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31 December 1913


Elsa looked up from her desk as Moana entered the royal offices of Arendelle Castle. She smiled sadly at her wife of almost seventy years. The look on Moana's face was all the chastisement she needed for working so late on New Year's Eve. But world events were spiraling steadily out of control, and she felt the weight of all the years since that fateful night aboard a ship in the South Pacific.

Arendelle was a proper empire now, and holding it's own with the great nations of the world at last. Even the belligerent and downright distasteful United States of America was finally showing The Empire of Arendelle the respect it deserved. And that was thanks only to the fact that the Empire was now one of the wealthiest nations of the world, with major industries and banks to back it. Not to mention a navy that dwarfed every other in the world, even the British Royal Navy.

Elsa still remembered 28 October 1847. She remembered her defeat of Hans clearly. And not a day went by when she wasn't looking for some sign of him returning. However, ever since 13 April 1848 and the protests that spread across Arendelle, she had been turning her focus to managing her country and trying to find a way that would please her people.

The people of Arendelle hadn't been pissed at her, just the fact that she had been an absolute monarch and that had almost allowed them to be conquered and oppressed by Hans. They didn't want that to happen again, so they had petitioned Elsa in the most spectacular ways to change her government. Elsa was pleased to see how restrained her people were compared to other countries in Europe where violent rebellions had been the norm. And she had agreed with them in the most sincere way.

She had formed a kind of three house parliament in 1849 based loosely off the British model. One house was the Nobility, the second was the Commons, and the final house was The Royals to keep her from being a mere figurehead. The Royals was made up of her council with her as it's head. Oh, she still had a prime minister who was drawn from the elected Commons, but the purse still rested with the Nobility. She herself still had to sign off on anything either house sent her way, in the same way the American President did. Elsa and Moana had been declared the Eternal Empresses of Arendelle.

And Elsa had been true to her word to her wife, and included every island of the Pacific in her newly formed government, with each chief of the various tribes as a petty lord or king depending on size. They were empresses of an empire in truth. It had taken time to get the word to each and every inhabited island, and resistance had been strong in the Sandwich Islands and New Zealand, but she had managed to include every native tribe and even find a balance between European and local customs and traditions, thus preserving her peoples' cultural identities. Still, on 1 July 1859 she had finally managed to open the first full session of her parliament with every representative in attendance for the formal occasion.

Elsa had gotten lucky though. Wessalton and the Southern Isles had both had successful revolutions that had toppled the monarchies. Rapunzel's Corona wound up having a revolution that put a government similar to the British Parliament in place, and limited her power. Wessalton wound up having four revolutions in ten years as one weak government after another toppled. The Southern Isles however wound up with a full blown democracy full of elected presidents and representatives on the American model. Elsa had thanked her gods for sparing her the additional bloodshed after her successful retaking of Arendelle from Hans. After talking with the leaders of the movement, she had found out that that had been their intent as well, as they hadn't wanted to resort to fighting with Elsa, because they were happy to have her back, respected her, and were sick of fighting.

Elsa had even managed to keep her promise to the islanders and it was a state tradition that every five years, starting with 1850, she and Moana returned to the South Pacific in a kind of tour that let them poll and communicate with the far flung islands of the Empire. They always stayed a month in Motonui and Lani Tai however, and even Anna and Christoff, who had finally repaired their relationship, joined them in a kind of family vacation.

It was a sad thing in 1860 however, when they returned only just in time for the death of Chief Tui, their shared father. Tui had been ill for months after a jelly fish stung him, and never fully recovered. Elsa and Moana had cried as they watched the strong man who had become such a strong presence in their lives slowly slipped away into his final sleep. They had burned his body in accordance with tradition and made a solemn vow to the islanders that they would always return to honor his memory.

Nor had that been the only death Elsa and Moana had had to come to terms with. Loosing their mother a mere two years later while they were in Arendelle had been hard. Then it had been Anna on 12 December 1901, followed shortly by Christoff on 13 January 1902. Both had been severely ill before the end. Rapunzel had passed her crown to her eldest son on 25 June 1905. She died a week later. Rapunzel's prized frying pan was interred with her. Flynn, or former King Eugene died 15 August 1906.

The litany of deaths had hit the couple hard as they realized that the adventures they had known were effectively over. They had become immortal empresses out of time and place. More than once Elsa had considered just handing her crown to someone else and stepping down, but Moana had been adamant in that it wasn't time for that yet. Still, despite some searching, they never found another monster on the waves to fight, nor another demon.

Elsa's mind snapped to the present as Moana spoke. “Island Lilly, you need to take a rest and take me to bed. You have been working too hard lately.”

Elsa smiled sadly, “More like I have been trying to forget things by burying them in work. It hasn't worked yet, so I might as well stop trying.”

“Still thinking of them?” Moana asked. She didn't need to elaborate to show she knew exactly where Elsa's mind had been.

“It doesn't seem to have lessened in the seven years since Eugene, the last one we could still talk to, passed. Honey, we need to abdicate and take our leaves,” Elsa said firmly.

“No. We can't do that. Not yet. Anything from Maui recently?” Moana tried to change the subject.

“Not a word. Nothing in twenty years. You know that. For all we know, he finally got killed by his own arrogance,” Elsa responded. “And don't change the subject. You know I am right. I know you want to dispute it, but it is time. The stress of the reality of it all is getting to me and you both. And let's face it, neither we or the rest of the world know exactly how to handle two immortals in seats of power. We are relics of times long gone. And now we are having to watch history repeat itself.”

“I take it no one is listening? Not even Stephen over in Corona?” Moana dodged.

“No. Not even good cousin Stephen. They all seem to think that forming these pacts and alliances is going to keep any major wars from happening. They think it is the best path to peace. And they don't like it when I remind them of what happened in the 1840's. How that mess all blew up because one nation allied with others. They don't realize how this is going to turn out in the end. All it will take is one bastard to start it all over again,” the weariness was evident in Elsa's voice.

“And our stance?” Moana pressed.

“We have petitions from both sides, and parliament is pushing me to pick one. At least our people know well enough to let me pick the side. They just don't want to get squished in between two forces. And damn it, they are right. Our navy is so large that our army is weak, and if a war breaks out, we'll be hard pressed to defend ourselves against invasion by someone else looking to force us into using our fleets to support them, or worse, looking to use our strategic location as a launching point for sea borne attacks on others. Even the Defense Staff is pointing out how being neutral would just make us an easy target,” Elsa explained.

“Are those scientists still camped out in town?” Moana asked suddenly.

Elsa quirked an eyebrow, “Yes, why do you ask?”

“I think we need to expel them. They are pressing the people on just when we use magic and to describe the events. I know you allowed them to stay after they petitioned us to let them study our magics, but if things are going the way they are, I am less than thrilled with even a international effort to invade our privacy here. For all we know, they are spies. And I have spoken with Minister Bjorn. His office is getting complaints from people about the noise from their location,” Moana explained.

“A point. A valid point. I know we allowed them to stay even after we turned them down, as neither of us is interested in being a laboratory experiment, but I think their welcome has worn out. Would you do the dirty work on that one?” Elsa replied.

“Island Lilly, it will be a pleasure,” Moana said with a wicked grin.

“Now, back to the original statement. We need to step down and let someone else take over. It is beyond time for us to fade into the background,” Elsa stated flatly, which produced a sour look on Moana's face.

“No! Elsa, we can't! We just can't! Just look at how things are going! Another war is around the corner, and we'll be needed more than ever to try and either stop it before it begins, or keep it as short as possible. We have a responsibility to the world!” Moana countered angrily.

“Moana, honey, our time is passed! They won't listen to us anymore! And our responsibility was to protect the world from monsters and demons. Have you seen any of those around lately? We spent two years in the 90's looking around the world for them. Nothing!” Elsa quietly countered.

Moana shook her head, though she did cock an eyebrow, “When was the last time you spoke to the gods? I mean beside evening prayers.”

“Probably a few years. Are you saying you have more recently?” Elsa demanded.

“Yes. I was down in the harbor today to have a talk with Tangaroa. He still answers when I call. I expressed exactly what you just did to him. He told me the demons and monsters have changed, and no longer look as they once did. The world changing as it has made it so they had to. Now they are whispering to mortals rather than preying on them, explicitly. The defeat of Hans showed them that they couldn't continue as is.

“As a result, they now hide in plain sight, Elsa. And according to Tangaroa, the brewing war could be one of their schemes. Or even a war god's. Remember, of all the gods, only Tangaroa is known to all. He has been kinda acting as a bridge between the various gods, and they are all getting concerned with how things are going. They want us on the front lines of stopping it, either before or after it starts. He doesn't expect us to try to take down an actual god, as that is something only another god can do, but he wants us to expose them if they are behind things, and definitely take down their minions if any,” Moana explained.

“Damn. Maybe I need to go have a word with him then. However, I doubt we'll find that kind of time to go running around fighting demons if we are stuck here managing the Empire. Just handling Tomatoa is a handful!” Elsa sighed.

“Speaking of Tomatoa, how are the mines there going?” Moana asked.

“The island is cooperating, as Te Fiti said it would. We are still finding gold veins and diamonds, among other precious gems and metals. And since we have long since paid off the islands we bought from the other countries, it is all going straight into the treasury.

“As for other aspects, the miners are still reporting satisfaction with things, and the island is a paradise so the port is growing with every year. Which is the trouble spot as managing the population is an issue, and technically Tomatoa is the personal property of you and I. And the security aspect is well under control. Remember a full third of our army is based there with two full fleet bases. All in all, even parliament is content with Tomatoa right now, which is saying something,” Elsa explained with some satisfaction.

“Good. Now, Tangaroa did want me to pass on something else. The amount of garbage going into his waters is getting worrisome. He wants us to see if there might not be an alternative to some of our industries and power supplies. And he means the world's, not just Arendelle's. Namely chemicals, oil, and coal. According to Tangaroa, some of the sun gods have stated that we should try tapping them for power, as one possible solution,” Moana suggested.

“I'll have a talk with the science council and committees about it. But again, we have to be here to do it. So, I am not sure how we are expected to fight the enemy if we are stuck here,” Elsa pointed out.

“He knows. He said we'd have to figure it out, but that we still need to hold onto the power for now. He said a time is coming when we can finally resign and go live our lives, but for now, we are still needed,” Moana offered.

“I hope he is right. I need some sun again,” Elsa said with a sad smile as she looked out the window into the black, cloud covered, and snowy skies.



Ares was watching the world with some amusement. Despite that pair of troublesome demigoddesses, his minions were doing their work well. They whispered into the ears of world leaders and his plan was coming together. Athena preferred an honorable fight, but Aries lived for just war. He didn't care if it was honorable, or just a slaughter, or even who got caught in it. Just that war was being fought.

And his latest efforts would ensure one of the biggest wars ever was fought would be sooner rather than later. And all he had to do was play on the baser instinct of greed to do it! It was almost too easy to get mortals to fight. Still, those two demigoddesses could be trouble if not checked.

Which was why his minions were working hard to either isolate Arendelle or occupy it elsewhere. Even a minor war in the South Pacific would likely be enough to keep them busy for some time protecting what that bitch island goddess had given them. Honestly, he didn't like the gods of creation and life over much. Too pacifist and weak to him. More than once he had contemplated killing the others, particularly Poseidon/Tangaroa or whatever he wanted to be called. However, he had to remind himself that he wasn't the only warrior god. Hells, the Asgardians were warriors one and all!

So he had contented himself with keeping all the others, particularly the ocean god, oblivious to his schemes. Though, he had to remind himself that without mortals, he would have no wars to fuel his power, which meant his other scheme would come to naught if the mortals exterminated themselves. So, as much as he loved slaughter, he would need to have survivors enough to repopulate to fight another war. Which, right now, looked like it would be doable.

And magic was slowly returning to the world. Which meant that other options were opening up as well. He just had to be careful about exploring them. Still, that was another project that he was going to have to approach carefully as the humans were already on top of it. Just the lot trying to study the two demigoddesses were the tip of the iceberg. Science was taking a logical approach to explain how magic worked and how to tap it. And almost every nation had a department dedicated to it now that they knew it was real and could actively be used.

Everything considered, Ares was a happy god at that moment. Then a thought occurred to him, and he smiled nastily as he began to explore the new possibility he had just hit upon.



1 July 1914


The doors to the council chamber flew open as Elsa and Moana stormed in. Things had not been going well since the end of June and they were frankly pissed. That assassin had proved out Elsa's warning and almost no one was taking her “I told you so!” statement well. Between the Austrians, Germans, British, French, Spanish, Coronan, Southern Isles, and Wessalton, Elsa was worn to a frazzle just trying to keep the various nations from starting shooting.

And then the news that had carried her from her normal working office into the council chamber had come in.

Elsa took her seat at the head of the table, and glared at Prime Minister Olafson at the far end. “The hells do you mean they sank her!”

“My Empress, I don't know the details, but I am still getting word in! All I know is that the cruiser Ludendorff was sunk in disputed waters between us and the Japanese! And the captain of the German destroyer that picked up the survivors was claiming it was the Japanese that did it! Of course, I am still trying to find out if there was, in fact, any evidence to prove it!” PM Olafson pleaded.

Elsa huffed and then took two steadying breaths. Her eyes opened slowly and she gazed around the room. Only key nobles and representatives of the Commons, along with the Royals, were present as this was a working session. The formal vote for war would come on the recommendation of these men and women. She looked at the Countess of Raven's Nook, her own niece.

“Bridget, I know you aren't a minister, but I need your council on this. I plan to ally us with the Centrist powers, Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungry, Norway and Corona. Do you think this is a good idea?” Elsa asked softly.

Bridget took on a thoughtful look as she considered Elsa's words. She had been named as Anna's heir as she was first born, and had her mother's red hair and usually optimistic attitude. However, she also had her father's rationality and reasoning abilities to back her enthusiasm.

“Aunt Elsa, I think it is the best call. Not that either option was overly good. I would caution against making any further statements to the effect of 'I told you so!' to any of the alliance members though,” Bridget advised.

Elsa nodded. “Alright, now what do the rest of you think?” she asked the room collectively.

There was a chorus of agreement sent back. Elsa nodded and looked at Moana. “And what about you, love?”

“Elsa, I say it is about damned time you made a decision. I have been telling you since February to do it. As for your options, it is rather like deciding to trust Pua or Tomatoa. Either way, we risk much,” Moana put in.

“Real helpful, Moana,” Elsa said dryly, eliciting chuckles from around the room.

Elsa turned back to the room and looked directly at the Foreign Minister, her chief diplomat. “Sig, I know this is going to put noses out of joint, but I want you to get with the Centrists and hammer out an alliance that would be to our benefit. Don't take any shit from them. The only real threat right now is Japan, in the Pacific, so our ships are more likely to be needed here in the west. And if they want that, they had bettered be ready to back us against Japan.”

Elsa then turned to Luai Motonui, her Treasurer and incidentally, the daughter of her and Moana's sister. “Luai, we need the money for this. Obviously we have the trade and Tomatoa to back it, but the simple truth is that is merely short term. I need to know if we have the money to go at this for the long haul.”

She then turned to the Prime Minster again. “Alright Erik, I think you know what I want you to have ready when the flag goes up.

“I'll have the declaration of war ready to present to Parliament when and if our new allies decide to act.” Prime Minister Olafson agreed.

“Good. For now, we are just preparing for what may come, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be getting with the Defense Staff as well, as they were unable to be present on the basis they are looking into exactly what happened, but I think it is safe to say we are weeks, if not days from the biggest shit storm in European history. While we are making our alliances, I want us talking to everyone about trying to find a peaceful solution to the problem. Including the Japanese. I don't expect it to work, but I want to try and resolve this without going to war.

“That said, I want to prepare the army for battle. I want our weapons checked and readied. And I want army recruitment to be tripled. If we have to, we'll draft the soldiers we need to defend us against our enemies. However, I don't want to have to go that route, so let's see if we can get people in uniform the nice way first,” Elsa laid out.

“Island Lilly, one other thing. I know everyone here is familiar with our adventures, how could you not be, but it seems that both Elsa and I are going to have to take a more active role in the war than just as monarchs. It seems that our old enemies, the monsters and demons, have changed in the time since we took down Hans. They now hide in plain sight and are likely pushing this war to happen.

“As a result, Elsa and I are going to have to go looking for them, once again. Only this time, we'll have to do it clandestinely. We are well known, and as such, just walking up to say, the French government and accusing several members of being demons in disguise isn't going to work. They couldn't beat us by strength alone, so now they are using subtlety.

“And I know how paranoid that sounds, but we have it straight from the gods on that. Our gods have spoken to us about that very detail,” Moana explained seriously.

“My Empresses, are you sure about that? Are you sure that it isn't just the folly of normal human nature causing this war?” Bridget asked just as seriously.

“What Moana said was true. It seems something else is pushing this war. As such, both Moana and I are going to be taking a more active roll. To that end, we decided that Prime Minister Olafson can handle the daily running of the Empire while we are away. Anything that requires our participation he can stall until we return. Unlike previous years, ship speeds are such that we can get places faster now than ever. I doubt Moana and I will ever be fully out of communication, either. Telephones are a wonderful way to keep in touch,” Elsa smiled at her niece who physically looked older than the Empress did.

“Very well, your majesties, we can get this ball rolling soonest. Sadly, we probably should have started that recruitment for the army some time ago, but no sense crying over it just now. For now, let us get things started, and I can have Intelligence come and pay yourselves a visit about your plans. They would be the best ones to help you find the demons who are pushing the war,” Prime Minister Olafson said as he stood up, ending the meeting.

Only, instead a hand went up into the air and Elsa cocked an eyebrow at it as it belonged to Minister Torbjorn of the Ministry of Science. Elsa nodded to him and he cleared his throat, “My Empress, I must respectfully disagree with yourselves and the Prime Minister on one point. Yes, the new technologies we are seeing are wonderful and all, but they have limits. I am sorry, but it won't be physically possible for you to run the Empire on the go, quite simply because while these things are available in Europe, we still have yet to get anything like a stable infrastructure going anywhere else. You need to appoint someone to act in your steads.”

Elsa sighed heavily and then looked at Moana. Moana looked back and sighed herself. “Fair enough Minister, and point taken. Island Lilly, would you agree to make Bridget Queen Regent so that she has the authority to act on our behalf?”

Bridget opened her mouth to protest but Elsa held up her hand stalling it. “Bridget, as of now, I am appointing you Queen Regent and you shall step down immediately upon our return, no questions or buts. I know you aren't a minister, but you have the best parts of both of your parents so I feel I can trust you to not get cursed by some unknown diplomat and rule this country appropriately in our stead. And I am not taking a 'no' on this,” Elsa smiled at her niece.

“Yes, Aunt Elsa,” Bridget sighed in exasperation.

“Good. Just so you are aware, I cut your mother out of the line of succession, so you can't inherit it either. And that is one of the constitutional laws we implemented,” Elsa smirked.

Just then the Prime Minister cleared his throat, “My Empress, that does bring up the line of succession question once again. I know you don't like to talk about it, but it seems the issue is being forced. Gods forbid it, but if something were to happen to the two of you on a mission or something, we'd be left without a monarch and would risk civil war between the nobles to fill your throne.”

Elsa winced, but nodded. “Moana and I will look into that. For the immediate situation, Erik, I am appointing you to decide how to fill the throne should something like that happen. Mind you, I want you to be damned sure we are dead, as in you have our actual bodies laying in the temple, before you enact any measures to prevent a war of succession. But I'll trust you to figure it out if Moana and I don't figure out another option before then.”

“My Empress, the simplest solution is a child of your own flesh, but I know you two don't want to go that route. I implore both of you to find that other option before anything happens. I don't want to try and pick which noble is less likely to destroy everything we have worked so hard for just to gain advantage. And you know they would,” Prime Minister Olafson pleaded.

“I know, I know. Moana and I will talk about it, Eirk. For now, we have another meeting to get to, and we'll need time to process this,” Elsa deflected.

“Yes, your Imperial Majesty,” Prime Minister Olafson breathed as he realized he had won the argument, and ended the meeting at last.


Elsa and Moana strode into the small meeting chamber and Moana pressed Elsa against the wall and kissed her hard, while her hand slipped inside Elsa's gown and massaged a firm breast. “I love it when you are all commanding and forceful. Makes me want to break you again,” Moana growled in Elsa's ear as she nibbled the lobe.

Elsa sighed and felt herself relax. It took a concentrated force of will for her to break off the attentions of her wife. “Not now, Mistress. One more meeting and then you can break me in private!” Elsa pleaded.

“Fine, but I am going to tie you up so many ways, you won't be moving for hours when I finish punishing you,” Moana growled again.

Elsa smiled and bit her lip and it made Moana even hotter, and Elsa knew it. Still, their guest would be arriving soon so Elsa pulled Moana over to a chair and took the one next to it. Moana was still looking at Elsa, and Elsa trying to not focus on that look when the knock at the door came. Elsa thanked the gods for the interruption that kept her from bowing to the pressure Moana was exerting on her, and called for the guests to enter.

In stepped an old man in a white suit with a cane in his hands, and a tall blonde woman who's body spoke of more of a physically active woman than arm candy. Elsa and Moana both pegged the woman as a body guard, but the fact that she was a woman enticed Elsa. Still, the man took an offered seat even as the blonde stood next to the chair as her coat was taken by the servant. The exquisitely cut dress she wore was rather revealing with the way it clung to her. Another reason to like her Elsa considered.

“Mr. Whitmore. A pleasure to meet you at last. You have something of a reputation in the academic community! An explorer of the old school who actually cares more about preserving the artifacts he found than money! A rarity! The problems we have protecting the various dig sites in South America and the Middle East and Egypt aren't a small set! Our foundation estimates your efforts to preserve the past may have saved countless relics from Victorian determination to sanitize anything they found!” Elsa opened the discussion.

“Yeah, I know all about how some of them so-called scientists were more interested in hiding uncomfortable truths, particularly when they conflicted with their 'christian' ideals! Why, the number of tombs that have had the wall paintings saved where the Victorians would have destroyed them for being 'lewd' or 'unchristian' is an impressive number. I was surprised you set up the foundation in the first place! And your stated goal of preserving the past as it is, not how some want it to be, was what made the investment so very worth it, by thunder!” Mr. Whitmore exclaimed.

“I am glad you approve, Mr. Whitmore! We strive to keep the grave robbers masquerading as actual archaeologists from getting their hands on tombs and artifacts that they would likely destroy or deface. And your contributions to that goal have been most generous! But, enough of that, I am wondering why you requested to see both me and my wife today?” Elsa smirked.

“Well, as it happens, it has a bit to do with your continued efforts not only to preserve ancient artifacts and history, but also you own people's traditions and cultures. I am looking for someone to look into an affair that an old colleague started before he died. We have the clues, but we need a team to follow them. We were hoping to recruit two powerful sorceresses, such as yourselves, to that cause,” Mr. Whitmore explained with a sly smile.

“And who is 'we' exactly, Mr. Whitmore? Last we heard, you had your fingers in quite a number of pies,” Moana quipped, and Elsa smiled at her wife for getting the saying right.

“Myself, my dearly departed friend Thaddeus Thatch, and Commander Roark, Helga here's commanding officer. Thaddeus spent his life pursuing this, and left a grandson with the same fire, I think. And as I said, it is the goal of a simple mortal lifetime. Also, I intend to settle a bet and you can bet I am sparing no expense,” Mr. Whitmore purred with that same sly smile.

Elsa rubbed her forehead in amusement, “And pray tell, Mr. Whitmore, what goal is so unbelievable that you are skirting around naming it outright? Keep in mind, my wife and I are a bit more open minded than most you'll likely meet.”

Mr. Whitmore snorted, “Helga, why don't you explain?”

The blonde Helga turned and faced both monarchs and gave a wry smile. “We are going after the lost city of Atlantis,” Helga declared flatly.

Elsa had to restrain her laugh of disbelief. “Alright, you said you have clues, so I take it that means you have evidence beyond the usual conspiracy theories that make you think you can find it?”

“Yes,” Helga declared flatly as she pulled a large leather bound and weather beaten tome from her handbag that Elsa just noticed she was still carrying. Helga set it on the table before Elsa and Moana, and Elsa picked it up and began thumbing through the pages. She noted the unknown script and the depictions that were too detailed to be some artist's fantasy. She scanned the book carefully and then handed it to Moana as their guests waited with smirks on their faces.

Moana scanned it quicker than Elsa but she looked up suddenly, “There is a page missing.”

“We don't know what happened to it. Was missing when Roark and his team found it,” Mr. Whitmore sighed.

“I noted it was missing too. Still, my every instinct is telling me this is genuine. The script is too consistent, and the illustrations far too specific. And you think this book can take you to Atlantis?” Elsa's tone was dead serious.

“Yes, we do. And it is called the Shepherd's Journal. However, no one on the team can read it. And I am assuming neither of you can, even with all your gifts. As such, I am waiting on Thaddeus' grandson to complete his training and be in just the right position for me to tap him. He is studying to be a cartographer and linguist. I was hoping to put the two of you on our reserve list for when we launch the mission, though that might be a few years,” Mr. Whitmore purred.

“Mr. Whitmore, nothing would make my wife and I more excited than the prospect of such an adventure, but we unfortunately must decline. Between the brewing war, and certain other responsibilities, Moana and I are going to be preoccupied with issues that effect the stability and sanity of the world around us, not the past. And despite some optimistic news going around, Moana and I are sadly familiar with how long this war is likely to last,” Elsa sighed with sincere regret.

“Fair enough, Empress Elsa. However, as we figured we'd get that response, I was wondering if we might not be able to count on you for logistical support and also to build the vessels that are going to be necessary to reach the city?” Mr. Whitmore asked sincerely.

“On one condition Mr. Whitmore. We want any found artifacts preserved intact, and in pristine condition, with the intent that they be brought to Arendelle's institutions for study, preservation, and display. And more importantly, any proof of a lost city below the ocean must be forwarded to us as well. We want to see this place through any pictures or drawings made, as we can't go ourselves,” Elsa demanded.

“Done. In fact, I'll personally guarantee that, if you agree to reimburse the team for the value of the artifacts found,” Mr. Whitmore smiled slyly.

Elsa noted that Helga looked uncomfortable but wasn't saying anything, and that she gave Mr. Whitmore a concerned look. “Yes, Mr. Whitmore, as has been the standing policy of the foundation since it's inception. We will pay out the value of the artifacts found, as long as there is not damage to them in any way that is recent enough to question how it was done.”

“Excellent! Then we'll send you the specs on what we need as soon as we have them. I'll look forward to a long and profitable venture with yourselves!” Mr. Whitmore said as he stood back up.

Elsa smiled at him and shook his hand, and was surprised at the strength of his grip. “Mr. Whitmore, please pass along my regards to Commander Roark and impress upon him that I pay more than anyone else in the academic community would. Not that I suspect he would do something. I impress that upon everyone who works for the Arendelle History Preservation Foundation.”

“I'll be sure to let the commander know,” Helga declared, seemingly back on an even keel.

“And do be careful yourself, Ms. Helga. I'll want a chance to talk to you and get your personal appreciation for the mission afterwards myself, privately of course,” Elsa smiled slyly at the blonde, and her grin was impish as she noted the deep blush on Helga's face. So, she was one of those type!

“Of course, Empress Elsa!” Helga got out as she and Mr. Whitmore, who was chuckling, turned and left the room.

Elsa turned back to Moana and from the look on her wife's face, Elsa instantly knew something was wrong and that she was about to catch some serious punishment for it.



7 July 1914


Elsa was in so cramped she couldn't articulate it, which was fine as her mouth was thoroughly gagged. She had been hanging from her and Moana's bed chamber rafters for six days, all trussed up on ropes, and every day Moana had made a point of making full use of Elsa's body, while not offering the blonde the chance to return the favor. The cramps in Elsa's legs were the worst as Moana changed the rig every now and again, but otherwise, it was always uncomfortable and awkward, with her loins pointed right at the couple's bed, in perfect height for Moana to make use of the strap-on she favored.

It was quiet right now as Moana had been interrupted right in the middle of pushing Elsa to new heights of bliss, but honestly, Elsa was getting worried about her wife. On day three, Moana had removed the gag and Elsa had dared her mistress' displeasure. “Mistress, why am I being punished?” Elsa had asked.

“I had thought you'd have figured it out! After three days, you should have figured out why you are being punished Island Lilly. Think hard, because if you apologize for the right thing, I might let you down,” Moana had purred as she had spanked Elsa's ass hard.

Elsa had thought hard and but she just couldn't seem to find the reason in her memory for why Moana seemed so put out. “I don't know what I did, but I am sorry Mistress!” Elsa had begged.

“Island Lilly, I am going to give you another three days to think on it. Until then, just hang tight!” Moana had growled.

Elsa could feel her wife's anger and frustration. They'd formed a kind of link in the years since Hans. They were connected on some level that let them feel the other's feelings. Honestly, Moana was more sensitive to it than Elsa was, but that wasn't surprising. Why, Elsa considered that Moana probably knew more about how Elsa felt at any given moment better than she herself did. Which made their love making sessions things of pure bliss. She'd probably felt how turned on Elsa was during their meeting with Mr. Whitmore and Helga...

And then it clicked for Elsa just as the door latch clicked and Moana came in. Elsa was blindfolded, but she knew it was Moana by the breathing and the sensual running of the hand over Elsa's toned body. And then it was gone. Elsa wondered what Moana was doing, until she heard the soft clink of a buckle. Moana had gone after the strap-on again.

Elsa tensed as she felt Moana's hands on her and then the cool slickness of the glass strap-on at the entrance to her hot sex. Elsa moaned and accepted she'd have no say in the matter as she felt that strap-on slowly slide into her hot pussy. Moana inserted it slowly and Elsa swore she could feel every millimeter of the thick glass stretch her out again. Honestly, Elsa was as loose as any man would ever want at this point, but this strap-on was larger still than even her stretched out puss could accommodate. Once Moana stopped moving in, Elsa felt Moana lean across her body, and Elsa had figured she'd pull on her braid again as she had a thousand times before.

Instead Moana removed the gag and spoke softly in Elsa's ear, “Do you know what you did wrong, now, Island Lilly?”

“Yes, Mistress. I am sorry I made a pass at Helga!” Elsa cried.

“Good girl. Now, tell me, am I not woman enough for you? Do I give you so little attention that you need to look for it in other women? Am I boring you these days?” Moana demanded, hurt obvious in her voice.

And there it was. Elsa felt her eyes begin to well up, but she forced the shame down. “Moana, I am sorry. I didn't even realize I was doing it until just now. Of all the women in the world, I love only you! Every night I look forward to your gentle touch, and how you make me feel. No other woman could take your place in my heart. Ever.”

“Hrmp. So you say, but your actions speak louder than your words, Island Lilly. Why would you even consider going after her? What does Helga offer that I don't?” Moana demanded as she began moving the strap-on inside Elsa's pussy at last.

“Moana, my love, I promise you! I wouldn't make a move on another woman without your permission! But what does casual flirtations mean? Why are you being so possessive that you are jealous that I might be interested in another woman? I can only apologize so much, and make only so many promises! And I promise, there was nothing between me and Helga! I'd never replace you!” Elsa begged as she felt Moana slowly pick up her pace.

Moana didn't respond. Instead she just began to instantly slam the strap-on inside of Elsa and Elsa cried out as she felt the building orgasm at last. Moana kept her violent pace just a little longer, pushing Elsa up to the limit, and then with one last violent push, both of them screamed out as Elsa went over the edge. Even through the haze of bliss, Elsa heard the anger in Moana's own cry. Thankfully, the room was well sound proofed, but they were still able to be heard down the hall.

Finally, both of them came down from the orgasm and Moana withdrew from Elsa at last. Elsa hung there for a few minutes before she felt the tension in the rope suddenly go slack and she slammed to the floor with an “Oof.” Elsa felt the ropes being untied at last, her limbs finally able to move, but Moana didn't bother helping Elsa out of the ropes or blindfold. Elsa extracted herself from the blindfold and untangled herself from the ropes and looked around the room. That was when she noted Moana sitting in a chair naked, sobbing into the cushion.

Elsa extracted herself from the ropes and slowly padded over to her wife and knelt at her feet and slowly caressed her legs, which caused Moana to flinch. Finally, Elsa spoke.

“Moana, honey, you are my most beloved wife. No one, not Helga, not any other woman, could take me away from you. I made a mistake in making a pass at her. It wasn't as harmless of flirting as I thought it was, and I can see that now. From now on, I'll refrain from making any passes at any other woman so long as you and I live,” Elsa promised.

“Seventy years, Elsa. Seventy, and you slip up only now. Why? I want to understand what it was about her that made you slip,” Moana begged through her tears.

“She reminds me of you. Tough, strong, independent, and sexy as all Lalotai! What is more, her attitude was so like yours that she just kinda pulled me in. In all our travels, even after we started recruiting women into the military, I never met a woman like her since I met you,” Elsa explained softly.

Moana's sobs slowed down and she dropped the cushion so that she could look down into Elsa's big blue eyes. “Elsa, I won't tell you that you can't go after other women, I just won't. Even I know that I can't be infallible and stay utterly loyal to you. Not with all the years of life we have. Seventy years was a miracle in and of itself, but now I see it is unreasonable to demand such things. We were mortals, not gods, before we were elevated. We'll dally around, but I just want to know that even if we both slip into someone else's sheets, that we still have each other. That we'll always be in love and no matter who comes along, that love will remain strong.”

“What are you saying, Moana?” Elsa asked softly.

“Elsa, promise me, that you'll always love me. That no matter who's bed you might share, your bed will always be my bed. That we'll always come back together,” Moana begged.

“Moana, I promise you that! I made you that promise seventy years ago when we got married, and I'll make it again now and a thousand years from now!” Elsa breathed.

“Alright, I believe you. But just so you know, I liked her too. Maybe we could share her if things go that way. But Elsa, never go behind my back please. I never want to have cause to doubt you. Be up front if you are going to pursue someone else,” Moana demanded.

“Honey, I promise. I'll never willingly give you cause to doubt me,” Elsa promised. “And I am a big girl and can share.” Elsa winked at her wife through her own tears.

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