Sam and Odd: morning routine

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Sam and Odd: morning routine

10:15 am

Slowly rising Sam groaned as she stretched, having woken up surprisingly early for once as normally the dark skinned girl wouldn’t rise before midday

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes Sam then turned to her husband to find him still sound asleep, the covers only up to his waist and tented deliciously making Sam lick her lips hungrily as she quickly proceeded to begin her morning ritual

Moving to rest on her elbows and knees with her huge ass in the air Sam pulled back the covers to reveal her husband’s thick morning wood “there you are” she breathed lustfully before eagerly taking every inch into her hot wet mouth, moaning happily at the heady musky flavour of his cock as she started to bob her head along his cock humming and moaning as she did so

Groaning in his sleep Odd didn’t awaken straight away prompting Sam to up her ante, taking him as deep as she could before opening her mouth wider to push his balls inside, her cheek bulging out around them as she drooled all over his groin

With her moans vibrating through his groin it didn’t take Odd much longer to fully wake up, the blond groaning as he stirred and opened his eyes to find his wife slobbering all over his cock and balls “well morning to you too” he smirked stroking the sluts hair making her moan and titter around his shaft

His grip soon turned rough however as Sam sucked harder on his cock, pushing her head down and bucking his hips up to give his wife what she craved, a good hard skull fuck first thing in the morning

As Odd slammed up into her mouth and throat Sam’s eyes rolled up with perverted delight letting her husband use her mouth as he wished, her cunt dripping onto the bed as she lay out on her front allowing Odd to move his hand from her hair down to her ass giving it a heavy spank to make it jiggle and clap “ah fuck, that’s it girl, choke on my dick” he panted as Sam coughed off more drool making his cock and balls glisten

Forcing her down harder Odd then pulled Sam up to let her breathe, the dark skinned slut panting and drooling all over his cock and tits as her tongue hung out of her mouth “don’t stop…more!” she demanded with wide almost manic eyes before squeaking in delight as Odd forced her head back down onto his cock

Grinding Sam’s face against his groin Odd then quickly gave her the first cum feeding of the day, bucking up hard into her mouth as he flooded it with his hot seed making his wife’s cheeks bulge out from the sheer volume of his load, her eyes crossing as she held it all in her mouth to enjoy the taste and warmth of it before greedily gulping it down

As Odd began to pull her off of his cock Sam grabbed at his waist sucking harder not wanting to release his cock from her throat just yet, making her husband chuckle as he then released her head to let her suck at her own pace which she quickly set frantically bobbing her head along his dick

“Mmmph, this is why I get up in the morning” the dark skinned girl purred internally as she hallowed her cheeks sucking her husband’s delicious cock as hard as she could, her arousal along bringing to her to brink of orgasm, her cunt dripping with need as she desperately tried to suck another load out of Odd’s cock

“More…more cum…please…I need more…” she panted nuzzling her face against his cock and balls and lavishing every inch of them with her hot tongue “cum all over my face” she pleaded rubbing his cock against her face and tongue whilst stroking him

To Sam’s delight Odd came soon afterwards coating her face with his seed, his load coming out in thick ropes covering Sam’s face and landing in her hair as Sam herself came from sheer arousal alone, her body thrumming with pleasure as she continued to stroke him throughout his climax

Panting with need and peppering Odd’s cocks with dirty loving kisses as his climax came to an end before letting out another happy yelp as her husband then took hold of her and turned her around, draping her over the edge of the bed with her face and chest to the floor and her huge ass high in the air as he moved to straddle her thighs to keep her in place “yesss Odd…shove your cock up my fucking ass! I need it so bad!” she pleaded jiggling her fat ass cheeks around her husband’s thick shaft gasping with delight as he spanked her hard

Beating his wife’s ass a couple more times making her moan and shudder with delight as her ass jiggled around his cock Odd then obliged her pleas slowly sinking his entire length into her tightest hole, groaning as she squeezed like a velvety vice around him whilst Sam moaned against the carpet letting her tongue hang out as she openly drooled with pleasure

With her husband’s cock buried deep in her ass it didn’t take long for Sam to orgasm again, her toes curling as her body shook and thrummed with ecstasy, grunting and panting against the floor as Odd thrust down hard into her ass making her entire body buck against the floor “ah…ah…yes…harder…fuck…my…ass!” she panted as her eyes crossed with every thrust feeling like nothing but a sex doll for a husband and loving every second of it

Panting heavily Odd increased his pace making Sam scream as his cock then erupted inside of her fat ass, flooding her insides with his seed before he pulling out to finish on her ass, down her back and all over the back of her head just how she loved it, the dark skinned slut humming and moaning as she relished the feeling of his warm seed running up her back and along her neck

To her there was no better way to start the day

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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