Entered by the Serpent

BY : Jayzer
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Nya couldn’t believe she had been captured by these idiots.

It was her overconfidence, she knew. As Samurai X, she felt invincible. Unstoppable. Nothing in Ninjago could bring her mech suit down. Well, as it turned out, she was wrong. The Serpentine tribes had united, and when they attacked her together, her suit’s sword and claws couldn’t take them down fast enough. They had swarmed over her, finally toppling the suit to the ground and dragging her out of her cockpit. At least they don’t know who I am, she thought. With my helmet and goggles, I’m completely mysterious. To them, I’m a legendary warrior. They’re afraid of me, even now.

She was being led across the desert, forced to march as the Rattlecopter carried her mech on the end of a chain. She wondered why the Serpentine had bothered to keep it. Maybe they planned to use it against the ninja somehow. Nya ran different escape scenarios through her mind. If they untied her hands, all she needed was a split second to press the buttons on her wristbands and the suit would spring into action. But first, she wanted to know where she was being taken. Maybe she would learn something that she could pass on to the ninja. Secretly, of course. They still didn’t know who she was.

On the horizon, she saw something coming into view. A huge city with walls of sandstone. The City of Ouroboros, she thought. This must be where Pythor’s new headquarters are. She was led through the gate and into an underground building where the five Serpentine generals were waiting. She looked at each one in turn. Pythor, with purple scales, the Anacondrai who united them all. Skales, blue, leader of the Hypnobrai, also the only one with a rattle-tail. Red-scaled Fangtom, with his two heads, leader of the Fangpyre. Acidicus, the green toothy one, leader of the Venomari. And of course, the burly black-scaled Skalidor, leader of the Constrictai. All accounted for.

“You’ve brought uss a prissoner,” Pythor grinned, showing his fangs. “I’ve been eagerly awaiting thiss one’ss capture.”

“What do you want us to do with him, sir?” the warrior standing to Nya’s right asked. Nya was alert now, watching for the slightest chance to make her move. She strained to reach her wristbands, but they had tied her arms just tightly enough that it was impossible. Still, if they made the slightest mistake…

“I think we sshould keep him until we capture thosse pessky ninja,” Skales suggested. “Then we can make them fight each other in the arena. It would be mosst entertaining to watch.”

The other generals hissed in agreement, but Pythor shook his head. “I have a better idea,” he said. “Guardss! Leave uss!”

The Serpentine warrior who had asked the question, as well as all the other underlings in the chamber, turned and walked out. 1 on 5, Nya thought. I almost feel sorry for them. Her confidence was returning, and she knew that all she needed was one second with the use of her hands…

“Firsst I want to ssee what’ss under that massk,” Pythor hissed, slithering up to her on his long tail. Nya’s confidence shattered. No! Her identity was everything she had right now. If the Serpentine saw that the warrior they had feared was just a 19-year-old girl playing dress-up, what would they say? What would they do to her? Nya forced herself to calm down. It will only make it all the more embarrassing for them when I kick their butts in a minute, she told herself.

Pythor slithered up to her and looked her right in the eyes. “Let’ss ssee who the mysstery man really iss,” he said softly. Grasping Nya’s helmet by the horns, he lifted it off her head and threw it to the ground with a clang. He burst out laughing. “Not much of a man after all,” he chuckled, turning to the other generals. “It’ss jusst a little girl!” The other generals joined in his laughter. Pythor turned back to Nya and stared into her blue eyes with his red ones, his tongue flickering in and out of his mouth. Nya tried to stare back defiantly. “And sshe’ss pretty,” Pythor added, reaching out with a scaly hand to brush raven hair back from her forehead and stroke her cheek. Nya shuddered at the feeling of his cold fingers on her face.

“Sskalidor! Acidicuss!” Pythor called abruptly. The two generals slithered up to him, and he whispered a command into their ears. Nodding, they moved behind Nya, and...began untying her hands! Nya braced herself for the move she had gone over so many times in her head. She could picture the feeling of the button under her finger, the sound of her suit crashing through the wall to the rescue…

The rope fell away, and the generals seized her arms and pulled them out to either side. No! she thought. No, no, no! This isn’t what’s supposed to happen! She was just as helpless as when she had been tied, and despite her best efforts, she couldn’t break their iron grip. What was the point of untying her, exactly?

Pythor reached out to...what? He was unfastening the straps that held her breastplate in place. With her arms spread apart, he was able to easily lift the armor over her head; the armor on her back and shoulders came with it. He then unfastened her belt, taking with it her secret stash of shurikens and gadgets, and unbuckled the red leather plating from her legs. Meanwhile, Fangtom and Skales slid the precious gold wristbands off her wrists, and she felt her heart sink as they placed them on a table at the far end of the room. She had been confident she would be able to find a way to escape, a way to get away on her own strength, but now she realized she might not be strong enough to escape from this predicament. She found herself wishing the ninja would come and save her.

Pythor slid her red leather armored skirt down her legs and made her step out of it, taking her boots off as well. Nya stood barefoot on the hard ground. Finally, Pythor removed her black gloves, then slid back to admire his handiwork.

Nya had designed her bulky Samurai armor to disguise her petite feminine figure, but now she was wearing nothing except her skintight red jumpsuit, which left nothing about her slender body to the imagination. And what a body it was. It was not without reason that Nya turned Jay’s head, as well as countless others. Her hours of training and working out kept all her muscles perfectly toned. Her legs were slim and shapely, her ass and stomach were tight, and her breasts, while not overly large, were firm and nicely shaped.

She felt horribly exposed as a dozen reptilian eyes stared at her. A couple of the generals started to make a rapid clicking noise with their tongues, which Nya interpreted after a moment to be the Serpentine equivalent to catcalling. “Sshe’ss hot,” Skales observed.

Nya struggled again against the grip of Skalidor and Acidicus. “You’re going to regret this,” she growled, trying to sound more confident than she felt. Pythor slithered closer to her, uncomfortably close. His flicking tongue came close to hitting her between the eyes.

“I know exactly what we sshould do with her,” Pythor smiled. He circled around Acidicus to approach Nya from behind, slapping her ass and eliciting a small yelp of surprise. “Take her out into the arena!”

Nya resisted as hard as she could, but with Skalidor and Acidicus dragging her by the arms, and Pythor pushing her from behind, there was nothing she could do. She walked, barefoot, out of the generals’ chamber and into the middle of a huge arena. The sandy floor was warm and soft under her small feet. In rows and rows of seats all the way around were hundreds of Serpentine from all four surviving tribes. She shivered slightly, despite the sun. Whatever Pythor was planning, he was going to do it for everyone to see. The chattering of voices in the stands gradually quieted as the snakes turned to look at their five generals and one very attractive human in the middle of the arena.

“Sserpentine of Ouroboross!” Pythor announced. The acoustics of the arena ensured that even the Serpentine in the farthest stands could hear him clearly. “Today, we have captured a prissoner!”

Almost instantly, the stands erupted with “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Pythor raised a hand for quiet. “Thiss iss no ordinary prissoner!” he said. “We have here a young girl, alone and afraid. It would not be fair to her to make her fight one of uss.” Nya bristled at his words. I’ll fight you, Pythor, she thought. Release my arms and give me a weapon, and I’ll make you regret the day you were born. “However,” Pythor continued, “I have an alternative idea that sshould be jusst ass entertaining.”

Nya quivered with apprehension. What was he going to do? She couldn’t imagine. He was moving behind her. She could sense his head bending down, so that his face was just behind the back of her neck…

“What the fuck!” Nya shouted suddenly. Without warning, Pythor had bitten into the back of her jumpsuit, and, with teeth sharp as knives, was tearing the fabric from her body. He tore all the way down her back and one leg, then lifted his head back up to bite away the arms, and then, grabbing what was left of the garment with his scaly fingers, he tore it from her body. Nya, completely shocked, just stood there with her mouth open, wearing nothing except a red strapless bra and matching red thong. Acidicus and Skalidor removed the remaining shreds of clothing from her arms, still gripping them tightly, not giving her the slightest chance to break free or cover herself.

Now the entire Serpentine horde was getting a good look at her, eating her up with their eyes. Her legs were slender and toned, the skin of her exposed midriff was smooth and pale, punctuated only by a cute belly button, and her bra afforded a tantalizing glimpse of her cleavage. The spectacle was topped off by her gorgeous face, eyes wide, mouth gasping, a combination of surprise and humiliation. Those who were lucky enough to be behind her got an unobstructed view of her cute ass, round and firm and almost completely exposed by her thong.

After a minute or so, Nya came to her senses. She glared at the generals to either side of her and began struggling afresh. Thoughts of long-term escape were far off; all she wanted now was the ability to cover up from all these creatures ogling her. “Let go of me, you cowardly bastards!” she cried, trying with all her might to shake free. It was no good. In a fight, she had the skill to take down any of the generals easily, but she couldn’t outdo them in a battle of sheer strength. The Serpentine just laughed at her efforts, enjoying the way she was making her boobs and butt bounce.

Pythor waited until she tired herself out before continuing to speak. “Do you like what you ssee?” he asked the crowd. There was an eruption of raucous cheering and that clicking noise from before. “Then why don’t I sshow you the resst?” Pythor asked, reaching for Nya’s bra. Nya screamed in fear and anger, then used all her strength to lunge forward far enough to bite Pythor’s hand. Pythor yelped and withdrew. Nya knew she had only bought herself a few seconds, but she was determined not to let herself be stripped the rest of the way. She couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating.

Pythor looked like he was about to try again, but Skales slithered up beside him to make a suggestion. “I have an idea that would be even more entertaining than sstripping her naked,” he hissed.

“Go on,” Pythor replied.

“Making her sstrip hersself.”

Pythor smiled. “Thiss iss why you’re my ssecond in command.”

Skales turned to Nya, his hypnotic red eyes glowing and swirling as he ordered, “You will do what I ssay.”

Nya had never been hypnotized before. She had always wondered what it would feel like, and hoped she would never find out. To her surprise, she could not detect any change in her brain. She was still thinking perfectly clearly, and her senses were as sharp as ever. However, when she tried to move one of her legs, she found that she could not. Then she heard her own voice saying “I will do what you say…” in a dreamy sort of way. Her lips were moving of their own accord, and despite her best effort, she could not stop them. She had no control over her own body. Skalidor and Acidicus let go of her, and her arms dropped limply. Even though she was free, she could not get away.

“Good,” Skales whispered. “Take off your bra.”

No! Nya thought. I would never do that! Never! Then she felt her hands moving and she knew she was helpless. She was going to do what she was told, and her brain didn’t have a single choice in the matter. As her entire existence screamed out against what she was doing, she removed her own bra and dropped the red cloth on the ground, exposing her perfect breasts to her eager audience. She heard more cheers and clicking from the stands. Her nipples stood erect under the warm sun. No! I’m not getting turned on by this!

“Good girl,” Skales hissed. “Jusst one more piece to go…” No! “Sstrip totally naked. Sshow uss everything.” No!

Nya’s body obeyed this final command. Just a minute ago, she couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating than being stripped in front of the crowd. Well, this was it. Being made to strip against her own will was the most humiliating thing in the world. She reached for the edges of her small red thong and pulled it to the ground, stepping out of it one foot at a time and throwing it aside. She stood there, naked, unable even to cover herself under Skales’s influence, totally exposed from the top of her ebony hair to the tips of her little toes. The generals, along with the crowd, soaked in her beauty, the pretty face, full lips, slender arms and legs, smooth skin, round breasts, perfect ass, and, between her legs, the little slit of her womanhood, bald and exposed.

“Sshe sshavess,” Pythor observed in mild surprise. “Our perfect little girl iss not sso innocent, iss sshe?”

Nya blushed furiously. She had always shaved herself, just because she found it uncomfortable to practice martial arts with a bush down there, not because she had sex on her mind. She was still a virgin, even though she had ruptured her hymen doing gymnastics, and although she had pictured herself having sex with Jay a couple of times, she would never follow through on those thoughts, not for many more years.

“Why don’t you do a dance for uss?” Skales suggested. “Sshow uss what you’ve got.”

Against Nya’s will, she obeyed his command. Her extensive training in martial arts and gymnastics made her an excellent dancer, and she danced energetically, twirling and leaping, spreading her legs in mid-air, much to her own chagrin, to show off her bare pussy. She swayed her hips, shook her ass, and even massaged her breasts a little, tweaking her nipples between her thumb and fingertips. She swayed, writhed, did cartwheels and flips, spun, and began again until at last she stood, breathing hard, tired out from her efforts.

Pythor applauded. “Excellent job, Sskaless. Who knew that ssuch a sstrong-willed girl would obey sso eassily? But now, I’d like you to releasse her. The next part is more fun if sshe hass her own will.” Acidicus and Skalidor took hold of Nya’s arms again as Skales released her from his control. Nya felt her own control flow back into her previously limp limbs, but she was still held fast by the generals, and on top of that, she was tired from her dance. She wondered wearily what else Pythor had planned, and if anything could possibly be worse than the humiliation she had already endured. “We’ve gotten a good look at the girl’ss body,” Pythor hissed, “but we haven’t gotten a feel yet…”

Pythor, Skales, and Fangtom encircled Nya, eying her body hungrily. “Don’t you dare! Don’t touch me! Keep away!” Nya screamed at them, but it was no good. Pythor reached out with cold hands and touched her breasts, fondling them gently, squeezing and grabbing. “No! Let go! Let go!” He pulled her breasts and kneaded them. “Take your hands off me!” He moved his attention to her nipples, rolling them between his reptilian fingers and, when she continued to protest, pinching and twisting them roughly. Nya shrieked in surprise and pain.

“I’d advisse you to remember your place, my little sslave,” Pythor warned. “You no longer have any power to decide what happenss to your pretty body.” He nodded at Skales and Fangtom. As he continued to play with her breasts, Skales slithered behind her and swatted her ass. Fangtom, meanwhile, reached down and slid a lithe finger into her virgin pussy, causing Nya to moan. I can’t be turned on by this! I can’t! Nya thought desperately, even though she could feel herself getting wet as the three generals continued to grope her. Skales was grabbing her ass cheeks, squeezing them, and pulling them apart, taking a good look at her tiny puckered butthole. Fangtom pushed in and out, fingering her as she moaned and writhed. Pythor continued to tweak and pinch her nipples, enjoying her small squeals of protest. Nya was gradually being overwhelmed by the various sensations she was getting. How long could this continue?

Skalidor grew impatient. “Hey, Acidicuss and I desserve a turn ass well, don’t we?” he asked. “How long do we have to wait?” He reached out and grabbed Nya’s right boob, squeezing it roughly in his big hand. Despite the mental haze of her mind, despite the cacophony of painful and pleasurable sensations she was being assaulted with, Nya knew that this was her chance, probably her only one. Skalidor was only holding her right arm with one hand, loosely. Summoning all her remaining strength, and all her skill and training, Nya sprang into action.

First, she twisted her right arm and jerked downwards, out of Skalidor’s distracted grip. Not allowing the other generals time to react, she turned her attention to Acidicus. She swung her right arm around to punch him in the eye, at the same time stomping on his tail with her bare foot. He yelled and let go of her arm. Nya knocked Fangtom’s heads together, stunning him into removing his finger from her pussy, and then she gave Pythor a shove and jumped, twirling into a graceful midair roundhouse kick that knocked Skales out cold. No hypnotism to stop me now, she thought.

Skalidor had, by this time, recovered from his surprise and was slithering rapidly towards her, but Nya’s agility saved her, allowing her to dodge behind him and pull his tail out from under him, landing him roughly in the ground, and right in the path of Pythor, who tripped over him. Nya turned and started to run, naked, back toward the room where her wristbands were, thinking only that her mech might still save her. As she ran, she cast one glance backwards to see if she was being pursued, and that was her mistake.

Acidicus, though too far away to grab her, was still upright, and when she turned her head, he opened his tooth-filled mouth and sprayed a well-aimed stream of venom, hitting Nya in the eyes. Instantly, the power of the Venomari took effect. Nya’s vision blurred and shifted. The world spun and swam before her eyes. She had no depth perception, and hallucinations sprung up all around, confusing her. She fell to her knees.

In moments, the generals had caught up to her. This time, Skales and Fangtom were the ones who grabbed her arms, pulling her to her feet. All five were nursing fresh wounds and looking extremely angry. As Acidicus opened the anti-venom capsule on his staff and allowed a few drops to fall into her eyes, restoring her sight, Pythor thrust his face right up to Nya’s.

“You would try to harm uss? To esscape? You think you’re very clever, don’t you? Well, you are a very foolissh girl. Now, all the pain you tried to inflict on uss, you will experience yoursself, tenfold!” Nya now felt completely hopeless. She had lost her chance. She knew that another would not come. The ninja didn’t know where she was. No help would come. She belonged to these creatures, and she dreaded the punishment they would give her.

“Put her on her kneess!” Pythor ordered. Skales and Fangtom shoved Nya onto her knees, making her lean forward and holding her hands above her head. She was acutely aware that her gorgeous ass was sticking up and out, now the center of attention. She wondered what would come next…


Skalidor raised the end of his thick tail into the air and brought it down, hard, on Nya’s ass. Nya yelped in surprise, then scolded herself. Although it was humiliating to be spanked, she had endured worse pain before, and she was determined not to give her tormentors the satisfaction of vocalizing her discomfort.


The next blow from the tail, even harder.


The relentless tail struck three more times, but Nya gritted her teeth and didn’t make a sound. She steeled herself against the next blow, but then…


Nya shrieked. That was not the thick, heavy tail of Skalidor that had hit her, but rather, the lithe, whiplike tail of Acidicus, hitting her now-tender ass and leaving a thin red line across it.


Nya couldn’t stifle a small gasp each time Acidicus whipped her, and she could hear the Serpentine snickering at her reactions. Her physical energy and mental resistance were nearly depleted, and she longed for an end to this horrible experience.


Nya screamed. Skalidor had once again used his powerful tail, hitting right on top of the narrow welts Acidicus had just given her. The unexpected force of the impact jolted through her body.

Alternating, Skalidor and Acidicus continued to beat Nya’s reddening ass with their tails, their two spanking styles hurting far more sharply due to their contrast. Now Nya was sobbing uncontrollably, and crying out with each new hit, tears dripping from her flushed cheeks onto the sandy ground. She lost track of how long her punishment lasted, agony into agony until she didn’t know if she could stand it. Just when she thought she was about to lose consciousness, the spanking stopped.

“Sserpentine of Ouroboross,” she distantly heard Pythor saying, “I hope you have all enjoyed thiss sspectacle.” It’s over, she thought. I made it. It’s finally over. “There iss only one more thing to be done,” Pythor continued. Oh no. “Now that we have humiliated the girl and punisshed her for her ressisstance, we will greatly enjoy defiling her.” Pythor slithered around in front of Nya, who was still kneeling on the ground, bent over with her arms raised above her back. She looked up into his cruel red eyes with her wide, scared, tearstained ones. “I’ve been looking forward to thiss part,” he whispered.

The tip of Pythor’s long purple tail lifted off the ground and wrapped around Nya’s right breast, giving it a squeeze. The it uncoiled, slid slowly up her neck, under her chin, and finally reached its destination, plunging itself between Nya’s full red lips before she had time to think. “Mmmmmgghh,” Nya moaned. His foul-tasting tail stretched her lips wide, and began thrusting itself roughly in and out of her small mouth, penetrating deeper with each invasion until the tip was touching the back of her throat with each thrust, making her gag. Nya choked and struggled to breathe, gradually finding the rhythm and inhaling through her nose each time the tail withdrew.

Now Skales and Fangtom were ready to take part. Leaving Skalidor to hold her arms, they each took up a new position. Fangtom laid on his back and slid under Nya’s bosom, his two heads each lining up with a luscious breast. His two mouths opened, and two snakey tongues began swirling around Nya’s nipples. Nya moaned through Pythor’s tail.

Skales, meanwhile was behind Nya, looking straight at her lovely ass and bent legs. He reached out and spread her legs a little farther apart, bringing into view the jewel between them: her tight virgin pussy, which, thanks to her prolonged exposure and stimulation, was practically dripping with excitement. Skales’s tail coiled its way up Nya’s thigh, and penetrated her most sacred orifice.

Nya’s whole body quivered as she was wracked with completely new sensations. She had never had anything inside her pussy before, and the rattle on the end Skales’s tail was stretching her womanhood and rubbing against her inner walls, bringing her pain coupled with intense pleasure. Skales began to thrust in rhythm with Pythor, pushing in as he pulled out, spitroasting the helpless girl. His tail rattled its approval at her tightness, and the vibrations only served to pleasure her more.

Nya was beyond rational thought, beyond humiliation or self-awareness. She was close to accepting her role as the Serpentine’s fucktoy. The stimulation of her breasts and pussy was rapidly overwhelming her, and as Pythor thrust deeper and deeper down her throat, she was forced to do her best to swallow the end of his tail to keep from gagging.

Nya sensed that someone else was moving behind her, barely comprehending the fact. Then she felt scaly hands spreading her ass cheeks, and the tip of another tail probing her asshole. She groaned, the sound muffled by the tail that was down her throat. Then her mind exploded in agony as Acidicus forced his tail down her tight, unspoiled anus. Tears slid down her cheeks, and if it hadn’t been for Skalidor’s strong hands holding her up by her arms, she would have collapsed. The brutal triple penetration was simply too much for her. With each thrust, she tried to moan, gasp, scream and sob all at once, while also continuing to swallow Pythor’s member.

To top it all off, Skalidor’s tail joined the action. Nya had no more orifices to despoil, but if there was one thing the Constrictai loved, it was, as their name suggested, choking things. Skalidor’s thick black tail wrapped around Nya’s slender neck, strangling her. Nya’s moans became more and more desperate as she felt the air in her lungs run out. Just as the world was starting to fade to black, Skalidor released her throat, and she gasped deeply, choking on Pythor in the process. However, she had barely refilled her lungs when Skalidor’s tail squeezed tight around her neck again. The pattern continued, and Nya’s whole existence was nothing but this: choking and breathing and choking, swallowing and gasping and swallowing, her nipples being licked and sucked and licked, and her holes being fucked and fucked and fucked.

Finally, Nya was pushed over the edge. She had been building up to her climax for a long time, and at last, as two tails thrust deep into her pussy and asshole, as another tail clenched around her throat, Nya screamed soundlessly, releasing all her energy in her first-ever orgasm. Juices flowed from her vagina, her toes curled violently, her arms and legs spasmed, and her breasts and stomach heaved up and down as her brain was overwhelmed by wave upon wave of intense pleasure.

It took several minutes for Nya to recover her senses enough to realize that her brutal forced fucking was over and she was lying on the ground, gasping for air, soaked with sweat, arms and legs quivering, as the generals surveyed her, their tails coated in her fluids. Her energy was spent, and finally, mercifully, she passed out, lying naked in front of hundreds of spectators. The confident, indestructible Samurai X was gone.

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