Strange Desires

BY : AberrantScript
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Loud House and make no money off this work of fiction.

Author's Notes:

Flagg started this idea in my head in October, I believe. "Do you know what this fandom is missing? Kinks." And he wrote many in his We Still Love Our Brother. Many were amazing, exciting, and hot. Some... still give me daymares, if I'm honest. When he started writing that I had my own idea...

Have you ever wondered what kind of creepy material a lewd writer reads... what fuels his writing and gives him ideas?

This oneshot collection is going to be sex. All sex. But only kinky sex. I will take requests but I will only write ones that I have found... interesting before~

If you like the kinks I write down, then take a look at the references I share for each one~

Enjoy, you horny perverts~ :3

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2018)

Fetish tags: bestiality; pregnancy kink; virginity; creampie; knotting; implied public sex

References: iCarly: Uncensored (MA for Beastiality) by PysuedonymBlue (FFN); The Wolf's Snare by JustS (AFF)


Chapter 1: Just Being a Dog

Charles was always a simple dog. Always there for his family. Loving them. Protecting them. Begging for food. Chasing them around the yard. Fetching whatever they threw at him. Barking at the evil things in the dead of night. Trying to murder the postman as he plants a bomb in the mailbox.

He loved his family more than his own life.

He would do anything for them. Anything.

But one day, he noticed a weird smell in the air.

And… he had a faint idea of what it might be, but he couldn't be too sure.

He knew what it would mean if he was correct, but it confused him.

He went into the kitchen and sniffed around, but it was weak in there.

He passed Lori and Leni on the couch and, on pure animal instinct, he walked towards their legs… looked toward their groins… and gave a few experimental sniffs in the air.

But they weren't the bitch in heat.

He strutted around the house; climbing the stairs and only pausing long enough to sniff at Luan, Lynn, and Lucy.

But their hormones weren't screaming for him to mount them.

In the bedrooms, he walked into Lana and Lola's room and sniffed. The smell was stronger… but not strong enough.

He went to Lisa and… yes, he had to check Lily, too.

But neither were ready for him.

Lincoln passed by the door and he followed after the boy toward the stairs.

Charles' cock was beginning to unsheathe itself; he was beginning to grow mad with lust. He sniffed at Lincoln, but it wasn't him!

He was going to go insane!

And right when he began to walk into Luna and Luan's room to mount a pillow and make it his bitch, he heard her…

Luna, singing in the shower.

His pupils dilated, his body on edge, and his heart pounding furiously, he pushed his nose under the door and sniffed.

And there it was. Her hormonal scent filled his nose until he felt weak and fell to the ground.

Picking himself up, he pawed at the door. It wasn't locked… wasn't shut all the way.

After all, in a house with one bathroom, having a private shower doesn't exist.

Charles crept into the room; didn't bother with shutting the door as he only had one thing in mind.

His cock was fully erect, his paws were ready to snap around her.

But she was still in the show- Oooh~

Luna moved the curtain aside, her hair flat and soaking wet. Her breasts were perky and dripping water as she stepped out of the bathtub and onto a rug.

Charles watched as she took a towel; as she hummed a gentle melody and bent over; as she wiped down her long, smooth legs; as she spread her feet apart and revealed her ovulating core to his blazing eyes.

His tongue fell out of his mouth as he stalked closer to her.

His every sense was telling him to push his cock into her; to breed her; to make her full with his puppies.

Luna bent back up, her naked, wet back curling upward like a goddess pushing out of a pool. She shook her head, and water pelted the walls and floor.

She turned around and giggled as she saw Charles there.

Then, she gasped because, oh my gosh, the door is open and Lincoln could step out and see her at any moment! So could dad!

She hurried to shut the door but her feet got tangled up with the towel on the floor and she fell down. She barely caught herself with her hands, but her knees stung as they smacked the floor.

"Ffffuuuudge!" she yelled out.

Damn, that really hurt.

Then, out of nowhere she felt something very wet and cold touch her inner thigh and she shivered. She looked under her body, between her legs, and saw Charles there; he was sniffing at her pussy.

"Hey, get out of there! That tickles!"

She giggled as his cold nose pushed into her pussy lips, but a moan escaped her mouth when his tongue suddenly licked her slit. "Ahh!" So warm and invasive, dipping into her, spreading her lips apart just a tiny bit as he lapped at her.

Her arms trembled as her head hung low and her moans turned into whimpers. God, it felt so good!

His furry head pressed her thighs further apart, and she moved just as he wanted. His tongue starting dipping inside of her, deeper, hotter, faster; reaching in and jerking out her lustful cries for release.

"God, yes!"

Luna's eyes were squeezed shut as she felt him moving, like a warm, fuzzy blanket covering her legs and butt. She felt his warm breath puff against her lower back; his paws grasping her stomach. She gasped hotly as his strong legs spread her legs even farther apart. She, mad with desire, opened her body wide for him, uncaring and unthinking of the consequences.

Then, she felt his cock poking at her and she squirmed.

Her eyes burst open in realization only one second too late.

"Charles, no, bad- Ahhhh!" she put her fist in her mouth to contain her scream as he drove himself deeply into her, claiming her virginity.

She squirmed in pain, tears falling from her face; but he didn't stop.

His legs pulled back, and she sighed in relief; only to slam his cock into her as deep as it would go.

He wouldn't stop until her pleas for help turned into whimpers for more.

"God, fuck me harder, boy~"

Her head laid down on the floor and her hands went to her ass; her fingers spreading her cheeks so he could push in just a little deeper. Her breasts smacked against the cold tiles with every hard thrust.

"Nngh~ Good boy. Ha-ahhh~ haaaarder!"

He pumped inside her, his thick cock scraping every wall inside her tight pussy. His warm fur only made Luna hotter, madder with lust. Her nails began scratching into her skin, so she latched onto his arms and pressed her mouth against the floor to keep her screams from leaving the room.

Charles' wasn't thinking anymore. He kept pounding away at her virgin pussy, kept pushing harder and faster in her. His cock began swelling at the base and he knew his time was coming. With a single-minded purpose, he drilled into her. He fucked her harder and harder with each thrust until his knot began to pound at her vaginal lips, trying to plug her up.

Luna felt him working harder. Her climax was coming swiftly. Everything was tingling. Her mind was numb with lust. When she felt his hips fuck her even faster, she spread her legs wider so he could reach her deepest place. She barely noticed when his knot began spreading her lips apart with each thrust. All she cared about was having him inside her body; having him fuck her until her juices gush out and run down her thighs, pooling on the floor.

He was getting close. He looked down at her wet brunette hair, and he forgot this was one of his mistresses on the floor before him. What he saw, what he felt grasping at his cock desperately, was a bitch in heat mindlessly letting herself get bred. And he'd mindlessly fill her young womb with puppies.

He slammed into her once, feeling his knot push her outer lips apart.

He drove into her again, hard enough to spread her inner lips.

Then, he growled and pushed one final time, and his knot filled her pussy completely; unable to pull back out.

Luna screamed in pleasure and pain as her climax came. Her body shook and her eyes clenched tightly shut; her mouth open, smooshed against the floor, to show her beautiful orgasm face.

And her pussy squeezed him, and milked him, and vibrated intensely as his cock continued swelling; as he throbbed deep in her sex. And his cock began shooting out cum, gushing out into her womb, filling her. His sperm rushed into her tubes in waves, searching for that one fertile egg ready to be bred.

Luna whimpered as he got off her back and turned around, putting their asses together. But still, he kept her plugged tight, trapping his cum in her with her own lubricant.

She could feel it swishing inside her. She could feel her body continue milking him for more. She could feel it continually spurting into her, nonstop, as long as he kept her knotted.

In her deepest place, her little quivering egg trembled in pleasure as a wave of cum splashed over it, trying to impregnate her.

Luna laid there, panting for breath with flushed cheeks and a silly grin.

Soon, Charles' knot slipped out of her and their combined juices gushed onto the floor, hot and slick against her legs.

She didn't move as he pushed his tongue against her sore sex and licked her clean. She sighed as his warm velvet soothed her pain and made her feel better.

When he was done, she pushed herself up and pulled him toward her.

She looked down into his warm eyes and grinned.

She couldn't be mad at him.

He was just a silly dog that thought she was a bitch and tried to breed her.

It was perfectly natural. Perfectly innocent.

But when she leaned down and suckled on his cock until it got hard again?

When she turned around and spread her legs wide and braced herself on the floor, looking at him from beneath her body, and whispering, "Be a good boy and breed me until I'm full with your cum"?

That wasn't innocent.

It wasn't innocent when she did it in her room either, with Luan watching.

…or when Luan stripped naked and begged Charles to breed her, too.

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