Sari & Miko

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Sari sat on the couch with her hand in her panties, watching an action movie involving 2 cops. She held her head with her other arm as she tapped her finger on her ear lobe. She took a glance at the clock above the TV: 10:34. She sighed before she grabbed the remote and turned the volume up on the TV. Sari's Dad, Isaac, then came up behind her before taking a sip of some water.
"What are you doing up so late?" he asked.
"Waiting for Miko," Sari said, not taking her eyes off the screen.
"Miko? Why does that name sound familiar?"
"You met her yesterday, Dad."
"I did?"
"I don't blame you if you don't remember; you were preoccupied with your work."
"Oh; in any case, what are you two up to?"
"She's sleeping over tonight; right now she's taking her precious time coming here."
"What time was she supposed to be here?"
"Maybe something happened along the way. Why not try-"
Before he could finish, the elevator dinged as Miko stomped out with a brown paper bag and into the kitchen.
"Oh, nevermind," Isaac said, before yawning, "you two sleep tight."
Isaac placed his empty glass in the sink before waving at a grumpy Miko. She glared at him as he went upstairs to bed. Sari then paused the movie before stepping into the kitchen and standing next to Miko by the counter.
"So," Sari began, "had a little trouble finding your way here?"
"Not now," Miko growled.
"Come on, what happened?"
"Showing up a half hour late isn't nothing."
Miko just growled as Sari insisted, "Come on, you can tell me."
"<sigh> I was on my way over here and this guy called me a cunt."
"What? Why?"
"No reason; I was just walking passed him and he called me a cunt. So we get into this heated argument before the cops show up. It took about 20 minutes for I was finally able to go."
"Oh Miko, I'm so sorry. The movie's still on if you want to watch it."
Miko brought the bag to the living room and placed it next to her as they sat on the couch. After unpausing the movie, they sat quietly while starring at the screen for 10 minutes before Sari looked at Miko. Her arms were still folded and her face retained a cross look. Sari looked down before grinning lustfully as she slid her panties off. She then laid on her back and spread her legs opened, exposing her slightly hairy pussy.
"What are you doing?" Miko asked, taking a brief glance at Sari.
"Trying to cheer you up," Sari said, lifting her shirt above her tits.
Sari took two fingers and stuck them in her mouth before rubbing her pussy with them. She cooed as she shoved her saliva drenched fingers inside her pussy, whilst grabbing her right tit. Miko turned her head completely facing Sari and starred at her as she placed her hand in her skirt.
"Looks like it's working," Sari said as she continued to finger herself.
Miko then smiled as she stood up and skirt down with her panties. She then reached into the brown bag and pulled out a strap-on with a cyan dildo attached.
"I was just about to ask what was in the bag," Sari said, sitting up.
"Pretty nifty, huh?" Miko said as she slipped it on, "Bought it this afternoon. They were out of lube, though. You got lotion?"
"I'll do you one better."
Sari got on her knees in front of Miko before shoving the plastic dick in her mouth. She smacked her tongue on the dildo, smearing it with saliva. Miko the lifted her shirt and bra off before rubbing Sari's head.
Sari released the strap-on as she laid on all fours on the couch. Miko smacked the redhead's ass as she guided the cyan dick to her pussy. She then shoved it in Sari's pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure. 
"This feels amazing," she cooed, blushing.
"Heh, I haven't even kicked it into high gear yet," Miko said with a smirk.
"Go for it then."
"As you wish."
Miko gripped Sari's ass as she thrusted her pelvis full force. Sari moaned blissfully as her pussy was pounded by the plastic dick. All the while, Miko was spanking her right and squeezing the other cheek.
"Yeah, smack my ass!" Sari cooed.
"You don't have to tell me twice!" Miko exclaimed.
Sari's tits jiggled as she was being fucked. Her pussy was dripping and her heart was racing as if she'd never felt more alive. She then gripped the arm of the couch as she moaned louder, her pussy juices dripping on the cushion.
"Don't stop!" she begged, "I'm almost there!"
"Trust me, I don't plant on stopping until you cum!" Miko proclaimed, grabbing Sari by the tits.
"That's it! Yes!"
Miko fondled with Sari's tits as she continued to ram her dripping pussy. Sari's moans got louder as she was nearing orgasm. 
"I-I'm gonna cum!" Sari exclaimed.
"Let 'er rip!" Miko yelled.
Sari shuttered as she let out a cry of a power orgasm. So powerful, in fact, it brought her to tears as she laid face down on the couch. Miko laid on top of her as she grabbed her shirt off the floor and gave it to Sari.
"Well that felt good," Miko said as Sari wiped her face.
"That was beautiful," Sari said, still wiping away tears.
"You're welcome."
Miko hugged Sari as they lay quietly on the couch before eventually the dozed off. As they slept, Isaac placed a blanket on top of them and smiled before heading back to bed.

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