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by George Glass

Summary: An intelligent crystalline microorganism takes control of Steven, with the aim of breeding an army of human/gem hybrids.

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Warning: This story is nothing like my previous Steven Universe story, “P.F.A.S. (Post-Fusion Attachment Syndrome).” Whereas that story is cute and innocently sexy, this story is creepy and rapey.

Still reading? Awesome. Let’s do this.

- - -

It was Friday afternoon, and Steven had just returned with Pearl from one of their training sessions.

“Oh, man, I’m beat,” said Steven, plopping down on the couch.

“The participial form,” Pearl corrected, “is ‘beaten.’”

“Yeah, that too,” Steven replied wearily.

At that moment, Garnet emerged from the temple door, with Amethyst right behind her.

“We have to go,” Garnet said urgently. “A Gem ship just crashed into the ocean, about twenty miles west of the Sea Shrine.”

“Whoa,” Steven exclaimed as he got up from the sofa, suddenly energized.

“Steven,” Pearl said, “you’ll need to stay here, since you can’t breathe underwater.”

“Aww,” Steven lamented.

“Don’t worry,” said Amethyst. “We’ll bring you back some wreckage!”

Steven smiled. “Thanks, Amethyst “


Hours later, the Gems returned via the warp pad. They all looked wet, and Garnet and Pearl appeared exhausted. Before any of them could so much as step off the pad, Steven leaped in front of them.

“What happened?” he cried excitedly. “Did you find the spaceship? Was it at the bottom of the ocean? Was it in one piece, or all smashed up? Did it have one of those black box thingies, or is that just for airplanes?”

“Check it out,” said Amethyst, reaching into a bag and pulling out a pink crystalline box.

“Cool!” Steven replied.

“It will take some effort to figure out how to play back the recordings,” Pearl said wearily. “I’m afraid none of the crew survived to tell us.”

“Oh,” Steven replied, his enthusiasm dampened.

“It looked like their engine exploded,” Garnet said. She sounded less weary than Pearl, but Steven could still tell that she was worn out. “Every Gem aboard was shattered.”

“We’ll get to work on it in a little while,” Pearl said. “Right now, I think I need to go lie down.”

“Me, too,” Garnet said. “We’ll meet back here in a few hours.”

“Great,” said Steven. “Connie’s coming over later; I bet she’ll want to see it, too.”


Pearl awoke. It was a strange sensation for her, given that she never slept. She didn’t share Amethyst’s interest in sleeping just for the heck of it.

She sat up and looked around her room. It was the strangest feeling: Everything here seemed both familiar and foreign. Not because the room had changed, but because she had.

Was she still Pearl?

Yes. But she was also something else…the Splinter. Yes, that was her…their…name.

And they had work to do.


Pearl emerged from her room in the temple and saw that Steven was alone in the house. In her mind’s eye, she could see that the ruby/sapphire fusion, Garnet, had been neutralized. The amethyst would still be active, of course, but she was probably occupied with something frivolous down in her room.

Just to be sure, Pearl put the palm of her hand over the star symbol on the temple door. Something silvery oozed from the palm of her hand, like metallic sweat, and covered the symbol, blocking the flow of energy through it. No one would be passing through the door any time soon.

Steven was lying on his bed, reading Gordon Green and the Stapler of Destiny. The cover art had led him to believe that it might be somewhat like the Spirit Morph Saga books that he and Connie liked, but so far, this one wasn’t nearly that good. He’d give it a couple more chapters, though.

He heard footsteps approaching and looked up.

“Hey, Pearl.”

“Hello, Steven,” Pearl said calmly. “I would like to speak with you.”

“Um, okay,” Steven replied, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

Pearl came and sat next to Steven on the bed. Steven stayed quiet, wondering what this was going to be about. He hoped he hadn’t done something wrong.

“Steven,” Pearl said, her words slow and deliberate, “do you know why your mother made you a male?”

“Um,” Steven replied, “isn’t it the dad who decides if it’s a boy or a girl? Connie told me that once.”

Pearl smiled thinly. “If Rose had wanted a girl, you would be one.”

“Really? ‘Cause my dad said my name was going to be Nora if-”

“Don’t assume,” Pearl cut in, “that your father knows everything about Rose’s plans. No one did.”

She moved a bit closer to Steven and continued, “But I do know why your mother made you a male. It was so that you could continue her work.”

“Huh?” Steven replied. “What work?”

Pearl leaned closer, and now Steven could see little points of orange light scattered around her eyes. They seemed to slowly drift and swirl, like stars in a distant galaxy. Steven found himself feeling oddly relaxed, and Pearl’s voice seemed like the only sound in the world, even if the way she was talking seemed strange.

“A human female,” Pearl said, “usually can gestate only one child at a time. That means that she can produce only a dozen offspring or so in her entire lifetime.”

She put a hand on his shoulder, then slid it down onto his chest. “But a male,” she continued, “only needs to contribute his genetic material. Thus, he can potentially father hundreds or even thousands of offspring in his lifetime.”

Her palm, gentle but irresistibly strong, pushed Steven down onto his back on the bed. She leaned down farther to keep her face in front of his.

“You are a unique being, Steven. A hybrid of human and Gem. Rose Quartz made you male so that you can make many more such hybrids.”

Steven could barely think, so lost was he among those tiny orange stars in Pearl’s eyes.

“H- how?” he stammered.

Pearl smiled that thin smile again.

“By impregnating as many human females as possible.”

Pearl’s face remained directly above Steven’s as the slender Gem rolled the bottom half of her body onto his so that she was straddling his hips. Then she put her lips to his ear, their touch as delicate as the edge of a wine glass.

“I can teach you,” she whispered.

Steven was feeling a bizarre mix of sensations. His mind was thick and foggy, but through the haze he felt a cramping sensation in his stomach, like it was telling him that something was wrong. And then Pearl shifted her hips on top of his, producing a sharp tingle in his groin, and he felt his penis grow stiff.

“Just relax and cooperate, Steven,” Pearl said. “Don’t worry; you’ll enjoy this lesson more than any I’ve ever taught you.”

Pearl closed her eyes for a moment, and her clothing vanished.

Steven knew that the Gems’ bodies were just projections, and that their clothing was a part of that projection. So he’d never given much thought to what any of the Crystal Gems would look like under their clothes, because there wasn’t really anything under them. They wouldn’t have skin under the parts that looked like clothing any more than they would have muscles or bones or guts under the parts that looked like skin.

Or so Steven had thought. But when Pearl’s tutu-like garment disappeared, he found himself looking at a pair of small, perky breasts with pale-blue nipples. Pearl looked down at him and smiled.

“Do you like them?” she asked. “Human males seem fascinated with human females’ breasts, so I made these…just for you.”

Steven’s mouth fell open. He’d never seen a real girl’s breasts before—never mind that they weren’t real breasts, or that Pearl wasn’t a real girl—and indeed, he really liked looking at them.

“Touch them,” Pearl said. “It will increase your sexual arousal.”

Steven didn’t even think about it; it was like his hand was suddenly just there on Pearl’s breast, squeezing it gently. It was extremely soft, and yet the blue nipple was as hard as a jewel against his palm. It felt so good in his hand… but at the same time, the achy feeling in his stomach was growing stronger, clutching at his guts like a big, clawed hand.

“P- Pearl,” he managed. “I don’t think- I don’t think we should-”

“Shhhhh,” Pearl said, putting a finger to Steven’s lips. “It’s very important that you cooperate, Steven.”

She slowly entwined her fingers in Steven’s hair and pulled his head down toward her right breast.

“Here,” she said. “Take one in your mouth.”

Steven tried to shake his head in refusal, but Pearl’s grip was too strong.

“No,” he squeaked. “I don’t- I don’t want- No!” he cried as she pulled his head to her chest and forced her nipple into his mouth.

“Mmmmmh!” he squealed around the hard, conical nub.

One of her hands tightened its grip on his hair while the other let go and began stroking Steven’s back.

“It’s all right,” she said. “Just suck on my breast, and everything will be all right…”

Against his will, Steven found himself sucking on the jewel-hard nipple in his mouth. Something came out of it as he sucked—something slick, not quite solid and not quite liquid. It tasted faintly metallic as it passed over his tongue and down his throat.

Soon, his head felt even hazier than before, but the grip of that fist in his stomach was loosening.

“That’s it,” Pearl murmured. “Good boy…”

Now Steven was sucking willingly, because it was clear that the more he did it, the more distance he put between himself and all his worry and discomfort. He kept at it for several minutes, and then Pearl released her grip on his head.

“You feel better now, don’t you?” Pearl said.

“Better…” Steven replied, nodding weakly.

“Good,” she said, caressing his face with her delicate fingers. “Now, I will teach you to breed. Remove your clothing.”


Moving in a daze, Steven pulled off his star-emblazoned shirt. Then Pearl raised herself up off of his hips so that he could shuck off his jeans and underpants. She looked around behind her and saw his exposed, erect penis pointing toward the ceiling.

“Good,” Pearl said. “You are sufficiently aroused for penetration.”

She rolled off of Steven so that she was lying next to him on the bed. Now Steven could see her entire naked body—another first for the fourteen-year-old. Having lived with his single father and then with a trio of silicon-based aliens, he had never so much as accidentally glimpsed a grown woman in the shower.

As Steven looked at her, addled but definitely aroused, Pearl spread her legs.

“Now,” she said, “reach between my thighs and find my vaginal opening.”

At this point, Steven’s brain was too clouded for him to consider the oddity of a Gem, being technically neither a boy nor a girl, having girl parts. All Steven could do was insert his hand between Pearl’s thighs and clumsily search for the opening she had described. After several seconds, he found a small orifice that was slicked with something silvery, like the glittering goop inside of Peridot’s robonoids.

“Is this…it?” the boy asked.

“Yes,” Pearl replied. “Now, climb on top of me and position your hips between my thighs. That is a standard position for human mating.”

Steven, dully obedient, did as Pearl instructed. Once he was on top of her, she shifted her hips around a bit, and he could feel that wet, slick substance against his erect member, which grew even harder in response.

“Very good, Steven,” Pearl said. “Now reach down, take hold of your penis, and push it into my opening.”

Steven grasped his erect member and felt around with it, trying to again locate the lubricated orifice he had identified earlier. Something about this still felt wrong, but now the feeling of wrongness was far away, largely hidden behind the fog in Steven’s mind.

He found the entrance. As instructed, he put the head of his penis against it and pushed.

Steven let out a long breath as he eased into Pearl. The sensation wasn’t like anything he had experienced before. Pearl was slick and smooth inside, like oiled glass, and yet she closed around him, gripping him inside herself.

“Yes, Steven,” Pearl said. “You have achieved penetration. Now, begin thrusting into me.”

“Huh?” Steven replied groggily.

“Push your hips forward and back so that your penis moves inside me. This is an essential part of human breeding.”

“O- Okay.”

Steven did as he was told, slowly pumping his member into and out of Pearl’s opening. Soon, he found himself panting a bit, for reasons unrelated to the effort involved.

“How does it feel?” Pearl asked.

“It feels….good…” Steven replied, continuing his steady thrusts.

“Excellent,” Pearl replied. “Focus on the pleasurable sensations and try to amplify them. This is essential for insemination.”

Steven didn’t understand all of what Pearl was saying, but he did what she said and concentrated on the good feelings that moving his penis in and out of Pearl was producing. Soon, it occurred to him to try pumping faster, and indeed, this made him feel even better than before.

His fears had faded away into the mist. Now, Steven thought of nothing but thrusting into Pearl harder and harder. Pearl simply lay there, keeping her legs wide open for him as she whispered in his ear, “Good boy…good boy…”

“Nyaaaaah!” Steven cried, and he could feel something shooting out of him and into Pearl. Instinctively, he pushed his hips hard against her thighs as he came.

“Yes, Steven!” Pearl said. “You must ejaculate all of your semen into the female, as deeply as possible!”

Steven gripped Pearl’s hips hard for a few more seconds as he came. Then he collapsed on top of her, spent.

“Very good,” Pearl said, stroking Steven’s hair. “I believe you understand the basic technique.”

Several moments later, Steven’s penis softened to the point that it fell out of Pearl. The tall Gem gently rolled the boy off of her and reached between her own thighs, using her finger to scoop up the fluid that was now leaking out of her.

“Hmm,” she said, looking with a critical eye at the glob of white cum on her finger. “We will need to increase the volume that you ejaculate.”

“Huh?” Steven replied, the word slurred by the sleepiness that was suddenly beginning to overcome him.

“Don’t worry,” Pearl said. “We’ll discuss it once you have rested.” Then, with a sly grin, she added, “You’ll wake up feeling like a new man.”

“‘kay,” Steven mumbled, and then he was out.

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