The Seduction of Luna Loud

BY : AberrantScript
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The screen crackled with life, the darkness fading away to the vision of a beautiful woman sitting on the edge of a bed.

She sat with her legs crossed, her skirts hung loosely around her. Her back was hunched forward as her face was angled downward.

Her eyes were gazing at her hands; where she was fiddling with a silver ring on her third finger.

Her shoulders lifted with a soothing breath of relief as her eyes slowly turned upward, and she gave the camera a sheepish grin; her thumb rubbing circles on the metal adorning her hand.

She gave a feeble wave, feeling a faint blush tickle her cheeks.

"S-so, hey guys." Her face turned away for a second as her blush deepened. "I-I know that Lynn normally does the whole… break the fourth wall thing…" Her head angled down and to the side, her eyes meekly turned back to the camera as her grin widened. "But I couldn't leave a friend hanging. Especially when he asked to see more of my love story."

Straightening a little, she turned her head fully toward the camera, her eyes twinkling in affection. "So, I hope you enjoy these snippets, Mr. Flagg. They're all dedicated to you."

Taking a breath, she raised her hand, her silver ring flashing in the light. "So, I'm going to show you some of the most important moments of my life… from when I discovered I was in love with my future wife to the day we got married, and more."

She looked off to the side with a merry smile gracing her freckled cheeks. "I'm going to name this, The Seduction of Luna Loud, because that's what it was. I was barely thirteen years old, had recently discovered my passion for rock 'n' roll, and then, out of nowhere, Luan came into my life and literally took my breath away."

Luna chuckled as she winked at the screen and stood to walk around to the side.

The screen went black with a dull click.

Chapter 1: When You Came Into My Life

Summer, 2014

A thirteen year old girl in a purple blouse and plaid skirt stood awkwardly in her bedroom, staring at herself in a mirror.

She tried angling her knees outward. That looks stupid…

She tried bending her elbows out. Now I look like a chicken!

She bent her knees inward and crossed her wrists in front of her waist. Cyndi Lauper... eugh!

She wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue in disgust. She tapped a finger to her chin in thought. Hmm, maybe…

She put out her legs to the sides, making a perfect 'V.' Now that's more like it!

She put her arms up and dipped her head down. That's it, Luna!

Right when she formed her hands into the classic rocker pose and stuck her tongue out, she was interrupted by a giggle.

A twelve year old Luan was leaning against the wall, one leg crossed over the other. Her hand was in front of her lips, stifling her giggles, but Luna could clearly see the amusement in her eyes.

Luna blushed fiercely and turned away with a pout. "Don't tease me, Luan."

Luan pushed off the wall, though she was still trying to force down her laughter. "Oh, come on, Luna. What's the point of living if you can't laugh at yourself?"

Luna huffed, refusing to look at her sister. "That's easy enough for you to say. All you want to do is clown around. Literally." She smirked at her clever joke.

Luan giggled. "Good one! But, hey, I thought you of all people would be able to rock 'n' roll with the punches?" She reached her arms around her sister and hugged her. "You know I support the choices you're making, don't you?"

Luna leaned into the comforting warmth of her best friend and nearly purred. She sighed. "Yeah. It's just so new… I'm not sure if this is what I want to be." She turned around in her sister's arms and hugged her back, resting her head on Luan's shoulder. "I'm kinda, maybe… a little scared."

Luan threaded a hand through her sister's recently-cut hair, still unused to the short hair that replaced her once-flowing locks. "You don't have any reason to be afraid, Luna…"

Luna stifled a pitiful sob. What are you, ten years old? "B-but what if I don't become a famous rock star? What if my music flunks? What if I can't even write decent lyrics?"

Luan rubbed soothing circles into her shaking back and cooed to her. "You'll never know unless you try. And besides…" She pulled back and looked into her sister's teary eyes, a warm smile on her youthful face. "…you'll always have me by your side. Whether you win or lose, sink or swim."

Luna chuckled through a sob and turned around, wiping her eyes clear of her pathetic weeping. "T-t-that was so mushy, Luan."

Luan hummed in amusement as Luna went over to a radio and turned it on. The soft guitar plucking of Scorpions filled the room and Luan beamed. "Oh! I love this song, Luna!"

You give me your smile…

Luna turned back to her sister, and watched as Luan swayed from side to side dorkishly.

A piece of your heart.

Luan grinned carelessly at her sister. "Dance with me!" She spun over and gripped her sister's hands in her own.

You give me the feel I've been looking for.

Luna stumbled over her clumsy feet as Luan led her to the center of their bedroom. She gulped when her younger sister's hands rested around her neck. Not knowing what else to do, she placed hers around the girl's thin waist.

You give me your soul, your innocent love…

Luan smiled at her sister's face, humming with the soft notes.

Luna felt the beginnings of a blush and she wrinkled her nose. W-why am I feeling funny? Am I getting sick?

You are the one I've been waiting for… I've been waiting for.

"This song is so romantic, isn't it, Luna?"

Luna felt stiff when Luan laid her head in the crook of her neck. Suddenly, all she could smell was the vanilla shampoo her sister used that morning; all she could feel was a strange tingling running through her body; and a warmth sweeping over her heart. It didn't feel bad, per se… but Luna wasn't sure what to make of it.

Lost in the moment, the girls didn't pay attention to their surroundings and Luna slid on one of Luan's props… tipping her backward, Luna following ungracefully…

We're lost in a kiss…

Luna looked into the startled eyes of Luan. She could feel their heartbeats racing side by side as she laid across her younger sister. Her cheeks burnt when she realized her lips were connected with Luan's.

A moment in time…

Her eyes searched her sister's for guidance, but could only find amusement. Her lips were unmoving even as Luan's mouth grinned. But why… why did she feel the need to press her lips harder against her sister's?

Forever young…

Luna rolled off and stared at the ceiling blankly, her mind a raging whirlpool of emotions. Beside her, Luan giggled.

"Wow, I never thought you'd be the one to steal my first kiss!"

Just forever…

Luna lay paralyzed as Luan leaned over and kissed her cheek (only causing her face to burn that much more).

"But I'm glad it was someone I know loves me."

Luan ran her hand along Luna's arm before she stood up and left the room.

Just forever in love!

Luna rolled onto her side and stared at the wall, feeling tears form in her eyes. She could barely breathe from the overwhelming guilt? …happiness? …shame? …hope? ...that was flooding her body.

When you came into my life…

That's the only way she could've described it. Because it was sudden. Powerful. Nerve-shattering. And it knocked her to the ground almost literally.

It took my breath away.

She couldn't gulp in air fast enough to still her excited heart, her face flushing more so than blushing now… and yet she didn't know what it all meant.

Cause your love has found its way to my heart!

Luna giggled playfully, pushing herself onto her hip as she stared into the full length mirror. "That's just ridiculous, Luna… You don't love your own sister like that!"

But then, why couldn't she get Luan's smile out of her mind?

Why couldn't she forget that she'd just shared a first kiss with her best friend?

And why was that simple fact making the special place between her legs burn like fire?

She couldn't wipe that stupid grin off her face as she stood up on shaky legs.

She didn't know what it all meant… but that's ok.

Because Luan would always be by her side, and loved her.

And in the meantime…

She threw her head down in the classic rock pose.

I've got a rocker pose to perfect!

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