Ryan and Rebecca: morning routine

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Ryan and Rebecca: morning routine

7:30 am

Ryan yawned as he traipsed down the street towards Rebecca’s bookstore, whilst he enjoyed working at the store he couldn’t deny that he hated starting early every day, fumbling in his pocket for nearly a minute to find the store key before letting himself in and relocking the door behind him as despite having to get there before eight to sort out deliveries the store didn’t open until nine

Taking off his coat as he turned to head into the staff room the sound of someone clearing their throat drew his attention, turning to find his employer sat on the register counter naked as the day she was born “where do you think you’re going?” Rebecca purred as she beckoned him over with a finger

“To go get ready” Ryan replied dumbly, his fatigue causing him to be a little more shocked than usual at his bosses nudity, his morning wood that he had spent a good twenty minutes to get rid of coming right back at the sight of Rebecca’s bare tits and cunt

“You’ve got time, come here and earn your wage” she instructed spreading her legs wider to further expose her glistening slit, prompting Ryan to drop his jacket to the floor and immediately head over to the counter bringing a lustful smile to Rebecca’s lips

Instead of just going in for the fuck like she had expected Ryan surprised Rebecca when he proceeded to kneel down and take hold of her waist, pulling her closer as his tongue met her hot wet little slit “oooooh fuck” she moaned reaching down to bury her fingers in his hair as his tongue got to work on her

Shifting her hips Rebecca moved to completely lay back on the counter as Ryan pushed his tongue deep inside of her, twisting and curling just how he had been taught making his employer mewl and purr with pleasure as she hung her legs over his shoulders “shit yes, just like that, get it in deeper” she panted resting one hand behind her head as she used the other to massage one of her bare breasts

Feeling Rebecca’s heels dig into his upper back Ryan placed one hand on one of her thighs squeezing it firmly whilst the other went to her groin, finding her clit and pressing down on it making her gasp with pleasure and buck her hips against his mouth prompting him to graze his teeth along her puffy sensitive lips

With a few more hard licks and attention to her clit Rebecca let out a long satisfied moan as her orgasm hit her “oooooohhhh yeaaahhhhh” she moaned and gurgled as her body thrummed with ecstasy “good boy, now get up here and get that dick in me” she then instructed reaching down to pull on his shoulders so that they were level pulling him into a heated lustful kiss

Eagerly accepting the kiss Ryan quickly worked his pants open to free his erection, his tongue tangling with Rebecca’s as he pressed his cock against and into her needy core making them both moan and shudder with pleasure, Rebecca’s heels immediately pressing to his lower back as she wrapped her legs around him

“Fuck yeah, get that pussy” Rebecca breathed through gritted teeth breaking their kiss as she wound her arms around him, pressing her hands to his lower back above her feet to push him deeper inside of her hole “feel so damn good!”

“So tight” Ryan groaned as Rebecca kissed at his throat, her nails pressing into his back through his shirt as she bucked her hips in time with his thrusts

“Fuck this is what I hired you for, to give me this fucking dick every damn day!” Rebecca panted louder as she squeezed tighter around him, every rough deep thrust sending her deeper and deeper into ecstasy as she felt her second orgasm starting to well up inside of her, her stomach tightening as sweat began to bead on her forehead

Feeling his climax building up as well Ryan thrust into her harder and faster, aiming to make his boss cum again know that when he performed well before his shift he got every breaks during his shift

Luckily as he surged forward harder he thrust against her g-spot just right sending Rebecca flying over the edge into climax, her heels digging in even harder making it feel like she was kicking him as her spasming cunt drove him over the edge with her, Ryan letting out a shuddering groan as he emptied himself inside of her

“Oh fuck….oh fuck yes…all the way in…don’t let any out…” Rebecca mewled as she fell back onto the counter, squeezing her pussy as tight as possible to make sure none of his cum escaped her until Ryan pulled out

Stepping back Ryan let out a satisfied sigh as he got his breath back, doing up his pants before turning to pick up his jacket so that Rebecca could get dressed and ready to open shop “where do you think you’re going?” he then heard her speak behind him turning around to find her standing still completely naked with a raised eyebrow

“To go get ready to open up? We need to sort out the new delivery” Ryan replied with slight confusion, Rebecca hated the concept of opening up late as whilst she owned the store she wasn’t exactly swimming in cash so she treasured every hour that brought her revenue

“Oh no, not today, we’re opening at midday today” Rebecca retorted matter-of-factly as she then proceeded to reveal a sign she had written up from under the counter explaining the new opening time for the day before walking over to the door to secure it to the doors window replacing the open/closed sign with it “you’ve been doing real good work these last couple of weeks so as a reward you’re pounding this pussy all fucking morning” she then smirked as she sauntered passed him grabbing his wrist to drag him into the back room

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