Just One More Sin

BY : AberrantScript
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Author's Notes:

This is a prompt Flagg gave me back in October, I think. (Sadly, you can see how long it's taking me to do requests... sigh.) I love this idea, but I must be honest... if I continue with more chapters there's a real possibility this could go very dark. Yeah... it'll be really hot on the way there, but the endgame could be soul-crushing. I'll put in warnings if they're needed.

Every character unless otherwise noted is Protestant Christian. That will make them OOC from the start, in my opinion, so just bear with me. Christian doctrine will be important, but I will try to not make it confusing. (If I need to explain anything I mention, feel free to ask.) Keep in mind that the entire point to Flagg's prompt is basically for "the Loud girls to be really repressed and they finally give into their sexual urges." As a final mention, Luna's design is based off of her classical version, as done by Alias-Basis, Sketch-toons, Parasomnico, and others.

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2018)


Chapter 1: Just One Kiss

Hello, dear readers. My name is Lori Loud. And this… is the story of my fall from grace.

I am a Christian; a Protestant, to be specific. Out of all of my sisters, I have always been the most devoted believer in Christ. I am the rock my siblings lean on for support. I am the crutch my parents seek out when they need help.

At our church, I am a youth minister. I teach class on Sunday mornings for the six-to-eight year olds. During morning service, I stand in the front row of the choir and sing with a modest voice. When an elder begins to pray, I bow my head, close my eyes, and keep still.

For casual dress I wear skirts that go below my knees by several inches. I put on loose, flowing shirts and a jacket. I wear stockings that go up to my thighs. The only piece of jewelry I wear is a promise ring upon my third finger; a gift from my parents to be replaced by my future wedding band.

I have never touched a cigarette. I have never drank alcohol. I have never abused a single drug or experimented with marijuana. And I have never touched myself in an impure way.

I have never felt temptation to fall away from God… to do anything sinful… until I experienced hormones. And when I felt that urge to… to touch certain places… I always managed to squash it down. Because they were evil urges.



But somedays… temptation hits me hard, a-a-and I'm ashamed to say I… I almost give in. J-just knowing… that I come close to turning my back on my Savior… to plunging myself into the ranks of willful sinners… it becomes too much and… I fall on my face, no matter where I am, and beg until I have no more tears left to give…

For just one more chance at forgiveness.

I am never fully assured of my salvation because of the temptation lying inside my heart. Surely a good Christian doesn't feel such things, right? And so my soul stings from morning to night because these feelings… these urges to fornicate and pervert the virgin temple of my body… are always there.

My eyes see the beauty in men a-a-and even women… forgive me, God… and no matter what I do, my heart speeds up. My body yearns for this to happen… it needs it… it desires it more than air, more than water, more than sleep…

I'm kept awake at night by my haunted dreams of faceless men and roaming fingers and sinful moans…

I can't eat without noticing in harsh detail the texture of milk running down my throat and falling into my belly; the smooth texture of a peach's skin upon my lips; the rounded hardness of a walnut, knowing that a seed lies inside the shell…

I used to take long walks down the street, and I would gaze upon the flowers and the trees, listen to the birdsongs and secret melodies… but now all I can feel is the heat of the sun, the hug of summer's breeze around my shoulders… and all I want is a person's touch.

I have stopped shaking men's hands in church.

I have stopped hugging women in greeting.

I have even stopped kissing the innocent cheeks of my dear students b-because… I'm scared… of what I might do to them… of what my sinful temptations may lead me to do to them.

I live in a big family; with nine sisters and one brother. I share a room with my dearest sister, Leni, but thankfully she gives me privacy most of the time.

Yet, there is one more thing I have not told you.

One person… knows.

And I do not mean God.

There is a knock at my door.

Dearest reader, I have a sister that feels just the same as I do. She struggles and can barely contain the feelings deep inside her body.

My trembling hand touches the handle and I turn it.

Soon, my worried blue eyes gaze upon the terrified brown eyes of my sister, Luna, and I move aside to let her in.

We made a pact together months before after she came to me seeking help. But there is not much either of us can do, but pray and hope… hope that when one of us grows weak, the other has the strength to hold her up.

"L-Lori, it's getting worse."

She sits down on Leni's bed with tears in her eyes, her hands fisted on top of her modest, ankle-length skirt.

I go to sit down on my own bed, facing her, and I reach a hand out toward her.

I feel her shiver beneath my touch and I try my best to keep my eyes clear… to keep lust from changing them into a raging ocean of desire… because I can feel that surge of electricity between us, as finger touches finger, as palm caresses palm.

She looks up into my eyes, and I focus on her tears… how they shimmer as they fall down her alabaster cheeks, smudging across her infinite freckles and tender skin.

I feel a deep yearning to touch her face with my free hand, to mold my palm around her jaw and hold her in place… to place my virgin lips upon her parted, breathless mouth until I can no longer think, until I can only feel her heartbeat, her desire, her love…

I see that same longing in the terrified eyes of my sister and I try to smile, to reassure her, but it's weak… it's been getting weaker with each passing day.

"I know, Luna, but we have to keep fighting it."

Her eyes turn to the carpet, and her shoulders heave with a faint sob.

"M-my teacher last Sunday taught us about Calvinism… how we… w-we might be predestined to be how we are…"

Luna's eyes turned back to mine, watery and pink.

"Lori! What if God made us like this? T-to feel these… these sinful urges?"

I neither smile nor frown as my fingers twine with hers.

"You know that's not how we believe, Luna. You can feel it right now, can't you? That desire to just… just lay down against Leni's bed… to beg me to kiss you…"

Luna's breath leaves her lungs as my hand slowly touches her side… as I slowly push her backward until she's lying flat against the pink bedding. My sister has always had long hair, and in this moment it is fanned out, with a purple headband keeping her bangs off her forehead.

My lungs fail to breathe because I am suddenly drunk on her visage… I am intoxicated with the feeling of her hand inside mine, of her ribs beneath my fingers.

I lean over her, my lips descending closer and closer to her panting mouth.

"But deep down you know this is wrong…"

Our eyes meet; hers are flittering and frantic, searching deeply into mine… and my own eyes are immoveable, focused solely on the scared soul I see behind her pupils.

"Lori, I-I can't keep this up… I… I-I think I'm going t-to sin."

I breathe softly, deeply, as her hand squeezes mine, as her free hand grabs onto my shoulder for strength, for support.

I place a knee on the bed. I lean down closer to her.

We can feel our breaths mingling between our lips. I can feel her nose brushing against mine. I can feel her breasts heaving for oxygen as they press into my chest with each desperate inhale.

"We can't give in, Luna… we can't…"

Tears are falling from her eyes again, and I feel the urge to kiss them away. I can barely stop myself from giving in… barely.

She gasps and arches her chest into mine; and this causes me to moan at the feeling. It's wrong. It's playing with fire. We should stop. We must stop.

"L-Lori… w-what if we just… gave each other a kiss on the cheek… out of sisterly love? Maybe that would quench this…" She arches again, curling her body up into mine. "…this fire I feel inside my body."

And I know it is too late. I can feel it. I know those are the words, the passionate plea, that causes my eyes to darken… to fall from Heaven's purest gates… and into the raging fires of Hell.

I nod, and the look on her face is nearly indescribably; full of longing, relief, torment, pain…

She closes her eyes and lays as still as her vibrating body will allow.

And I… I lick my dry lips and stare at that porcelain cheek, perfected by an array of peppery freckles. My sister isn't blemished or tarnished. She is beauty on earth. Her lidded, hazy eyes light my skin ablaze. Her parted, pink lips make my limbs quiver in need. Her thin, brown eyebrows, drawn in worry and fear and desire make me want to soothe her tender body. The wispy curls of her widow's peak long for my nose to brush against them as my lips place sweet kisses upon her forehead. Her body is young, her soul is pure, her heart is pounding like a drum… and in this moment, as she lies under me… one thought strikes through my very core like a javelin pinning me to the wall.

Luna is mine.

She shivers as my parted lips exhale against her cheek. She bends beneath me and whimpers as my mouth presses fully, warmly, against her shy, blushing skin.

I pull back and I can feel it coursing through my body.

My eyes are as dark as night.

My body is on fire with lust.

I cannot stop now.

I will never stop.

Luna arches into my body as I kiss her over and over again, slowly moving toward her lips.

When I press against the corner of her mouth, my tongue flicks against her pink skin, and the girl gasps out.


And I feel a surge of pain and pleasure strike through my chest, down to my very core.

I release her hand to place my palm next to her shoulder. With my other hand I press her body to the bed, keeping her still, unmoving, submissive.

She is looking up at me. Her cheeks are pink, her body is flushed, her mind is swimming and depleted of oxygen.

"Lori, what are you doing?"

I slowly lower my lips toward hers… and once I'm a fraction of an inch above her shocked mouth, and I can feel her terrified heart beating frantically beneath my hand… I utter the simple words that will damn our souls to Hell.

"Quenching the fire."

Our lips melt together like smelted iron in a furnace. Our breasts caress each other as I fall upon her and cling to her body tightly. Our legs tangle in our skirts. Our hearts beat as one flesh.

When I pull back, I no longer see the eyes of my sister.

I see the eyes of my new lover… my co-conspirator… my temptress that led me to sin.

And I know Luna sees the same things in my own eyes.

"How do you feel now, dear sister?" I ask her, breathlessly.

She shakes her head, trying to force oxygen back into her body.

"I-it's n-not enough. It's still there."

I nod once again, my head feeling light and heavy at the same time.

"Then, we'll keep trying… one step at a time… until it goes away forever."

She nods and closes her eyes.

I don't flinch when her hands palm my cheeks… when she guides my lips back down to hers. My eyes close and my leg slips over hers until I find myself straddling her waist. And I am leaning over her with both hands beside her shoulders.

She cannot escape from me, and I am powerless to resist the siren call of her sinful lips.

And we both know that, if we die in this very moment, our souls would be destined for an eternity of torment… but we are powerless to do anything to stop it.

Just one more kiss. One more! And then our journey into sin will be over… and we'll go back to being good Christian girls.

But each kiss only makes us hotter… makes us dizzier… makes us less concerned about the consequences.

When I lean up… when I look down into my sister's darkened eyes… I see in them my new goddess.

When I look upon her pink lips and flushed cheeks… I see my new sacred altar… where I will lay down my heart, my hopes and dreams, and worship.

My hand rakes through her long, silky, brown hair.


It is too late now.

We can never go back.

"I-I'm sorry."

And I don't give her time to question me… to turn away from her sin… before my lips fall upon hers once again, and I remain there as our eyes fill with dreadful tears and our hearts sting with righteous conviction.

When I finally pull away, I throw myself down beside her and close my eyes shut.

My skin crawls and my heart freezes as anxiety threatens to burst my veins and empty my mind into nothingness.

My hand jumps when Luna touches it.


I can already feel it… I already need to turn over and lay my claim to her lips once again, and I am terrified.


I can hear her breaths coming in, going out; can feel the anxious twitches in her fingers.

"Will you pray with me?"

A shiver runs down my spine as I clench my eyes tighter. If I pretend hard enough… then, maybe God won't see me… then, maybe my dreams won't be filled with the divine disappointment written across a Man upon the cross as He dies for my sins.


I feel my sister shimmy toward me. I feel our hips touch.

She brings my hand over and lays it between her breasts, clasping it between her anxious hands.

I hear her breathless whispers in my ear… I know what it is she is asking for because I had taught her that prayer.

To thank God for His mercy and grace; to ask Him for forgiveness; to plead with Him for strength to fight temptation…

I lose track of time as Luna's shaky grip on my hand never ceases, and her silent prayers grow heated, frantic, and desperate.

When I know she is receiving no comfort from her prayers, I turn and pull her against me. Her sobbing face hides beneath my chin and her heaving breasts press into my ribs as she wraps her arms around me and squeezes for comfort that now only I can provide.

As we lay side by side, I can feel her heart begin racing once again. I feel her breathing change with arousal. I blink my eyes open and hers are there, looking into mine… pleading, begging, crying out for a way to escape the torture wracking her soul.

"Lori, i-it's still here."

I caress her silky hair and tuck her head back under my chin.

"I know. It's still in me, too."

She sobs even harder as her hand grips onto my blouse tightly; the fabric stretches and begins to tear under her nails.

"What are we gonna do!?" she silently screams into my neck.

I sigh because I know there is only one thing we can do now.

I pull her up to me and I look into her haunted eyes.

"Just one more sin, Luna… just one more a-and maybe the fire will go away."

She doesn't take the time to nod; her lips are already on mine.

And no matter how many times we kiss; no matter how tightly we hold each other…

It is not enough.

Our bodies urge us to keep going, but we keep ourselves from crossing another line… barely.

But temptation's call is always in our ears now… breathlessly pleading to us with the passionate words of a lover…

Just one more, Lori…

Just one more, Luna…

Just one more sin.

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