Lilo's First Date

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Lilo sighed as she sat at the table with her arms folded. As Elvis' best hits were playing on the record, she just stared at the empty chair across the table. She heard tapping and immediately stood up straight as she turn her head to the doorway: it was just Nani standing there.
"Is he coming?" Lilo asked, starring back at the chair.
"I'm sorry, Lilo," Nani sighed, "I just got off the phone with Mr. Jameson and-"
Just then, they heard a knock on the door. Lilo jumped out of her chair and raced to the door. Upon opening it with a smile, her face changed to confusion as Victoria stood on the porch.
"Hey Lilo," she said before looking at her tropical green/blue dress, "oh, were you about to go somewhere."
"No," Lilo replied, "I was supposed to have a date and he didn't show up."
"I thought we were going to have a sleepover."
"Yeah, next Satur-" *facepalms herself* "-come on in, you're just in time for dinner."
Victoria waved back to her parents as they beeped the horn before driving off. As the two girls took their seats, Nani gave them both a plate of meatloaf before leaving them in peace.
"So, what happened?" Victoria asked, before taking in a fork full of meatloaf.
"Keoni just didn't show up," Lilo said, picking at her food, "which is so unlike him."
"How so?"
"Keoni's so nice and friendly, it just doesn't make sense for him not to show up."
"Maybe he got grounded."
"What makes you say that?"
"That's what happened to me when I couldn't make it to hula practice that one time."
"I thought you were sick."
"I got grounded because I got sick."
"How does that work?"
"Well, you see, my Mom had made this cake for her job. I wanted to have a piece, but then my stomach felt like it was in agony."
"I ate a spider that was crawling on my face."
"Better than covering my face full of spider guts. Anyway, my stomach then hit the emergency vomit button and I puked all over the cake as I held it."
Lilo's eyes widened as she shoved her plate forward before raising her hands and saying, "There goes my appetite."
"Mine too," Victoria said, pushing her plate forward.
"Wanna watch a movie?"
"Sure, you got a cheesy romance we can watch?"
"Who doesn't?"
They giggled as they raced to the living room. Lilo turned on the TV and search for a movie to watch. She found one by the name of Our Diary and popped it in before sitting on the couch next to Victoria.
"Oh, I've seen this one!" Victoria exclaimed.
"You have?" Lilo asked.
"Yeah, I watched it with my Mom and Dad for movie night this one time. This is the one where-"
"Don't spoil it please."
The girls sat silently as they watch the opening prologue in which two kids meet at recess. The boy then says to the girl, "I like you. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"
"That's such bad dialogue," Victoria giggled.
"I know right?" Lilo agreed, "I mean, who talks like that?"
"That's nothing; wait tell they become adults."
20 minutes later, the movies showed a scene involving the two leads writing in a diary and after they're done writing, the man says, "Our love will live forever in this diary."
The girls burst out laughing at the utterance of that line. In the midst over their laughter, they inadvertently hug each other. They ceased their laughing upon looking into each other's eyes. 
"What?" Victoria asked.
"You have beautiful eyes," Lilo said.
Victoria could not contain her laughter as she fell to the floor, holding her sides and kicking her feet. Once she stopped laughing, she sat back on the couch and continued watching the movie. Around an hour of commentary from the girls regarding the movie passed before the credits finally rolled. The girls then turned the TV off and head up to Lilo's dome to get ready for bed.
"That was so cheesy," Lilo said, changing out of her dress.
"Would you like to put that that on some nachos?" Victoria asked, jokingly.
They had a brief laugh before Lilo continued, "Seriously though, nobody acts or talks like that."
"I think this was made by someone trying WAY too hard to make a love story."
"You know what the dumbest thing about it was?"
"Beside the scene where the guy shouts "NOOO!" after they broke up?"
"Yeah, that was pretty dumb-" *laughs* "-no, I'm talking about how they kiss."
"How do you mean?"
"They look like they were trying to eat each other."
"Yeah, I mean, last I checked, it's supposed to feel like you're connecting your lips together, not swallow each other's tongues."
"How would you know that?"
"I know because I've kissed Nani and Keoni."
Victoria was silent for a moment before asking, "When did you kiss Nani?"
"About a month before we met Stitch," Lilo replied.
"How did it feel?"
"It felt good; wanna try it?"
Victoria just leaned in slightly before Lilo almost instantly locked lips with her. Victoria's eyes widened in surprised, however as they continued kissing, she closed her eyes and kissed back. They embraced for a moment, caressing each other's barley naked bodies and rubbing one another's hair. Upon release, they wiped the drool off their lips smiling at one another.
"So," Lilo began, "what do you think?"
"That was actually pretty good," Victoria replied.
"If you think that was fun, sex is even better?"
"Wait, what?"
"I'll show you."
Lilo then held her hand out, expecting Victoria to grab it. Victoria looked at Lilo's smiling face and put a smile on herself as she held her hand. Victoria was then pulled forward and surprised as Lilo pulled her panties down. As Lilo began licking her clit, Victoria tilted her head back and blissfully cooed.
Lilo smeared her tongue against Victoria's vaginal lips, whilst she moaned and held her head. She then back up to to the bed and sat down as Lilo continued licking around her vagina. Victoria began to moan louder as she was nearing orgasm. She clenched Lilo's hair as she began to tense up. Ultimately she leaned back as she squirted all over Lilo's face, crying out like a baby in the night.
Lilo then wiped her face before pulling her panties down and laying next to Victoria on the bed. She then slightly turned a Victoria's body horizontally and locked pussies with her. Victoria looked at Lilo, who gave her a smile as she began rubbing her pussy against her friend's.
They both moaned as they rubbed their pussies together. Victoria held on to the side of the bed as she pushed herself against Lilo. The girls' moans echoed throughout the dome as the bed bounce in sync with them.
Their moans became louder once orgasm was emanate. They looked at each other for a split second before tilting their heads back and crying their hearts out. They quivered and panted they laid motionless on the bed for a moment.
Victoria then crawled beside Lilo and they both smiled at each other before dosing off in to a peaceful slumber.

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