Never mix Cactus Juice

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Never mix Cactus Juice

“It’s so good to see you guys again!” Katara greeted warmly moving in to give Zuko a hug after she and Aang dismounted Appa in the courtyard of the Fire Nation’s Palace, Aang moving in to do the same with Toph as the monarchs greeted them personally

“Likewise” Zuko grinned back “how long has it been? Seven? Eight months?”

“The Avatar’s job is never done unfortunately” Aang commented with a tired laugh “you’d think after these years people would realise that the world is better off without Ozai in charge but no, there are still terrorist attacks and assassination attempts they commit in hopes of bringing him back into power” the Air Bender explained to which Zuko just nodded with a sigh, knowing all too well that his father still had many zealous followers vying for his return

“Oh enough of talking about him” Toph interrupted before the conversation could get too serious “we’ve got some serious catching up to do so let’s head inside and get some drinks” she added to which the others readily agreed, even Aang who normally didn’t partake in alcohol feeling that he needed to just unwind after the tough several months of work and peace meetings he had to endure

Entering the Palace Zuko and Toph lead Aang and Katara to one of the many ‘tea rooms’ that they used for relaxation whenever their duties weren’t taking up most of their days “it’s a shame Sokka and Suki couldn’t come” Zuko commented as they entered the room, the place seemingly decked out for small party use with a single table in the middle of the room surrounded by large cushions to act like seats

“Yeah, they’re attending important business on Kyoshi Island, I think Ty Lee’s there as well” Katara explained as she and Aang took a seat at once side of the table whilst Zuko and Toph took theirs at the other side “so how have you two been? Been trying for heirs?”

“Damn right we are, I swear I can’t keep Sparky off of me most days, I have to say the limp is from Bending training whenever someone asks” Toph grinned elbowing Zuko hard in the arm making him roll his eyes “what about you guys? Aang seriously needs to get to repopulate-ing the Air Benders already, I bet you guys spend your nights fucking like Rabaroo’s”

Blushing at Toph’s question Aang and Katara laughed nervously “we…try when we can” the Water Bender replied as one of the maid’s brought the group their drinks, setting out their cups before placing the pot which contained their drinks in the centre of the table to which Zuko thanked her and dismissed her for the night telling her that they could pour their own drinks

“Avatar duties makes it hard to have privacy most of the time” Aang added rubbing the back of his head

“Aww look at you blush, you guys are adorable” Toph teased as she poured herself a drink able to feel the others inquisitive eyes on her “look, feel, same thing, your faces get warmer when you blush, I can practically feel your faces glowing” she then explained downing her drink in one go before pouring herself another

An hour soon passed as the group fell into a comfortable restful state and with a few more drinks in them the two couples soon began to regale each other with more and more stories of what had happened to them during the time they had spent apart, Aang even revealing a story of a female fan of his who had seemed to ignore his words of ‘I have a girlfriend’ when she had come onto him during a visit to her village and when he had retired to his inn room for the night he found that she had gotten in and was waiting for him naked on his bed

“What?! Where was I when this happened?!” Katara exclaimed making it clear that Aang had kept the story from her as well “why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I didn’t want you to freak out, I think you were out with Appa at the time, it took me ages to convince her to leave, I couldn’t just kick her out naked either, what would everyone think if the Avatar threw a naked girl out of his room?” Aang explained sheepishly rubbing the back of his head “I thought it was best not to tell you since nothing happened”

“Wow really Twinkle Toes? You get a hot naked girl throwing herself at you and you send her away? Puberty must not have hit you hard enough” Toph commented making Aang and Katara stare at her in shock “I thought the Air Bender’s need repopulating so you should be sticking it everywhere” the Earth Bender continued taking another swig of her drink “we’ve got a few workers here who have the hots for you, I’m sure they’d love to help bring back the Air Nomads”

“Toph!” Katara exclaimed in shock “you are not lending out my boyfriend!”

“Why not? Think of the Air Nomads Sugar Queen, don’t be so selfish”

“This is what I live with” Zuko sighed as Toph continued to goad Katara into an argument which the Water Bender made far too easy, the Fire Bender and Avatar deciding to stay out of their lovers’ quarrel to start a conversation of their own knowing that Katara and Toph’s squabble would pass over soon

As expected the girl’s argument soon died down as Toph grew tired of teasing Katara, their conversation turning normal for a short while before the Earth Bender suddenly spoke up “you know what Sugar Queen? I have no idea what you look like” she commented prompting Katara to raise an eyebrow

“Toph…you’re blind…you don’t know what any of us look like”

“I see through touch so I obviously know what Zuko looks like, I’ve touched Sokka’s face before so I know him, I’ve touched enough of Aang’s face to know that he could be mistaken for a girl at a distance” Toph replied prompting Aang to look almost offended whilst Zuko smirked “that just leaves you Sugar Queen, I’ve never touched your face, got no idea what you look like” the Earth Bender explained setting her drink down before raising her hands “so come here”

A little shocked as Toph reached forward to grab hold of her face Katara nevertheless allowed her blind friend to inspect her features through touch, thankful that Toph at least seemed to know where her eyes were as her thumbs traced around them rather than jabbing into them like she had feared

When Toph’s hands eventually settled on her cheeks Katara thought that she was done so it only surprised her more when the Earth Bender’s grip tightened and dragged her forward into an intense deep kiss, the Water Bender’s going as wide as Aang’s whilst Zuko spat out his drink in shock

What surprised Katara more though however was the fact that she didn’t pull away, her head feeling warm and fuzzy from the drinks slowing her thoughts and the fact that Toph’s lips were much warmer and softer than she had expected had Katara actually leaning into the kiss, both girls letting out soft moans and hums of contentment, Katara’s hands soon moving to clutch at Toph’s clothing pulling her in to deepen the kiss

When they finally broke their kiss the two girls were panting for breathe from how much time they had spent at each other’s mouths “not bad Sugar Queen” Toph smirked licking up the speck of drool Katara had left on her lips “I knew adding some Cactus Juice was a great idea”

“What? Cactus Juice?” Katara gasped as the fuzzy feeling in her head suddenly made a lot of sense, the Water Bender feeling a lot drunker than she should for the amount of alcohol she had drank “where did you even get that?”

“Sokka has a not so secret stash” Toph tittered “add a couple drops to a drink and it adds a major kick so I added some to our drinks, just…more than a few drops”

“How much did you add?” Zuko asked as his head started to feel cloudy and light despite drinking not that much

“I dunno…maybe…a couple of cups worth? Hehe…I’ve been bad haven’t I?” the Earth Bender giggled as the full force of the Cactus Juice seemed to hit them all at once, their faces flushing and their bodies warming up “I just thought I’d shake things up a little, help us all unwind a little more you know? We all deserve it” she continued before leaning in to kiss Katara’s throat making the Water Bender flinch and shudder

“Toph…stop…Aang’s…” Katara panted as her words melted in her mouth, the mixture of Cactus Juice and Toph’s lips making it harder to protest by the second

“I don’t think he’ll mind” Toph purred against Katara’s tanned skin before cupping her face and turning it to look at Aang “in fact I think he’s enjoying the show by how much his heart is racing”

Having been staring intensely at the girls along with Zuko the Avatar took a couple of moments to realise that he had been mentioned “I wasn’t looking I swear!” he tried to defend himself desperately willing his heart rate to calm as the sight of his lover being embraced so tenderly yet almost animalistic-ally by another woman sent thoughts through his head that he never thought he would ever have

“Oh you weren’t? Looks like I’m going to have to kick it up a notch then” Toph smirked as she surprised all three of them by grabbing Katara’s robes and ripping them open letting her perky breasts bounce free, the Water Bender shrieking with shock whilst Aang’s face went bright red

Zuko on the other hand had a face that showed that this wasn’t the first time that Toph had done this “for Agni’s sake Toph not again, is this the only reason you arranged this?” the Fire Lord sighed trying his best not to stare at Katara’s exposed chest

Just smirking in response Toph grabbed hold of Katara’s tits before she could cover them making the darker skinned girl shudder and let out a shaky breath “come on Sparky, you can’t deny that you’ve wanted to see Katara’s tits before, damn they feel big, were you always this busty Sugar Queen?” she purred as she squeezed the Water Benders chest harder making her let out a sharp gasp “and I’m sure Twinkle Toes there has thought about me naked before so why not just do it? We’re all friends here so let’s just let loose and have some fun”

Either the Cactus Juice was working harder on them than they had thought or they had seriously gotten too used to Toph’s demeanour but either way the Earth Benders suggestion didn’t actually seem all that bad to the other three “it would be…just us right? won’t tell Sokka?” Katara panted knowing that her brother would freak out if he heard that she had done such a thing

“Yes, just us, you two got any complaints?” Toph grinned looking in Aang and Zuko’s directions, both men seeming to have the same thoughts as Katara “maybe this will sweeten the deal?” the blind girl then grinned as she undid her own robes sliding them off of her shoulders to reveal her smaller but just as perky breasts to them

Exchanging a glance at each other Aang and Zuko didn’t take long to reach a decision from the mixture of Cactus Juice in their system and the fact that Toph had taken the time to strip naked and was currently doing the same to Katara with no protests from the Water Bender

Hearing the rustling of the guys’ clothes to signify that they were stripping as well Toph grinned dirtily, everything was going just as planned making her cunt clench with arousal “hey Sugar Queen, let’s start with a little contest, first one to make their guy blow his load with just their mouth wins” she challenged to which Katara bit her lip, her eyes glazing over with lust

“You’re on” the Water Bender breathed as the two moved to kneel in front of their lovers and promptly showed off their greatly differing techniques when it came to orally pleasuring their men, Toph going for the ‘direct’ approach swallowing Zuko’s cock down to the base whilst Katara went for the softer option, gently cupping Aang’s balls as she kissed and licked along his length lovingly

Gagging loud around Zuko’s cock Toph drooled heavily, her tongue lashing against his balls as she clutched his thighs, her unseeing eyes staring blankly up at him to mimic eye contact before she started feverishly pumping her head along his length, letting the drool pour down her chin and drip onto her perky tits confident that her ‘all-out attack style’ of giving a blowjob would easily have Zuko cumming first

But by Aang’s heart rate however Katara seemed to be doing a much better job of it, the Water Bender’s skilled tongue working his cock head and the first few inches of his shaft whilst she stroked the rest with both hands, the dark skinned girl humming and moaning around his cock head as she could taste his precum already

“Hey, mouth only!” Toph protested as she pulled away from Zuko’s cock making Katara titter as she did the same

“You should have stated the rules properly, don’t complain just because you’re losing” the Water Bender teased as she stroked Aang’s cock before taking it between her full firm breasts, the act making them both shudder and moan as precum shot out onto Katara’s face and throat making her simper

Growling with a mixture of annoyance and lust Toph returned to sucking Zuko’s cock with increased figure, drooling more as she felt him throb against her hot skilled tongue, the Earth Bender quickly tasting her lover’s hot spicy precum making her cunt drip onto the floor

To the Earth Benders chagrin however Katara was the winner of their little contest, the dark skinned girl gasping and moaning as Aang came hard between her tits and all over her face, Katara pulled back and cupping her breasts to give her boyfriend a better target as she relished the feeling of his seed on her skin

Feeling what Katara and Aang were doing through the vibrations their movement gave off Toph did the same, pulling back and wrapping both hands around Zuko’s cock, stroking him feverishly until she was rewarded with his hot borderline steaming load all over her face and chest, both girls simpering and gasping with the pleasure their boyfriend’s cum brought them as it decorated their bodies

Exchanging a glance as their lovers cum dripped from their cheeks all attempts to tease each other died in their throats as an overwhelming urge to embrace each other overcame them, their mouths crashing together with heated moans before the two Benders began hungrily lapping at each other’s faces, cleaning each other of the other’s lovers seed

“Fuck Aang tastes good” Toph breathed as she immediately adored the taste of the Avatar’s cum on her tongue, Katara agreeing as the Water Bender equally loved the spicy heat of Zuko’s seed “you wanna suck my man’s dick whilst Twinkle Toes fucks your hot little hole?” Toph then purred to which Katara nodded with a shudder of arousal

Luckily for them Aang seemed to have no complaints with the action as he and Zuko took their places at either side of Katara aside she lied down between them, the Water Bender letting out a heated gasp of ecstasy as Aang pushed into her dripping cunt before her moan was muffled by Zuko’s cock pushing into her mouth

To Katara’s surprise Toph wasn’t content to just sit back and ‘watch’, the blind girl having uprooted a tile and Bent it into the shape of a strap on before sliding under the dark skinned girl, making her eyes go wide with shocked pleasure as Toph then forced her fake cock deep into her thick ass filling her last hole

Screaming with pleasure around Zuko’s cock Katara could only brace herself as Aang and Toph gave her needy holes everything they had, her breasts bouncing hard as her head swam from a mixture of pleasure and Cactus Juice, her toes curling in the air as Aang’s hold on her spread legs prevented her from wrapping them around his waist

Completely unable to hold back Katara quickly had the fastest orgasm she had ever had, her brain exploding from overstimulation and for a moment the remaining alcohol in the serving jug rose into the air before crashing back down as she momentarily lost control of her Water Bending, her eyes crossing as she orgasmed uncontrollably around Aang’s cock making herself all the tighter for him

“Always knew you were a screamer” Toph smirked loving the muffled garbled screams Katara let out around Zuko’s cock as the Earth Bender reached up to cup her tits from behind “you better return the favour when it’s my turn” she then purred as she slammed up harder into the Water Bender’s ass making her scream again

“Oh Spirits Katara” Aang groaned as his lover squeezed tight around him again dragging him over the edge into climax, Katara shuddering as his hot load flooded her pussy and womb and before long she got to taste Zuko’s spicy addictive cum again, her eyes rolling back at the hot tangy flavour of it

Eager for her turn Toph barely gave Katara a chance to rest pulling out of her ass and rolling her off of her making her yelp as the Earth Bender got rid of her strap on and grabbed hold of Aang’s cock “I’m gonna suck you dry Twinkle Toes” she purred as Zuko moved under her, the Fire Lord grabbing her waist and sitting her cunt down on his still hard cock making her unseeing eyes roll back for a split moment before she impaled her throat on Aang’s dick

Watching as Toph began to ride Zuko with everything she had all whilst pumping her head along Aang’s cock like she had been born to do so a devious smirk laced Katara’s lips, the Water Bender raising a hand to summon the liquid in the little bottle she carried around with her, the water shifting around her body before settling at her cunt to form a double ended semi-solid dildo

Sliding up behind Toph Katara grabbed hold of her hair bun pulling it hard to break the hair tie allowing her long black hair to cascade down her back, the Earth Bender letting out a yelp of surprise as she was pulled off of Aang’s cock before letting out a long low shuddering moan as Katara’s water cock was pushed deep up her ass “ah shit Sugar Queen…fuck that ass deep…” she moaned in encouragement reaching back to spank herself before retaking Aang’s cock down her throat, the Earth Bender perfectly filled in every hole fulfilling one of her dirtiest fantasies to the letter

When Aang and Zuko came again the Cactus Juice seemed to have completely taken over Toph and Katara’s inhibitions as the two refused to let the men rest, drawing climax after climax out of them until they were both completely dripping with both men’s cum from their holes and their skin, all four of them continuing until they couldn’t any longer, each one of them passing out where they lay on the floor

It was a good couple of hours before they all began to stir again, each one feeling like they had ran several miles and then jumped off of a cliff with how much their bodies ached and by the pounding in their heads it felt like they had tried to outdrink a Gorilla Goat “that…” Toph groaned as she pushed herself up having passed out flat on her face “was fucking awesome!” she then exclaimed, her blank eyes wide and her grin beaming as Katara slowly sat up with a groan

“I feel so dirty…” the Water Bender complained, her skin feeling sticky and if it wasn’t for the fact that it had been with Zuko and Aang was present she’d have been freaking out feeling like she had committed adultery

“I know, it’s great isn’t it?” Toph smirked leaning forward to lick some cum off of Katara’s cheek making her shudder “we should make this a weekly thing!”

“Don’t push it Toph” Zuko grunted as he stood and cracked his back “I’m just thankful these walls are sound proofed, if anyone found out about this our reputations would be ruined”

Snorting Toph rolled her unseeing eyes before deciding to push her luck again “next time we should invite Sokka and Suki to join in!” she grinned only to get water splashed in her face by Katara, a cushion to the face by Zuko and then getting Air Bent across the room by Aang landing on one of the large seats across from them “you guys are no fun!”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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