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BY : AberrantScript
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Author's Notes:

This is a gift for Flaggette, whom pointed out to me the value of fidelity. Even though you claim you're an a**hole, you're also a softie~

Everyone else, I hope you enjoy this. It's the sweetest, tenderest, most romantic piece of literature I bet you'll see on this website. I pulled all the stops and held nothing back. If you wanted something realistic, then here it is. If you wanted something sexy and fun, then here it is.

And if you wanted no loudcest so you can read romance without a guilty conscience, then enjoy to your heart's content~

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2017)


Chapter 1: Conversation

Like many things, it all started with an innocent conversation.

It was late at night, and Lori was laying on her back under her covers in just her long nightshirt and panties. Her sister was already asleep, so Lori kept her voice to barely a whisper as she talked with her lover into the still night hours.

In another state, Bobby laid back on his own bed, his head resting on an arm, his body dressed in just a pair of boxers.

Like most things they talked about, they were being mushy and gushy with each other. Lori's face was glowing with youthful happiness and genuine affection. Bobby's had a perpetual smile that couldn't be shaken. They'd been together for months. Most people didn't think they'd last, but thus far they'd proven them wrong.

They were the picturesque perfect relationship. They valued each other greatly; were each other's best friend and confidante. They had decided to take things slow and steady from the start. There was nothing wrong, to them, in waiting to push the bounds of their relationship. And they were faithful to each other, in heart and mind.

Lori trusted her boyfriend with everything, and he trusted her likewise.

And as Lori was talking to him about something cute she'd seen on tumblr, her hand flexed under the moonlight and her eyes were drawn to her third finger. There rested a plain silver ring with a single word etched into the face: Forever.

She felt her heart pitter patter a little faster, her eyes growing a little warmer, her body feeling a little anxious… as she thought of their future together.

Not many people valued such a token: a promise ring. But when Bobby had knelt down and slipped the ring onto her finger during her last visit to his new home, she'd become speechless. It was a promise that he'd stay faithful to her even though they lived far away from each other.

It was a promise for their future together, as well. He'd told her to wear it until the day she replaced it with an engagement ring. And, true to her promise to him, she'd yet to take it off.

But now… now she was thinking, and biting her lip, and looking at the phone in her hands warily.


"Yeah, babe?" he replied instantly.

It was now or never, but she was so scared. They'd agreed to wait, but hadn't talked of the timeframe. Wh-what if he thought she was a hussy for asking? No, she wouldn't think of that. It might come as a shock, but he'd know she had good intentions. He was really understanding and incredibly tender with her.

"H-have you thought about our future any?"

It seemed better to beat around the bush than tackle it head on. Her siblings might think she's a stone-cold witch, but her heart was just as fragile as any of theirs.

She could hear him shuffling on his sheets; probably sitting up to keep himself wider awake for this conversation.

"Of course I do, babe."

She could hear the faint tremor of confusion in his voice.

"A-and do you still want to ma- stay with me… you know, like, forever?"

She'd almost said marry. Something she fantasized about often, but actually speaking the word right then seemed impossible.

"Well, yeah, I really want to, Lori."

She gulped.

"I-I actually…" he trailed off.

She heard herself inhale shakily, but paid it no mind as she pressed him on, "Yeah?"

She heard his own shaky inhalation through the earpiece.

"I guess it's best to just say it quickly, huh? Like pulling a band-aid…"

She curled in on herself like a pillbug. She didn't know why she felt sick and queasy and happy and perfectly content all at the same time, but her anxiety was going to make her hurl if it didn't ease up soon. She didn't say anything as he steadied himself for a few moments. The sounds of his breathing were mildly comforting to her; and sometimes she'd beg him to stay on the phone until she fell asleep just so the last thing she'd hear was him.

When she heard him inhale just a little more air, her mind went still and quiet.

"D-do you ever feel like we… we're al-already… married?"

She held in her gasp, but nothing could slow the beating of her heart right then.

"I-I feel that way all the time, Bobby."

She heard his breath hitch, or maybe it was hers. Maybe it was both of theirs, together.


It was now or never.

"Y-yeah?" he nearly squeaked.

"You know that I love you, right?"

She had no idea where her confidence was coming from…

"Yes, I do."

Not a tremor to his voice that time; it steeled her nerves soundly for whatever she needed to say next. She could always rely on him to ground her when she felt flighty and flightless all at the same time.

"And… we both intend to stay together… until marriage and… a-and beyond, right? I mean… I-I intend to."

She thought she heard a gulp. Maybe he was starting to catch on?

"Th-that's why I gave you that ring, babe. To show you my intentions, with m-marriage a-and beyond…"

She found herself resting the phone between her shoulder and ear so her hand was free to caress the ring on her hand.

"H-have you ever thought about…" Come on, Loud, don't wuss out now. "…um, t-taking the next step?"

She did hear him gulp that time. Boy, it sounded like it hurt. Poor guy.

His voice was a little hoarse and scratchy. He must have been just as nervous as she was.

"L-l-like proposing? I-I-I thought you wanted t-to wait a couple years for that."

She almost felt like laughing, and she would have, if she didn't need to correct the misunderstanding.

"No, Bobby… I meant, have you ever thought about the next step with our… intimacy."


She let him have as much time as he needed. There was no reason to push him into-

"Did you want me to be honest?"

Oh, God. "Wh-what do you mean?" Why did she suddenly sound like a little girl again?

He sighed. "The short answer is yes, I have thought about it."

She felt like there was more to it. A lot more to it! "A-a-and?"


She could imagine he was scratching his neck anxiously.

"I don't want you to think bad of me, Lori…"

Her breath stole in her throat.

"I-I kinda think about it a lot. I-I'm sorry…"

She let loose the breath she didn't know she was holding. Her boyfriend was something else, wasn't he? Apologizing for having sexual thoughts about her. Just, wow, he actually fantasized about her… Lori… doing naughty things with her boo-boo bear~

Oh, her heart could still fly off into outer space with how fast it was racing, but a warm glow washed over her.

"Oh, that's ok, Bobby."

She could imagine his face turning confused, and honestly… that was a little arousing~


She bit her lip.

"I think of it, too… Mmm, I think of it a lot~"

"B-Babe!?" his voice cracked.

She hadn't heard his puberty squeaks in a couple years. She found herself missing them but also not… it meant he was mature now. It meant she was mature, too. Both of them. Mature. Together.

Oh the things two mature near-adults could do with their mature… bits~

Her voice was noticeably lower and husky, even to her own ears. "I want to take the next step with you, Bobby~"

She heard him gasp.

When he spoke, it was low and husky as well; sending shivers down her spine.

"I want that, too…"

She was twirling a lock of her hair.

"We're going to be married, Bobby. It's not a matter of 'if' but a matter of 'when.'"

"I know, babe, so why wait?"

Why, indeed. That was the big question. Fortunately, it seemed they had the same answer.

"So, why don't you tell me your favorite thing to imagine… and I'll tell you mine~"

As her hand dipped under her nightie, her silver ring slowly becoming slick with her arousal, she couldn't fight her excitement; couldn't beat it away with a stick if she even wanted to.

She and Bobby were going to have sex.

They were going to make love together; give their virginities to each other; proclaim their love in the most intimate way possible.

Oh, she was scared alright.

But the anticipation of giving herself to her future hubby, and receiving Bobby into her own bosom, was so great it practically burnt in every good way she could think of~

It took a few weeks to set everything up. The Santiagos had been gone for roughly a year by then, and Lori had only held her precious Bobby in her arms a handful of times during that time.

The first thing they had to consider was where. You know what they say, "location, location, location!"

Lori's house was a no-go, and Bobby couldn't yet afford his own apartment quite yet.

So, they spun a convoluted tale about going on a trip with high school friends since it was summertime. It was simple, it was full of holes, it wouldn't hold up to the slightest scrutiny… but it was the best they had, and they were desperate.

What else were they supposed to do but ask their parents for help?

Uh, no… Lori was totes not doing that, please and thank you!

Besides, that added thrill of getting caught kinda made it a little more exciting~

So, they booked a hotel somewhere in the outskirts of Michigan. About halfway for both of them. It was perfect!

Well, as perfect as a mid-rate hotel room can be, but still.

They had met in town at a Subway. Their anxiety was pretty high but just being in each other's presence, chatting, and smiling goofily at each other relaxed them enough to enjoy a quick meal.

And then they headed to the local CVS, and took their time strolling through each aisle.

Oh, they'd went there for a few things in particular, but they were self-conscious. If a random cashier sees two teenagers immediately heading toward that aisle against the wall, they're gonna immediately make some unsavory assumptions.

…even though those assumptions were entirely true, but still.

"Hmm, what do you think of this, honey?" Lori picked up a tea candle. She had no idea why. It was just there and she needed to hold something and draw unwanted attention away from them and their sex pheromones wafting after them with every step they took…

Ok, she was likely overreacting just a little.

He stepped over and put his arm around her, giving her a squeeze to his hip. "I think it smells wonderfully, babe!"

He didn't even smell it, the doofus. But Lori loved him and wholly appreciated the effort and patience he was giving her.

Twenty minutes later (even in a tiny pharmacy, it's impossible to step inside and not lose a fraction of your lifetime before leaving) they were finally there.

Lori was squeezing Bobby's hand tightly. Her face was blushing so hotly she felt faint. Her eyes were wide in embarrassment and wonder.

So. Many. Condoms.

With a shaky hand she picked up the first one she saw. It had little ribs and bumps all around it.

Uh, no.

She figured it was meant to be arousing or whatever, but she didn't want their first time to be marred by the image of Bobby's penis looking like a pickle.

She set it back and picked up another one. This one advertised itself as ultra thin… and that kinda scared her. She put it back hurriedly, hoping Bobby didn't catch on to her worry.

She didn't want to seem ungrateful, or distrustful, or anything like that… it's not that she didn't want Bobby's baby (she really, really, really did!)… but she didn't think she was quite ready for it. Of course, Bobby was the one who brought the use of condoms up first, and that helped alleviate most of her worry. Most. Not all, though.

She released a breathy sigh when she found the most ordinary pack of condoms imaginable. Guaranteed to do their job, while sacrificing minimal pleasure.

And there's where the other bits of her worrying came in… because she didn't want to sacrifice any pleasure. She wanted their first time to be a perfect union of two bodies… but even though she'd been steadily taking the pill daily since that fateful late night conversation… it was risky to do that without protection.

Unlike her siblings, whom blushed and squeaked their way through health class, Lori made sure to be the perfect student just for this reason. She thought ahead, with a particular boy in mind. And now that she was here she was so conflicted.

She bit her lip and worried her eyebrows.

Bobby could pull out, but most believed that sperm was in pre-cum and that'd mean she could get pregnant just by having him inside.

Then again some doctors found that such sperm in pre-cum was in extremely low concentrations, so the risk was nearly non-existent… but still there.

Not to mention, Bobby would have to be self-aware enough to do it, and it was very likely that his first time being inside her body (inside a woman's body, period) would throw him into an ocean of new, exciting feelings that'd leave him barely able to focus on his one important task.

And there'd be no way Lori could tell when he was ready to climax without practicing…

And it wasn't safe to practice without protection…

God, why is life so unbearably stupid!

She turned to her boyfriend, her hand holding the little square pack of ten up in front of her chest. She was pouting her lips and looking so conflicted.

Bobby smiled reassuringly. "What's wrong, babe, can't find any you like?"

She sighed. A relationship was built on trust. That's what mom had always taught her. And there was no one she trusted more than him.

"It's not that, it's…" she trailed off to a whisper, "…I-I d-do want your baby, honey…"

His eyes shot open wide and his mouth fell open to reply immediately.

Lori shushed him with a finger to his lips, trying to get up the nerve to continue. "I know we're not ready just yet. I know it's smarter to use protection, and we will. I just… need you to know that I do want you… your sp-sperm included."

Oh, gosh, she was blushing even harder. But she did it, and she held the pack up so it covered her face from view.

"I think these will do just fine, Bobby."

She really hoped he didn't hear how squeaky she sounded.

If he did, he ignored it and took the pack from her.

"Great choice, Lori."

He turned it over and noted how many came in each pack, and casually reached over for a second box.

Lori's blush got even harder, believe it or not.

They sidled over, Lori being stiff and uncomfortable (and strangely excited – gosh, she was confused!), until they stood before lubricant. Not quite as big a selection, but they grabbed the first that seemed reasonably priced and acceptable for the job.

It was Bobby's turn to feel embarrassed. Not that he didn't think she could make enough lube needed, as he'd defended… but Lori got what he was awkwardly meandering at: the first time was generally new, kinda uncomfortable, potentially painful… and any help they could have to make it just as pleasurable for her as it could be for him was something Bobby wanted.

Lori really appreciated the thought and kissed his cheek.

Next, they picked up a few towels. It was crazy what all a pharmacy sold nowadays, wasn't it? Lori was honestly surprised there wasn't a McDonald's drive thru in the back.

Anyway, the towels would come in handy, for sure. As would some Tylenol, and baby wipes, and aloe-laced tissues.

They went back to the candles, and Bobby had her pick out which ones she found the most relaxing. They picked up a lighter on their way out of the aisle.

They figured there was more stuff they could get, but they were pretty happy with what they had. As they put everything on the counter, the cashier did her best not to look them in the eyes.

The poor blonde girl was fidgeting in place, blushing madly.

The poor guy couldn't bring himself to even look over the counter.

Bobby ended up grabbing a few chocolate bars, his girlfriend's favorite thing in the world. He was no rocket scientist, but everyone knew that chocolate made people happy, something to do with endorphins or whatever. Plus, it'd help her relax and get into the mood.

…and recover.

That's what he was mostly worried about. He had a fairly good understanding of his own size, but he had no idea how that would compare to Lori. And while he knew she was designed to accommodate any size, he couldn't shake his fear of hurting her.

He wanted to make a great impression on her, too, and giving your girlfriend tears inside her vagina was the opposite of arousing no matter what porn claimed.

Fifteen minutes later they stepped into their hotel room and set their bags on the single bed. The owners were elderly and definitely traditional, but Lori discovered a promise ring has more than one use apparently. Thinking they were on their honeymoon, they upgraded their reservation to a room with a hot tub with no price increase.

As guilty as she felt going along with their misunderstanding, Lori was genuinely thankful.

Lori set their luggage off to one side and sent her parents a text, saying she was ok.

Her mom replied with a single winking emoticon, and Lori blushed again.

She was found out.

She sent a smiley and hoped for the best.

When Rita replied with a thumbs up, Lori released a breath she didn't know she was holding. She had amazing parents~

Bobby, however, wasn't having similar luck. His mom was working overtime at her hospital, so he was on the phone with his little sister.

"Yes, I'm here. Safe and sound."

Lori hummed to herself, trying to stay her rising anticipation for him getting off the phone. Did Bobby have any expectations… like, did he want to immediately jump into it or take his time…? Was… w-was she wanting to jump right into it or take her time?

"Wha- No, of course, I'm not with Lori!"

What if Bobby wanted to go slow, but she wanted to go fast, or, or… and she was overthinking again. It was their first time together. They'd have all the time to go fast later. She blushed as she sat down on her side of the bed… not just because of the implications that they'd likely have sex an innumerable amount of times in their lifetime, but because she instinctually set on her side of their bed. She was a little surprised how easy it felt shifting into a position of being a wife to her husband.

"Ronnie Anne! I'm not going to be bringing back a niece!"

She rubbed her fingers over her promise ring and fell back into the sheets. They were comfy and relaxing. Which is something she definitely needed at the moment. How could someone feel dread and excitement at the same time?

"I've gotta go now, Nie Nie. I-I'll tell you about my trip when I get back-"

Lori set up and went to her luggage, pulling out a fresh pair of panties and a robe. Then, she grabbed one of the cheap hotel towels and headed toward the hot tub. She turned the tap on before arranging her things in an easy to reach place. She noted the rug at the foot of the tub in appreciation.

"No, I'm not telling you any juicy details, even if there were any to give, which there won't be, so nur!"

She chuckled to herself as she slipped out of her shoes, setting them near the rug. Ronnie Anne was a great sister. And a little devious, too~ Lori definitely got where she was coming from and, while Bobby was too kindhearted to consider such a thing, she knew that eventually it'd be their turn to tease Ronnie Anne and Lincoln about it.

Hopefully, if everything goes as they're hoping, they can pass on the same advice they were practicing at the moment. That'd be the perfect vengeance: the helpful kind!

Soon, Bobby stepped toward her and nodded his head.

Then, Lori started to pull her shirt up and immediately stopped, biting her lip.

"Uh, boo boo bear?"

She was looking away so she didn't see how his eyes were drawn to the sliver of skin exposed on her lower back.

"Yeah, babe?"

"C-could you, uh, turn away until I get in?"

It didn't really need to be spoken that both intended to share their first soak together. Warm water helped relax muscles, especially Lori's, so that was their unspoken step one to their night of intimacy. And being together in the tub, naked, seemed like the best way to ease into things. Much better than stripping down for an impromptu meet-and-greet with their sexes at least.

Lori peeked her head around to make sure he had his back to her, and she stole her breath and steeled her nerves.

Bobby's ears itched when he heard cloth flutter to the ground. His heart sped up when he heard shorts (panties!?) slipping down her legs, and be dropped to the tiled floor. He fought the urge to turn around when he heard her turn the tap off and dip her toes into the water. Her gasp at the heat enveloping her as she slowly sunk into it spiked his arousal.

Lori settled herself back against the wall and stretched her legs out. The water barely covered her nipples, but that would be fine. She could always cover her girls with her arm until she was ready to reveal herself.

Wow, they were really going to do this. She was really going to show him her body for the first time. She imagined that's how newlyweds must've felt; the ones that waited, anyway, but still. She was blushing and hoping that it could be passed off as a flush from the warm soak.

When he told her he was stripping down, she immediately closed her eyes. His back was to her and she heard his shirt fall to the floor, and then his pants unzip. She knew it was a little like cheating, but she opened her eyes just a crack and nearly gasped when she saw him pull his boxers down.

H-he was pretty big.

She looked down into the water at her pink vagina and bit her lip. Part of her was scared, but another… a greater part… was excited.

They were going to be united soon. In every way imaginable. And though she was worried, and they went to great lengths to prepare themselves for this moment, nothing could take away from the feeling of pride swelling in her heart. She'd found a man worth giving herself to, had promised herself to him, and was finally making good on that promise.

It's an old belief that marriage isn't marriage until it's consummated. And to their minds, though they lacked a civil ceremony, they were practically tied together and only lacked… their first physical union.

Kinda cheesy, she figured, but it sounded really romantic in her mind.

Oh, my, God…

He turned around and she saw his manhood, thick with arousal, for a split second before she squeezed her eyes shut. She opened her mouth to let air in easier, to calm her racing heart. As she heard him approach, she instinctually covered her breasts with her arm, and let her other hand cover her virgin flower.

He stepped in and gasped at the heat as well.

When Lori finally got up the nerve to open her eyes, she immediately looked at his groin and was simultaneously relieved and disappointed that his hands were there, hiding him from view. He must have followed her lead in an effort to make her more comfortable with the situation.

Her eyes trailed up his body. His legs were outstretched right beside hers as they sat on opposite sides. His leg had hair on it, resting up against hers, and that felt comforting to her. She longed to reach out and put her hand there… but she just couldn't. Not yet.

His chest was just as chiseled as it was when he was wearing his lifeguard uniform. But now, knowing he was entirely naked and sitting right beside her… his leg touching her… everything looked new to her; or she was appreciating his naked chest in a new light, or something.

She looked at his face and saw that his eyes weren't focused at hers. He was raking them across her legs and stomach and several times at her arm holding her chest. She felt hot, from blushing and from excitement.

"H-hi, honey."

His eyes turned up to hers.

"Hi, babe."

He smiled sheepishly, knowing he'd been caught ogling her body. But she honestly found herself not minding in the slightest.

"So, this is a really nice room, don't you think?"

That's right, Loud, turn him on with idle small talk, classic…

"Yes, it's pretty great. Especially this bath and… a-and what's in it."

Oh, the poor guy was trying to be charming and flatter her. She felt a smile growing on her cheeks.

"I like what's in this tub, too. It's making me warm~"

She bumped his hip with her toes and smiled wider.

There, Bobby. That's how you flirt, silly boy~

He faux-coughed to give himself some time to recover. Was he blushing? Yeah, he was totally blushing. Sh-she was getting aroused just from seeing his body…? That w-was pretty, uh, awesome… heh.

Lori laid her head back against the wall and closed her eyes. She was starting to feel loose and vibrant in the water.

"Why don't you tell me about your job in your family's shop?"

And he spoke for a while. He could talk for a long time about something that excited him. And Lori could tell by the steadiness of his voice that he was growing more relaxed. She could tell from the way her heart had eased that his voice was relaxing herself, too.

As he was telling her about some marketing ploy with milk and shoppers, she casually dropped her arm to her lap. She tried to keep her poker face on but she knew her cheeks were pink. The only indication she got that he noticed the change was when he fumbled over a few words.

But he soldiered on. Just to make her comfortable. And that really set her at ease. He would control himself and put her needs above his own desires. Not that she ever doubted, but having it proven in a context that really mattered gave her courage to keep going.

She opened a single eye and looked at him. His face was pink just like hers and he was trying his best not to stare.


He choked on whatever word he'd been trying to say and forced his eyes on her face.

"Yeah, Lori?"

She bit her lip before she spoke, "It's alright to look, you know."

She didn't feel near as confident as her voice made her sound.

Bobby gulped before letting his eyes trail down to her chest.

"H-how do I look?"

He wet his chapped lips with his tongue.

"B-beautiful, Lori…" he breathlessly replied.


How else was she supposed to reply to something to heartfelt, intense, and sincere?

"D-do you want to see me?" he timidly asked.

Lori knew she wanted to. She wanted to really bad. And she'd already snuck a peek anyway, but she couldn't shake her embarrassment as she nodded her head shyly.

She watched with an intense gaze as his hands slowly inched to his thighs, revealing his semi-erect penis. The longer her eyes stayed on him, the more he grew, and the sight fascinated her just as much as it was encouraging. She couldn't see his sack all that well, though, but… she'd get a nice view of it soon enough, so she could be patient.

So, that really just left one major thing, didn't it?

The tub was more like a rectangle than a circle, designed with just two people in mind.

So, she slipped her hand away from her crotch and steadied herself. She put one leg over his to open herself for his view. She relaxed her position, her leg bent over top his knees. When she settled herself, she immediately felt the vulnerable intimacy of her posture; spread open for her lover, her leg over his… And her eyes found his looking down at her core.

She shivered at how dark and hazy he looked. She knew she must look the same. Just… being in the position she was then had done something, had sent a spike of desire through her body she'd never felt before.

She let a hand drift to his legs and she caressed his calf muscles, toyed with his feet.

He laid a hand on her silky, shaven skin and ventured likewise.

After a few moments, Lori found herself feeling a little restless.

"Do you care if I move over to your side?"

He started to nod, but corrected himself with a shake of the head. He was already feeling the rush of lust falling over his body.

Lori thought it was pretty cute, and she loved him no less for it, but she also knew then that buying protection really was the best choice after all. He was full of desire for her, and if she'd tell him not to pull out in the heat of the moment… he wouldn't. It was thrilling and scary, how much he loved her, how much he wanted her.

She picked herself up and started toward his side. The only problem was it looked like an awkward fit… So, acting as casually as she could, she parted his legs and sat down between them.

A huge part of her mind instantly recognized how something was poking her in the back, but she tried her best not to hyperventilate… or jump his bones… or both at the same time.

She leaned back so her head rested on his shoulder. She opened her legs again and felt around for his hands.

And then she brought them around to her stomach and laid them to rest there.

Her eyes closed and focusing on the sensation of his hands on her body, she spoke softly to him, "Why don't you get to know me better, Bobby?"

She felt his Adam's apple bob, and then his hands started caressing her stomach. She hummed as she relaxed deeper into his embrace. The feeling of his arms around her left her safe and content. The steady rubbing circles of his palms against her belly made her want to purr like a sleepy kitten.

He seemed pretty fascinated with her stomach though. And for a few moments she wondered if he was thinking the same thing she was; how one day, maybe even soon, her belly wouldn't be so flat. It'd grow with their child. She wondered if he'd rub his hands on her baby bump as he made slow, sweet love with her; caring for her and their precious baby so tenderly.

"This is silly," she whispered to no one.

"Heh, what is?" he replied anyway.

She put her hands over top of his, holding him steady on her stomach.

"How much I want to feel you caressing my baby bump~"

Though it was blunt, he took it in stride.

"That isn't silly, Lori. It sounds amazing to me."

She sighed, twining her fingers in his.

"I wish we didn't have to be careful, Bobby. I… I don't know if I want to wait anymore. It's just… being here with you now, so intimately… it makes me want more… want all of you."

She turned and nuzzled into his neck to hide her flushed cheeks.

"And I really want our baby, too."

He let her talk, slowly moving their hands together to rub her stomach once again. And when she was done, he kissed her hair.

"I want to make a family with you, Lori."

Her breath hitched.

"But I still think we should wait. At least a little."

He could feel her lips pouting into his neck, but he felt he was right and that she actually agreed with him.

"How about a year?"

She sighed, turning her head away from his neck in a pointed protest.

"A year for what, jerk?"

He smiled, pushing his lips into her hair yet again.

"A year from now, we'll have an apartment and steady jobs."


Oh, she wasn't really happy with him, but he knew it was merely a front.

"And I'll propose to you, exactly one year from now."

She sniffed, unconvinced.

He just nuzzled his lips into her blonde hair.

"We can elope and run off to Canada and make as many kids as you want~"

She growled and elbowed his stomach.

She chuckled when he lost his breath on impact.

"Ha ha, you got what was coming to you."

She relaxed into his arms again, as he recovered his breath, and she was smiling happily.

"I-I was being serious, babe…"

She tilted her head, sincerely taking in his words.

He held up her hand in front of her, showing her promise ring and the word forever to her.

"Give us a year and we'll try for a baby then, I promise."

Oh, she knew promises could be a dime a dozen, especially when it came to the future. But she trusted him with everything, including her happiness.

"Then, I promise not to tempt you… too much~"

He chuckled as he rested his head on hers.

"I love you, Lori."

She turned her face toward his chest and pressed a kiss there.

"I love you, too, Bobby."

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