RWBY: Deal for a Date

BY : The_Lithomancer
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Hey everyone, Please note these characters are written and sexualized as 18 years of age. 

Yang bit her lower lip as she leaned against the doorframe and stared at Weiss as she sat peacefully in a high-backed armchair, her ice-blue eyes darting from side to side as she read from a book cradled in her lap. Yang had rehearsed this over and over since she concocted the plan in her head, waiting for just the right time when Ruby and Blake were away to finally come forward with her offer. Each time she went over it, she could feel a giddy indecision wash over her, but she was far too fed up of watching Ruby chicken out of asking Weiss out on a date. If Ruby wasn’t going to come forward and finally confess her feelings, then for her own sanity and peace of mind, she was going to set all of this in motion. Her lips curled into a salacious smile as she strutted casually into the common room, her thick bubble ass stretching the spandex of her black mini-shorts to the breaking point as each pale globe-shaped asscheek bounced and jiggled wildly in their skintight confines. Yang could barely restrain herself from groaning as she bent over one side of the armchair and felt her shorts ride up the deep valley of her asscrack, causing her slim leather belt buckle to strain profusely while she winked coyly and purred out, “ Hey Weiss, Listen I uh...need to ask you something.”

Weiss tilted her head to the side as she slowly closed Grimm Movements throughout Remnant only to stare skeptically at Yang as she grabbed the thick manual and tossed it away, wincing at it slammed on the ground in a forlorn heap. “And you had to wait to do something like this during the few moments it's actually quiet in here? It’s not every day Blake and Ruby are out of my hair,” Weiss retorted with an upraised eyebrow, tilting her head to the side before she released a haughty sigh and added, “Well..go on.”

Yang leaned in close and slowly licked her lips, lubing up each glossy crimson dickwrapper before she pulled away and sashayed around to the front of the armchair, leaving behind the intoxicating scent of flowers and honey that sent a flare of heat rushing between Weiss’s legs. But her rousing scent paled in comparison with the way her body bounced in just the right places or the way her outfit flaunted those jiggling assets proudly. Weiss licked her lips as she spotted the slim cherry-red straps of Yang’s g-string arc over her hips, only to plunge inside the hemline of her glossy spandex shorts, flanking the jiggling globes of her fat bubble ass. She wanted to turn her head away to stay in control, her urges bubbling like a seething caldera in her core, but she couldn't help but stare up the mouthwatering curve of her large spherical breasts warping the fiery heart-shaped emblem stamped on the thin fabric. She knew Yang was up to something, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying the show, even if she struggled internally not to fuck her stupid right then and there. 

“You see, Ruby’s been driving me crazy from how much she talks about you. How much she wants you ever since she learned of that massive secret pulsing between your legs,” Yang said with an exaggerated groan, straddling her daringly with a slight “huff” before she ran her hands up and down Weiss’s creamy thighs. “It would mean the world to me if you could make the first move and ask her out. It would make her so happy...I wouldn't know what to do with myself..”

Yang smiled inwardly as her fingers hooked the lacy hemline of Weiss’s cock-stuffed panties, pulling the overburdened garment down to expose the pulsating beast jutting between her legs like an iron bar that tented the slim layers of white tulle underneath her skirt. She had her right where she wanted her if her massive erection was anything to go by, and the closer Yang leaned toward her, the bigger it grew until it radiated a searing heat that warmed the back of her hands as her fingers gently caressed her fat balls. But her fabricated coo of delight at feeling that bloated lovesack slosh with its copious payload of lumpy girlspunk was cut short when Weiss leaned forward and pulled her close by yanking a thick handful of her orange crop top. A sharp breathy gasp slid from Yang’s lips as Weiss dragged her glistening tongue across her breasts, releasing a hungry moan as she stared at the jiggling peaks of Yang’s E cup breasts as they contorted her crop top into a skintight outline that clearly displayed her hard pink nipples. 

“And pray tell, what are going to offer me in return?” Weiss said with a lascivious grin on her face as she tilted her head up and leaned in close, her full pink lips so close to Yang’s that they nearly brushed up against them. Yang could barely restrain herself from shuddering as she felt Weiss’s hot breath against her cheek, feeling as if the tables were being turned on her as if Weiss was simply biding her time and humoring her fabricated ruse. But she was in too deep now to let up, her mind focusing on trying to wrap Weiss around her finger to get what she wanted, justifying her raunchy behavior behind her desire to help her sister. But Weiss knew exactly just how much of a slut Yang truly was and she pressed that advantage home until Yang practically squeaked out her offer, forced from her lips after Weiss plunged her hands inside her crop top and fondled her stiff nipples. 

“You can..nngh..have me as your own p-personal fuckdoll for today..”

Weiss paused for a moment while she struggled to restrain herself, her back arching imperceptibly as a thick rope of her pre-cum erupted from her urethra and stuck to the inside of her dress like viscous glue. She gently chewed her bottom lip as she found herself becoming enamored by the idea, her eyes sliding up and down Yangs voluptuous curves with a possessive gleam while she imagined just how she would look after being fucked into an insensate heap on her bed and plastered in gooey cum. Her lips curled into a smirk when she weighed the price for all of this, a simple date that required her to do barely anything to arrange. Whether or not the rational part of her made the final choice, not even Weiss cared to figure out, all that mattered to her was bending this big-titted fuckdoll to her whim, and as she yanked her head back and hissed in her ear, she found herself becoming just as much of a dominating animal as the organ jerking rhythmically between her legs. 

“And you’ll do everything I tell you to? You’ll let me do anything I want to you? Even if it means knocking you up and forcing you to waddle around pregnant for the rest of the team to see!” Weiss hissed as she yanked Yang’s hair back and ran her tongue up the side of her cheek, her tone making each of those sexually charged questions more like orders that demanded Yang’s unconditional compliance. 

“Mmm, you thought this would be easy, didn’t you?” Weiss murmured as she watched Yang’s lilac eyes flicker back and forth, her mind whirring as she struggled to think of a way to restore her control over the situation, or perhaps escape from what Weiss had in mind. But in the end, Yang felt as helpless as a fly caught in a sticky web, unable to conceive an easy way out, leaving the only path forward a night of reducing herself to a mere perverted plaything for Weiss to fuck silly. 

“I thought you were a virgin,” Yang complained with a breathy groan, her nostrils assailed by an exotic aroma that made her mind swim and grow dull and sluggish. Her nostrils flared as she practically gulped down the heady aroma, her eyes drooping into a half-lidded stare while her nethers grew slick with her sticky nectar, barely widening when Weiss let out a mocking laugh that reverberated in her mind with the realization that she was so very, very, fucked. 
“There’s a reason why I had to get new maids when I was back home,” Weiss confessed with a conspiratorial tone, her eyes swirling with lust and depravity as she sat up and wrapped her arms around Yang, rolling her hips to grind her girthy shaft against her smooth stomach before she continued, her tone interspersed with sultry groans.  “I used them like cocksleeves until they were all stretched out and used...mmm...Father had to get more and more because of how much’ll soon figure out why.” 

Yang parted her lips to stammer out how much she no longer wanted any part of this, unwilling to be fucked-out and used up like Weiss’s previous conquests, but Weiss cut her off by plunging her tongue inside her mouth, deeply kissing her while her hands tugged at the straps of her latex thong. Yang’s eyes resumed her half-lidded stare as Weiss’s spit oozed across her cheeks, her tongue sliding around hers like an animal until Weiss stood up and grabbed the collar of her tan jacket, pushing her up against the wall only to tear it off her body and throw it dismissively to one side. 

“Fuck, you taste even better than you smell,” Weiss groaned as she pressed her lips against Yang’s one more time, savoring how soft and full they were, her cock throbbing mightily as she imagined how stretched out they would be once she stuffed her shaft down Yang’s throat. Her chest began to heave at that thought, her mind spiraling into a chaotic blur of depraved imagery as she daydreamed of what she ached to do to her. She licked her lips and smiled pervertedly as she grabbed the hem of Yang’s mini-shorts and pulled her down to the bathroom, her cock bobbing ominously in the air as it leaked globs of chunky pre-cum that plopped disgustingly on the wooden floor. Yang dazedly tried to resist and push her away, but her knees buckled as the intoxicating fumes pumping from Weiss’s cum-stuffed nuts slid up her nostrils and turned her thoughts to mush. Her chest heaved in her lust-addled stupor as Weiss pressed her against the frosted glass shower pane and tore her clothes off her body, tossing them in a disheveled heap at her feet before she pulled off her dress and pressed herself against Yang’s naked body. 

“Your skin feels sooo soft,” Weiss purred as her hands groped and kneaded Yang’s large breasts, moaning appreciatively as her fingers sunk into the soft mounds. Her hips bucked as she rubbed her pulsating cock up and down her toned stomach, spewing strands of hot pre-cum that glistened in the soft lighting as she greedily adored how pleasantly soft and smooth her skin felt. So enamored by how massive and soft her tits were, Weiss practically shoved her inside the shower stall and closed the door, groaning in delight as she felt a cascade of steaming water spray upon her large girlcock. Excitement palpitated through her slender body as Weiss grabbed a nondescript blue bottle of shampoo from a built-in shelf and forced Yang down onto her knees, splattering the viscous white goop all over her breasts in thick ropes and lumpy smears that resembled a massive load of cum. She ran her girthy fuckpillar between those soft milkbags, forcing Yang’s hands to smoosh them together and form a mouthwatering pocket pussy that sent shudders of delight running up her spine as she bucked her hips and tit-fucked that gooey shampoo into a thick bubbling froth. 

“Nnngh! I can’t wait to smear your fuckdoll body in my shampoo, my cum! I want you to smell just like the rest of those babysluts on this team know just who fucked and dominated you!” Weiss moaned out as she grabbed twin handfuls of Yang’s damp blonde hair and yanked her head back, wrenching a surprised gasp from her lips as Weiss forced her to stare up at her face while her cock squelched between her massive tits. Pre-cum erupted from her girthy 13-inch shaft and coated Yang’s creamy skin from the tops of her jiggling breasts to the swan-like curvature to her neck, culminating in a series of thick lumpy ropes that dangled from her chin and resembled a thick sticky glaze that choked her senses with its strange alluring scent. Before Yang could even think to stop herself, her tongue slid from her lips and licked at the jellied strands, scooping a thick wad of that pearlescent ballpaste inside her mouth where her tastebuds relished the musky slop. A series of lust-addled groans poured from her spit-shined lips as she felt something stir within her, roused by the ambrosia oozing down her throat in a rapturous hunger that craved even more hot globs of Weiss’s cum. Pleasure suddenly pulsed between her tits as Weiss fucked them silly, causing a depraved rhythmic melody of “Squelch! Splorch! Squulch!” to reverberate off the shower panes, worming inside Yangs here and stirring a pang of smoldering need between her legs. 

Suddenly the idea of getting fucked by Weiss’s cock didn't seem so bad in Yang’s lust-addled mind, in fact, the more she lapped up those deliciously salty strands, the better everything felt to her, until every upward thrust of Weiss’s divine cock felt like heaven between her legs as she drooled out her lady glaze all over the tiled floor. Her eyes lazily drooped as her drugged stupor took its toll on her mind, infecting her with a euphoric fixation on having her belly bulging with liters of that thick creamy ambrosia, of chugging that lumpy pearlescent slop and feeling it slither down her throat. Yang shivered delightfully at that thought as her head lolled forward, her blooming addiction pulling her irresistibly towards the font that squelched between her cum-and-shampoo coated tits and squirted a hot sticky rope that splattered across her face. 

“Mmm, You’re learning just how addictive my cum tastes, aren’t you?” Weiss groaned out as a particularly fierce thrust sent her engorged prick-helmet rubbing against Yang’s glossy lips, feeding her another viscous glob of fuckbutter that she was all too quick to lick off. “It’s exactly why..nngh...daddy had to get new maids. They were all..uuhhh fucking greedy cum-sluts that couldn't do their job because they wanted to suck the sperm out of my balls...nngh!”

Weiss’s eyes lolled close as an overwhelming wave of pleasure threatened to vacate the contents squirming inside her balls, her back arching as she tilted her head back and simply released a torrent of loud moans through her gritted teeth, sounding more like the guttural moaning of an animal in heat than a controlled dominatrix playing with her fucktoy. Water cascaded down Weiss’s sensual figure as she erratically bucked her hips and filled the air with the fragrant scent of vanilla and mint while steaming water washed the soapy froth from Yang’s tits and infused her body with her seductive scent. But that intoxicating scent only made Yang even more enamored with her as she stared stupidly between her tits, her tongue lolling out of her mouth to lovingly caress Weiss’s fat cockhead just to milk more of that milky treat from her cock as it speared between her large fuckpillows. But she whimpered pleadingly when none came, her lips parting as she felt the conflicting temptation to beg for more and wrap her glossy dickpamperers where they truly belong; stretched around that girthy fuckpillar or wrapped around her bloated balls to milk more of that gooey treat. 

“Please, I-I need more...I can’t help it,” Yang pleaded, tossing her vanity and shame into the gutter just for another nourishing wad to take the edge off her mounting addiction. Loud breathy groans slid from her lids as she squished her tits even tighter around Weiss’s cock, forcing a sultry groan from Weiss’s lips as she began earnestly bouncing her tits up and down, her upper body moving rhythmically in tune with Weiss’s thrusting until the white-haired shemale released a loud pent-up cry and tightened her grip on Yang’s hair. Weiss’s balls palpitated as they churned her gelatinized ballgravy into a lumpy paste that erupted from her cock in viscous strands that covered Yang’s face in a thick coating. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she gave in to the searing white-hot ecstasy that overwhelmed her senses save for the sensation of her cum blasting from her cock like a geyser. She groaned like an animal as over a dozen impossibly-thick and creamy ropes plastered Yang’s face in a glistening veneer that squirmed against her skin as legions of her fertile sperm sought to impregnate anything they could wriggle inside. 

But to Yang, it felt like pure heaven as she stuck her tongue out of her mouth and felt cascades of hot addictive semen cover the glistening organ in thick chunky globs of cream before Weiss’s copious orgasm abated. It didn't matter to her that cum coated every inch of her face like a thick gooey mask that reduced her to looking like an anonymous cumdump, her chest heaving with arousal as she endured a miniature orgasm just from withdrawing her tongue inside her mouth like a cash register and chewing a mouthful of congealing sperm and swallowed it with a delightful shiver running up and down her spine. Her chest heaved with arousal as she felt gooey tendrils of cockmilk ooze over her massive breasts, covering her protruding pink nipples like a thick layer of creamy frosting until Weiss sunk weakly to her knees and nestled against her, her C-cup breasts squishing against Yang’s significantly larger pussypillows as she pushed her down until she was laying on top of her. A lascivious purr of satisfaction poured from Weiss’s lips as her tongue scooped up piles of cooling sperm off Yang’s face only for their tongue to coil around each other as they snowballed it until their lips met and they hungrily kissed. Thick strands of cum bridged between their cheeks and drooled towards the drenched floor when they reluctantly pulled away, their tongue lapping mouthfuls of runny semen only to swap it between their mouths until every sticky globule slithered down Yang’s throat and pooled warmly in her toned stomach. 

“If that orgasm was anything to go by, I think I’m going to enjoy stretching out your tight little pussy and drowning it in sperm,” Weiss cooed as her flaccid member surged to life, jerking fiercely as she rubbed it against Yang’s blushing folds. “Best hope I don’t make a baby inside you, Ruby might never forgive you for being such a greedy slut.”

Before Yang could even summon the brainpower to respond, Weiss wrapped her arms around her shoulders and pulled her down upon her cock, her hips bucking as it surged forward and slowly plunged inside her incredibly tight folds. Yang’s back arched as her honeypot stretched deliciously around Weiss’s girthy member, her love tunnel squelching and slurping at that thick girlcock, trying desperately to pull it in deeper to milk the orgasmic sensation submerging Yang’s mind in an endless ocean of seductive bliss. Cum frothed at the corners of her lips as she plastered a dumb smile on her face, her eyes rolled up as she pitifully orgasmed just from having the majority of Weiss’s cock buried deep inside her. She cried out in her ecstasy as Weiss rolled her hips and rubbed her bulbous prick-helmet against her cervix, seeking to drill those last few inches of girlmeat inside her innermost depths despite how Yang’s pussy lewdly clamped on her engorged shaft. Weiss bit her lip and groaned as she pulled every inch of her cock but the tip from Yang’s drooling folds and jackhammered back inside, practically melting Yang’s brains into mush as she struggled to cope with the intense pleasure roiling up her spine like a tidal wave. From there, Weiss settled on a comfortable rhythm of slamming her cock as deep inside Yang as she could, reducing her cum-addicted fuckdoll to a babbling wreck as she lost herself in the carnal euphoria of having Weiss buried that deep inside her lubricated cunt. Weiss merely smirked as she watched Yang’s arms flop uselessly at her sides, her eyes dulling into a glassy stare as she literally fucked her stupid and drowned her mind under a deluge of pleasure. Weiss pushed herself onto her knees and grabbed Yang’s hips, elevating her lower body so that her ass jiggled and bounced inches off the ground, water spraying from their bodies as the rhythmic noise of depraved sex filled the air with a loud fleshy, “smack!”

“Your slutty pussy feels SOO good wrapped around my cock,” Weiss grunted in an unladylike fashion, her wet white hair clinging to her back like strands of pure alabaster as rivulets of steaming water slid between her round pale asscheeks. “mmm...I can feel it stretching around my fat fucking cock! Oh’re never going to be tight again when I’m done with you..nnghuuh!”

Yang barely registered the lewd statement as another brain-melting thrust sent her calves flopping uselessly in the air while her thighs trembled with the force of the thrust. A small part of her relished how good it truly felt to be submissive, to be used like a piece of fuckmeat and fed load after load of addictive girlspunk. That shameless realization only intensified into a deep-seated need as a noxious miasma of intoxicating fuck-fumes permeated the air, causing her nostrils to flare as she greedily inhaled the scent and felt an overload of ecstasy reduce her to an intensate heap that gurgled shamelessly for more cock as Weiss ravaged her fiercely while her balls pulsed and defiled her silken depths with splatters of creamy pre-goo. Yang’s head lolled to the side as she felt a flicker of fear pulse through her, a remnant of her rationale that was once free from the allure of Weiss’s cum and the infatuation of being fucked into a brainless heap by her stiff girlmeat, warning her of the possibility of being knocked up as Weiss finally penetrated past her cervix and began drilling inside her innermost depths. Yang’s back arched for a long moment as she tensed up and orgasmed intensely, girlcum spraying from her pussy as she spasmed like a fuck-addled animal as she groaned with her tongue lolling out of her mouth to complete the image of a whore literally fucked stupid. Weiss couldn't help herself as she stared down at Yang’s convulsing figure, her hands letting go of her hips only to hug her friend close and hiss erotically in her ear as she began flooding her womb with her incredibly potent load, basting her insides with a river of girlspunk that caused Yang’s belly to noticeably bulge. Together, their orgasmic mewls of ecstasy and shameless cries for more echoes throughout the dorm's bathroom, filling their ears with the melody of their own carnal depravity; two animals fucking each other into a senseless heap as steaming water sprayed the sweat and musk off their bodies. They gasped in each other's arms when their intense orgasms finally abated, their lips connecting in a sultry kiss as they shivered as palpitating waves of bliss rolled up and down their curvy figures. Cum bubbled and drooled out of Yang’s cock-stuffed pussy, adding the addictive scent to the steam swirling around their bodies while Yang squirmed and pulled Weiss close, her eyes wild with her uncontrollable need. 

“Please, feed it to me again...just a little bit, maybe a taste or a big fat load all over my face or fucked up my..mmgh!” Yang babbled out in a strange high-pitched tone that conveyed just how much her addiction to Weiss’s cum had warped her. As those degrading words slithered from her lips, she found herself descending into the maelstrom of her depraved need, begging to be used and treated as a fucked-out dumpster for that delicious seed until Weiss pressed her lips and groaned as her tongue squirmed in Yang’s mouth, their muffled groaning intermixing as they tasted the sweet mixture of each others spit and leaned even deeper into the kiss. Weiss dominantly licked up the side of Yang’s cheek as she pulled away, loving the way her wide lilac eyes followed her like an abandoned puppy as Weiss shut off the shower. 

“You want cum? Then you can suck like a good fuckdoll does right off the ground,” Weiss declared before she finally pulled her cock free of Yang’s cum-stuffed pussy and watched as a waterfall of lumpy cockchowder squirted from Yang’s gaping folds. Yang lifted her thick ass off the ground as her hips bucked in the hair, her lips parted in a silent squeal of ecstasy as she sluttily rolled her eyes and vacated the contents stuffed inside her pussy. So consumed by the searing expanse of white-hot pleasure, Yang failed the notice that most of Weiss’s tasty ballslop had slid down the drain like curdled cream until it was too late. 

“No no no...all of it wasted, I need it inside me, I’m going to go crazy unless I have!” Yang cried out, nearly coming to tears as she got on her hands and knees and began earnestly piling gelatinized cum high on her tongue and swallowing it with a breathy moan. But Weiss interrupted all of that when she grabbed Yang by the hair and rubbed her face all over the tiled floor, using her face as a cheap cumrag to wipe off the alabaster goo slowly dribbling down the drain. 

“If you want more, you’re going to be obedient little fuckdoll just like you offered,” Weiss commanded as she lifted Yang’s head up and forced her to stare at the puddle of cockslime pumping its addictive fumes up her nostrils. “I’m going to fuck and stretch your slutty holes, and if you're a good little doll, I’ll make your stomach bulge with cum.”

Yang shivered helplessly at the thought, her tongue mindlessly sliding across her lips before she fixated on Weiss’s massive pale balls. Her lilac eyes flared with her perverted desire as she leaned in close and pressed her face against that bloated lovesack, snorting up the mind-melting musk pumping from those fat orbs while her tongue slide from her mouth and caressed each nut with loving and tender licks. 

“Yes...mmmngh, I’ll do anything for more. I need delicious..creamy, lumpy...please make more for me,” Yang babbled as her eyes resumed her half-lidded stare as she popped one of those spit-shined orbs inside her mouth and began lewdly sucking it. She alternated from one sperm-stuffed nut to the other, moaning as if the taste of her sweat and musk was increasingly orgasmic with each mouthful. Weiss bit her lower lip as she felt the vibrations of Yang’s shameless moans pulse up her shaft, reinvigorating the flaccid organ until it was rock-hard and throbbing between her pale thighs once more. Her moans rumbled in her throat as she contemplated just kneeling her and letting her new fuckdoll service her balls like the obedient cumdumpster she was rapidly becoming, but Weiss ached to use her in other ways, not just as a shameless ball-polisher. With a reluctant sigh, she pulled Yang’s mouth away from her lips and forced her onto her feet as she stood up, hooking her index finger underneath her cum-glazed chin as she sashayed out of the shower stall and led her into the adjacent bedrooms, pulling her along as if she were nothing more than a trained animal.

Yang fell to her knees in the middle of the bedroom as her knees buckled, heating flaring like a supernova between her legs as she felt the ravenous stirrings of her addiction take hold of her, her hands firmly pressed against the soft carpet as she stared dumbly into space and opened her mouth. Weiss couldn't help but snicker as she stared down at Yang, water dripping from her curvy body as she lined up her cock with Yang’s mouth and surged forward. She cooed as Yang’s bobbed her head and sucked hungrily on her cock, her swollen prick helmet protruding from the inside of her cheeks for a split-second before she forced it down her throat and gagged as her throat clamped lewdly around her shaft. Weiss tilted her head back as she simply moaned and bucked her hips, fucking Yang’s mouth-pussy and relishing the way her tongue spasmed lovingly across the underside of her veiny girthy, covering every inch of her girlcock in spit even while her throat bulged with a clear outline of her fat cockhead. Wet gagging filled the room as Weiss grabbed a messy handful of Yang’s hair as leverage and fucked her throat in earnest, her eyes lazily closing as she felt a sensation tighter and more pleasurable than merely fucking her pussy. Her breathy moans oozed from her lips with an almost-musical quality to them until she gritted her teeth and struggled for some semblance of control, fighting to restrain herself from dumping a heavy load down Yang’s throat, but the pleasure throbbing within her balls as they slapped against Yang’s chin made resisting her impending orgasm even harder. A viscous amalgamation of drool and cum dribbled down Yang’s chin as her arms swayed limply from side to side, each translucent strand drooping off her balls and plopping wetly on the carpet as she gagged and moaned while Weiss’s cock stretched her throat to form a deliciously tight cocksleeve that caused her to drool her cum-tainted arousal down her thighs. But it didn't matter what Weiss did to her, all that Yang found herself caring about was that thick greasy sperm sloshing with her balls as they slapped against her chin like a battering ram. She groaned as splatters of that congealed slop squirted down her throat, but it felt like a drop of water in a desert, causing her intense addiction to spiral out of control until her eyes rolled up in her head as she viciously bobbed her head back and forth, fucking her own throat and relishing the lumpy treat that squirted directly in her stomach. Her wet blonde hair bounced and drooped in front of her face like molten strands of burnished gold as she plunged Weiss’s spit-glazed shaft down her throat and hugged her midriff possessively, groping her round pale asscheeks while her eyes lazily rolled up in her head. 

It was that animalistic display of shameless fellatio that sent Weiss over the edge, her thighs trembling as she cried out in ecstasy and began to dump her thick load down Yang’s throat. Viscous ropes and gelatinized globules of cockslime erupted from her cavernous urethra with the force of a geyser, causing Yang’s cheeks to bulge as she struggled to swallow the immense deluge of pearlescent filth. Twin streams of lumpy sperm shot from Yang’s nostrils and choked her senses with the salty aftertaste of Weiss’s cum as she gurgled pitifully and chewed the thick mouthful of semen overstuffing her mouth, parting her lips to show Weiss just how much she collected, trying desperately to arouse her even if her orgasm had only just abated. Her tongue swished that porcelain-hued batter for a long moment before she started to gargle the disgusting filth, her fingers squelching between her legs to sate the smoldering need blazing like an inferno within her body. Yang moaned in relief as she closed her mouth and swallowed the delicious goo, her throat bulging as lumpy mouthfuls of sperm slithered down her gullet, her eyes fluttering shut as she relished the sensation of it pooling warmly inside her stomach. She smacked her lips when the last of that curdled slop slithered down her throat, leaving behind the sickening realization of what she was feasting on when the curse of her new addiction subsided. Horror and disgust washed over her as Yang stared up at Weiss’s cock, watching cum bubble out of her cockhead and droop towards the floor in thick noodle-like strands, choking the cool air with a musky odor that made her head feel sluggish. She managed to struggle to her feet, her limbs feeling like rubber as she tried to stumble away, afflicted by the conflicting emotions surging through her body. 

“And where do you think you’re going, fuckdoll,” Weiss said with a smirk etched on her face, tilting her head to the side as she grabbed a handful of Yang’s hair and pulled her in for a possessive hug, purring salaciously as her slender fingers brushed up and down Yang’s back. “You were so hot being my personal sperm dumpster, just stop thinking...fuckdolls don’t think. Mmm, let me help you melt your resistance away…”

Before Yang could pull herself away, Weiss pushed her down on Ruby’s bed and climbed on top of her to pin her arms on either side of her head as she dragged her tongue down Weiss’s body. Yang shivered as she felt Weiss’s slick tongue and soft lips brush and caress her body, her stomach sloshing faintly with the depraved effluence fucked down her throat as Weiss slid her body down between her legs and pride them apart, her thighs glistening with congealed sperm. Despite how much Yang wanted to put an end to all of this, she still found herself moaning like a shameless slut in heat when Weiss pressed her glossy pink lips against her clit, melting her thoughts into mush as waves of carnal bliss rolled up her spine. Yang’s breasts jiggled enticingly on her frame as her back arched and curved deliciously, sultry moans pouring from her lips as Weiss stuffed her tongue inside her folds and began to aggressively eat her out. Yang’s translucent honey sprayed between her legs as she orgasmed, overcome with pleasure as she felt Weiss’s tongue rub against her G spot as she quaffed down the sweet nectar like a fine wine. Her fingers clawed at the sheets as she lifted her bubble ass in the air and rolled her hips, rubbing her folds against Weiss’s face as she milked every drop of intoxicating ecstasy as she could until she came down from her intense orgasm and trembled in the white-hot afterglow. Her eyes were dull and her expression slack as Weiss crawled back on top of her, her rock-hard phallus bobbing gently until she pressed it between Yang’s thighs and slowly inserted it inside her slick fucktunnel. 

“I have to admit, the idea of knocking you up is just sooo hot mmm. I wonder how Ruby would feel when she sees my little blonde-haired baby squirt out of your womb,” Weiss moaned out as she chewed her lower lip as her girthy shaft squelched inside Yang’s pussy. “Fuck, you’re still so tight, I can feel your slutty pussy squeeze around my fat dick..nngh, at least your body knows just how much of a fuckdoll you really are!”

Yang shook her side from side to side, trying to deny how amazing it felt to have Weiss’s girlcock jackhammer inside her once again, the intoxicating sensation of it filling and stretching her insides while the sheer friction alone sent fireworks exploding in her mind. The erotic sensation of her stiff throbbing shaft scraping against her slick walls proved too much for her to handle as she thrashed and found herself begging for more. She pulled her legs even wider apart as she pulled Weiss in close and pressed her face against her scented hair, her ass bouncing wildly as Weiss’s thrusts grew ever more feral. 

“Fuck, it feels so good!” Yang confessed with a sinful moan as her legs wrapped around Weiss’s slender body. “Even if you're treating me like an animal! Drown my slutty room in your lumpy sperm! I don’t even care it I get pregnant any-mmmgh!

Yang’s vision blurred as Weiss’s began to brutally mold her pussy into a dumpster oozing with sperm, her hips practically a blur of motion as she violently thrusted and battered her way back inside her womb. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she envisioned the squirts of gelatinized cockfilth erupting from Weiss’s urethra, drowning her ovaries in legions of squirming sperm as they wriggled inside her eggs and impregnated her. Yang thrashed as a brain-melting climax melting her mind into white-hot slag, her body thrashing and convulsing wildly as Weiss began to ejaculate inside her, heat blossomed within her as liters of virule ballspunk splattered inside her slick canal, packed inside every crevice of her tight pussy until she felt absolutely filthy and used. But somehow, it felt so good and so right that she knew she was helplessly addicted to feeling Weiss’s steaming load slide down her throat or stuffed inside her pussy. Yang’s body spasmed erotically while she came down from her mind-blowing ecstasy, cum burbling from her cock-stuffed pussy as it pooled between her legs, ruining Ruby’s sheets to the point where Yang could smell the delicious miasma pumping from that frothing white slime. Sweat covered every inch of her body in a thick veneer that glistened in the soft lighting while she groaned and hugged Weiss even tighter, her tongue mindlessly tracing random patterns all over her cheeks as she relished each one of Weiss’s moans. She could feel Weiss’s hot breathy groans against the side of her face, a sensation that made her feel like a submissive animal being fucked senseless by its dominate mate, a notion that made her crave keeping Weiss’s cock lodged deep inside her and fuck her over and over, packing her gooey sperm inside her until her belly bulged as if she was pregnant. Whether she liked it or not, she was Weiss’s submissive fuckdoll, and by the time she recovered from fucked stupid once again, she barely had time to squeak as Weiss turned her over and grabbed her arms, forcing onto her knees like a dog as she hotdogged her fat bubble-ass with her cum-glazed shemale fuckpillar. 

Yang’s hair tumbled in front of her face as she tilted her head down and groaned, trying feebly to pull away only to feel Weiss press her fat cockhead against her clenched asshole. Yang threw her head back and grunted through gritted teeth, her eyes wild and fearful as Weiss slowly penetrated past her puckered seal. “D-don’t please...anything but that,” Yang begged as her body tensed up, groaning loudly as Weiss’s cockhead drilled inside her asshole. “You’re going to tear me apart with that thing..please, it’s way too big! Mmmngh fuck my pussy instead, Weiss.”

“Then try and stop me, fuckdoll,” Weiss quipped in return, biting her lower lip to conceal a cruel smirk before she thrusted forward and began to tunnel through her thick globe-shaped asscheeks. A wet, meaty splorch echoed sickeningly as the first few inches of Weiss’s shaft plummeted inside Yang’s asshole, pushing her buttcheeks apart lewdly while it contorted her vice-like depths and forced her warm depths to clamp around the invading organ. Yang’s fingers clawed desperately at the sheets as Weiss’s considerable girth stretched the pink rim of her asshole to the point where it resembled a second mouth slurping at the fleshy invader as it turned her virgin depths into a fleshy condom. 

“’re going to destroy me with that monster,” Yang wailed as a supernova of pain and pleasure forced a torrent of groans and shameless pleading from her mouth. But despite how much she begged for it to stop, her nethers flushed with her arousal and drooled her sticky nectar all over the sheets as each palpitating cocktail of masochistic ecstasy threatened to reduce her to a brainless heap babbling a filthy torrent of lies and dirty talk. Cum and spit frothed from the corners of Yang’s mouth when Weiss bucked her hips and stuffed the rest of her girlmeat inside her asshole, her balls slapping wetly against her asscheeks as each bubbly cheek rippled with the force of the impact.  Yang’s eyes rolled up in her skull as Weiss viciously fucked her with her massive shemale cock, her mind turning to mush as each fleshy slap sent an explosion of carnal pleasure that forced a pathetic gurgle from her throat. Girljuice drenched the slimy sheets as Yang’s self-worth and pride melted away, leaving behind only a shameless fuckdoll that craved Weiss’s cock stuffing her cum-glazed shitpipe, her drug-addled cum addiction expanding to include the intoxicating sensation of having her ass brutalized by her girthy 13-inch bitchbreaker. She babbled nonsensically as she convulsed as if she were having a seizure, feeling a cock-shaped bulge in her stomach as Weiss practically rearranged her guts as she jackhammered mercilessly inside her. 

But it was when Yang finally lost the strength in her arms and laid quivering on the mattress that she finally completed the image of a blonde-haired fuckdoll. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and mindlessly licked up thick ropes of gelatinized cum, her cheeks stuck to the sticky congealing pool while she oozed a shameless plethora of breathy gasps and moans, her lilac eyes dull and half-lidded; nothing more than a fucked-out insensate heap just like Weiss had planned. But while she came her brains out and laid in the disgusting pool of cockfilth, Weiss struggled to endure the exquisite sensation pulsing up and down her shaft as Yang’s tight anus clung greedily to her cock, warping her fuck-out asshole to the point where it stretched away from her body each time Weiss thrusted out of her ass. Weiss's eyes fluttered into a half-lidded stare as she felt her impending orgasm submerge her mind in a tidal wave of lust and ecstasy. She bit her lip as her balls squirmed and churned her viscous seed, shaft bulging visibly as she ejaculated and packed liters of the disgusting slop inside Yang’s tight asshole. Her moans rang throughout the room as she spasmed atop Yang’s limp body, pinning her down on Ruby’s bed as she ran her tongue dominantly up her spine, her hands snaking around her voluptuous frame to grope her massive breasts and use them as handholds to pull her soft body closer to her. Her hips bucked erratically as over a dozen hot sticky ropes of cum fired from her cavernous urethra and splattered audibly inside Yang’s cum-stuffed shitpipe, her lips pressing against Yang’s ear as she panted and moaned like an animal. When it was finally over, Weiss pulled herself off Yang and laid next to her, pulling her close for warmth as she admired the glossy sheen of sweat covering her creamy body. 

Lost in the afterglow of her intense orgasm, Weiss bit her lip as she wearily fantasized of wrapping Yang around her finger, forcing her to cling to her just to milk another addictive load from her fat balls and please her immaculate shaft that she clearly adored. She contented herself to gently brushing her fingers up and down Yang’s side, occasionally groping her thick asscheeks as she casually explored her ample assets. But it wasn't long before she felt that insistent reminder, knowing that it was inexorably approaching the time to fulfill her end of all of this. Weiss sighed reluctantly as she pulled her flaccid cock out of Yang’s cum-drowned orifice, giving her bountiful cheeks a playful swat for good measure as she got up and sashayed across the room to grab her scroll from her bedside table. 

“As promised, my little fuckdoll,” Weiss teased with a sultry wink, rejoining Yang on the bed and pulling her between her pale slender legs, burying her half-hard shaft in her dazed face to deny her any semblance of lucidity as she called Ruby. She shivered in delight as Yang lapped up the slimy cum glazing her shaft like a kitten, her eyes glassy as her addictive need took over, her nostrils flaring as she lost herself in the mind-addling miasma of musk pumping from her balls. By the time Ruby finally answered the call, Yang was greedily sucking the sweat and musk off Weiss’s balls, her groans fortunately muffled by those greased up cum-factories as Ruby’s flushed face appeared on miniature rectangular screen. 

“Heeey Weiss! Blake...BLAKE! Come say hi to Weiss!” Ruby exclaimed, smiling excitedly as she turned quickly and waved off screen. Weiss’s curled into a disapproving frown for a split-second before she reverted back to a flirtatious smile, purring gently as she laid down on her mattress and tilted the scroll up to better capture her immaculate features. 

“Sweetie, What I want to talk to you about..well...that's just between me and you,” Weiss replied with a sultry tone that seemingly captivated Ruby, causing her to pause mid-sentence while Weiss bit her lower lip suggestively and added, “Why don’t you scoot to a more..private spot, I’ve been positively aching to ask you something…”

“Um, o-okay..sure! Just uh...h-hang on a moment,” Ruby said after a moment, smiling uncertainty as if trying to recapture her typical bubbly self, her eyes gleaming with a shyness that verified everything that Yang told her; that deep down, Ruby was completely smitten with her, but she was also immensely shy. Weiss glanced away from her scroll and smirked at Yang as she watched her lilac eyes flare with confusion and lust, her tongue pausing for a moment in mid-lick as a gooey strand of cum drooled off the tip of her tongue. Her hand reached down and caressed Yang’s blonde tresses until she grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her nose between her huge balls, watching her eyes dull and glaze over as she snorted up her brain-melting ballmusk.

“Okay, I’m uhh..well away from Blake!” Ruby shyly added, tilting her head down as she leaned against a tree, her eyes staring curiously at Weiss for a moment. “Is something wrong?”

“Absolutely, something is very...very wrong,” Weiss purred, arching her back playfully as she fabricated a needy groan. But her eyes didn't stare at Ruby’s alarmed expression, she fixed her gaze directly at Yang as she licked and kissed up her monolithic alabaster pillar of her cum-glazed shaft, her eyes gleaming with her playful condemnation as if the answer to that question was “your elder sister is a cum gargling fuckdoll that had her brains fucked out all so I can ask you out on a date”. But instead, Weiss’s eyes took a dreamy quality as she feigned a tone of utter infatuation. “I’ve been having...needs and I can’t control them. I wish I could, to hold them back, smother them and lock them away. But I can’t bear it any longer, I have to let her know…”

Let w-who know? You can tell me anything Weiss, I promise I won’t tell anyone...e-especially if you need someone to be there for y-you,” Ruby stammered out, cradling the scroll in her hands as she stared deep into Weiss’s ice-blue eyes and parted her lips. Weiss couldn't help but smirk as she blew Ruby a kiss, her luscious white hair fanning out from her body like a silken layer of snow. She knew Ruby was completely spellbound, captivated by her flirtatious charm to the point where she hung on every word. Weiss casually exploited that, twirling her around her finger with such ease that even Yang looked up, her lips glazed with sperm as she stared stupidly at her as she dimly registered the impending moment of the deal she struck. 

“I’ve been thinking about you,” Weiss lied, confessing her fabricated need with a moan that causes her cock to jerk wildly to life and squirt a thick rope of pre-cum that splattered against Yang’s face. “I want you, Ruby, I’ve been such a bitch to you...let me make it up to you.”

Weiss paused for a moment to gently chew her lower lip, her eyes misting over as she bucked her hips and rubbed her shaft against Yang’s cheek, feeding her a wave of pleasure that spurred her on. “ Let me take you out on a date...please Ruby…mmm!”

Weiss smiled inwardly as she tilted the scroll down to give Ruby a mouthwatering view of her large pale breasts crowned by a pair of luscious pink nipples. Ruby’s eyes glazed over as she bit her lip and simply stared, struck speechless to the point that she nearly dropped her scroll while gazing from one large mound to the other, licking her lips as she imagined running her tongue up the side of each of them, her lips pursing as she fantasized of sucking each nipple while her hands greedily pawed body pillow globes like a perverted sex-addled animal. “Eyes up here sweetie,” Weiss quipped with a sensual smile, her tone dripping with a sexualize candor that startling Ruby from her trance. 

“I..I um...God I’d love to go on a date with you,” Ruby confessed with a needy mewl, biting her lower lip to restrain herself from gushing out anything else, but a moment later she blurted out, “I’ve wanted this for so long, I’ve been crushing so hard on you but I was so shy...You’re so dreamy and beautiful and-”

“You talk too much,” Weiss interjected teasingly with a coy wink, her gaze flickering over to Yang as she parted her lips with a confused expression on her face. Weiss restrained herself from hanging up and fucking the blonde-haired fuckdoll into a cum-splattered heap, her loins surging into a throbbing erection that demanded appeasement. But as Weiss turned back to the screen, she failed to notice the way Yang stared at her, how her eyes betrayed the conflicting pang of confusion as she jacked off her fat dick with her right hand and seemingly yearned for something that befuddled her even as she came to want it all the same. 

Even though Yang loved the idea of making her sister happy, a dark part of her wanted Weiss all to herself just to milk the tasty cum from her bloated balls and feel her girthy cock stretch her holes into an intimate outline that only she would be able to please. Her eyes swam with her confusion until Weiss wrapped up the conversation ended the call, masking the emotion behind her exhaustion and feigned reluctance as Weiss pulled her close and ground her half-hard member between her asscheeks. 

“And there you go, you finally got what you wanted,” Weiss purred as she hooked her index finger under Yang’s chin and tilted her head to the side, cupping her cheeks as she stared deep into her eyes before she continued. “But that only made me want to fuck you senseless again...”

Yang bit her lower lip as she stared into those hypnotic ice-blue eyes, lost in the perversion gleaming within those irises, something that Weiss had always hid from everyone, something that made Yang feel special even if it reduced her to being a mere plaything for the beat pulsing between her legs. She was just about to part her lips and lift her head to slide her tongue between those glossy pink lips when her scroll began to ring, chiming an upbeat ringtone that completely ruined the moment as Yang let out a disappointed huff and rolled out of Ruby’s bed.

Her sweat-oiled asscheeks bounced and slapped together as Yang rushed to her bed, bending over and pushing those creamy globes out to tease Weiss as she pulled out her scroll and accepted the call. She groaned inwardly as she stared at her reflection in the small translucent pane of glass, angling it away from the smears of sticky white cum drying on her right cheek while she smoothed her tangled mane of drying hair. Her breath caught in her chest as she stared down at her naked body, feeling the compulsion to wipe off and suck down the glue-like strands dribbling off her cum-plastered breasts and wipe off the smears and sticky ropes splattered all over her thighs and asscheeks. 

“Hey Little Sis, How’s Grimm hunting with Blake going?” Yang said as she forced a smile on her face and adopted a cheerful tone, listening to Ruby cheer ecstatically in the background. 

“You wouldn't believe what just happened!” Ruby exclaimed, pressing the scroll up to her ample chest in a fierce hug that nearly cracked its slim screen. “She asked me out! I had no clue she liked me like that, she was so hawt! God, I wanted to get on my knees and worship every single part of her..especially how big and soft-looking her-...Say you didn't tell her I liked her, did you?”

Yang's thighs trembled as she stared into space, her eyes glazing over as she felt the stirrings of possessive jealousy sweep over her. She couldn't tell if it was the choking musk pumping from Weiss’s sweaty balls of the seductive miasma of fumes pumping from all the cum plastered on Ruby’s bed, all she knew is her emotions were chaotic and confusing, something she felt she had to hide from the one person she was doing this all for. 

“No no! I told her nothing, I haven't even seen her all day,” Yang stammered, smiling benignly while she internally found herself wanting to lie even more if it meant ending the call and burying her face between Weiss’s legs and smelling that erotic scent of her sex. “I’m so happy for you Ruby, you two would make a perfect couple!”

Ruby smiled and cheered, showering the scroll’s glass screen with a torrent of kisses that left a plethora of lipstick marks all over. “I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle! Weeee-heee-hee!”
“Gosh, you make me want to date her now if she makes you this happy,” Yang teased, winking playfully even as she felt she could easily mean every single word. Fortunately Ruby blew it off, giggling happily as she brought out Crescent Rose and began to walk away from her hiding spot. 

“I don’t even know how I’m going to concentrate anymore! I have to go though, Hunting Grimm with Blake...gosh...I can’t wait..Anywhoo, see you later Big Sis!” Ruby blabbered out, giggling and smiling happily as she blew Yang a kiss and hung up. Yang groaned as she set her tablet aside, looking over at Weiss and her massive erect cock, feeling the perverted urge to let Weiss use her like the fuckdoll she offered herself to be. And as she bit her lip and stumbled over to her, entranced by the hypnotically throbbing pillar of girlcock between Weiss’s pale legs, lured before it in the promise of milking more of the gooey treat and feeling the rewarding pleasure that followed; Yang parted her lips and licked them greedily, content with the mindless bliss of simply being Weiss’s plaything to use. 

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