Emily and William: morning routine

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Emily and William: morning routine

9:20 am

Grunting in discomfort as the morning light filtering through his half closed curtains William sat up and cracked his neck and back, his body stiff from the deep sleep he had enjoyed throughout the night which he quickly rectified with stretching

As he stood to stretch further William turned back to the bed at the sound of Emily moving and mumbling in her sleep, the raven haired girl rolling over in her sleep to face away from him, the bed covers slipping down to reveal her toned round ass sending a jolt of life to William’s morning wood, Emily positioning herself as if to either tease him or to encourage him to just take and use her

“Little minx” William growled lustfully as he climbed back into bed, his strong hands taking hold of his petite wife moving her with total ease, lifting her up to hold her over his lap as he reclined back against the pillows, one arm holding her in place as she slowly began to stir whilst his free hand guided his cock to her tight ass

Slowly stirring as she was moved Emily mumbled as her eyes fluttered open slightly “w…wha…?” she slurred not fully understanding what was going on until William suddenly slammed her ass down on his cock, her eyes nearly popping out of her head as she choked on her breath as her ass was stuffed to the brim with his fat cock

William grunted as his cock was constricted hard by his wife’s tight ass, his grip around her waist tightening as she twitched and spasmed in his grasp, her breathing heavy and laboured as her toes curled and uncurled repeatedly, her groin bulging out around his girth “ah…gggghh….haaa…” she panted as she felt her insides forcibly stretch and reshape to take her husband’s size, despite this however the sheer pleasure coursing through her body from the borderline violent penetration prevented her from complaining at all

“Jesus lass…I swear you’ve gotten tighter…” William groaned as he wrapped his other hand around Emily’s waist, a large hand grasping and squeezing one of her tits as her tongue hang limply out of her mouth

With Emily secured in his arms William began thrusting up into her tight ass, each thrust making Emily bounce on his lap as she cried out with pleasure, her lower abdomen bulging out as it felt like she was getting punched in her insides but in the best way possible “oh god…ah…ahhh!!!” she cried out as her eyes crossed with pleasure, her legs kicking and thrashing as her husband used her with total ease

Panting louder as the bed creaked behind them Emily’s hands went to William’s that was groping her breast, pulling at it before guiding it to her throat encouraging him to choke her, her eyes dilating as he applied pressure to her throat cutting off just the right amount of her air to make her orgasm hard

As Emily came hard thrashing and writhing on his lap William slammed up into her ass even harder, making her tits bounce harder and her stomach bulge out around his girth as he felt his first load of the day building up, his grasp on her throat tightening a little more making his wife choke on her pleasured gasps and moans “aggh…yessghhh….tigh…ter…tighter…” she wheezed between breaths, her hands squeezing his around her throat trying to get him to outright throttle her as the lack of air only made her brain flood with endorphins making the orgasm all the sweeter

With a few more thrusts William blew his hot load deep into his slut of a wife’s ass, making her eyes roll back into her head as her insides were filled with his thick cum, her entire body shaking with ecstasy before going limp in his grasp, her head lolling to a side as she panted heavily

As his wife went limp William carefully pulled her from his cock making her whine and whimper at the loss of him as his cock slipped from her freshly fucked ass, gently laying her down on her front to get her breath back

Emily seemed to have other ideas though as she raised and wiggled her hips shaking her ass at him as she looked over her shoulder back at him “again…fuck my ass again…I want more…” she whined making William smirk

It was going to be a long morning

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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