Streaky clean alternate endings

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A naked dexter was sprinting through the field of flowers his only covers is a green leaf censoring his crotch, getting covered in mud when he did a cute little piggie disguise to hide from the three passing girls, and hiding in the field of flowers to cover his nudity. He was too filthy so the first thing he would do when he gets home is that he would wash up, then try to find out what went wrong with his machine, then try to zoom back to school while redressed.

Speaking of which, he then saw his house across the street. So he then ran fast through the road hoping nobody saw his nude mud covered body.

He reached his house and tried to enter the front door but found out that it's locked so after cursing the lock, he then rushed around to the fence and climbed over it with some difficulty, to the backyard where there is a pool. When there, knowing that the backdoor is unlocked, he entered the house after wiping his feet on the outdoor rug, and then rushed up the stairs hoping his family doesn't see him like this until he reached the bathroom door.

He then gone through the door with a door slam, and ran to the shower. Where after a few minutes of catching his breath, he removed his glasses, then his crotch leaf, then entered the shower and proceeded to wash all the mud off his small body.

Despite his time in his laboratory he had a pretty fit body. Having some muscle on his chest while showing some of his abs. while he does have chubby shapes on his body, particlarlly his butt he was said by some girls at his school as a cute, handsome boy despite his nerdy professor look.

In the shower he let the water wash over his mud colored hair and skin, then he took out shampoo and scrubbed his hair with it, and washed the shampoo out of his now clean hair, then proceeded to scrub his body. Making sure to wash away the mud off his skin so that he'll keep his other coats clean, he then soaped up his body until he was covered in white bubbles then washed em all off.

When he was done cleaning himself, he then dried off, wiping his hair and skin with a towel, then putting the leaf back on his crotch, as well as his glasses, then he rushed out the door to his room's door fast. little does he know a feminine figure was watching him rush to his room.

While in his room he then searched all over his room frantically for his pants and lab coat. however his search turned up empty. "oh i forgot all my dirty ones are still in the laundry. and they have at least 20 minutes left until fully cleaned." dexter thought dejectedly. then he saw that there was his coat from yesterday in his clothes basket. "By einstein's ghost what a relief. Now to see what went wrong with my machine." he thought. But he took only his first step when his bedroom door opened.

Dexter got horrified and ended up freezing to the spot when he saw someone who he dreaded enter his room. None other than his mother, who was currently towel clad and has another towel drying her hair not looking happy. His mom was just exiting her own shower in her bedroom when she heared a door slam. After a little freshening up she put on her gloves, and towel, and then investigated. She saw what looked like a pale naked butt entered dexter's room then she heard noises from that room of someone searching for something. she then followed it sneakily not wanting to alert it trying to see who it was, as she hoped it was not a stranger.

After opening the door slightly, much to her relief it was dexter who was currently naked for some reason, wearing only a leaf covering his crotch, and was running like a beehive all over his room. Likely looking for something like his coats.

Her relief soon turned to dissapointment when she realised that dexter should be in school. she then thought that he never left and thus is playing hooky. So she decided to barge in so that she would teach him a lesson.

Which brought her to this moment, where she was glaring at her son. "So dexter. ...why are you here at home and naked when you should be at school?" she asked in her tranquil fury voice. Dexter trembled in fear hoping his mom won't be really mad at him. "W-w-well y-you see mom i was-" dexter tried to say. But was loudly interrupted. "I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT YOUNG MAN!!! Because you of all people should know that it is a bad idea to be playing hooky!" she then lectured to dexter about why playing hooky is gonna lead to his trouble at school and with his family, not knowing the real reason why he left from school.

The reason being that his sattelite was invented and made so that it zaps his fabric and erases his stains. But his sattelite malfunctioned and zapped his fabric, evaporating his stains and his clothes away until he's naked, leaving him running home embarrased. Little did she know is that while she was lecturing, she failed to notice that her towel was slowly unwrapping itself due to her jiggling boobs.

So by the time she was done, her towel was on the virge of dropping to the floor. "NOW WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF YOUNG MAN?!" dexter's mom then asked. Right on cue, her towel ended up unwrapping and then dropped to the floor. showing her full naked body to dexter.

 At first she didn't realise this until she felt a breeze as well as a lack of cloth covering her body. she looked down at her own body, then quickly knew that she was butt naked. then she quickly covered herself with her gloved hands. "KYAAAAAAAHHHH!! DEXTER CLOSE YOUR EYES!! LOOK AWAY!!!" she screamed. But dexter already saw her nude body to know that she was really sexy. having DD cup breasts, a small waist and a humongus fat curvy shaped butt, and having a beauty mark on her left boob, she was in dexter's opinion the most sexy, like she's a big butt goddess.  His lower body decided to react to her presence. "GODDAMNIT DEXTER!! STOP STARING AND L - look..." she trailed off when she saw dexter's little... or big friend start to awaken.

Pushing the green leaf off of dexter's crotch till it fell off to the floor, it was a surprising 11 inches in length and 1 3/4 inches in diameter. looking average on a run of the mill sexual god person but looking huge on that little body of dexter's, like he had an alien dick. She started to uncover herself looking hypnotised by dexter's cock like he had a hypnotic pendulum between his legs. She was fighting her naughty side for control of her brain. Her rational thoughts saw this as a wrong thing to do since it's her son she's looking at naked, but her horny side wanted some dick no matter whose it is. Even if it's her little boy's cock.

She was also reminded of the time of dexter's birth. Where when dexter was born she remembered holding him like a mother would, when before he saw his dad, his baby blanket unraveled, and she saw his naked lower body, she suddenly saw that his circumsized flaccid baby dick... was abnormally large like an alien's. Being big in diameter like a rolled up wrag. If she was naughty against her bitter judgement and the doctors were not around, she could've had it in her mouth giving little baby dexter a blowjob then stripped naked out of her gown, and she could've bonked him, but she decided against it for good reasons, and her in the middle of recovering from her labor pains. Now here she is, staring at her son's more grown erect dick a couple years later.

It was quite an awkward 12 minutes of the two staring at eachother's nude bodies. Then she slowly walked to the bedroom door showing her huge doughy fat butt to her son. Then closing it and then locking it.

Then dexter's mom slowly reached up for her head towel while starting to slowly have a seductive expression on her face. "dex...ter." she started when she grasped the towel. she then pulled it off her head and slammed it down to the floor while at the same time saying "Let's fuck." signalling that her horny side won out and took control.

she then speedwalked to dexter picking him up and then tosses him onto his bed then gave him a blowjob. she was giving him a handjob while licking his penis head, then she sucked deeper than his head while fondling his testicles, then deepthroated him, wrince and repeat for 3 minutes. both were enjoying the experience with dexter though resisting at first decided to enjoy the blowjob moaning in pleasure while dexter's mom was digging her gloved fingers in her pussy making her clam start to leak out her juices covering her gloved fingers in it.

After 3 minutes dexter's mom, heard dexter's grunting signifying that he's about to cum in her mouth. Which he ended up doing making a small scream, with his mom tasting his yogurty sperm. "Yummy. Give mommy more of that delicious cock yogurt." Dexter's mom thought.

When he was done cumming, she continued with blowing dexter's cock trying to make it erect again, though was plesantly surprised that he stayed erect despite cumming. she then stopped her blowjobs then mounted him reverse cowgirl style. "OOOOOOH YES! DEXTER!!! Go ahead and sit back and enjoy the ride!" she yelled out in pleasure as she was moving her hips up and down.

While at the same time sucking her gloved fingers for her pussy juices. Moaning at the taste, which she believes is delicious..

Dexter felt like most of his body was buried under lots of meaty dough that is her big fat jiggly butt being slammed up and down on his hips, like her doughy buttcheeks were slapping his body. looking down he sees his cock dissipearing in his mom's pussy as well as her doughy booty. He decided to spank her big butt making it jiggle like gelatin. While he buried his face in it.

"OHH YEAH DEXTER! KEEP ON SPANKING MOMMY"S BIG FAT GINORMOUS BOUNCING ASS!!" dexter's mom yelled as she felt the stinging pleasure of her doughy butt being smacked by dexter's small hands. While squealing at feeling his face in her butt crack. "YES DEXTER KEEP DOING THAT!! KEEP SPANKING MY FAT JUICY BOUNCING ASS WITH YOUR TINY HANDS TILL IT'S A TOMATO!!! OOHHH IT FEELS SO GOOD!! YOU SWEET MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Dexter was still able to hear his mom yelling despite his face getting buried in her big fat butt and was surprised that she had a foul mouth on her, but was having too much fun to care. he continued to make raspberries with her butt, and smack his mom's butt until it turned red like a tomato.

Then his mom then pressed her legs together. Causing his mom's pussy to feel tighter. "YES YES YES!! DEXTER I'M ENJOYING THIS FUCKING WITH YOU!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! FUCK YOUR MOMMY HARDER, SLAP MY TOMATO ASSCHEEKS YOU SWEET MOTHERFUCKER!!!" dexter felt her juices leaking all over his testicles. And seeing her bouncing jiggling big fat ass repeatedly showing her asshole gave him an idea for anal sex once she's done.

After 7 minutes of this position dexter and his mom then switched positions to dexter porking her in her prone position getting rough with his thrusting making sure to keep his eyes on her bouncy big butt jiggling like she's twerking. Putting his hands behind his head he started to put a little dance to his thrusting as he enjoyed his time bonking his mom, while she also enjoyed it. "OOOOHHHH YEEEAAAHH DEXTER I'M CUMMING!!! AAAAAHHHH!!" dexter felt her mom's pussy tighten on his dick while leaking more juices, as he continued to thrust all the way to the end of her orgasm, dexter's mom continuing to yell in pleasure while recieving her son's big cock.

Dexter then ended up spanking her twerking butt hard. Making sure to hear her yelps of surprise while she also moaned and yelled in pleasure. he also grabbed her big fat gelatinous butt feeling her soft doughlike flesh between his fingers as he pinched it and spanked it, making her yelp again. he then surprisd his mom by shoving his face in between her buttcheeks and did raspberries, like he was moterboating. Though she was surprised and slightly embarrased, she was actually flattered that her son seemed to even enjoy her doughy humongus curvy bouncing booty.

Eventually both had to climax with dexter accelerating his thrusts till cumming inside his mom who also came hard on her son. "I'M CUMMING, AGAIN AHHH!!" She said spraying her juices all over him, while dexter squirted his jizz inside her pussy into her womb. Making sure to paint all of her walls white.

after they pulled out to catch their breath, his mom then noticed that her son's jizz was inside her pussy "oh dear. i hope that it's safe today." she thought scared. Which at first she was horrified, but quickly her naughty side then took over. "But then again it would be nice that dexter may have some little sister's or brother's to raise with us." Her slutty side thought.

They changed their position to where dexter's mom was on her hands and knees. Little did she know, dexter was ready for a different kind of sex. "Hey mom might wanna brace yourself." was the only warning dexter gave his mother. "Why dexter honey? what are you doi- OH GOD MY ASS!!!" dexter's mom got caught off guard when she felt what felt what feels like a meaty sausage log shoved up her ass. Which was actually dexter's penis pushed up there.

Dexter doubled over feeling her tight anus gripping hard like a vice, apparently it was awhile since his mom had anal sex. Which is odd for him, since dexter's mom had the biggest most fuckable voluptuous, jiggly, fat, booty that he fell in love with, and thus had to at least been fucked before. it was a few minutes until dexter put his mom's pussy juice, and his yogurty sperm lube to good use by climbing her butt until standing on his moms huge soft curvy red buttcheeks feeling her jiggly dough, that is her buttcheeks, like in a leapfrog position and then rapidly thrust in and out.

"UUUUUGH DEXTER IT HURTS!!! PLEASE TAKE IT OUT OF MY ASS AND PUT IT BACK IN MY PUSSY!!!" dexter's mom yelled out in pain. She hoped that the anal sex wouldn't hurt all the way till the end. She also hoped that she'll still enjoy anal afterwards when iths is done.

Dexter though was ignoring her begging, not wanting to squander this moment he desired ever since seeing her nude through his x ray goggles by accident. though he was embarrased and scared at the time, it took time passing when he started to lust for that butt since that day. wishing he would bury his face in it. seeing it again just now had him too lusty to hold back. he decided to keep going thinking he wasn't gonna last long before he comes, even though he thinks he's taking longer than expected.

"UUUUGH DEXTER YOU"RE THRUSTING IN TOO FUCKING HARD! I FEEL LIKE YOUR SAUSAGE IS BURNING!! OOOOHHH MY ASS!! IT FEELS LIKE IT"S ON FIRE!!!" she was wiggling and shaking her huge fat curvy jiggling butt side to side hoping that dexter is gonna fall. She hoped that dexter would fall out of her anus just so she could run and stay away, or hold him at bay until she is physically ready for the anal sex.

 But dexter grabbed her butt. feeling soft flesh on his fingers, tightly gripping it while humping away, unable to be shaken off. All it did for dexter's mom is make her big fat curvy jiggling bouncy butt look extra sexy. Something that made dexter start to drool from the side of his mouth while continuing to pump away into her anus.

"UUUUGH DEXTER MY FAT ASS IS ON FIRE!! IT BURNS LIKE FIRE!! PLEASE PULL THAT FLAMING SAUSAGE OUT!!! AAAAUUUGG!!! I'LL... FAINT!! I'M DEFINATLY GOING TO FAINT!!! I'M GOING TO PASS OUT!!!" she screamed. her eyes going crossed while leaking tears, but dexter continues to ignore her. making her give up shaking her big fat jiggly butt and have no choice but to take it. 

She could've tried to reach behind her and try to push dexter out of her anus and would've admonished him for sticking his big penis up her ass, while she wasn't ready for it, even spanking him until he's a baboon, but dexter's smaller size was put to good use as he was hard to reach around her butt due to her butt's big size. Thus making it hard to make dexter stop his anal sex for now. So she was forced to let the anal continue as her tears leaked out of her eyes onto her son's bed sheets.

it was after 2 minutes when she started to feel pleasure in her anus. dexter was bouncing his hips on her butt, using it like a fleshy trampoline, while his mom felt her head spinning at how much pleasure mixed with her pain. eventually overtaking her pain, turning it to a pleasurable ache in her butt. "OOOHH DEXTER IT'S FEELING SO GOOD IN MY BIG FAT ASS NOW!!! PLEASE KEEP DOING THAT!!" dexter was relieved that his mom's pained screaming now turned into moans of pleasure and kept going through his anal sex with his mom. both starting to enjoy it as both started to drool from their mouths in pleasure. all the while dexter continues to spank her jiggling butt even while it's shining red.

" OOOHHH YEEAAHHH!!!!! DEXTER KEEP SLAPPING MY RED ASS WITH YOUR TINY HANDS!!! I MIGHT NOT SIT DOWN FOR DAYS BUT IT HURTS SO GOOOOD!!!! I'M CUMMING!!" dexter's mom yelled out after 12 minutes of anal due to dexter pressing her anal g spot. while dexter decides to do just that, also going faster with fucking his mom's tightening anus from her cumming. while she squirted her juices onto her sheets of dexter's bed staining it. with dexter deciding to reach up and grab his mom's hair, pulling it making his mom pull her head back screaming with pleasure, as well as a little pain with having her hair pulled. "OOOHH YESS DEXTER FASTER!!! PULL MY HAIR HARD!!! HARDER!! HARDER!!! I'M CUMMING!!! AGAIN!! AAAHHHH!!!!" she yelled out while also squirting her juices onto the sheets again. giving it her pussy's smell.

dexter was having fun with anally porking his mom in her huge bouncy derriere while she also enjoyed being porked to, dexter going faster while feeling his mom's anus tightened pleasurably from her cumming while also enjoying pulling his mom's hair. riding her like a mare. only she is stationary.

dexter and his mom's time having anal sex lasted for almost 2 hours. with dexter starting to feel his second climax approaching while his mom felt her sixth climax happening, having climaxed 2 times while she had vaginal sex. and 3 times anally. this being her sixth and most strongest. "MOM i'm felling something wet coming out your butt!. I'M ALSO CUMMING!!" dexter yelled out starting thrust really fast "YESSS DEXTER CUM INSIDE YOUR HORNY MOM!! SPRAY YOUR NAUGHTY YOGURT UP MY DERRIERE YOU LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER!!!" dexter's mom yelled out as her anal cum coated dexter's dick. she also sprayed her pussy juices on his bed while making a silly ahegao face.

she was relieved that it was not her bed sheets that got covered as well as dexter, she also was relieved that dexter's bed had rubber sheets. meanwhile she also felt dexter cumming up her butt and into her innards, with more pressure he could've pushed the sperm into her stomach, and made her look pregnant when he made her belly bloat. their orgasms lasted for at least 12 minutes until they finished cumming by then they passed out on the bed smiling.


*time skip few months later*

dexter was on a cruise ship of his creation sunbathing on the deck. he was nude wearing only his shades over his glasses with a leaf on his crotch. drinking some juice. on the anniversary of him losing his virginity to his mother. which happened accidentaly to both of them but neither was complaining. he then got up and walked to the nearby jacuzzi and removed his leaf crotch, then got in. he was thinking about his hot mother is as well as how lucky he got when he made love to what he believes, a big butt goddess.

speaking of mother, his mom approached him from poolside. wearing a very risque v swimsuit that left so little to the imagination. Looking like it doesen't fit her current figure feeling tight on her. Not even bothering to cover her big fat jiggling buttcheeks and is digging up into her crack, behaving like a thong that doesn't fit her butt. her big jiggling breasts being bigger only had her nipples covered and showed alot of boob, including her beauty mark, and most of all her big belly. being pregnant with twins had dexter's mom's belly bloated. she wasn't complaining though. 

She stripped her swimsuit off though when she was close to the jacuzzi. Showing her naked body to dexter once again. with her seductive look on her face,  she got in the jacuzzi and immediately made out with dexter. playing with her nipples they made breast milk. she then turned around showing her butt to dexter. Who then proceeded to bury his face in her butt, much to her delight. feeling his tounge on her pussy. they then both got out of the jacuzzi then walked naked to the luxurious bedroom to make love once again. dexter closed the door, putting a  "Do Not Disturb" sign on the knob.

"Life is good." both thought.

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