Good Witches Finish Last

BY : WyoRanger
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“Now, please Glynda, I need you to calm down and tell me what happened,” Ozpin said in his soft, comforting voice as he set a mug of hot tea in front of his assistant. 


Glynda took deep breaths, trying to settle her shaky breathing. She pulled the blanket around her shoulders tighter as if to fend off a cool breeze in the comfortably warm office. Taking the mug, she took a small sip, instantly feeling it’s warmth flooding her body and easing her nerves. Dabbing at the tears in her eyes, she nodded. 


“Okay. H-How should I start?”


“From the beginning, if you would.”


“Right. T-The beginning...,” Glynda threw back the mug, downing the rest of the soothing liquid before clearing her throat.  “It started off with that mission...”




“Why must I do this?”  Glynda grumbled to herself as she trudged through Beacon Academy’s lush forrest where new students went through a rigorous team building exam. “I am an elite huntress, not some common, backwoods wannabe who needs the job to stay in business. Gah!  This is my favorite dress too!”


She examined the torn fabric at her thigh, cursing as every little movement seemed to make the tear get bigger. Irritated, she huffed and continued on, doing all she could to ignore the split along the front of her right leg that threatened to expose everything underneath. 


Deeper into the forest she went until she came upon evidence of what she was searching for. 


“Webs?  No known spider could make them this size though. Whatever made these would need to be...”




Glynda whipped around at the noise, scanning the area to find the source. She slowly pulled her riding crop weapon from where it hung on her hip. 


“Hello?”  She called out, still searching for movement. 




Again she spun in place, looking behind her and failing once more to locate the source. Something was around, that much was sure, but where. 


‘Rustle rustle...snapsnapsnap!’


“What?!” Glynda glanced up as a large shape descended upon her. Flailing her crop above her head, she blasted the grimm aside. The spider-like grimm quickly recovered, charging at her and slashing with one of its many legs. She barely managed to defend herself as she was slammed backwards. “Ugh!  You filthy beast! You’re gonna get...what the hell?!”


Glynda struggled to stand. Glancing at her back she realized that the strange new grimm had slammed her back into its webbing, ensnaring her. Realizing that she’d dropped her crop, she quickly began to squirm in a vain attempt to free herself from her bindings. As the grimm stalked nearer, Glynda shut her eyes tight and turned away, praying for a quick and painless death. 


‘Riiiip. Ripriprip.’


Her eyes snapped open as the cool breeze hit her bare legs and chest. Glancing down she realized the grimm had torn her skirt to shreds, as well as her black lace thong and blouse. Her have moved from her exposed body to the spider grimm, which stood over her. A long, thick cock hung from its abdomen, thick strings of hoop dripping in a sticky stream from its tip. Understanding suddenly filled the huntress’s mind. 


“No.  No no no no no!  Don’t you dare!  Let me go...LET ME GO!”


A gob of webbing smacked over her mouth, cutting off anything else she may have wanted to say. The grimm, satisfied with her stifled cries of resistance, pressed its large cock between its prey’s legs, rubbing its length along her entrance. 


Glynda cried out through her gag as the beast began to press its head to her womanhood. As the grimm gave a rough shove, Glynda felt as if her pussy was being torn in two. Her eyes bulged as the cock pressed deeper inside of her, pushing the air from her lungs as it forced its way into her womb. Looking down she saw the shape of the grimm’s cock as it pressed up against her stomach. 


Before she could catch her breath, the creature began to pull itself from her until just the tip was still inside of her. With another rough thrust it pushed back into her. The pain wasn’t as bad this time as her body began to accommodate the size. In fact, the more the beast moved and thrusted, the more she felt herself begin to enjoy the sensations she was feeling. 


‘This can’t be,’ she thought to herself as the force and speed of thrusts began to pick up. ‘I’m...I can’t be enjoying this.  How?  Why?!  What...what am I becoming?’


Glancing back down, she watched as its cock pounded away at her cunt. Her eyes became glued to the veiny organ as it thrusted in and pulled out. The motion was hypnotic. 


‘Cum...he’s gonna cum soon. Please, pull out. I don’t want it!  I don’t want to be bred! If he cums...I think I’ll...I’ll go...I’m gonna...CUMMING!’


Warmth flooded her insides, filling her to the point where her stomach began to bulge and liquids oozed out around its pulsating cock. Then came a different sensation. It felt like...eggs!


Glynda’s eyes remained locked on the throbbing of the cock, even as her own orgasm ravaged her body, her legs shaking uncontrollably.  With every throb of the grimm’s cock another solid object seemingly entered her womb, and with each new addition a fresh wave of pleasure rushed through her body. 


Minutes blurred into hours, or maybe only seconds had gone by. Either way, Glynda lost track of how long the beast remained inside of her. She lost track of how many eggs were implanted within her. All she could remember was that a small line of spider grimm had formed behind the first, each ready to breed her and use her for its own pleasure. 




Glynda set another empty mug down on Ozpin’s desk, leaning back and resting her hands on her egg-inflated belly. 


“And you don’t remember how you escaped?”  Ozpin asked. 


“No, I’m sorry Ozpin, but I don’t. I just hope you know what to do before...”


“Before what?”


“It’s too late,” Glynda’s voice was shaky once more. She glanced down between her legs as one of the eggs slipped from her gaping pussy.

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