Neutron's Sexual Experimentations

BY : Dickelodeon
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James Isaac Neutron, get down here and eat your fucking breakfast before the bus comes!” cried Judy Neutron.

“But moooooooooooom,” whined Jimmy, “I can easily use my jetpack to fly myself to school much faster than the bus couldddddd…”

“Hugh, it sounds like your son is disrespecting his mother!” an agitated Judy exclaimed to her husband.

Hugh looked up from his duck hunting magazine and growled up the stairs, “Son, you have til the count of four to come down here and eat this toast!”

Jimmy couldn’t respond. He would love to go downstairs and enjoy the crunchy treats of their new toaster, but he was too busy looking out the window and jerking off. A telescope he had designed earlier that week had allowed him to peek on Cindy Vortex whenever he so pleased, and this was the only time today she would be stepping out of the shower. Jimmy’s boxers were already on the floor, giving easy access to his 2 inch penis. As Cindy dried her petite body, the boy she affectionately called ‘Nerdtron’ rubbed his genitals vigorously. The toast would have to wait until he had reached orgasm.

“FUCK!” Hugh Neutron burst through the door and gasped at the site. His son, nude from the waist down, leaned on the dresser masturbating in front of a telescope positioned through the window. He angrily clenched his fist and ran over to the boy. He slammed his fist into his son’s skull, knocking his eye onto the telescope as he collapsed.

“How dare you masturbate while your mother works her heart out making sweet breakfast for you!!” his father screamed. Delivering more punches to young Jimmy, he knocked over various electrical appliances and toys. Amazingly, Jimmy maintained an erection and tried desperately to crawl over to his telescope before Cindy was dressed.

“You’re peeping on that Carl faggot next door again aren’t you?” Hugh yelled, unaware of the telescope being pointed in the opposite direction of Carl’s house. Without hesitation, he grabbed Jimmy’s face and smashed it into the wall, knocking the telescope out of place and falling on his body.

Every time Jimmy closed his eyes, he pictured Cindy’s wet, nude body, and before he could attempt to free himself from the horrific abuse he came on himself, knowing there was no way he could finish spying on Cindy this morning. This only angered Hugh more. Furious, he flipped the lad over, stood up, grabbed the telescope, and began to swing it onto his bottom with brutal force, over and over again. Jimmy started crying, not just from the pain, but from knowing he would have to construct a new telescope for his Cindy spying.

“THIS IS WHY… LITTLE BOYS… SHOULDN’T PEEP!!!” Hugh screamed, spanking his child as the telescope started falling apart. Blood spattered from the torn butt tissue, telling Hugh that he should stop before Jimmy has evidence to show to child services.

“Alright, you little fucker, get up. I know you’re conscious. Get dressed and eat breakfast already, unless you want round 2 after school…” with that Hugh left the room. Jimmy wiped himself clean of blood and sperm, clothed himself, and sat on his bed for a few minutes to recover himself. If it weren’t for his parents’ neglect and abuse, he would never have nurtured his genius mind. He only wishes a prodigy like himself dind’t have to suffer so many brutal beatings.

After doing a few long division problems in his head to ensure Hugh hadn’t damaged any parts of his colossal brain, he leapt downstairs and joined his family at the table. Before Goddard could greet him, Hugh held his arm in front of him, expecting an apology.

“Son, tell your mother why you nearly missed breakfast.”

Jimmy gulped, “I- I was spying on Cindy…”

“Cindy? Oh thank god, I thought you were being gay again! Well, I take back a few of those punches then, ha ha.” Judy was just glad her son was honest and ready to eat her toast. He took a bite, but frowned.

“Um, mom, it isn’t very well done, think you could put it in for another toast?” he muttered.

Judy stared coldly before grabbing his cup of orange juice and dumping it into his swirly looking hair. It poured down his mutant head and soaked his outfit.

“The bus is almost here, grab the sack of lunch on the counter and get outside.”

Jimmy knew breakfast was cancelled as well. The whole morning had gone to shit, and only cause Cindy had to spend an extra few minutes in the shower. Oh how he hated her. One of these days he would remove her brain in her sleep and rewire it to better suit his interests. Or maybe just invent some mind control device. Might be easier.

Taking the lunch bag and walking out the door, he noticed Goddard sneaking up onto the table and grabbing the leftover toast. Not wanting to see what sort of punishment was in store for his mechanical dog, Jimmy waltzed outside and waited for the bus. Already out on the sidewalk stood Carl Wheezer, having his hair combed by his father.

“Now remember son, if you poop in your underwear again, check to make sure you absolutely can’t clean it all out before calling me or your mom, OK?”

“Yes, daddy,” smiled Carl. Jimmy envied the ignorant slob. Sure he was a furry and probably suffered from a mental deficiency or two, he at least didn’t have to deal with violence on a daily basis. That, and his balls probably hadn’t dropped yet either. Jimmy’s life has especially sucked since he felt the tinglies in his nuts all the time.

“Oh hey, Jimmy!” Carl chirped, happy to see his friend, “Um, why do you smell like oranges? You didn’t get mutated again did you??”

“Don’t worry Carl, I’m fine,” he said, calming the sweaty beefcake down. “tell me, what’s it likely feeling parental love?”

Before Carl could respond, the bus pulled up, and the boys entered. Out the window, Jimmy saw Cindy and her mom boarding their car. What a spoiled bitch, he thought. She gets to shower late AND gets a ride to school? What a cunt!

Jimmy couldn’t stay angry though. He saw past her bitchiness to the slowly developing tits he would gaze at when he was in her presence. He would play the academic rival, the ooh-girls-have-cooties role for a little longer. But one of these days he would advance to the next level of manhood. He would show Cindy the true magnitude of his feelings for her. His dick pulsed in his shorts as he saw the Vortex car fall behind the bus. He closed his eyes and mentally pleasured himself until they reached the school.


To be continued.

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