A Sister's Touch

BY : AberrantScript
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Author's Notes:

Alrighty, so this story is pretty straight forward, but it severely lacks any basis. Realistically, Linc can wash himself even if his leg is in a cast. But then where would be this story? It would make much more sense for his mom or dad to help him, than a teenage sister dealing with hormones. But then where would be this story?

As for a proper background... just use your imagination. Is it necessary to have a detailed plot for a sponge bath? No. Does it help? (Indifferent shrug.) Personally, I think that Lincoln stood up for his sisters against ruffians and was beaten up bad enough to go to the hospital. As the only male in the sibling group, he feels a strong responsibility to protect all of them, and his loyalty is unwavering. Luna, struck by his sincerity and selflessness, can't help but slowly fall in love with him. Lincoln, only willing to receive help from the sister he trusts most, develops a crush on her in the process.

All these events (and whatever else your imagination conjures up) led these two to the little room at the end of the hallway. And I don't mean Lincoln's room.

Disclaimer: The Loud House Copyright Nickelodeon (2017)


The rhythmic sound of running water filled the room. A light steam crept out of the sink, covering the mirror with a light sheen.

Sighing with pinked cheeks, a boy sat on the toilet lid. His arms were crossed over his orange shirt and a frown marred his face. Against the corner of the doorframe and wall sat two crutches. On his right leg was a cast covering from his foot to just below his knee.

His eyes were going over the doodles and messages each of his sisters scribbled onto his cast. He caught sight of one in particular: "You rock my world, Linc!" followed with a haphazard scrawl of a boy and girl singing together, music notes drifting around them. Though the drawing was poor, his heart warmed, and he looked over to the tub.

Sitting there, humming a soft tune, was the artist responsible. She reached her hand into the sink to test the water. Wiping her fingers on her purple, plaid skirt, she smiled at her conflicted brother.

"We're sorry the shower ain't working, bro. Lana said it'll be fixed soon."

He only pouted in response, expressing equals part displeasure and embarrassment.

"Oh, come on, Linc. We've gotta do this."

She stood up and walked over to her brother, the subtle sway of her hips capturing his eyes for a moment.

She leaned down to his eye level, her ripped neckline dipping a bit lower than she was aware of.

His eyes followed the curve of her throat down to where a few freckles rested upon the uppermost parts of the smoothest skin. He quickly averted his eyes to her face, only to be pinned by his sister's hooded eyes.

"It's only me, Linc. You have nothing to be afraid of."

He sighed, "I know," and reached for his crutches, using them to stand up.

She smiled warmly and set her hands on his shoulders.

"That's my brother. Always so brave and strong."

He blushed and returned her smile, the feeling of her hands leaving tingles which radiated to his warming chest.

"Thanks for agreeing to do this, Luna."

She closed in for a swift hug, her arms circling around his lower back as her chin rested in the crook of his neck.

Lincoln's blush intensified when he felt two firm, yet soft mounds press against his chest, as if their hearts were yearning for closeness.

"No problem, bro. I'd do anything for you."

When she leaned back, dropping her hands to the sides of her fluttering skirt, Lincoln was struck with the sincerity he found in her eyes.

"I trust you, Luna," he blurted out.

Now it was her turn to blush, before she coughed and straightened herself. She gave him a reassuring smile.

"I know you do, Linc. Now, let's get you out of those clothes."

His face reddened but he nodded anyway. He uttered a pitiful, "Ok."

Taking a focusing breath, Luna nodded herself. Her hands slowly drifted to her brother, veering off course just enough so that they landed on his stomach, her palms resting softly against the smooth fabric. Her fingers splayed and she sighed before she could control her own actions, her mind wishing that wretched shirt wasn't in the way.

Linc looked down, wondering what was happening. But he became more confused at the intense gaze her eyes had on his stomach. Was there something wrong with his shirt? Was he abnormal?

"Uh, Luna?"

He cocked his eyebrow up when she was startled by the question, stuttering out an apology and moving her fingers toward his hem.

She raked her fingers slowly, teasingly down his stomach, knowing that what she was doing was wrong on so many levels.

Taking advantage of her defenseless, trusting brother.

Knowing that anyone could walk in to see her feeling up his slight stomach muscles.

And that innocent, curious gaze her brother was showing her was only heating her up that much more... especially in the sweetest of places.

With a quick gulp to steady her nerves, she gripped his shirt and raised it inch by inch.

Lincoln saw her eyes widen just a little, and noticed how her blush was now covering parts of her neck. Maybe she was getting sick?

As it was raised, she couldn't help but focus on each of the little cuts he had across his chest and stomach, battle marks from a few days ago.

She wanted to reach out and touch them, to reassure herself that her brother was safe, while her hormones told her to lean in just a little and kiss each of them. Show her brother how much he was loved and appreciated, and that Luna was so grateful that he was ok.

That scenario sounded like a win-win to everybody. Except, you know, the subtle, or blazingly obvious, undertones of incest which appear when a sister starts kissing her brother's chest... and maybe licks him. And nips him. And rips off his clothes!

And as arousing as those thoughts were making her, she did have a job to do, and her Linc was depending on her. He was trusting her with more than just his safety while he bathed. She gulped, begging herself to get a grip and keep her thoughts in check.

The shirt was now bunched up at his shoulders. So, Luna put a hand on her brother's upper arm to help him steady himself as her other hand tugged the sleeve off his arm. One sleeve down, she moved her hand to his other now-bare arm. And she relished in the feel of his smooth, pliable skin beneath her fingers. She barely resisted the urge to squeeze and test his muscles, though average they appeared to be.

Like a dying leaf, his shirt fell to their feet, and both siblings were blushing vividly. Luna enjoyed the eyeful she got of his smooth chest, how his budding stomach muscles curved downward, naturally drawing her eyes lower and lower... until she caught herself just in the nick of time from betraying her brother's trust and love any more than she already had.

She returned her gaze back to her brother's face; only to cringe when she realized that he was holding back a few years.

She knew it must be hard to suddenly become so reliant on others to help you with basic necessities. But her Linc faced his problems bravely and it only made her love him that much more. And now she could clearly see in his frown and watery eyes just how truly mortifying this experience was for her little brother.

And now it was her turn to be brave for him.

Her cheeks still pink, she reached for his chin with her fingers, gently playing with the round curve of his face as she tilted his face up to face her. "Hey there."

Lincoln reluctantly looked into his sister's eyes, not-so-stunned by the overwhelming acceptance and affection he experienced in that moment; though a few tears fell freely beyond his control. He let out a strangled chuckle. "Hi, Luna."

Wiping the little tear track away with her thumb, she pressed her lips against the corner of his mouth and cheek. Pulling back, she giggled at the frozen expression on his face.

"I trust you, too, bro. You know that, right?"

When he dumbly nodded his head, she leaned away and took a quick step back.

Then, she watched the awed expression on her brother's face burn when he saw her fingers run down the side of her shirt, gripping the bottom. Steeling herself, she slowly, ever-so-slowly raised her purple shirt up, revealing porcelain skin never seen by another boy before. Her core tingled in ecstasy at how entranced he was with her. She shivered at the look, but continued pulling the shirt up.

Lincoln gulped once he saw the underside of a plain black bra peek under his older sister's shirt. He found himself unable to look away as the shirt suddenly slipped over them in a sinful display of how curvaceous Luna was becoming. His head began to swim as his blood began redirecting elsewhere. Once her shirt covered her head, he argued over whether or not to reach out and cop a feel of perfection; but he couldn't move fast enough in his crutches, and soon the shirt was laying on top of his on the floor.

Luna looked down at her brother.

Lincoln looked up at his sister.

Trying to persuade herself to keep her arms from covering her chest, as she knew that's where his eyes kept darting to, she nipped her bottom lip between her teeth in shyness; her head dipped down.

"So, uh... I-I didn't want you to feel alone..." She angled her head slightly so her eyes could look at his face, but afraid of what she would see.

But the sight of her brother, his blush inching down his neck, staring unabashedly gave her some confidence.

"What do you think?" Raising her head up, she placed her hands on her hips. She puffed her chest out just a little, and smirked when she saw him gulp.

His blush intensified to a glowing red. "Y-you're beautiful, L-Luna." He dragged his eyes away from her bra-clad chest to see her face turn shy again.

"Thanks, Linc. You're beau- I mean, handsome. You look handsome, Linc."

He sighed again, and bunched his shoulders up. "I was, maybe, I guess... At least before I got all these cuts. Now, I'm just a hobbling scar, with crutches and bruises everywhere." He turned his head away from her, afraid she'd sneer at the mention of his marks.

But he was startled when he felt soft lips press on the center of his chest. He turned back to see her crouching in front of him.

Her hands gripped his sides as she pressed a few more kisses to his healing skin.

When she leaned her head back to look up at him, he suddenly got a very good view down her bra. And, good gravy, was his sister beautiful!

"These scars," she slid her hands over his chest, "only make you more handsome." She stood back up. "You may not realize this, but your best quality is your loyalty and love to each of your sisters." She leaned against, like she was preparing to hug him, but brought her hands to his shoulders instead. "And any girl would think that an attractive quality in their mate." She looked at him with her half-lidded eyes.

He gulped, sweating a little in nervousness. "A-and w-what would a... s-sister think?"

She couldn't help herself. She kissed the corner of his mouth again. "A sister would think so, too."

He nodded, lowering his shoulders and adjusting his arms in his crutches.

Giving him a reprieve, she stepped back and took a deep breath. "So, you ready to lose the pants?"

He gulped, but nodded, widening the stance of his crutches a bit.

Luna crouched down, eyeing the custom-made pants by their older sister, Leni. Made from a soft, stretchy fabric, yet still durable enough to survive sliding across the hard texture of the cast. His cast not covering his knee, allowed his leg to bend, making the pants a comfortable choice. But now, as Luna trailed her fingers around the silky material just an inch below his skin, she found herself hating and loving them. Hating how the sensations in her fingers were turning her insides into mush, but loving how easy they allowed her to sexily strip her brother down.

Her fingers dipped inside just enough to get a good grip, and she began pulling them down his legs. Though she was internally screaming at the sight of a bulge in his underwear, she didn't let herself get too distracted. She was extra careful when pulling the material over and down his cast, as if handling something precious of infinite worth. With gentle, lithe fingers, she lifted up his cast and slid the pants leg off his foot. Then, she did the same to his other foot. Then, she leaned back, and gazed up his scarring legs, her heart going all fuzzy again with a plethora of emotions.

Until her eyes landed on his underwear and she was astonished at how big it seemed, knowing that it would likely grow bigger in time... just as her own curves would grow more distinct with maturity.

Lincoln gulped when he saw her eyes gazing at him down there. Though he wasn't familiar with his sister's expression, he could only describe it as hungry.

All too soon, she stood up and went to grab the top of her skirt.

His eyes widened in realization and anticipation, and he steeled his nerves as he put all his fledgling confidence into his next question. "Uh, Luna, d-do you think, I- uh, that I could, y-you know?" He glanced at her skirt for emphasis.

Her mind swimming with thoughts and plans and ideas on how dirty his bath could turn out, she nodded with a smile.

He sat back on the lid, shivering at the coolness. He watched as his sister stepped right up to him, her breasts only inches from his face.

Then, she turned around and backed up so that she was standing between his parted knees. "Go ahead, Lincy. But hurry, your water will get cold." She twisted her shoulders around so that she could look at him, and winked, before turning back and humming softly to herself.

His fingers trembled as they reached out. As much as his mind was screaming with curiosity, he was careful to only touch her hips. She said she trusted him. She loved and appreciated him. He didn't want to throw all that away just so he could finally touch his sister like he's only fantasized about before...

When his palms flattened onto her hips, he shivered in desire, his fingers accidentally squeezing.

Luna let out a soft moan, her legs rocked for just a second.

But Lincoln froze, unsure if he hurt his sister, or if she was having second thoughts, or maybe... maybe this was all a dream, and he was about to wake up.

"Uh, bro?"

He choked out a garbled reply. Slowly, just as his sister did to him, he slipped her skirt down. He almost snagged her panties as he tried to go over them, accidentally pulling them a little before his shaking fingers managed to pass them. His knuckles trailed over her hips, down her legs, and stopped to rest at her ankles.

Before Luna could step out of the material, he gripped one of her knees and lifted her foot out of the skirt, then did the same with her other foot.

She blushed madly at the attention he paid to her. "Thanks, Lincoln."

Then, she strutted her half-naked body over to the sink, wiggling her hips along the way. She knew his eyes were watching her the whole time, so she put on a show, bending over to test the water with her hand. Then, as she bent back up, she curled upwards, and then, turned to her brother. "Well, it still feels plenty warm, but we better hurry. The others will need the bathroom eventually."

She stepped back over as Lincoln stood up with his crutches.

Up till this point, they had evaded the elephant in the room (a rather big elephant in Luna's opinion).

But she sighed, knowing it had to be done. Gripping his underwear in her hands, she looked into his eyes with sincerity. "I know you're embarrassed, but you have to get clean. Think of this as a necessary evil, or sibling bonding time, or whatever."

Lincoln burned in embarrassment, but nodded anyway as he closed his eyes tightly shut.

Time almost stood still as she slipped them down his legs with the same care as she had before. She inhaled sharply once she caught sight of her brother's manhood. Certainly not huge, but she could still do a lot of things with it, or rather he could do a lot of things with her... and in her.

Or she could focus on her mission.

Her brother now stripped of his dignity, his literal pride unmasked for her smouldering gaze. The whole situation: the mortification, the nakedness of body and emotion, the heat of their bodies in the confined space of the bathroom... he felt ashamed that the situation only made him more aroused. A feeling he barely knew anything about... just that it made him bigger.

He kept his eyes closed tightly shut because he didn't want to see her disappointment. Something was wrong with him. He wasn't supposed to do that in front of his sister... because of his sister. And not just any sister... but Luna. The sister who first held him as a baby. The sister who knew him better than anyone.

The sister who was putting all her trust in him, was counting on him to protect her.

He was most ashamed that he might not be able to protect her from himself, and the evidence to prove so was literally right in front of her.

Luna held similar thoughts. But the larger portion of her brain was stuck on meticulously memorizing every detail of her brother in as conspicuous a way as possible.

Fortunately, Lincoln's closed eyes meant that he missed her eyes bulge out, her tongue falling out as she panted softly.

Shaking her head hard enough to muss up her hair, she touched her brother's forearm; watched as his eyes slowly opened and he turned his head to face her properly.

Her face lit up with a disarming smile.

Lincoln was defenseless as she led him to the sink, where a chair sat waiting for him.

Luna helped him sit down, taking his crutches and placing them against the wall. She took out a bag and slipped it over his cast, taping the top tightly against his skin. Then, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the top, right below his knee. Pleased with her work, she grabbed a sponge and dipped it into the warm water, wringing it lightly. She sat on the basin wall, her brother situated right beside her.

Starting off with a giggle she pushed the sponge to his face.

She heard a sharp intake of air at the shock of water invading his nose and mouth.


She giggled harder.

"Sorry, bro."

Lincoln was frowning when she pulled it away, so she reached a hand out to his side, tickling him just enough to earn herself a repressed cackle.


She chuckled, moving the sponge to his cheek, rubbing softly against his blushing face.

He grumbled quietly, as she smooshed the sponge against his other cheek; she was still flashing him that mischievous grin of hers. He wasn't buying her apology for a second.

Luna dipped the sponge back into the water and repeated this process for a few minutes.

Then, came time to clean his chest, and as she rested the sponge against his ribcage both siblings could only think of how she kissed his bare scars, calling him handsome... how a sister might find him attractive...

Luna might find m-me attractive...?

Yet, she continued without any more stops... though she pointedly skipped over his groin, going over his legs perhaps a bit too long.

But, alas, both knew what was coming next; and Lincoln froze as stiff as a statue, holding his breath, as she slid the rough sponge over his appendage a few times, her fingers accidentally scraping against the sensitive skin.

Lincoln gasped in surprise, startling Luna.

She hurriedly re-adjusted her hand on the sponge, dipping it in the water again as she tried in vain to fight off her body's reactions to that slip of the hand. That sweet, blessed touch of her finger on hard flesh for just one second.

She could die at that moment and have no regrets.

Touching the sponge against his manhood, she gingerly explored him as well as she could without making things more awkward... or arousing... than they needed to be.

She ran it below the shaft, and along his other parts, making sure he was thoroughly clean. It was amazing how easy it was to move around his flesh, to make him gasp or moan with a subtle bump here, or a slide of the sponge there.

Her curiosity sated for the time being, she placed the sponge back in the sink and went to stand up.

But Lincoln stopped her with his hand, his face perplexed. "Uh, Luna, why is your underwear wet?"

Such an innocent question. Especially since she didn't sit in water. Got no water on her during the whole bathing scene. Oh, she should be as dry as a bone, according to his limited knowledge.

She stiffened, before sitting back down with a sigh. "I-I... girls just do that when they feel certain emotions."

Lincoln only looked more confused, so she tried again. She pointed at his groin. "You know why boys do that?"

He shrugged. "Kinda. Usually it happens with a pretty girl or I get a lot of sensations and physical contact." His eyes focused on her. "Sometimes it happens for all of those reasons."

Blushing at his implication, Luna chuckled. "Well, girls do this," she pointed at her own groin, "for the same reasons. Though I'm interested in boys." She winked at him.

He nodded, smiling.

So, thinking he was done, she started to get up-

"W-wait... I h-have one more question."

She smiled reassuringly at him, helping him feel safe enough to express himself to her.

"Why do we do this? Why do I, uh, get big, and you get wet?"

She bit her lower lip, silently debating how much to say.

But they trusted each other with everything, so she opted for the whole truth.

"When a boy and girl get... aroused... they can make love with each other..."

He nodded for her to continue when she suddenly trailed off.

Sighing, she made sure to look him in the eyes, as she reached a hand out to grip his own. "The boy gets hard so that he can go inside the girl. The girl gets wet so that the boy can go in easily. It's..." she gulped, "really pleasurable for both if done right."

"Is that how babies are made?"

"Yes, Linc, that's how it's done."

His expression turned a bit pale as he whispered out, "H-have you done that before?"

Smiling, she responded, "No. I'm waiting for someone... special."

She definitely caught his relaxing exhale of air.

It was at that point that she first realized that maybe her love was requited after all.

Her smile slid effortlessly into a sultry smirk, her eyelids lowered halfway; she leaned toward him, her knees pushing against his. "So, do you have a special someone? Any girl whose world you want to rock?"

She watched his Adam's apple bob as he looked away; distinctly, she saw his manhood twitch. "What's wrong, Lincy? Are you shy?"

She put her hands on his legs, leaning even closer. She saw his eyes draw toward the sway of her breasts. "You know I won't bite..." She showed him her teeth through her sideways grin. "Unless you ask me, of course."

He gulped and opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Patting his leg, she stood up abruptly. "Don't worry, bro. I know you'll tell me eventually." She turned to walk toward their clothes, this time not even bothering to stop the sinful thoughts she had. Her hips rocked from side to side. She dipped way down, her panty-clad rear on full display for her brother's lustful gaze. She stepped into her skirt, and wiggled as she pulled it over her hips. She turned back around and lifted her shirt over her head, raising her arms high into the air so it could slide down her body at an agonizingly slow pace.

Finally dressed, she looked fondly at the gobsmacked expression on her brother's face. She was astonished to see a bit of wetness leaking from her brother's tip as it twitched under her watch.

She grabbed his clothes and laid them onto the bath's edge. Gripping her brother's arms she helped him to stand up and placed his arms around her waist. "Hold on to me while I dress you, Linc." She winked at him as she bent a little to slip his underwear on him.

She didn't even resist accidentally touching him... this time with the palm of her hand as it moved to adjust his underwear for him. Then, she pulled on his pants, raking her fingernail against his bulge as she zipped them up at a snail's pace. Finally, she lifted his shirt over his head and flattened it against his chest with both her hands, running them over his stomach and chest several times to remove any wrinkles.

She bent down in front of him, trying to give him a good view of her cleavage, to grab his crutches. She handed them over; thus, completing her task.

But then she found herself leaning in, her eyes closing in the moment as her lips puckered, and she pecked his forehead.

Resting her forehead against his, she stared deeply into his soulful eyes.

"I trust you, Linc."

They smiled together, her hands moving to grip around his on the handles of his crutches.

"I trust you, too, Luna."

She kissed him on the cheek.

"And I love you, Lincoln, a lot."

He gulped at the fire burning in her eyes.

"I love you a lot, too, Luna."

She leaned in again, planting her lips against his for a chaste kiss.

Though it was rather tame, they put all their emotions and dreams into that embrace.

It was only for a second, but their first mouth-to-mouth kiss would be something they'd never forget.

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