Donnie In Heat

BY : WritingDude
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Dragon prints: 1877
Disclaimer: I do not own The Wild Thornberrys nor do I make money off its characters. This is just to entertain.

"Donnie!" Eliza called as she and Darwin jostled through bushes.
"I still don't know why we're looking for him this late at night," Darwin complained.
"He's my brother."
"But your parents specifically told you not to wander off at night."
"I'm not "wandering off," I'm looking for my brother."
"Eliza, you don't know what's-"
Suddenly they heard rustling in the trees. Darwin eeped as he hid behind Eliza, who shined the flashlight up. A silver back gorilla climbed down the tree in front of them and rubbed his eyes as Eliza lowered her flashlight.
"Sorry to disturb you," she said, "we're looking for a little boy-"
"Size of a chimp," he interrupted, "wears leopard skin around his waist and talks like a gibberish speaking creature?"
"Well, yes. How did you-"
"Saw him masturbating just up ahead. Must be that time of the month for him."
"Oh-" *to Darwin* "-wait here, I'll get Donnie."
"Very well."
Eliza then walked passed the gorilla and kept moving forward until she heard Donnie's voice. As she kept walking, Donnie's voice got louder until she came up to a tree in which his shorts were on the trunk. She looked up and saw him masturbating on a branch whilst making gibberish sounds.
Eliza exhaled as she pulled her pajama bottoms and panties. She then bent over against the tree, raising her naked ass whilst blushing.
"Oh Donnie!" she called to him.
The feral child looked down and flashed a big smile upon seeing Eliza's ass. Donnie climbed down and hopped onto Eliza's back before guiding his cock to her pussy. He wasted no time before shoving it into Eliza's vagina.
"Ahn!" she grunted as Donnie slammed his cock into her.
The boy slapped his pelvis against her ass cheeks as he gripped her sides. Eliza moaned as she was being pounded from behind. She gripped onto the trunk and tried desperately not to lose her balance.
"That's it Donnie!" she moaned, "Don't stop."
Her pussy juices were dripping down her legs as Donnie continued to fuck her. He babbled gibberish implying that he was enjoying himself, whilst Eliza continued to moan. 
"Yes! Yes!" she yelled.
Donnie began to pound faster and harder as he was nearing orgasm. Before Eliza could even say anything, Donnie grunted as he blew his load inside her. Donnie then slid off Eliza's back and feel asleep on the ground. Eliza pulled up her panties and bottoms before picking Donnie and his shorts up. She then walked back to find Darwin and the gorilla having a conversation.
"I got Donnie," she said.
"Oh, thank goodness," Darwin said.
"Welp," the gorilla began before climbing up the tree, "it was nice meeting you two."
"Same here, Winston."
"Winston, huh?" Eliza commented, "My Dad knew someone named Winston."
"Fascinating, good night."
As they headed back to the van, Darwin asked, "So what was Donnie's problem?"
"He was in heat," Eliza said.
"Come again?"
"He just needed to to unload for now, that's all."

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