Josh and Carla: morning routine

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Josh and Carla: morning routine

8:30 am

Whistling to himself as he pulled out the spare key Carla had given him out of his pocket Josh let himself into the model’s apartment before locking the door behind him, upon learning that Carla treasured her sleep and was as exact opposite of a morning person as someone could get it was added to Josh’s duties as her cameraman to get her up in the morning

As expected Josh found the model still sound asleep naked on her bed, her covers kicked off onto the floor to display her full naked glory “here we go again” Josh smirked as he then proceeded to strip down, acting upon Carla’s strict instruction of waking her with sex every morning

Taking hold of Carla’s hips as he climbed onto the bed Josh pulled the model towards him making her murmur in her sleep as her tits bounced from the action, her pussy already wet from the obvious dirty dream she was having allowing Josh to go straight in pressing his tongue to her budding clit

The moment Josh’s mouth made contact Carla moaned deeply in her sleep, her body shifting and squirming on sheer instinct and muscle memory as Josh pushed his tongue deep inside of her “mmm yeah fuck me….” she moaned as Josh’s teeth attacked her clit sending powerful shockwaves through her body

Knowing exactly where to touch and the right amount of pressure to give Josh had Carla orgasming hard, the sudden shock of pleasure knocking the Brazilian clean awake with a sharp cry of ecstasy “oh fuck!” she exclaimed looking down at her cameraman with wide eyes and a manic grin “that’s a good boy, now get your dick out and shove it up my ass!” she then demanded pulling at his shoulders to get him on the bed with her

More than eager to oblige as Carla then rolled over to press her fat ass against his groin making it jiggle as he scrambled to undo his belt and pants, freeing his aching erection letting it slap against his employers thick ass making her gasp and moan as she then shook her ass against his length “shove it in me” she breathed pushing her ass up and pressing her face to the pillows letting out a sharp whine of pleasure as Josh pushed his cock deep into her tightest hole

“God damn your ass is tight” Josh groaned as she squeezed like a vice around him, her fat ass taking him with total ease as she reached back to clutch at his waist, pulling on it trying to get him even deeper in her ass

“Mmpph, fuck yes, harder, deeper!” the Brazilian screamed into the pillows as she popped her hips back against Josh’s thrusts, her toes curling with every thrust as her cunt dripped onto the covers “feels so fucking good!!!”

Grabbing hold of his employer’s thick ass Josh spanked it hard making the plump cheeks ripple and clap as she gasped at the stinging pleasure of the hit, the model biting down on the pillow as she felt her orgasm building up already, her cunt clenching and her toes curling harder as her body began to shake and shudder

All it took was Josh to pull her hair to make Carla scream in orgasm, her tits bouncing as she pushed herself up onto her hands and knees and bucked wildly back on Josh’s cock “OH FUCK YES! FUCK THAT ASS!!!” she shrieked letting her tongue hang out of her mouth panting like a wild bitch in heat letting Josh use her ass as he wished

Driving deeper into Carla’s ass Josh reached under her to grab at her swaying breasts, squeezing them firmly as his cock throbbed and poured precum into her tightest hole, the Brazilian’s eyes widening as she felt her groin bulge out around his girth from how deep he was inside of her “give me your load, use my fat ass to cum” she instructed looking back over her shoulder at him with lust manic eyes

“Oh fuck! FUCK!!!” Josh then exclaimed as he slammed into her ass harder blowing his hot thick load deep into the model’s guts, her eyes crossing as she suffered another small orgasm from the feeling of his cum alone

Whining as Josh pulled out of her ass Carla took a moment to relish the feeling of his cum in her ass before forcing herself to get up, heading to her closet on shaky legs and pulling out one of her many bikini tops, this one a deep azure colour with lighter blue camouflage patterns along it “care to join me in the shower?” she purred as she tied the straps of the bikini top

“Sure but why the top?” Josh asked as he stripped off fully

“You’ll see” Carla just tittered back beckoning him to follow as she sauntered out of the bedroom heading towards her bathroom

And see he did, the bathroom quickly filling up with his pants and groans of pleasure as the hot water of the showers spray beat down on his back, Carla kneeling in front of him pumping her firm now soapy tits along his cock, the bikini top pressing her breasts nice and tight around his shaft so that she didn’t even have to use her hands just moving up and down on the balls of her feet to jerk him off with her tits

“Mmmph fuck I love this dick, so hard for me all the time” the model moaned as Josh then reached down to grab her tits, holding them in place as he began to thrust frantically through her cleavage “ah shit, fuck my tits, blow your load all over my whore face!” she then panted opening her mouth to let his cock head thrust between her lips with every upward thrust, a shiver going down her spine as she tasted his precum

Panting louder with pleasure Josh squeezed his employers tits harder, as if threatening to bruise them as his fingers dug into the firm but supple flesh, his cock throbbing harder as more precum coated her tongue “look at me when I cum bitch” he groaned prompting Carla to look up at him, her eyes as wide as she could make them with the falling water raining down at her with her mouth open to accept his seed

With a few more thrusts Josh reached his second climax, shuddering as his cock erupted between Carla’s tits coating most of her upper body with his seed, the model simpering as her face and chest were coated with his thick cum before pouting as his jizz was washed away by the showers spray just as quickly as it painted her caramel skin

Her disappointment didn’t last long however as Josh then pulled away from her tits and ripped her bikini top off making her tits jiggle and bounce, the model cooing and giggling at the action before yelping with lustful delight as Josh then dragged her to her feet and turned her around to press her hard to the showers glass wall crushing her face and tits against its surface “oh shit…so hot…” she moaned jiggling her ass back at him as he lined his cock up with her dripping cunt “fuck me!”

“You’re the boss” Josh grinned as he then slammed himself balls deep into her dripping slut making Carla’s eyes roll back with sheer ecstasy, the model pushing herself up on her toes to buck back against him as he started fluidly pounding her sweet little pussy

“Ah fuck yes! Fuck that cunt, fucking use me” Carla moaned reaching back to spank herself as she looked back over her shoulder with lust filled eyes, her ass jiggling and clapping against his groin as she then lustfully licked the glass wall

“God you’re so hot” Josh panted back spanking her ass with her making the cheeks jiggle and clap louder and harder, her ass literally dancing against his groin as she then pushed herself away from the wall, letting her tits bounce as she popped her hips back against him giving him the perfect show of what her ass could do whilst he fucked her clenching cunt

With Carla now working his cock like a pornstar on heat Josh felt his final release building up too fast to hold back, simply accepting it and grabbing hold of her waist to slam into her harder and faster making her cry out in both surprise and pleasure “OH SHIT YES!!! FODA MINHA BOBA!!!” she screamed losing herself to her native tongue as she started to cum hard on his dick, the sudden hot clenching of her pussy dragging him over the edge with her making him grunt as he flooded her insides with his hot seed

Falling back against the glass wall Carla panted heavily as Josh slowly pulled out causing some of his cum to leak out of her slit, both of them taking a few minutes to catch their breath and to let the shower wash away the remaining cum before Carla stood and turned off the shower “ok, big day of shooting ahead of us” the model smiled as she stepped out of the shower and bent over to get a towel, pausing for a moment to let her cameraman admire her tight cunt and fat ass “I’ll be needing a few more loads on me later for the dirtier photos, I hope I haven’t drained you completely dry” she then added with a flirty wink before sauntering out the bathroom leaving Josh to get dry

“God I love this job” Josh grinned as he stepped out of the shower, his cock hardening again at the prospect of the later part of the shoot

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