Sleepover With Lacy Loud

BY : AberrantScript
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Loud House and make no money off this work of fiction.

Author's Notes:

This is one of the cutest things I've ever written. I've seen a lot with little Lacy, and I thought, "There's not a lot of fluffy, mushy, family love fics with her in it." So, here's my tribute to the darling angel. I also haven't seen a lot of Lacy with her aunts either. Anyway, in my headcanon, Lacy is timid and fragile, with all the emotional vulnerability of her mother and the expressiveness of her father. If you don't like how I've portrayed her, that's fine. That's kinda the nature of OC's, ain't it? But kindly keep your complaints to yourself~

There will be no lewdness of any kind in this story, and as a first for AS-writing, this won't go past a K+ rating.

Finally, I was deeply inspired (and moved to write this) by a comic on deviantart where Lincoln gives Lacy a makeover and Lynn praises the job. The ending shot is Lincoln covered from head to toe in makeup. I spent two hours trying to find it so I could reference it because it is extremely adorable~ and deserves all the praise and attention it can get! If you know the artist behind it, please tell me. Thanks!

And the very last segment? Classic~

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2017); Lacy Loud created by JumpJump (deviantart).


Chapter 1: Makeover


Lori sat on the living room armchair, cross-legged, and trying her absolute best to focus on her phone.


She hit another wrong button and growled. That was making it difficult to focus on anything at the moment… her husband, Bobby, included.


Lori didn't look up. But she could feel each blink of eyelids crash against her like ocean waves. It was annoying. It was frustrating.


It's creeping me out!

Lori looked up from her phone, and there… sitting on the sofa, with her legs stuffed under her butt, was an eight-year-old girl… just staring at Lori with wide, blinking eyes.


Lori's eye twitched in irritation. She adjusted her shorts uncomfortably.

It wasn't human for a child, especially a Loud, to sit so quietly, so stiffly. The girl had been in more or less the same position for the last hour; unmoving from the very moment her parents had stepped out of the house to go on a date and left their daughter in Lori's care.

The girl was adorable and very pretty, with light chestnut hair. Her gentle breaths were rhythmic and steady, but Lori knew that wasn't the case. The girl had asthma, which would likely keep her from following in her mother's athletic footsteps. She also had a little cowlick in the very back; something that no one was ever able to fix (or wanted to).

In other features, she was fairly normal. Cute freckles dotted her cheeks and shoulders. Her hair was done up in a lazy bun. Her too-big tee shirt had "2" printed on it, and her shorts hung close to her knees. And her owlish, brown eyes, a perfect replica of her parents', were wide and vulnerable. Her arms hung around her stomach protectively.

Lori felt bemused, but also concerned. That was a lot for a little child to express in just her body language and blinking eyes alone. She sighed. She needed to do something to help little Lacy feel more comfortable.

After all, Lori was the "Big Aunt" in the family, and she was determined to be her very first niece's favorite!

So, she stood up and stretched, barely noticing how Lacy's blinking eyes followed her movements closely. Lori turned toward the little girl, and saw her shrink back into the couch.

"So, what would ya like to do?" Lori pressed, her eyes automatically turning toward the video game console by the TV.

Lacy didn't answer.


Lori searched her mind for something to do. What would the daughter of Linc and Lynn enjoy?



"Boy talk?"




"Video games!?"


Lori was beginning to really grasp for straws by that point. She was out of her element and, honestly, really unnerved by the non-stop blinking.

"How about a makeover?"

She saw Lacy's eyes begin to blink, but hesitated. That split-second pause of movement was followed by a slight widening of eyes, a faint twinkling in brown pupils, and a curious tilt of the head.

Lori smiled. Gotcha! "Have you ever had a makeover before, Lacy?"

Finally! Finally, she answered with a shake of the head… something that wasn't unholy blinking.

Lori's grin widened as she slowly approached the girl.

Lacy was trembling a little, a bit scared, but also really excited. And she was totally unprepared when her big aunt suddenly scooped her up and plopped her high in the air on a pair of shoulders. "Ahhhhh-ha-haha-haha!" She giggled loudly as she squeezed her legs around Lori's neck, and put her hands on her face.

"Oomph! Watch it, girlie, I need to see, haha!"

Lacy gasped when Lori stepped onto the stairs, the sudden raise in elevation shook her around. She laughed as her aunt carried her upstairs.

"Come on, we can go to Leni's room."

Lacy reached down and turned the knob. Lori kicked the door open.

Then, Lacy fell onto her aunt's silky bed with a woosh of sheets and pillows bouncing into the air. She giggled madly as she rolled around in the soft velvety materials; her cheeks flushing and her eyes glowing.

Lori walked over to her sister's vanity and pulled out some containers, chuckling at her niece's cuteness.

"This is the softest bed I've ever seen, ahhhhh!"

Lori broke into laughter as she hurried back, not wanting to miss a single second more. Seriously, if all it took was a little danger and fluffy sheets, she'd have tied her up and dangled her over the porch a long time ago!

That's not a bad idea, actually. Just gotta make sure Lynn doesn't catch me, heh.

Lori plopped down onto the fuzzy sheets, and patted the spot right in front of her.

Lacy crawled over and sat down, cross-legged, the blankets wrapped around her shoulders like a cloak. The only things visible were her huge grinning smile, sparkly eyes, and little bun of creamy-brown hair.

Lori reached out and parted the sheets, to reveal more of her niece's face. She felt delighted when Lacy didn't shrink back much from the close contact.

"Alrighty, which one sounds good?"

She held up lipstick, mascara, foundation, and blush.

Lacy looked at them in awe. Considering her mom was Lynn Loud, she wasn't too familiar with makeup. Though she knew what lipstick was; seeing her daddy get bright red lipstick marks on his cheek when mommy was feeling playful.

She leaned closer, her hands still wrapped around the edges of the fuzzy sheets. She looked at the pinkish blush, and she pointed at it; her eyes turned up toward her big aunt's face… looking just like a lost puppy.

Lori's heart gushed at the cute look. But she knew someone that timid was likely fretting or worried, so she smiled. "Great choice."

Lacy sat back, feeling a giggle boiling up from her tummy but keeping it locked inside. Soon, her aunt was leaning toward her and she held her breath tightly. A brush tickled her cheek and she accidentally gasped for air at the sudden sensation.

Lori cooed to her, "Be still, Lacy."

And she did keep still. Stock still. She clenched her eyes shut and waited as that brush stroked her cheeks over and over again. Eventually, it began feeling pretty good; the feather-light caress of the brush almost comforting to her. She let out the breath she was holding and let her shoulders sag as she let herself fall into the experience.

Lori watched as Lacy unconsciously leaned into the brushstrokes, angling her cheeks toward her hand. It was an adorable sight which made her heart coo~

"All done! What's next?"

Lacy blinked her eyes open and pointed at the mascara.

Lori blew a strand of hair out of her face. "Ok, now, keep your eyes open and don't move. Got it?"

Lacy nodded her head, feeling her cheeks automatically smile.

Lori pulled out the liner and slowly brushed it along Lacy's lashes.

The little girl held her breath again, feeling just a little queasy and scared as that brush came close to her eye with each stroke.

Next, came the lipstick, and Lacy couldn't stop giggling as it tickled her pink lips. Lori ended up getting it on her nose and cheek and chin, everywhere but her lips!

"Lacy! You've gotta stop squirming, you giggling worm~" Lori scolded her, putting a hand on the excited girl to still her.

Lacy paused and sucked in a breath of air, puffing out her cheeks, and clenched her fists in her lap. She was going to keep from laughing if it killed her!

Lori nodded her head at the girl's Lynn-like determination, smirking to herself, and tried once again.

Lacy felt the chilly lipstick slide on her lip and her forehead began twitching. She dug her nails into her palms. Her lips were quivering as a laugh began roiling from deep in her belly.

Lori felt the girl shaking beneath her arm and she sighed. Letting Lacy go, she looked at her blankly. "Go ahead."

Lacy let out her breathy laugh in a raging cackle, falling forward into her aunt's lap as she shook.

Lori couldn't help it. She started giggling, too, and fell on her niece's back.

"Ahhh! You're squi-ha-hishing- ha! –me! Haha!" Lacy began wriggling underneath her aunt, trying to escape.

"Gravity is pulling me down, Lacy! I can't get up!" Lori put her arms around the girl, her fingers starting to inch toward her defenseless sides…

"Getoff, Lori! I'm smooshing! I'm dy-haha –dying, ha!" Then, she froze when her aunt's found her ribs. "Noooo-hahah-hahahHAHAHA!" And she laughed uproariously, kicking out and flailing her arms beneath her aunt.

Finally, Lori let her go and sat back up.

Lacy was flushed and ghostly giggles kept escaping her throat. She slowly leaned back up, her body breathing a little erratic.

Lori suddenly grew worried when she heard a small wheeze. "Lacy…?"

The girl wasn't responding, trying to focus on her breathing.

"…are you ok?" Lori watched closely as the flush never abated and her breathing never grew easier. "Do you need your inhaler?"

It was faint, but she saw a tiny nod.

So, Lori hurried out of the room. "Come on, come on!" There! She found it laying on the living room table, and took it upstairs.

Lacy was in the same position.

Her small hands gripped the inhaler, giving it a good shake, and held it to her dry lips.

Lori watched as she breathed in deeply with bated breath.

In seconds, the girl was breathing easier and looked at her aunt with a brilliant smile. "Thanks!"

Lori let out her breath and reached her arms around her niece, suddenly and without warning, and squeezed the poor girl into her breasts.

"Big aunt?" came a meek voice.

Lori sighed, stroking her hand down her niece's fuzzy sheets-covered back. "I-it's ok, Lacy. Your big aunt just loves you, is all." She nuzzled her nose into Lacy's bun.

Lacy's breath hitched and she hid her face deeper into her aunt's shirt, trying to hide her blushing cheeks. "You lil' niece loves you, too."

They held onto each other for a few more moments until their tranquil scene was broken by a girlish squee.

"Ahhh! Lacy!"

They tore apart and turned to see Leni standing in the doorway.

"Aunt Leni!"

"Hey, there, sis~"

Leni stepped closer, wagging her finger toward the girls. "Naughty, naughty. Sneaking into my makeup without my permission- Oh my goodness, Lacy! You look sooo beautiful!"

Lacy's face blushed pinker than her makeup covering her girlish cheeks and her eyes sparkled like the night sky. "Really!?"

Leni swooped down and pulled her into the air. "Yes! Ahh! I could gobble you up!"

Lacy squirmed like a nightcrawler as Leni pushed up her shirt and began blowing on the girl's stomach. "Ah-hahaha-ha! St-st-stop-op it!"

Leni relented, and settled the eight-year-old on her hip. They two turned toward Lori, seeing the oldest sister was video-taping them with her camera.

"Smile for the camera, Lacy~"

Lacy pushed her hands on her cheeks, smiling widely and revealing her teeth. "Cheeeese~!"

Leni laughed, smiling prettily as she held her head beside her niece's.

Lori's heart melted at the image she captured on her phone. She looked at them. Then, at the picture. And she grinned warmly. "Come on, princess, let's get you something to eat!"

Lacy cheered from her seat on Leni's hip. "Yeeaaahhhhh!"

Lori chuckled as she passed the two on her way into the hallway. "What would you like to eat?"

"Pizzaaaaaa!" It was a no-brainer. Doi!

Leni leaned her head in close and whispered loud enough for both girls to hear, "Are you sure you don't want chocolate~?"

Lori turned to scold Leni, but she paused at the look on Lacy's face.

Her eyes had widened, pupils dilated. Her mouth had fallen open; partially drooling. Her cheeks grew flushed once again, and her body was vibrating in uncontrolled excitement.

"Did you say… chocolate?"

Lori got her phone out and started another video as Lacy ran down the stairs, screaming, "Chocolate! Chocolate! CHOCOLATE! AH-HAHA-HAHA!"

Leni came up beside her as they watched the girl run around the living room like a tornado.


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