A Rockin' Time

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Mr. Loud peered over the top of his newspaper in trepidation as he heard the sound of heavy footsteps enter the kitchen. His daughter Luna, clad only in an oversized t-shirt and a pair of large purple boots, clomped into the room and stopped for a brief moment once she noticed her father’s gaze. Then, almost instinctively, her previously heavy shuffle morphed into a playful saunter as she continued her way inside the kitchen. The rigid soles of the boots clacked against the tile as she tried to make her footsteps as light as possible. Her hips sashayed left to right and Mr. Loud could detect the faint jiggling of her slightly plump, teenaged buttocks from underneath the thin fabric of her shirt.

“Morning, Pops,” she said with a warm, knowing smile as she strolled over to the refrigerator. Mr. Loud felt his grip on the paper tighten as she opened the fridge and bent down to search through the lowest shelf. Her shirt predictably rode up her waist and gave Mr. Loud a generous view of her pink, spotted panties. He quickly buried his face deeper into the paper to avert his gaze, but his eyes found themselves slowly floating to the top once more to look back at his daughter. The underwear bunched within the middle of her pale, freckled cheeks, which swayed hypnotically from side to side. Luna was humming the melody of some old tune that Mr. Loud struggled to remember the name of, all while her ass kept in tune to her humming like a metronome. Just get the damn food already, Mr. Loud thought as the paper rustled in his hands and the blood rushed to his face, why does she have to do this every day?

This behavior hadn’t always been going on; she had only been acting out like this fairly recently, but it always seemed to be getting worse. Luna was not at all shy about wearing short skirts that did little to hide her undergarments; Mr. Loud was also aware that she was more prone to bending over or spreading her legs apart if she knew that he was in the same room as her. He felt that he could wave this off as a harmless eccentricity that Luna had, but it didn’t end there. Every time the two of them were in a room together, it appeared as though Luna had prepared creative and inappropriate methods to catch her father’s attention. He grimaced as he visualized the several suggestive ways she’d treat her woodwind instruments whenever he agreed to help her practice. She’d always rub the shafts and suck on the mouthpieces, all while looking at him expectantly.

As aggravating as it was, Mr. Loud found himself reluctantly waving off this behavior by lumping it under any number of generic phenomena that afflict teenage girls. Still, Lori and Leni never acted this way at all when they were Luna’s age, so he knew there had to be something else at work here. His stomach would always churn when the suggestions of romance cropped up in his mind. It wasn’t because of the fact that it’d be both sick and completely ridiculous to assume something like that, but because it made him feel guilty as well. Luna may not have the natural good looks of her two older sisters, but Mr. Loud wasn’t blind to the attractive qualities she still possessed. Her fluffy brown hair, her pudgy freckled face, and her lithe, developing body could all be part of any young boy’s lustful fantasies. It also didn’t help matters that she always dressed in ways that reminded him of the girls he used to know from his past. Back in school during rock and roll’s heyday, the hallways were filled with short-haired girls wearing plaid skirts that ended just above their knees, leather boots that rose past their ankles, and piercings that dotted their ears, lips, and noses. He looked back at Luna’s barely concealed ass, realizing just how much of a resemblance she bore to the girls of his memories, the ones who’d always smoke in the restrooms and gossip about what concert they’d go see next. As his brain straddled between his lucid, wistful memories of the past and the concrete realities of the present, he slowly became aware of the gradually hardening erection forming underneath his khakis. His face suddenly hot with blood and shame, he crossed one leg over the other to smother his arousal before it grew more apparent. He tore his eyes away from Luna and burrowed his face into his paper. Was she turning him on? No, of course not. That’s his daughter, for crying out loud. It must’ve just been from the flashbacks of those girls. It made him want to smile, though, from thinking about how silly, boyish hormones could still affect him like this. Instead, a sigh slipped out of his lips. He had to face facts: fantasies like that belong to young men. It may have only felt like the other day that he had the body to match this kind of energy, but the reality was that he looked to be growing older every time he looked in the mirror. A new day brought new wrinkles, new aches, and new pills he had to take to supplement his diet. Girls like Luna wouldn’t give an old fogey like him a passing glance. Well, except Luna herself it seems, he thought bitterly.

“Oh hey, Dad,” Luna suddenly spoke up after finally grabbing an apple and closing the refrigerator door. “Before I forget, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Y-yes, honey, what is it?” Mr. Loud cursed himself for stammering. There was no reason he should feel uncomfortable right now. He looked back up at Luna, who wore a slightly smug smile on her face. It was almost as if she could detect the tinge of nervousness in his voice.

“Well,” Luna drawled out tentatively and deliberately. She held her apple limply in one hand while the other slowly began slowly gliding up the length of her abdomen. “Mick Swagger is going to be playing in Detroit tonight, and me and Chunk both have tickets to see him. But the other day, Chunk threw out his back while helping me move my gear. Doctor said he’d have to stay home for at least a week while he recovers.” As she spoke, her free hand continued to drift up towards her chest, hovering only slightly above the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She finally rested her hand on the underside of one of her small, developing breasts. She cupped it tenderly and drummed her fingers along its surface. Mr. Loud’s pores felt like bullet holes as sweat coated his forehead while he watched Luna casually squeeze and fondle her breast right in front of him. He could even make out the tiny prick of her nipple press out proudly against the purple cotton fabric.

“Well gee, sweetie, that’s awful,” Mr. Loud said as he rubbed a sweaty palm against his equally drenched forehead. “I’m not sure what that has to do with me, though.”

“I’m saying that Chunk isn’t gonna use his ticket, so I wanted to know if you wanted to come see Mick Swagger with me instead.”

“Well that’s awfully generous of you to offer, pumpkin,” Mr. Loud said over the rustling of his newspaper. He remembered the last time he saw Mick Swagger in concert. Thirty years weren’t quite enough to dull the memories of hormonal decadence, half-conscious drunks slamming against each other, and screaming girls who all wanted Mick to get an eyeful of their tits. “It sounds fun, but I think I might be busy tonight, so–”

“Aww, c’mon, Dad!” Luna said in high, whiney voice. She hadn’t used that sort of tone since she was in elementary school, but Mr. Loud knew that she only ever used it when she wanted something desperately. Biting her lower lip, she began squeezing her breast more vigorously as she stared at Mr. Loud with large, pleading eyes. She set the apple on the counter and brought her other hand to her free breast, kneading it with equal intensity as she started gasping out quiet moans from between her teeth. Now pressing both her breasts as close together as she could, she began fluttering her eyelids at her father before speaking again through her shallow panting. “Pleeease, Daddy?”

All the blood that was pooled in Mr. Loud’s cheeks drained in an instant. His wide, awestruck eyes were the only noticeable feature on his pale and otherwise expressionless face. Is she doing what he thinks she’s doing? Could this be a fever dream? Why was his erection acting up now of all times? As he squeezed his legs together even tighter in an attempt to push any stray blood back into his body, the color was slowly returned to his face. Through the itchy, chafing sensation in his crotch, he forced his lips to stretch out into a smile at Luna’s pleas.

“Ohh… alright, honey, you win,” Mr. Loud said, barely able to restrain his sighs of frustration. “I’ll go with you.” The allure of seeing the legendary Swagger himself was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Besides, maybe spending some time with Luna could help him figure out the cause for this odd behavior of hers. Perhaps a little father-daughter time could benefit the both of them.

A wide grin plastered itself across Luna’s face as she hopped over to Mr. Loud and kissed him on the cheek. One that was perhaps both a little too long and eager, Mr. Loud thought. “Thanks a million, dude!” Luna cried out. “This night is gonna be so rockin’!” She then proceeded to saunter out of the room with the same type of hypnotic, hip-swaying stride she used when making her entrance. As soon as Mr. Loud heard her heavy boots stomp their way completely up the staircase, his pent up emotions escaped his mouth in the form of a low groan of exasperation mingled with frustration and a hint of arousal. He then reshuffled his newspaper and tried to resume where he left off, all while trying to determine whether it was excitement or dread about tonight that was swirling about in his mind.

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