Don't Open Until Christmas

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Don't Open Until Christmas

It was Christmas Eve and Leni was spending it with her boyfriend Chaz. They were resting on the futon in Chaz's apartment bedroom, having spent the last few hours watching Christmas specials on TV wrapped in a blanket together while they drank eggnog and munched on cookies. Chaz was asleep, but Leni was too excited to call it a night.

She had prepared a special gift for her man.

Leni checked her phone, 11:54, six minutes to go. Leni's eyes looked from her phone to her softly snoring teddy bear. Chaz was a rather large young man, and Leni liked it like that. It just meant there was more of him to love. He was a sweetheart who'd make her happy by complimenting the dresses she'd design, help her decide on what outfits to wear, and occasionally giving her gifts, especially ones that were very shiny.

Oh-M-Gosh, I hope he likes my gift!” she thought with a hint of excitement.

12:00 midnight.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Leni yelled out as she jumped up into the air.

“Hmm?” Chaz raised his head a bit, eyes squinting “It's morning already?”

Leni leaned down to kiss him on the lips, Chaz was surprised at first, but reciprocated. Leni squirmed a little when she felt his tongue invade her mouth. When she felt his hands touching her sides though, she stopped, “Ah! Wait!”

“Huh? What's wrong? Did I-” Chaz then saw that it was still dark outside, “...wait, what time is it?”

Leni went in for a hug, “You did nothing wrong Chaz, and it's Christmas! And I got the perfect gift for you!”

Chaz smiled and caressed her hair as Leni nuzzled on his chin, “That's great hon, but can't it wait until morning when we go see your fam-”

“No, no, no!” Leni said as she got off of him, “This is a gift that nobody else can see! Only you.”

Chaz raised an eyebrow, “Uh...okay? What is it?”

Leni got off the futon, “Just wait right there, I'll go get it!” she left the bedroom, closing the door behind her, and went over to the entrance where she'd left her bag. She opened it and smiled at the gift she had prepared.

Chaz rubbed his eyes as he sat up and brought up his own phone, 12:03 AM. “...okay it's technically Christmas I guess...but why so early? We're going to the Loud House for Christmas, she could just give me her gift then...”

The bedroom door opened again, and Chaz looked up. What he saw made him drop his phone. Leni was standing there, big smile on her face, cheeks blushing a bit red, and wearing what looked like a dress made out of wrapping paper. The dress was very revealing, there were no shoulders to it, no sides to it either. Chaz could see the cleavage of Leni's large breasts that were pressing against the tight gift wrap, practically begging to burst out. The paper was less down her abdomen, showing off Leni's nearly non-existent waistline, and only becoming more when it reached her pelvis and wrapped around her buttocks. On the crotch of the dress was a bow, and there was a tag attached to the top of the dress.

Chaz was at a loss for words, he had seen Leni in revealing outfits before, even naked on a few occasions, but this was extraordinary. He stammered a little when Leni slowly walked over, and relaxed a bit when he noticed she was shaking a little too. Leni kept her smile, with it growing more seductive as she approached the target of her affection. When she reached the foot of the futon, she leaned down, giving Chaz the front-row seat to see her breasts.

“Read the tag.” she instructed.

Chaz had to force himself to look away from the mounds and see the gift tag and read it out loud. “For: Chaz Do Not Open Until”

Leni climbed onto his lap, letting her legs rest on either side of him and wrapping her arms around him, “Go ahead and open it. I hope you like it.”

The realization gave Chaz pause, “You it? “

Leni nodded.

“For real? Didn't you spend a lot of time on this?”

Leni nodded again, “Don't worry, I can always make another.”

Hearing that gave the young man confidence, he reached up for the paper pressing down on her bust and took hold of it. He pulled downward, ripping apart the paper dress and releasing the trapped bosom. The pair of plump pillows bounced onto Chaz's face, seemingly thanking him for freeing them. Leni giggled a bit, “Oops, sorry Chazie!”

Chaz let his face stay in his girlfriend's massive mammaries, and reached up with his hands again, taking hold of both boobs.

“Ah!” Leni squealed in surprise as her boyfriend's large hands gently groped her gooseberries. He cupped them in his hands, lightly squeezed one and then the other, rubbed his fingers in circles around her areolas, but what forced Leni to moan was feeling Chaz's warm and moist tongue lightly lapping on her sternum. His fingers stopped circling and instead zoned in on her nipples as they started to harden. Leni breathed more heavily as she felt the tongue of her lover creep up her neck.

Suddenly, Leni felt something poke her bottom and looked down just in time for Chaz to steal an open-mouth kiss. Leni closed her eyes in bliss, and leaned more on Chaz as he let go of her breasts and wrapped his arms around her, pulling off the gift wrap that remained on her upper body. The pole poking her buttocks was growing longer.

When the kiss was over, Leni pulled herself up, her mouth still open and wanting more. Chaz recognized the look, and gave her a sly grin as he pointed downward, “I've got a gift for you too, hon.”

Leni nodded, she slid off Chaz's lap to his side. She made her way down to his lounge pants where a tent was being pitched. She took hold of the waistband and pulled it down revealing her boyfriend's boxers. She didn't bother pulling them down, instead she unbuttoned the fly and reached in to collect her prize. She pulled out his pudgy pink penis and put it in her mouth.

“Chaz like...” he sighed in pleasure. He reached down to stroke Leni's hair as she bobbed up and down, gripping gently onto his manhood. He felt his sausage stiffen and expand even more. His other hand found its way onto Leni's lower backside, it brushed against the last bit of gift wrap Leni had on. He could feel her whole body twitch in arousal.

Leni pulled herself up, releasing his cock from her mouth and hands. She turned her head to him, and looked at him with begging eyes.

“...aren't you going to open the rest of it?”

Chaz's hand gripped the paper and tore it off in one go, revealing her wet, quivering labia. His hand went right for her genitals, capturing her cunny.


One finger went in.


Two fingers went in.


His thumb prodded her twitching clitoris.


Leni leaned in, enjoying the foreplay, she kept her hands busy by fumbling Chaz's funstick. Chaz loved to pleasure his woman, but he could feel his bone begging for some action. He wiggled his fingers inside her, pushing against her walls in preparation for his pecker. Leni's muscle memory kicked in to remind what was next in store for her, and started to lick his meat popsicle for makeshift lubrication.

Chaz pulled his fingers out, and patted Leni's bum to get her attention. Leni didn't say a word, she pulled herself up again and straddled over Chaz's lap. Chaz took hold of her waist as Leni rested her hands on his shoulders, and then slowly lowered herself down to impale herself on his shaft. Chaz entered her hot and wet pussycat, and helped her to slide down, rise up, then slide down again until she got her rhythm going. She started breathing heavily as her slit swallowed his schlong.

With that, Chaz released her waist and went for her chest again. Grabbing her tits as Leni bounced on him. Leni's face showed pure pleasure as her pupils rolled up into her eyelids, and her mouth took the form of an “O” as her tongue hung out. She started to get more aggressive as she slammed her hips down and filled her love chamber with Chaz.

“Shit, Leni!” Chaz suddenly exclaimed, “I'm gonna-”

“Me too!” Leni cried out, crossing her legs behind his back and pulling herself onto him, she squealed as she felt a torrent explode inside her. She had stopped bouncing and instead leaned more on him as Chaz released what may as well have been a week's worth of backed up cum into his lover.

The two stayed there, basking the afterglow, Leni's hearth starting to leak with Chaz's milk. Slowly, Chaz helped her off his dick, and pulled her into another hug.

“ gift?” Leni gasped out, exhausted from the experience.

“I loved it...thank you very much.” Chaz answered.

Leni closed her eyes, tears rolled down her cheeks, “Merry Christmas Chazie...” then she fell onto his shoulder, falling asleep.

“Merry Christmas hon.”

Chaz thought about picking her up and moving her to the bed, but he didn't want to risk waking her up. Instead, he opted to spend the night on the futon with the love of his life wrapped around him. He picked up the blanket they had, and pulled it over them.

...I just hope you like my gift too.”

His thoughts went to the small box he was hiding in his desk.

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