Sam's Saturday Sex-capade

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Sam was on her back, her husband balls deep in her ass.  Her mind was blank, her body was on fire, and the only words she could even hope to say were "MORE!!" "HARDER!!" "OH ODD!!"  The blonde took it in his stride, increasing his pace as he slammed into his wives massive ass again and again, the sound of their slapping flesh the most beautiful music Sam had ever heard.  She could feel his cock twitching inside her tightest hole, knew he was about to unleash a hot, thick load of his cum.  Sam's screams became wails of need as she felt the first thick drops of pre drip into her ass.  She opened her mouth to plead, to beg that he cum deep inside her ass, but Odd surprised her and leaned in, kissing her as she felt the twitches reach their peak...feel the cum rushing up his cock...almost...there...


The loud, obnoxious blaring of her phone drove Sam from her sleep, her body and mind not quite out of the dream yet.  Even as Sam fumbled for her phone, she could feel the heat in her body, specifically her pussy.  She flipped over and let out a loud moan as her hard-as-diamond nipples brushed over the sheets, and she could feel the wetness in said sheets.  "God damn it...another wet dream.." Sam muttered to herself as she finally managed to grab her loud as fuck phone.  Glaring at the bright screen, Sam managed to make out the shirtless picture of her husband, and a tiny portion of Sam's annoyance went away.  "Hello there handsome," Sam purred, slowly stretching the sleep out of her body, the sheets falling off her tits in the process.  
"Good morning to you too, sleeping beauty." Came her husbands reply.  "I guess you're still half asleep, considering you aren't yelling my ear off for not being there."  

Sam's eyes snapped open, and she quickly realized what should have already been apparent.  The fact that Odd was talking to her on the phone meant he wasn't at home.  The fact that he wasn't at home meant that he wasn't in bed.  And the fact that he wasn't in bed meant... "You know I can't function without our good morning sex, you fucking asshole!" Sam shouted, and her anger grew as she heard Odd chuckle on the other end of the line.  "There we go.  Knew the real Sam was in there somewhere."  Sam opened her mouth to shout at him, but Odd quickly followed up with, "Look sweetheart, I know me being gone in the morning is like depriving someone else of their morning coffee, but Leon broke his ankle last night and Molly woke up retching with food poisoning.  The shop needed somebody to come in, and that meant me.  The good news is that I'm getting paid overtime, which means I can finally afford to take you to that place you've been wanting to go."

Sam's mind spun at the revelations, as well at the idea that they would finally be able to go to the fabled Kei Land, the adult version of Disney World.  Sam let out a huff.  "Fine.  But you owe me, mister.  Tomorrow, you aren't leaving the bed until I allow it.  And trust me, that's going to be quite a while."  Odd chuckled again, before a voice in the background caused his tone to change.  "Sure, sure.  I promise.  I have to go now, love.  I'll be home around 10 tonight, and I'll get started on making it up to you."  Sam gave a noise that sounded positive, followed by a quiet, "I love you."  "I love you too, Sammy." the blonde replied.  He then disconnected the call.  Sam lay back on her pillow, the knowledge that she would be without her husbands cock all day causing her horny body to flare up harder.  Her phone, which she had laid across her left nipple, buzzed, causing her to moan out again at the unexpected stimulation.  She quickly grabbed her phone and smirked as she saw that Odd had sent her a text.

*Hey, if you're really desperate for a fuck, William crashed at our place last night.  He was still asleep on the couch when I left, so I'm pretty sure he will still be there ;-3*

Upon reading that, Sam's cunt began to weep, the need for a cock beginning to override her other needs.  She stood up, letting the sheets fall fully off her horny body, and quickly went to her closet, or, as Emily liked to call it, "the sanctum of skimpy."  If she was going to get William to fuck her hard, she would need just the right outfit.


Sam sauntered up to William, wearing a slingkini she had bought at a novelty store. The strip of green fabric was literally nothing but a half inch of elastic, covering her nipples, her clit, and digging into her cunt and ass in the most delightful way.  Stepping between the Scotsman and the tv, she made her huge ass bounce and clap before plopping herself straight into Williams lap.  

"Mmm, someone appreciates what they see," the mocha skinned ass slut purred as she ground her glorious cheeks down against Williams covered 10 inch bitch breeder.  The Scotsman, long past the point of trying to stop Sam when she was horny, dug one of his hands into her ass as his other moved to his zipper.  Sam moaned at the sound of his pants coming undone, and let out what could only be called a slut call as she felt his thick log wedge itself between her goddess ass cheeks.

Sam started twerking her thick cheeks against Williams cock, letting out another slut call as his strong hands pulled the strips of fabric off her nipples and began roughly manhandling her tits.  A few minutes of this passed, until William let out a sharp gasp and a sharper tug on Sam's sensitive nipples.  Sam herself let out the lewdest moan she could muster as she felt the thick, burning heat of Williams first load splatter between her ass cheeks, some of the high pressure streams escaping her glorious globes and splash along her back.  The heat of his cum caused the burning need in her body to increase, and Sam actually began to shiver with how high strung her sexual need was becoming.

Sam licked her lips, opening her mouth to goad William into continuing, only to let out a happy squeak as she felt him stuff something soft and sweet into her gullet.  "Emily's panties from this morning. She heard you calling out for Odd when you were sleeping, and she wanted you to know she appreciated the indirect wakeup call."

William growled in a voice that sounded graveley and so fucking hot.  Sam keened as she sucked on Emily's sweet sweet cunt juices, followed by a louder squeak as William suddenly picked her up, squished her face and still bare tits against the cold glass of the front window, and placed the broad, bulbous head of his cock at her pre-lubed asshole.  "Remember, you asked for this lass," William borderline sneered as she shoved his entire tree trunk of a cock into her ass in a single thrust.  Sam screamed, partly at the stinging but mostly at the mind melting pleasure. She couldn't hold back as she came, her cunt squirting all over her legs and the floor as William hilted himself inside her ass.  "No noise, pet.  I didn't gag you for fun. Make another noise and I'll make you regret it"

The dark and sexy tone in his growling voice made Sam realize that that was exactly what he wanted.  So as he started to pull out of her tightly clenching ass, Sam prepared to make a teasing noise, only to have another muted scream escape around the silk in her mouth as William punched his full length into her body again.  

She suddenly felt Williams strong arm wrap around her throat, his rock hard bicep and forearm holding her in a sleeper.  "I warned you lass", he growled in a voice that was nothing but enjoyment as he squeezed his muscles just tight enough to cut the oxygen to Sam's head. At the same moment, he started railing her ass, slamming into her tightest hole without a single thought for her comfort.  Sam tried to scream again, tried to wrap her hands around his arm to play even more "helpless", tried to do anything, but the brain shattering pleasure of his massive cock in her ass mixed with the fuck awesome light headed feeling he was forcing her to feel  made her only response some pitifully needy moans and another gush of girl cum from her pussy.

For what felt like forever, William punished Sam's slutty ass, occasionally relaxing his arm enough to let her get half a breath before reapplying the pressure.  Sam's orgasms began to bleed into one another, becoming a never ending sensation of untamable pleasure.  Finally, after a solid 45 minutes of fucking Sam against the window, in which time several cars had passed by, William finally felt his balls start to tighten.  His grip on Sam's neck grew tighter as he forced his bitch breaker as far into her guts as it could, and the Scotsman let out a borderline roar as he emptied his nuts into the ass slut.  

Sam's mind actually blacked out as she felt the scalding hot torrent jizz fill her ass, swearing she could feel it in her stomach as she passed out.


Sam awoke some time later to the smell of cunt clenching, arousal stoking musk.  She slowly opened her eyes to find Williams cock still thick, covered in both his cum and the slick sheen of her pussy juice.  She then felt the ache of pleasure that told her that William had helped himself to her pussy while she was out.  That knowledge made her tremble as she had another mini orgasm.  William looked down at the vibrating feeling on his legs, and smirked as he grabbed a fistful of Sam's hair and forced her plump, dick sucking lips around his thick rod.

The taste hit her tongue and Sam keened, forcing as much of his cock down her throat as she could before nuzzling her nose to his balls while also sliding two fingers into her pussy, delighted to find it slick and hot with William's cum.  William began forcing her head along his cock, her moans of slutty pleasure adding to the feeling, and soon William was forcing his entire cock into Sam's throat. Sam wailed in pleasure as her cum packed cunt squeezed around her fingers, and William let out a final sexy growl as he loosed a final geyser of red hot baby batter down her abused throat.  William forced her face to stay nestled against his churning balls well past the end of his climax, enjoying the feeling of power over Sam. After five minutes of forcing her to breathe his musk through her nose, he finally let Sam go. The huge assed slut coughed up what felt like a full quart of jizz as she finally managed to take a full breath, smiling up at the Scotsman. 

"I take it you like the bikini," she quipped, coughing up another glob of jizz and letting it roll down her chin and splat against her breasts. 

William simply nodded.  "Have it in any other colors?" He inquired, to which Sam nodded.  "Ever color of the rainbow," she said with a smirk. 

William nodded.  "Well then go out the blue one on and go show it off to Josh and Abbey."

Sams face lit up as she stood on wobbly legs.  "Great idea, Billy boy ;-3"

William rolled his eyes at the childish nickname, and as "punishment", slapped Sams thick booty hard, making it bounce and clap.  Sam let out a squeak of arousal, then turned to climb the stairs.  She decided she needed to take a shower before heading over to Carla's place as she discarded her now ruined green slingkini in exchange for the shimmery navy blue one.

Sam then opened the door to the bathroom, and was surprised to find the room to be full of steam already, the sounds of a moaning girl spilling from the shower.  The noises did nothing to quell the still present fire in Sam's pussy. And so without an ounce of shame, Sam pulled the curtain back to reveal Sissi leaning against the back wall of the shower, the removable head squeezed firmly between her thighs, the water blasting her pussy as the bitchy slut played with her massive, implanted tits.  "Well, that's convenient. And sexy as fuck." Sam said as she quickly removed the slingkini to keep from ruining it too soon.  "Room for one more?"


Phew.  Not gonna lie, this is one of the first dirty things I have ever written in my life, so please, be gentle with your comments.  

A few context fills; this story is set in Fanfictionfan360's lyoko universe, where a pact exists between all the main characters.  Said pact allows anyone to have sex with anyone, anywhere, any time, as long as all participants involved consent.  It also includes original characters, which you may have noticed while reading.  They will be in this story as well.

  I seriously suggest checking them out if you 

a) Love Lyoko

b) Love good Smut

c) Love good Lyoko Smut

and d) Have a large cock or large pair of tits XD

Here are the links so you can get a good idea about where this story is headed ;-3

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Thank you for giving me a shot, I hope you enjoyed this, please leave a comment, and make sure to return for chapter 2: Showering with Sissi

IttyBittyTittySkitty <3

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