Equestria Girls: Twilight's Awakening

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“I hope ya’ll had a good time,” Applejack announced, striding across the grass with her friends in tow. She was moving at a brisk pace that made it hard for the assembled group to keep up, especially after a full day of touring the grounds. “When Principal Celestia suggested a class trip to Sweet Apple Acres, I thought I was gettin’ cheated, since I spend all my time here anyway!” She frowned momentarily, then brushed her wheat-colored hair out of her face and stood proudly. “But I gotta admit, it was fun showin’ everyone at Canterlot High around!”

“I picked like, fifty carrots in a minute!” Rainbow Dash offered, pumping her fist and showing a self-satisfied smile. “Next time, I’m gonna break that record!” Her expressive teen face glimmered with cerulean confidence. Like all of her friends, she was possessed of a thin, shapely frame and legs that seemed to stretch for miles between the hem of her skirt and the tops of her sporty blue lace-up boots.

“I didn’t realize that Big Mac can still pull a plow even in this world,” Sunset Shimmer remarked, good-naturedly enough.

“Aw, he usually has the horses do it,” Applejack groused, rolling her eyes. “He was just showin’ off.”

“There were so many cute bunnies on the grounds,” added Fluttershy, a sweet smile on her face. She had collected one of these and was stroking it as she walked. “I think some of the animals from the shelter might enjoy a field trip here!”

“I liked the apple pie!” Pinkie piped up, her cotton-candy expanse of hot pink hair puffing out as she produced several fresh-baked pies seemingly out of nowhere. “This place is like the Land Where Pies Begin! It’s the homeland of pie!” She jammed a delicious slice of pie into her mouth and swallowed it whole, drawing a raised eyebrow from Rarity, who was walking next to her.

“Well, it may taste good,” Rarity said, in her cultured way, but her face took on a look of mild worry. “But if we eat too much, we won’t fit into the dresses I’m making for the Fall Formal!” She tut-tutted with a finger. “I can already see a couple of waistlines that are larger than when I measured you last month!”

Pinky hid the pies behind her back guiltily, seeming to disappear them as swiftly as they’d been conjured. But it was Applejack who was blushing the most as she looked down at her own waist. Uncharacteristically, her usually-smooth midsection was curving outward by several inches. “Mind your own durn business!” she replied, crankily. “A girl can eat a big meal without hearin’ from the fashion police!” Yet the blush on her cheeks remained. The bump was conspicuous, especially on a girl of her willowy and thin frame. In fact, it seemed to indicate a certain biological condition more than a lack of restraint in the pie kitchen.

“Where are the horses?” Fluttershy ventured. “When we arrived, I was told there were horses that needed brushing!” Her desire to care for animals was in high gear, as always.

Applejack held up a hand. “Hold your-”

“Horses?” Pinkie broke in, crossing her arms. “You were going to say ‘horses’, right?” She was almost perching over Fluttershy’s shoulder, startling the always-nervous girl with her typical bombast. Pinkie then pointed to a handsome, wooden structure with all the earmarks of a classic barn, right down to the fire-engine red panels and white beams. “They must be in there!”

Of the group of friends, the only one who hadn’t said anything was Twilight Sparkle, who had been strangely detached and silent for most of the afternoon as they toured amongst the rabbit hutches, picnic tables, carrot fields and apple orchards. In truth, she was preoccupied about the Fall Formal, and her impending ‘date’ with Flash Sentry.

“What’s up with you, Twilight?” Applejack asked as they approached the barn, speaking in her characteristic twang. She was glad to have the conversation go anywhere but the size of her belly. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were oblivious to what it might mean, but less easily-distracted girls like Sunset Shimmer and Rarity seemed to be catching on. “You haven’t said boo all day!”

As Twilight was startled out of her thoughts, Pinkie burst in again. “She must be thinking about the Fall Formal, since she’s going with Flash Sentry and Flash Sentry is an actual human from this world but Twilight Sparkle is actually a pony princess from an alternate dimension, so she’s feeling all sorts of weird feelings about dancing with a human boy since she’s not used to being a human herself and having the biological and emotional urges of a human since she’s actually a pony, and she might have to kiss him at the end of the night and that would be even weirder since they’re not even the same species!”

Everyone stopped and stared. Pinkie blinked. “It’s just a hunch I had!” she explained with typical obliviousness. She had blurted out the whole thing in one unbroken sentence, gathering speed the whole time.

“Well!” Rarity said, finally. “Even if that’s true, isn’t it a bit ill-mannered to say it so bluntly?”

“But weren’t you just talking about people’s waistlines?” Fluttershy offered, meekly.

“Darn it, forget about waistlines!” Applejack objected, and pushed the double doors of the barn open, letting the sunlight wash over the hay-matted floor of the interior. There were six horses in various stalls, and though their coats ranged from lustrous chestnut to gleaming white, they couldn’t match the pastel hair colors and skin tones of the visiting girls. In fact, compared to the magical ponies of Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer’s homeland, they were positively plain.

Applejack gestured down the line. “These fellas do the fieldwork around here,” she said. They were rugged beasts, their eyes lacking the intelligence of the girls, or magic-laden animals such as Twilight Sparkle’s absent dog Spike, who was actually a dragon, and could talk just as well as any human. Spike was taking the field trip off. The rabbits, Applejack explained, might get jumpy if there was a dog around. Especially a secret-dragon dog. After this revelation, Fluttershy had insisted Spike stay home, despite his objections. Preventing rabbits from being startled was one of her hobbies.

Twilight Sparkle took it all in. The difference between the horses in the Sweet Apple Acres barn and the ponies of Equestria were stark. The horses were brawny, possessing animal instinct rather than intelligence. The air in the barn was filled with the earthy scent of sweaty farm animals rather than the sugary, perfume-scented aura that seemed to pervade Ponyville. The distinction between alicorn and animal was made more clear when Fluttershy burst into a carefree smile and began to make her way along the stalls, rubbing muzzles and patting flanks.

“Oh, you’re a good boy! What a handsome guy you are!” she said, in her talking-to-animals voice. This was a teenage girl who was invariably hesitant and withdrawn when it came to other people. With animals, though, it was a different story. Sunset Shimmer tried to imagine Fluttershy in the other world, baby-talking Princess Celestia and asking if she wanted a carrot. It almost caused her to burst out laughing.

Rarity held a hand to her nose. “Well, it certainly is… fragrant!” she offered, doing her best not to offend Applejack any further.

“These fellas have been plowin’ and pullin’ all day long,” Applejack retorted. “What did you expect, a bouquet of roses?” She and Rarity often butted heads, albeit gently, when high-fashion sensibility met up with rustic charm. While they verbally jousted, Twilight Sparkle took it all in. The powerful frames, the muscled haunches, the scent of sweaty, workmanlike horsepower - these images seemed more romantic to her, for some reason, than the thought of sharing a cup of soft punch with Flash Sentry, the human. How many stories had she read about a Princess, tired of the pampering of royal life, setting out on her own and meeting a handsome, salt-of-the-earth commoner? Something about these alternate-world horses was exciting to her in a way that Flash was not. She nibbled her lower lip imperceptibly.

Fluttershy was approaching the back of the barn, which was shadowy and contained only one stall against the back wall. Whereas the other horses were turned to show their faces to the girls, the one in this stall, black in color, was turned away. This, and the increasingly dank smell, gave Fluttershy pause, and she stopped short of striding up and petting the horse’s large and muscled rump.

“Yeah, you might want to stay away from that’n,” Applejack warned. “Blackie’s our breeder, but he’s gone wild and mean. Tries to kick whoever feeds him.”

“Breeder?” Twilight Sparkle blurted, looking over the dark horse’s unabashedly displayed rear and taking a step forward. “You mean he-”

“Eeyup!” drawled Big McIntosh, Applejack’s brother. He had arrived toting a bale of hay, and threw it effortlessly against the base of one of the stalls, tossed Twilight Sparkle a wink, then left out the barn door as quickly as he appeared.

“What he means is, that horse is in charge of- mmmph!” Pinkie sprang forward to give a further explanation, but was immediately muffled by Rainbow Dash, who put two hands over her mouth, not wanting to hear any more intimate details than necessary. Pinkie made a noise like an inflating balloon but eventually gave up and was silent.

The large black stallion turned sideways and seemed to regard Twilight Sparkle. Unlike the other stalls, which were stout, painted wood, the back enclosure had metal panels on the sides and a swing-open gate of three metal bars, though which every detail of the animal’s body could be glimpsed. Twilight gasped and she brought her hands to her mouth. The beast was higher at the shoulder than she was tall, and muscles rippled with intimidating size beneath its shining black coat. This display of prowess alone would have been worthy of a few gasps, but the stallion’s penis was hanging out of its sheath as well.

“Looks like someone is happy to see us,” Sunset Shimmer said, sarcastically. Her half-lidded eyes indicated a ‘snarky’ weariness. Fluttershy looked away with embarrassment. Rainbow Dash proclaimed the display ‘gross’, and Rarity seemed to be wishing she had decided to stay home with her sewing machine. Pinkie continued to look on with the same happy and oblivious expression as ever. But Twilight Sparkle couldn’t help but stare.

The beast’s monstrous organ stretched nearly three feet in length, as thick as one her shapely legs, and hung nearly to the floor. Every throbbing inch of the shaft was a greasy, rubbery black color, dripping with sweat that seemed to puff into the air from the cock’s surface in spritzes of musk-loaded mist with each movement. Twilight’s dainty teenage nostrils flared. What a stench! She’d occasionally detected a hint of the air wafting from boys’ locker room at Canterlot High, this was that smell, multiplied by a thousand. Flies buzzed around the dripping shaft and the beast’s enormous leathery sack of low-hanging balls, each of which was nearly the size of her head. ‘Blackie’ was letting it all hang out with an animal’s typical lack of modesty, and Twilight couldn’t help but feel it was doing so for her.

It’s like he’s staring at me, she thought. Can he tell I’m not really human?

“He’s huge!” she whispered, staring in spite of her embarrassment, and then blushed. Her head was swimming a little, getting fuzzier with every inhale and exhale of the horse’s musky, brain melting cock-stink. Images in Twilight’s mind of Flash Sentry in his Fall Formal suit seemed to shimmer and be replaced by the looming enormity of Blackie’s swollen, churning ballsack and flanged cockhead. She felt a tingling deep in her still-unfamiliar human body, at the delta where her long, mulberry-colored legs came together beneath her skirt.

Blackie made a snuffling, snorting noise as he began to blast a thick stream of steaming piss onto the floor of his stall, the expulsion so copious it splattered and sprayed up off the floor from the force with which it was produced. Most of the girls immediately produced a sound of disgust, especially Rarity, whose ideals of research for quaint summer fashions didn’t involve a urinating horse in a smelly barn. Even Fluttershy, who worked at a shelter and was used to animals peeing everywhere, was taken aback by the sheer volume of the emission and turned away with shamefaced embarrassment. The size of the penis, she decided, made the peeing seem somehow naughty.

Twilight was the exception to the uniform reactions of disgust. While the others turned their heads, she stared, totally entranced by that monster horsecock blasting a heavy pissload all over the floor. The way it seemed to go on forever, never abating or showing weakness, filling her nose with the acrid stench of hot stallion piss, seemed to suggest an overpowering maleness that was quite different than the impression she received from Flash Sentry. Bumping into Flash had made her human heart flutter, but watching a horse relieve itself so powerfully stirred a ‘fluttering’ somewhere else entirely. The nipples on her barely-developed chest were tingling and had grown hard as diamonds, and her crotch had a slippery feeling that was strange but far from unpleasant.

“Well, I can see why you left this part off of the official tour!” Rarity was saying, peering out reluctantly through interlaced fingers. This drew a grumpy look from Applejack.

“Are you okay, Twilight?” Sunset Shimmer asked. She was the first to notice that the ‘princess’ had been largely silent throughout the entire display. “You’re acting kinda weird.” This was enough to startle Twilight out of her distraction, and her cheeks blushed again around a sheepish grin that played off the whole thing as simple surprise.

“O-oh!” she said, her knees wobbling a little with the tingling sensations of her body. “I’m fine.” A closer look might have revealed the strange physiological responses she was experiencing, but thankfully, the other girls were too busy preparing to leave. The bus back to Canterlot High would eave soon, and they would each be expected to prepare a short essay about what they had learned at Sweet Apple Acres. After a short delay and one last longing, speculative look as the stallion’s fat penis finishing spraying piss onto the ground, Twilight followed her fiends out the barn door.

On the ride home, she remained lost in her own thoughts, remembering how that stallion’s cock had been nearly 2/3rds of her body length in size and how the overpowering musk of the unwashed beast had bathed her face. Most of all, she remembered how it had made her human body, in all it’s unfamiliarity, feel hot and strange.

I want to go back there, she thought. When talk of the Fall Formal resumed, she joined the conversation, but her heart wasn’t in it.


-     2     -


It was a week later, on the night of the Fall Formal, that Twilight visited Sweet Apple Acres again. She was driven by a compulsion she couldn’t explain. After half an hour of fidgeting while Rarity fussed over the the fit of her dress, she’d made an excuse and quit the premises entirely, taking a bus out to the ranch, a beautiful teenage girl with a neon streak in her hair, dressed to the nines in a designer gown, slumming it on public transportation under the quizzical glances of her fellow passengers.

It was the evening, an hour before the dance was scheduled to begin, and the setting sun cast Sweet Apple Acres in a somehow sinister orange that was steadily deepening. There was one light on in main house. Twilight did not know what she expected when she approached the window to peer inside; perhaps she only wanted to speak to Applejack and get a reassurance that attending the dance was worth it, despite the dark desires of her body to do otherwise.

Yet what Twilight saw as she peered through the glass pane was nearly unspeakable. Applejack, the trusted friend with whose steadfast support she had overcome all manner of difficulty, was crawling on the floor, totally naked except for her trademark cowboy boots. The swollen belly that she’d done her best to keep hidden during the Sweet Apple Acres tour was much more obvious in this ignoble pose, looking out of place on her long and shapely body. Her skin, so like that of a graceful doe in spring, shone beneath the wheat colored hair that poured over her back.

Her brother Big McIntosh was seated on the sofa, also naked and bulging with impressive muscle. Leaning back with his legs lewdly spread to reveal his large, heavy penis, he nonetheless had the same worry-free facial expression that Twilight had seen every other time she’d ever encountered him. Watching the lewd display and Applejack’s submissive posture, Twilight again felt her loins flare with strange and unbidden sensations. Human bodies were very different from pony bodies, it seemed, in ways she hadn’t anticipated. Biting her lower lip, she continued to observe, her hand sliding between her legs and pressing up beneath the billowy skirt of Rarity’s custom-made gown. In that moment, her impending date with Flash Sentry was the furthest thing from her mind.

“I gave Granny Smith a double dose of hard cider,” Applejack was saying, her voice loud enough for Twilight to faintly hear through the storm windows. “She won’t bother us none.” She crawled toward her older brother with a servility that Twilight thought at once disgusting and exciting, swaying her shapely hips and nubile buttocks like an animal in head. Being on all fours was something Twilight Sparkle knew all about, of course, but she’s never seen it done quite like this. “Looks like that big, fat pole of yours is as hard as ever!” Applejack continued, her eyes growing half-lidded and lustful.

“Eeyup!” said Big Mac, the easygoing expression still on his face. His big, heavy nuts were hanging over the edge of the couch cushions as he reclined, spread-kneed and ready for his sister’s attentions. Applejack moved until her face was just inches from his sack, then leaned forward and started to lick and suck at one ball, then the other. Her back was arched, her tight teenage pussy fully visible.

“Geez, you jerked off on my face this morning and your balls are already full up again!” Applejack moaned, huskily, holding up one fat nut to examine the swollen, spit-slick orb. “Producin’ this much cum, it’s no wonder you put a bun in my oven!”

That’s where boys keep their baby seeds, Twilight thought. His are so big and full! And yet, she realized the testicles of Blackie the stallion, the horse who had stared her down and pissed at such length as she watched, had been five times as large as even McIntosh’s big, fat human set. The memory made her heart quicken. The words ‘breeder’ and ‘stud’ came to mind, and a flashbang of pleasure sizzled through the silken pearl of her clitoris as she rubbed it with two fingers.

Applejack brought two hands up to encircle her brother’s fat shaft, and Twilight was struck again by how big it was, so thick the petite girl could barely get her honey-colored hands around it. Applejack reached between her own legs and brought her hand back slick with her own wetness, using it to stroke up and down the jutting shaft, cooing and kissing as she did. Her face was filled with worshipful, submissive intent. “But I guess you don’t want me to pop out your kid, do ya?” she went on.

“Nope!” Big Mac said, then brought a large hand down to grab a fistful of Applejack’s blonde hair and yank her upward, drawing a moan of pleasure from his sister. For the first time he leaned forward, holding her upright and taking aim at her belly, winding up and delivering a brutal blow to Applejack’s burgeoning baby bump. Twilight Sparkle gasped as Applejack cried out in pleasure and pain.

“Yeah! Beat that rugrat out of me!” Applejack moaned, her eyes clenched shut her voice broke with desperate need. “I’m just a stupid cumdump who ain’t good for nuthin’ but suckin’ your cock and having abortions! Ain’t that right?” There was a wicked, wild look on her face that seemed to revel in the naughtiness of her words, words at odds with the demeanor Twilight Sparkle was used to from Applejack. Gone was the earnest, hard-working teenage girl; though the beauty spots were still on her cheeks and the twang still in her voice, she’d been replaced by a rutting, horny bitch who seemed to love her brother’s abuse.

“Eeyup!” agreed Big McIntosh, still clenching his fist, before slamming another brutal blow into Applejack’s pregnant belly. Holding her by the neck hair, he delivered these repeatedly, landing them with the thwack of a meat tenderizer crashing into a side of beef, causing his sister’s back to bow out each time. After what seemed like a full minute of repeated belly-punching, he let Applejack fall to the floor, cradling her battered guts.

“Nnngh! That brat’s dead for sure!” Applejack moaned, her eyes half-lidded  as she ran her hands over her scrambled womb. Her eyes were unfocused, and her words came out in a desperate, horny flood. “I wish the girls could see me now! They’d spit on me if they knew!” The idea seemed to turn her on all the more, and as Big McIntosh settled back into his reclining position, she struggled along the floor to take a slave’s position between his legs yet again. Big Mac wordlessly put his palms behind his knees to pull up his legs and expose his asshole, drawing a gasp from Twilight as she watched, knowing she should turn away from the disgraceful scene but somehow drawn to it nonetheless. He was presenting his asshole to his sister just as shamelessly as Blackie the horse had menaced her with his cock in the barn that fateful day.

In this world, girls use their mouths to service boys bodies, Twilight thought. The idea wasn’t exactly unpleasant. Equestrian pony reproduction was shrouded in mystery, an act of magic understood by few, resulting in pegasi, unicorns or ponies depending on dozens of factors that no one could explain. Human reproduction, by contrast, was not shy or mysterious. It was lewd, nasty, and totally in her face! Twilight’s heart fluttered again, watching Applejack’s pretty features as she licked at her brother’s balls, taint and ass rim. The submissive blonde seemed to love every second of making out with her brother’s sweaty shithole, nestled in those muscled cheeks that she kneaded with her hands while spreading him wide so she could seal her mouth over his pucker and bury her tongue as deep inside as its length would allow.

“Mmm,” moaned Applejack, pulling back with stands of saliva connecting her mouth to Big Mac’s spit-shined asshole as she jerked his fat dick with one dainty hand and made lewd eye contact. “I’d love to see you rape my friends,” she confessed to her brother. “I get wet at the thought’a Twilight Sparkle’s virgin pussy gettin’ ripped apart by your big cock! You love it when I talk about that, don’t ya?”

“Eeyup!” said Big Mac, then reached down for Applejack’s hair and shoved her face deep into his taint, forcing her to continue to slather spit on his fat balls, his asshole, and the raised, sturdy arc of his perineum. A fat blob of semen slid from his cocktip and began to trail down his long, thick shaft, proof that he was enjoying his sister’s attentions.

Twilight could take no more. The mention of her name had made her belly turn to liquid, there was a rising tide of need within her teenage body that she could no longer ignore. She slid her fingers experimentally between the folds of her pussy, bypassing her panties deftly, and drove the fingers of her opposite hand into her mouth, mimicking fellatio as best she could with her lack of experience. Fingers, with their agile ability to touch and prod, were still a novelty to her, and the feelings they could bring out of her human form were a revelation.

“Knock us all up,” Applejack was saying, teasing her brother with a sultry voice, playing into his fantasies of a harem. She considered herself a good, obedient sister. If Big Mac wanted to fuck all her friends, she would try to make it happen for him. “Knock us up with this fat dick and beat the shit outta us every day! It’ll be an honor for each of us to have your abortion!” She was jerking his cock now, wanting his load all over her face and her bruised belly, but slowed down momentarily when there was a creaking noise heard from the window.  She turned, but there was no one there.

Twilight Sparkle was gone.


-     3     -


She made her way to the barn as fast as her human legs could carry her, taking big, looping strides, falling down more than once. By the time she threw open the doors, the sun had finished setting and the barn was lit only by an old-fashioned electric bulb attached to an overhead beam, casting the horses in dim, industrial light. Pinkie Pie, party-planner extraordinaire, would have considered the lighting substandard for the purposes of revelry. But for the needy indulgence Twilight was contemplating, it was just right.

Blackie was waiting for her as she walked toward his stall in her scuffed, grass-stained prom dress. Rarity would have been aghast at the shoddy treatment of her custom-made outfit, but Twilight no longer cared about such things. Her body was on fire; she was on a quest to quench the flames of her libido, and nothing would do but the massive, dripping, sweaty, fly-blown horse cock she’d seen during the class trip to Sweet Apple Acres.

The stall gate opened with a creak and she fell to her knees at the horse’s side. Her breathing had quickened, her cheeks were flushed. The things she had seen Applejack doing, the things she had heard her say, were as far from friendship and magic as possible… and yet she couldn’t deny how they made her feel. She wanted more, and she wanted to feel it herself. With a slender arm she reached out to grasp the horse’s cock. The sheath and balls were a foreboding, leathery black, and the massive shaft - thirty inches or more, she judged - was a slightly lighter color. Bumps, boils and ridges covered the flange-shaped crown, and as Twilight scurried on her knees in the wet straw to get a closer look, her pretty face was assailed by the brutal stench of unwashed horse dick. Rather than shrinking away, Twilight inhaled deeply. This was what she wanted. Something about being human had awakened a desire to be marked, violated and fucked.

“Please, I want it so bad,” she whispered with desperation, reaching a hand out to grasp Blackie’s heavy prong and drag the club-like end of it to her face. Knowing that Flash Sentry was standing outside the Canterlot High gymnasium like an idiot and no longer caring one bit, Twilight extended her tongue and started to lick around the stallion’s leaking, spasming dickhole, receiving a searing gout of sticky pre-seed almost immediately and loving nasty taste. Instinctively knowing what to do, she used one hand to milk the cock, dragging along the swollen urethral bulge and forcing out the backed-up semen inside as she received the splattery mess on her lips and mouth in fat strands that burned her nose with the rotten, brutal stink of weeks-old cum.

“Nnngh!” she moaned. “Y-yes! Do it on my face!” Twilight barely knew what she was saying, she only knew that her life and adventures as a pony princess were behind her and her new life as a human-world horse’s personal toilet were ahead. Many at Canterlot High thought that she was the most beautiful of her group of friends; with her expressive eyes, slender teenage figure, long legs, and straight hair with trademark highlight, she could have had her pick of interested boyfriends. Yet there she was, making out with a fat horse dick, savoring the grease and cock filth clinging to the beast’s puffy flange as she kissed and pursed her lips to suck at the pisshole, moaning as her tongue was quickly buried in the lumpy ballsnot that looped out.

It smells awful, Twilight thought, and it’s so thick, it’s like chewing on a big, gooey worm. So why does it feel -so good-?

She fell back, shuddering, and swallowed a hot mouthful of the gunk in exaggerated fashion, watching more and more of it leak from the beast’s cock, knowing that nasty filth was the stuff that was sliding down to her stomach right then. She crawled submissively forward to where Blackie’s fat, heavy balls were hanging like coconuts, pressing her face into them, giving an experimental kiss, sucking the leathery scrotal flesh into her mouth and savoring the sweat and grime on the pliable skin as musk exploded her brain like a firecracker. “Nnngh, you stink so bad!” she moaned, throwing caution to the wind and vacuuming her mouth over one large testicle, letting the flies buzz around her face and sound of churning, sloshing cum surge in hear ears. Twilight thought about how Applejack had said her brother was ‘backed-up’, and was suddenly struck by the image of Pinkie Pie, squeezing too hard on clogged cake decorating tool, forcing out a huge burst of thick icing once the blockage was removed. The meal she contemplated now seemed more appealing than any pastry.

“I want get filled with your smelly cum until you’re totally empty,” Twilight moaned, kissing and sucking the stallion’s heavy sack. “Just shoot it all out into my stomach!” She looked around, her nerves live wires, her need desperate. The bale of hay that Big Mac had brought would do nicely. She led Blackie out, and though she had neither reins nor bridle, he followed easily enough, snorting over her shoulder, looming powerfully, his mass of horseflesh a stark contrast to her petite runway model figure. Once she lay on the hay bale, on her back with legs away and head lolling off the end, her slick lips open and wanting, her bestial partner needed no prompting.

When his massive cockhead pressed against her mouth, the difference in size was grotesque. A normal human girl would have thought there was no way such a piece of fuckmeat could ever fit down the throat of a slender teenager, but Twilight, a pony in Equestria, was ignorant of any such limitation. She moaned like a slut as the spongy flange rubbed her mouth and, having thrown the her gown up about her hips and torn her underwear, fingered the puffy mound of her impossibly tight human pussy.

When Blackie pressed forward and forced his bulbous fuckknob to penetrate, Twilight’s first instinct was to hold up a free hand against the stallion’s belly, trying to stay his force or signal him to let up. But it was no use. Nearly fifteen-hundred pounds of muscle speared the fat, spewing cock straight down her throat, making her dry heave and choke pathetically, gurgling in a manner unbefitting a human being, let alone a princess. Twilight’s eyes rolled back in her head and her neck expanded around the thick prong as though she were suffering a seafood allergy. It was so brutal a penetration that every venous detail of the horse cock could be seen as it burrowed down her gullet and into her guts, widening her throat with a sinewy, gristly stretching sound and not stopping into the pulsing, cum-leaking tip was pissing hot stallion jizz straight into her belly. The outline it made in her formerly flat midriff was utterly profane, and Twilight’s arms ran over the stretched skin of middle, massaging the cock-shape that looked like a burrowing animal, jerking it off through her own body.

Twilight was utterly defiled and owned by horse cock, her mind turned into mush by the brutal penetration and lack of oxygen. As the horse began to thrust, drawing back more than a foot of lamppost-thick meat until to drill back to the hilt, Twilight’s arms fell limp to her sides and her eyes rolled back completely into an expression of brain damaged, fucked-out euphoria. Wet, meaty slapping sounds were punctuated by her dry heaves, glottals and coughs. Spit, cum and drool flew from her tiny nostrils, and rivulets of greyish-yellow sperm ran down from her mouth and over the surface of her rolled-back eyeballs, only to be mashed and smeared by the repeated impacts of Blackie’s heavy balls against her nose and forehead. Each thrust was punctuated by a sound that was like a boxer hitting a heavy bag, the horse’s fat, churning sack of nuts swabbing, smothering, and beating Twilight into unconsciousness.

To see the violation in x-ray would have revealed even more tawdry details. A precariously slender girl with a runway model figure, tossed over a bail of hay with her throat lined up to take a stallion’s sweaty, cum-soaked ram-rod, 95 pounds of barely-teenage princess against a ton of rampaging hossflesh. Twilight’s throat, which had belted out so many melodious songs during her various adventures, had been rendered nothing more than a gurgling, puking cocksleeve, no more worthy of reverence or concern than a mare’s cunt. Her stomach was stretched around the cocktip, catching horse jizz like the reservoir tip of an overloaded condom. Her jaw was a dislocated, ravaged dick holster.

After ten minutes of brutal throat rape, Twilight spasmed and gurgled like a bitch in heat, pissing pathetically all over the hay bale in a yellow arc that poured lewdly from the twitching pee hole nestled in the plump lips of her young pussy. A mind destroying orgasm ripped through her body, more powerful than any magic force she’d ever felt, not from any erogenous zone being stimulated but just from the feeling of being bred and brutalized and treated like a toilet for smelly horse cum. It was the orgasm that would forever define what she believed human relationships to be, and dictate forever what sort of treatment she would seek out from her partners. It was that moment that Twilight realized that being utterly destroyed by a horse was far superior to kissing a human boy, and decided she would rather be skull-fucked by a 32” stallion cock than ever kiss Flash Sentry.

She orgasmed repeatedly from that point, loving her mistreatment, the beating of balls against her cum and spit-soaked face, the feeling of her throat stretching around that turgid stallion pipe. It was forty minutes and four climaxes later that Blackie’s strokes grew more frenzied and her hilted himself, drawing a gurgle from Twilight, who vomited cum-bubbles around the seal her stretched mouth made on the beast’s cock as she felt hot, chunky lances of horse spew spraying with grotesque copiousness into her insides. Each burst was accompanied by a wet, heavy SPLURG! sound from deep in her guts, causing her belly to swell to increased sizes with each foul expulsion of paste-thick semen into the fucked-out horse sewer of her stomach. After two spurts she was swollen, after four, inflated. At six she looked like a knocked-up slut about to drop her baby any moment.

Something began to happen, a magical sizzle in the air punctuated by scintillas of light and the levitation of objects nearby - straws, a feeding bucket, and a length of rope rose from the ground and began to glow. As Blackie snuffled and puffed out the last throes of his mighty orgasm, leaving even the backed-up, filthy dregs of his ballsack inside her swollen guts, a light enveloped Twilight Sparkle. It had already been proven that the magic of Equestria could leak over to the human realm, and in Twilight’s case, she had brought quite a bit of her own, though this particular display had nothing to do with the element of friendship, but something much more lewd and sinister.

When Blackie finally withdrew, Twilight was draped over the hay bale, covered in sweat, her dress disheveled and pulled away to expose her wet pussy. Her face was bruised from being beaten with balls, and when she turned her face to the side and opened her mouth, a massive waterfall of yellowish-grey horse semen poured out onto the floor, forming a puddle, as her belly began to slowly decline in size. Yet, there was something else. Twilight’s tingling hands ran over her body and found that where her nearly-flat chest had been a moment ago, two absolutely massive breasts had appeared, so large the front of Rarity’s treasured Fall Formal dress had completely burst. They were the size of basketballs, so bulbous they hung down either side of her body. The nipples alone, bumpy and porous and a darker shade of mulberry than her skin, were raised and puffy, and as large as man’s fist. By some strange magical reaction, Twilight realized, she’d been given a pair of absolutely enormous breasts that were extraordinarily sensitive. Even the slightest touch of her hand brought about a moan.

She rolled off the hay bale, still vomiting up cum with regularity, and as one such expectoration was directed down the front of her own body, she used the cummy mess to lube up her fat jugs, making them slick with second-hand horse sperm as she knelt in front of Blackie with her nasty cum-belly bulging and her huge tits swaying. All she wanted was to be a horse’s breeding bitch, with all other considerations, even her friends and their problems, distant in her mind. Licking heavy coating of cum from her mouth, she knee-walked beneath the horse she now considered her ‘boyfriend’ and wrapped her enormous fuck-jugs around the cum-soaked shaft that hung there, half-hard and stinking.

This feels so amazing, she thought in her fuck-addled mind. Moaning, she pursed her lips around the beast’s pisshole, wanting to drink from it, while she scrubbed the dirty cockshaft with her massive, lubed-up tits. When the stallion began to piss into her mouth, and all over her face and inflated breasts, Twilight happily swallowed every drop.


-     4     -


Weeks later, Sunset Shimmer took pen in hand to make a very unusual ‘friendship report’ between worlds. Princess Celestia, she wrote, might have to send someone to retrieve Twilight Sparkle from the human world. The Princess was acting ‘very strange’, and so was Applejack, though Sunset seemed hesitant to go into any details.

Celestia didn’t know what to make of the message, but as she was reading it, a rather rude pony with a stark black coat pushed his way past, nudging her out of the way despite her superior station. His name, she remembered, was Blackie Brawn, a mysterious new arrival. Thinking nothing of it, Celestia began to make plans for another emissary who might go through the portal and retrieve Princess Twilight Sparkle.

By the sound Sunset Shimmer’s message, something strange was going on.

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