The Fool Devoted to Love

BY : AberrantScript
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Loud House and make no money off this work of fiction.

Author's Notes:

Nearly everything I've ever written held a grain of inspiration from somewhere else. Whether it was the Frozen ship, Elsanna, or the Kim Possible ship, Kigo, or the four-way Miraculous Ladybug ships, or one of Flagg's amazing stories, or something naughty here on Adult-Fanfiction... every single story has had one line, one plot-point, one concept based on another work of fiction.

This work is going to be much different from anything else I've ever written because of one crucial element...

This is a real story.

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2017)


Chapter 1: Beginning of the End

In another alternate universe, in yet another random timeline…

There was a Lincoln Loud.

Five years ago, in 2012, he was eighteen years old. He was a college freshman, had graduated with minor distinction from high school, and had his own truck and a steady summertime job to start off his life. With two parents that helped him out and let him stay home until he was ready, he had entered his adult life with optimism and courage.

Oh, he was afraid, and the thought of failure terrified him to the bone.

But, at the time, he felt he was ready for it. He was strong. He was proud. He was grounded in life and family and morals. He had two parents that loved him and a whole flock of sisters that supported him.

And then he met a girl.

This pretty thing had dark, curly hair, creamy skin and constellations of freckles across her cheeks and shoulders. She wasn't the most perfect specimen of beauty out there, but she had a heart of gold and a tender spirit.

Lincoln could watch her for hours as she played with kids, helped the elderly enjoy life, and joked around with her circle of friends. Her glowing smile and twinkling eyes were an image of imperfect perfection that could sustain him for an eternity or two.

Her name was Jen, just two years younger than himself, and Lincoln had set his sights on her.

But he wouldn't do it alone.

See… in this particular reality, Lincoln was very religious. Not one of those types that would try to hurt others or force his beliefs on someone… but he truly believed in what he believed, and that helped guide him in life.

He met Jen when he was eighteen during summer break, and instead of making a move on her, instead of hitting on her, instead of even saying "hi"… because he was so scared of losing his one chance for true love and happiness… (Wow, he was really overly-dramatic, wasn't he?) …he prayed for guidance.

He was a solitary person and feared social interactions greatly, especially when his heart and happiness were on the line.

During the morning before he got out of bed; during the afternoon as he took a walk around work; during the evening as he strolled through the woods… Lincoln prayed not only for God to show him a sign that Jen was the girl made, destined, chosen to be with him (and him for her), but that he would have the knowledge and courage to know what to do when the time came for him to act on that fate.

But that time never came for the longest time, and after months had passed, he began to lose hope.

He prayed daily at least three times until it became easier than breathing; until it replaced other needs like sleeping and eating; until it became his deep obsession… his one greatest desire.

He didn't have many friends to support him. He didn't have any confidantes to share the struggle with. And that was largely his own fault. Apart from his family; he'd only just point up into the clouds and whisper, "God is my friend." And He was; his sole friend and confidante in the greatest struggle of his young life.

This continued until days became weeks, and then weeks became months… until half a year passed by and the one specific sign he prayed for actually happened.

It was out of the blue, involving third parties he had no control over.

But when it hit him and realization exploded inside his brain like a nuclear detonation of synaptic connections… he was honestly speechless.

Feeling lighter than air… feeling on top of the world… feeling like nothing could possibly go wrong, he sent her a message to ask her out.

He was incredibly awkward and unbearably unsociable, but that heavenly body acquiesced to his request, and thus began the start of their lives together.

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