Soul Marks

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Legend had it that Soulmates were as old as humanity itself, and began, as many things do, with two lovers.

They were members of families on opposite sides of a long-standing dispute and were frequently at war with each other. Despite this adversity, the lovers met in secret to snatch a few, peaceful moments together.

In time, their illicit affair was discovered, and they were banished from their lands, sent in opposite directions so they could never find each other again. Unbeknownst to their relatives, the lovers had made a pact during their last meeting. To honour their words, they had each carved a mark into their chests, right above their hearts, with a knife. With this connection, they could find one another again one day.

Unfortunately, after many years of searching, one of the lovers died mere hours before being found by the other. The remaining lover was so distraught, they took their own life.

The Powers That Be took pity on the pair and reunited them in the sky as a constellation. So moved were they by the lovers' bond, they decided that all humans ought to be given the same chance, to feel a love so deep they would do anything for their partner. From then on, all humans were gifted with a mark that represented the one person meant for them. It would be in a colour suited to that person and would appear on the same place as their mate's.

The families who banished the lovers were punished by not being gifted with marks, and were left to drift, soulless and unhappy, until their dying days.


This was only a legend, but in reality, Soulmate Marks did exist. No one was born with a mark, but most people had theirs by the time they turned fifteen. A Soul Mark could appear on any part of the body, and its location was believed to have meaning. A mark on the lips meant passion, a mark by the eye meant honesty, and so forth. Destined partners could touch marks, and they would know the person they were holding their mark against was theirs. They were overwhelmed by feelings of rightness, belonging, and peace.

There were also an unfortunate few who never received a mark - people whose partners had died at a young age, or who were thought to be descendants of the cursed families from the legend. The socially deviant never got marks either. Murderers, rapists, and paedophiles remained bare, but whether this was caused by never getting a mark or not had yet to be determined.

Soul Marks could also fade away if one half of a pair died. Often, the remaining person pined away until they died. There was no scientific explanation, as many such people were in complete health, but the elders all claimed they died of a broken heart. That they had lost their will to live.


 A Soul Mark was sacrosanct, an inviolable human right that transcended colour, gender, creed, and orientation. They were a thing to be celebrated and cherished, never taken for granted.

But the laws, and the legend, had never met Marinette Dupain-Cheng.



Examining her reflection in the mirror, Marinette sighed and pulled off her shirt. Reaching behind her, she retrieved her usual top and tugged it on, instead. She knew she should have tried that other top on in the store, but Alya insisted it was too cute not to buy. Unfortunately, the cut was too low and revealed the little green paw print right above her heart.

Her Soul Mark had appeared the day she became Ladybug. For a long time, though, she wondered if she would even get a mark, as all her classmates had theirs already, even Chloe. She had just resigned herself to a fate of loneliness and disappointment when it finally appeared. She had known right away what it meant and who it represented, but she was not pleased. Chat Noir was a silly boy and his over-the-top flirting reeked of insincerity. So, she decided to keep her Soul Mark hidden, even from Alya and her parents.

Marinette suspected Chat Noir was one of a minority of people who didn't like the idea of Soul Marks. The Anti-Markers railed against the idea of a preordained future, and wanted to make their own destiny, free of mystical interference.

She wondered what mark Chat Noir had on his breast to represent her. She loved, and surrounded herself, with pink so she could confidently assume the colour. But she couldn't guess as to what the mark was. If it were her Ladybug symbol, that would explain the outrageous flirting, whether he was an Anti-Mark sympathiser or not.

Marinette yanked the neck of her shirt up before grabbing her bag and heading downstairs. She waved to Tom and Sabine as she passed, sneaking a biscuit into her purse for Tikki. She had gotten pretty good at that little bit of sleight of hand. Smirking to herself as she left the bakery, she headed to school as Tikki hummed happily in her purse.

Alya pounced on her the moment she entered the courtyard. 'Hey, Girl, how's it going? I haven't seen you all weekend.'

Marinette's mind rushed back over the last couple of days. Her weekend had been completely taken over by back to back akuma attacks. 'Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. My phone died and I had to get new batteries. Maman also had me working in the kitchen after a massive order came in. I've been flat out. Barely had time for homework,' she explained with a weak chuckle.

Alya nodded knowingly. 'Yeah, I know your schedule can go from relaxed to hectic at the drop of a hat. Don't worry about it. I spent most of my time with Nino, anyway.'

Marinette sighed in relief. Alya and Nino had discovered their matching marks just a few months ago. Alya had a blue music note on her right palm and Nino had a dark orange pen on his. They had made the connection by accident, high fiving each other after Alya had served Chloe a particularly scathing retort during an argument. Marinette remembered it well. Their eyes had met and widened, staring at each other while they stood there, the argument going on, unnoticed, around them. They had stayed like that for five minutes, with their arms aloft and palms connected. It was almost comical, but inherently beautiful at the same time. They had been almost inseparable since.

As happy as she was for Nino and Alya, Marinette was a little jealous. They had a partnership she could only dream of. She had also become a third wheel during their outings, which left her feeling lonelier than if she had just stayed home.

'Hey, Babe,' Nino called. He and Adrien joined them, and together, they headed to the locker room, Alya and Nino holding hands.

Marinette watched them, battling her envy. Certainly, she didn't want them to feel the same way she did, so she didn't begrudge them their happiness, but it was still hard. She wondered why Adrien couldn't have been her Soulmate. She snuck a glance at him as she opened her locker. Adrien was a naturally quiet person, but he never spoke about his Soul Mark. No one was sure if he even had one.

Marinette closed her locker and headed to class when the bell rang. There was no way Adrien was her Soulmate, so there was no point in pining. She told herself that almost daily, but her feelings for him only seemed to grow.

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