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Disclaimer: I do not own The Loud House and make no money off this work of fiction.

Author's Notes:

This is a collaboration between myself and Exotos135. But keep in mind, Exotos wrote this whole first chapter. I just did the editing.

If the title didn't give it away, this is a futa story (or g!p, or hermaphrodite, whichever term you're familiar with). This probably won't be a long story, but we hope you enjoy it anyway!

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2017)


It was a normal day at the Loud house; so, of course, it was soon going to get weird! Primarily, 'cause Lana was about to head out, while carrying a biology book.


The tomboy stopped right in her tracks and turned around to see her twin sister, Lola, taking a sip of her tea while she looked at her in confusion. No wonder she felt like she was forgetting something.

"Where exactly are you going?" the diva inquired.

"I, uh..." Lana soon got an idea. "I-I'm gonna go help Lindsey Sweetwater dig her own grave!"

"Wait, what?!" Lola shouted in shock.

"Um, I mean, her pageant career's grave!" Lana quickly explained. "You know how she likes it so much she sees it as being an extension of herself, so that's what I meant!"

"Phew, don't give me a heart attack like that, I mean Lindsey's a big jerk, but she doesn't deserve... That," Lola replied, taking a breath of relief. "Also, try to come up with another way to word it, 'cause digging graves is Lucy's thing. And I don't think she likes it when other people do her things."

"Yeah, got it, see ya!"

And so, Lana left the room, and bolted straight to Lisa and Lily's bedroom. Lily, the baby of the house, was busy doing something with the matriarch; so logically, the only person over there should be Lisa.

And she was right: Lisa was basically alone, trying to solve a rubik's cube. Judging from her groaning, she was having a bit of a hard time with it.

"Come on, you stupid puzzle, I'm a prodigy! You're supposed to be a piece of cake to deal with!" the genius complained, only to quickly throw the toy away and compose herself once she noticed Lana's presence. "What brings you to my room, elder sister unit?"

"I want you to give me a penis and testicles," Lana bluntly stated, before opening her biology book on the "reproductive members" page, and showing it to Lisa. "Like the ones seen in this biology book."

The prodigy only needed to take a quick glance before she bluntly stated, "Okay, question one, what are you doing with this book? And question two... What's the purpose?"

"Well, for the first one, I hesitantly went shopping for some books for school, and this is the one that caught my attention the most," Lana answered, putting her hands on her hips as she added, "And for the second question, I dunno. I just want to know what it feels like to have those things down there. Lincoln has them 24/7, right? I wanna see what he's dealing with."

Lisa hummed. "I'm not sure this is a good idea."

"Oh come on, Lisa, it would only be for a moment! Only long enough to know what it feels like!" the plumber pleaded, before adding with a smile. "It certainly wouldn't be an issue for someone as smart as you to do it, right?"

"Well, consider my ego satisfied with your compliments," Lisa chuckled as the plumber smugly rolled her eyes. "But Lana, don't take my previous statement as me saying I can't nor want to do it. It's just that, if I do what you're asking me to do, I'd end up turning you into a hermaphrodite."

"Hermaphro-what now?"

"Essentially, an organism that has both male and female reproductive systems, which means it can either impregnate a female creature (provided they're fertile) or get impregnated themselves. Or in extremely rare cases, impregnate themselves."

Lana tilted her head.

"It's basically an organism that's half female and half male, if that makes sense," Lisa scratched her head. "In even simpler terms, if I give you a penis and testicles, then you technically won't be a girl anymore. But since you'll keep your vagina and womb, you won't become a boy either. You'll basically be stuck in the middle."

"Alright, let's just skip to the good part: How will you give me one?"

Lisa lead Lana to a white sheet covering something, then took it out to reveal a large machine.

"I made a... Collaboration, with a fellow scientist in the field of genetical manipulation, and this is what we came up with," Lisa explained while Lana looked at the machine with awe and fear. Mostly fear. "We call it the Genital Simulator. It will give you a penis and testicles if female, or a vagina and womb if male, but your other bits will remain the same."

Lana couldn't help but ask, "And what exactly will this do to me?"

"It'll make you a virtual-holographic-something artificial penis that works like an actual one, but vanishes after an hour," Lisa casually explained. For this being something she wasn't excited to investigate, she certainly didn't seem to mind talking about it. "Your body won't adjust itself to make it work either, it'll work on it's own."

Lana gasped, but Lisa quickly stated, "No, that doesn't mean it can just detach from your body and move around like it was a sentient organism! All it means is that you can stroke it, and use it to ejaculate."

"What's ejaculation?" Lana inquired.

Lisa groaned in annoyance.

One very long explanation later...

"And that's all you need to know about this little experiment we're about to do," Lisa finished, taking a long, deep breath as Lana looked absolutely mesmerized. "Now, could you please stop your game of 20 billion questions and get inside the machine?"

Lana ran to the machine in excitement, and she shouted "Boyhood, here I come!" as the doors closed. Then, Lisa activated it. It only took about ten seconds before the doors opened again, with Lana looking still the same as before; at least judging from the way she came out of the smoke.

"Huh, that's weird, I don't feel much different," Lana remarked, sounding slightly disappointed.

"That's because the point of the machine is only to change your groin area, not your entire body," Lisa explained as she lead Lana to her bed and helped her sit there. "In order to figure out whether the machine worked or not, we have to take a look at your crotch. Take off your overalls and-"

Suddenly, Lana said, "Wait, before we do, I think I need to change my underwear-"

"Why? What's the problem?"

The tomboy blushed and twiddled her fingers. "I'm... Kinda... Wearing panties."

Utterly baffled at her older sister's reasonings, Lisa ripped off Lana's overalls, and to their shock, Lana now had the whole male package (penis and testicles alike) with her new, growing length sticking out of the panties, and the balls being pretty visible, even with the underwear on.

"So, this is what a penis is like?" Lana asked as she grabbed and fondled her newly-made male appendage. "Touching it like this... It feels good, but the ball things dangling down there kinda hurt a bit."

"That's because you're wearing form-fitting panties," Lisa explained as she took off Lana's panties. "For girls, this isn't so much of a problem since our genitals are very much inside our bodies. For guys, however, since their genitals are outside, it can cause some physical discomfort."

"Oh, thanks for taking those off, sis, it feels so much better now," Lana sighed as she blushed a little and continued the fondling. "So, what am I supposed to do after I get this thing erect?"

"Well, I prepared a list of what you need to do in order to successfully complete the experiment," Lisa nonchalantly answered before handing Lana the list, then a small tube. "Grinding and oral should be enough, don't do anything beyond that, though."

"Why not?" Lana asked, now blushing a little as her boyhood turned semi-erect. "And why the tube?"

"I still haven't gathered enough information to know if the penis created by the machine is as fertile as a natural one. That's why I need you to shoot some of your sperm into the test tube so I can analyze it," the prodigy explained, while Lana just continued stroking herself. "I really hope you can still hear me over your breathing, 'cause I need you to promise me to keep this a secret."

"Oh yeah?" Lana inquired as she was close to becoming fully erect. "Why's that?"

"Well, remember when I greatly enlarged Lori and Leni's breasts in an attempt to make them look more enticing?"

"Oh right, Lori and Leni were complaining about back pains for a week after that."



Lynn and Lucy were lifting Lori and Leni's breasts, which were now as big, if not bigger than, their heads, while the young women sat on Lucy's bed. And while Lynn looked like she was doing this "exercising" with excitement, Lucy looked completely horrified.

"Come on, Lucy, work those abs!" Lynn exclaimed as she repeatedly lifted Lori's breasts up and down. "Lift that bosom up and down like they were just weights! Big, soft, meaty weights!"

Lucy, however, just muttered under her breath as she slowly lifted, up and down, Leni's massive bosom.

"I swear... Whatever demon... Has possessed... Our sisters' breasts... I'll exorcise them... Once this is over!"

Back in the present...

"Let's just say, it didn't work as I intended," Lisa groaned in exasperation. "Point is, I need you to keep this a secret."

Lana became fully erect, but just as she answered, it started twitching. "I-I promise you... But not now, 'cause I think I'm gonna-!"

Suddenly, somebody kicked the door open, and this was none other than Lola, who looked incredibly angry.

"Lana, I just called up Lindsey Sweetwater and you're not helping her dig her career's grave!" she yelled. "What are you-"

Unable to hold herself back any longer, Lana shot strings of sperm at her younger twin sister, which landed on her gown dress and face. After the cumshot, Lana finally calmed down and managed to see what had happened, and process it fast enough to join Lisa in her worry.

"Uw, w-we can explain!" Lana and Lisa nervously said in unison.

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