Merry 'Cestmas!

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Author's Notes:

I've had this idea in my head for months now. I was going to do it after I finished I Am Not a Pervert! but since anonymous789 implicitly challenged me to a game of loudcest war against my friend and rival, Flagg, I simply couldn't wait anymore. There's not a lot that happens in this chapter, but Leni personally gives you a very good idea of what will happen (starting in the very next one). It probably won't be very long and I'll make sure to have it wrapped up by Christmas Eve~

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2017)


Chapter 1: All She Wants For 'Cestmas

Leni sat at her vanity, stroking her angel hair with a pink kitty brush. She was humming All I Want For Christmas as she reached stroke no. 20. Her mind was focusing on how those bristles felt while sliding through her silky layers. Stroke, stroke, mmm~

She brushed her hair exactly fifty times every single night just to make sure she was at optimum beauty. But also because it felt so good! She looked into the mirror and saw all the little Christmas lights hanging around the room, the mistletoe she placed above the bedroom door, and the garland and tinsel strung out around her furniture.

Lori wasn't fond of the added decorations because Leni kinda, maybe, sorta went overboard with them… but Leni figured, deep down inside, her sister secretly adored the festivities just as much as she did, and that only made her hum that much more in bubbling joy.

She'd also taken the liberty of decorating Lincy's room, too. With mistletoe. Lots and lots and lots and lots! of mistletoe~

Leni also took to putting on a bright red lipstick in the last few days and now Lincy and Lori always had little red lips all over their faces… on Lori's neck, behind her hair… on Lincy's feet and ankles beneath his socks… and maybe in a few less innocent places, like the cups in Lori's bras and the inside of Lincy's undies. They didn't know, of course. They were Leni's little secret santa gifts~

But just knowing that… right at that very moment… her lip marks were touching them in private places was a little arousing~

Oh, yeah, Leni might be full of air as meanies liked to say, but she knew what sex was. When Lincy was born, she was only five, and she was fascinated with his little boy thingy from the very first day. When she was a preteen and stumbled upon porn for the very first time… she knew that's what she wanted.

She saw pictures of women licking each other's girl thingy…

She saw young girls licking a boy's thingy and making yummy goo cum out the very tip…

As she grew into adolescence her tastes became much more refined. Rather than searching for girls… she searched for sisters. Rather than searching for young men… she searched for brothers.

Perhaps she was too naïve to understand what roleplaying was… or maybe she just didn't care… but as Leni looked upon a "sister" riding her "brother's" thingy until his nice, yummy goo exploding into her secret place… that was exactly what she wanted for Christmas.

But she had a dilemma.

Leni… also had another dark wish.

She kinda, maybe, sorta wanted to see Lori experience the same thing. Just… in a different way.

Leni sat her brush down and pulled out some red lipstick.

When she was fourteen, her parents finally decided to check the browsing history on the family computer and promptly grounded all of the older girls at the horrifying amount of incest and internal ejaculation and siblings makin' babies that they found there… except pure, innocent, naïve Leni.

She knew in her heart it wasn't fair… but it was too embarrassing to confess!

Then, her parents finally got her a smartphone… and she was able to watch and read about sisters and brothers from anywhere, at any time. And that is when she finally had the time to delve into darker places.

The first time she saw an older sister get a little drunk at a party and her younger brother offered to take her home… and the girl got a little flirty and the boy couldn't take it… and she was flung to the bedsheets and tried to squirm away because "No, brother, it's not right!" but he didn't care as he ripped his clothes off in a hurry…

When Leni heard that girl beg him, "Please! Don't cum in me!" she heard herself whisper, "Do it. Cum in her. Make her yours!"

Now, two years later, she couldn't remember what that boy and girl looked like because the people she focused on while watching it were Lori and Lincy.

She wanted to see Lori get a little tipsy… or a little hung up in velvet cuffs and chains~ …and she wanted Lincy to take advantage of her.

Not only that, but she wanted herself to be there. To stroke her brother's sides and kiss his ear; to whisper into his very soul her desire for him to defile his oldest sister against her will; to make her his and then take Leni's virginity with his burning rod still coated in the purest mixture of incest and rape~

And if he didn't want to rape Lori, then she could grab his little boy thing and force him inside like the good big sister she was~

Leni gave the mirror a little red-stained smooch and then skipped over to her dresser in a flutter as she shed her clothes from her body. She pulled out a homemade dress, made from tinsel and red felt, that hung from her shoulders with two thin ribbons knotted into pretty bows that just begged for someone to unwrap her like a present~ It revealed a fair amount of cleavage and she couldn't risk the embarrassment of her bra straps being visible, so she went without~

Also, if she was going to get Lincy to stick his boy thing into her girl thing, then panties were an obstacle she'd do without, too~

Finally, she pulled out a cute santa hat and placed it on her head, tipping it so it settled sideways, its little cotton puff dangling past her ear. Then, she rolled on some white stockings that came up to her thighs. There were little presents and bows stitched into the pattern from her ankle to her thigh.

Who knows, maybe she'd spill something on them and need help changing her socks? And Lincy would reach up… and keep going and going until he discovers that his Christmas present was already unwrapped and waiting for him between his loving sister's long legs~

She sat down on her bed and thought about her plan for Christmas.

She was sixteen, gorgeously beautiful, and had the best family in the entire universe. There was totes nothing she could ever have need of…

…except to lose her virginity.

…and help Lori lose hers.

…and seduce her brother until he couldn't even see straight anymore~

As soon as she stepped outside her bedroom door, Leni would bring them to the very heights of sexual tension, force them into a room together, and orchestrate their loss of innocence into a spectacular display of rough animal passion and absolute love.

As she turned the knob and a single silk-clad foot touched down on the hallway's carpet, Leni was singing a melody of the sweetest tune:

"All I want for 'Cestmas is my two siblings-"

She stepped onto the stairs.

"-My two siblings, yes! My two siblings~"

She leaned over the banister, licking her lips when she saw Lori and Lincy sitting side by side on the couch in their own festive outfits.

"Gee, if I could only have my two siblings-"

She imagined Lincy gripping Lori's shoulders and pushing her underneath the Christmas tree, unwrapping her skirt and panties like a brute tearing apart giftwrap, and sticking his thick, hard, and burning boy thingy into Lori's reluctant but oh-so-very aroused girl thingy… and filling her with the spirit of the season~

"Then, I could wish you, 'Merry 'Cestmas!'"

Random Note:

You know what loudcest is lacking? A healthy dose of dubcon/noncon smut~

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