this situation goes against all notions of logic and science. All of my actions had to be careful, guarded, lest I inadvertently bring about unforeseen disaster upon our relations. If Lily as an individual does not even register as a concept to these people, who knows how they would react if they were made aware of the arm’s existence? Keeping it a secret was the only way to avoid untold damage being wrought upon their weak, impressionable psyches.”

It was only through the minute details in Lisa’s expression that Lori could see through the cracks of her otherwise stoic mask. Inklings of a frown tugged at the edges of her lips and her eyes often sunk downward for brief moments before realigning themselves back to Lori. Lori softly nibbled on her lower lip once Lisa had finished, still pondering if things like that were enough to gauge whether or not her words were truly sincere. A sharp, squawking guffaw shattered her concentration and the two of them turned back to Luan, who was using the arm’s hand to wipe imaginary tears from her eye.

“Nice joke, sis,” Luan said with a sneer. She waved the arm mockingly at Lisa, which flopped about as she spoke. “You really think that this thing has that sort of effect on people? Sorry to disprove your precious science, but I’m not gonna give you a hand for that theory! Hahahaha! Get it?”

Luan continued to wave the limb wildly, putting its ineffectiveness on full display. Lisa gazed at it despondently, her previous fury having been extinguished after her confession. The arm’s movements became less violent as Luan slacked in her motions, and Lori became keenly aware of the shift in Luan’s expression. Her sneering eyes were directed away from Lisa and focused more of the arm, and her mocking grin softened until it finally transformed into a pensive frown. Her gaze soon was completely oblivious to all else in the room as she became fully engrossed in the limb in her hands. Small dribbles of saliva leaked through the edges of her closed mouth and the tip of her tongue soon poked out to lick her lips. By the time Lori could piece together what was going on, Luan had already clamped her mouth down onto the arm, her teeth easily cleaving through the decayed flesh and soft tissue.

Lori screamed and charged forward, crashing into Luan and sending the arm flying out of her jaws. The arm soared across the room before flopping onto the floor with a wet, heavy smack. Tattered skin and oozing fluids marked where Luan had torn out her chunk of meat, which she continued to chew on like a cow with its cud. Lori immediately hooked her fingers under Luan’s lips and fought to wrench her mouth open, but it was all in vain. A bulge soon formed in Luan’s throat, which languidly slithered along her neck as she swallowed. The younger girl’s face immediately grew pale. Her eyes shimmered in their sockets with pinprick pupils directed at nothing. Her jaw slacked to the right, slightly open and exposing teeth flecked with bits of darkened meat. Lori cupped the sides of her sister’s face with her hands, horror gripping her from behind as she realized that she was witnessing the transformation taking place. After a few seconds of total stillness, a sharp convulsion rocked Luan’s body from top to bottom. With dilated pupils, her eyes rolled about deliriously before finally settling on Lori. Her agape jaw softened into a warm, slightly dazed smile as a low groan rumbled inside her throat.

“Gggh… me huwt. Baby get big ouchies.”

Lori screamed again, this time in fear rather than anger. Her hands shot off of Luan before she hurled herself towards the doorway. Curled up in a shivering ball, it didn’t even occur to her that she was essentially hiding behind Lisa, who had been observing the events with awe. Luan lifted herself into a sitting position, grinning obliviously at her sisters before a grimace screwed her expression. A strained grunt rose from her chest as she leaned forward, all the muscles in her body flexing at once. Only a few seconds passed until her body immediately relaxed and she breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Oopsie,” Luan giggled, a cheeky grin returning to her face while she bounced up and down. “Baby not weawing a diapie!”

The stink was immediate. Lori gagged, desperately wishing to spew up vomit that wasn’t there. Plugging her nose to shield herself from the stench of old fish and curry, she stared at Lisa, whose uncertain expression mirrored her own. Luan proceeded to bounce around in the filth she created inside of her panties, her signature laugh ringing in Lori’s ears as the false candlelight began to flicker and dim.

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